“Often I see the most famous psychics describe themselves as “third generation” intuitives so it seems like abilities like these are often inherited. Can those of us who don’t have gifts like these in the family still develop psychically? – Eva

Hi Eva,

I have seen people attribute their intuitive capabilities to their gifted great-grandmother/mother but I don’t think that this is usually the main reason for the person’s gift.

Here are some common reasons a person ends up psychically gifted:

1. Life Path

Some people carry the archetype of the intuitive within their soul profile (you can find out more about archetypes in my courses or in an Akashic Record reading.) Carrying the archetype of the intuitive means that the person’s soul has decided that it will come through with a strong connection to the spirit realm – perhaps this person will use their intuition in the capacity of professional intuitive or coach. These people will certainly have a headstart in developing their intuition.

Little girl in magical forest

2. Upbringing

I have noticed that the offspring of many well-known intuitives end up going down a similar path and I believe this is because these children will have been raised to connect with their intuitive side.

Personally I was not raised to be intuitive or spiritual. I was raised to love gardens and I’ve often thought that gardening is “in my blood”. My grandmother ran a garden centre and my great-grandfather was a prize-winning grower. As a child I had my own garden and was taught all the names of the plants. However, I am not sure that there is a gene for being interested in gardening – instead this is something I most probably picked up from my environment as a child, and the same happens for those raised in spiritually open environments. Put a person in a very favourable environment for developing a particular skill, and it often results in developing that skill.

There is a darker aspect to upbringing that can contribute to the development of psychic ability, in that children raised in abusive or neglectful environments often end up psychic.

This is because the child requires extra parenting and learns to receive it from spiritual sources. The child will also learn to dissociate (i.e. exit the body energetically) during traumas or abuse and regularly leaving one’s body in this way over time will result in developing a sensitivity to the planes that lie beyond the physical. (As an aside, this can also result in a problem with grounding.)

3. Education

On the other hand, you do not have to undergo traumas or be born into a spiritually open family to develop your abilities.

They can be awakened with the right training (and by right training I mean doing the right things in the right order.)

I have trained plenty of people psychically who did not consider themselves to be intuitive before they started. The reason for this is because we are all born with the potential for a connection with our Higher self, Spirit Guides, and angels. It isn’t about genetics – it’s about the fact that we are souls in physical bodies and we will ideally go through life connected to our spirit.

4. Genetics

I recently learned about the intriguing concept of epigenetics – the idea that some genes might be turned on and off by one’s environment. So, if one eats well and exercises, this may alter one’s DNA to prevent the chronic diseases that the person would otherwise be predisposed towards.

Is there a gene for psychic ability?

I don’t know. But my guess is that if there is, this gene would be subject to influence by one’s environment, including one’s upbringing, spiritual practices and training (or lack thereof) in this area.

What do you think?

Do you have strong intuition? Where do you think it comes from?