How often have you heard these things:

  • All the money you want is yours for the taking
  • You can create anything that you want
  • Your life is meant to be amazing RIGHT NOW
  • You can feel good all the time

If you read lots of self-help books or books on positive psychology, you have probably heard a lot of this stuff.

Think positively, and it will affect your world in a positive way.

This is true AND not true. Depending on who you are (& where you’re at).

Here’s why:

There are two forces in your world.

One is the force of your perception and consciousness.  Once you start viewing things and people through a positive lens, your life and mood can truly change for the better, if you have been in a negative way of thinking and you didn’t need to be.

The other force is one I come into contact with regularly through readings.  Some people call it karma.  Some people call it fate or destiny.  Some people call it the life plan that you created for yourself before you incarnated, or as you go along. The one that’s for your greatest good and expansion in the long run.

There is a plan to your life.  This I believe from my own life path so far and from the information I pass on to clients in readings.  If you watch out along the way, you can see little winks from your spirit as you travel it.

Without wanting to sound deterministic or like things are out of our control, I am saying that these two forces create your world.  One is the force that throws you the lemons and the other is the force that makes lemonade out of the lemons if you choose to.

The force that throws lemons is not necessarily going to cause everything that happens in your life. And conversely, if the force that throws you lemons gives you a misfortune, it isn’t necessarily because you attracted that through negative thinking.  But it is usually that you chose that on some level, for some reason.

So, for some people, at certain times in their life, it would be wrong to say that:

  • All the money you want can be yours for the taking
  • You can create anything that you want
  • Your life is meant to be amazing RIGHT NOW
  • You can feel good all the time

For some people – this is just not true.  And those people will feel like others are bullshitting them when they hear this stuff.  And they’d be right.

Some people choose a life path where they overcome massive obstacles and experience periods of deep pain and depression.

Some people have a life path where abundance does not begin to flow for them until they reach their early forties (as an example).

Some people have a life path where they get a shitty beginning but then it gets better as they mature.  For some people, it’s the reverse.

And I’m not saying this because I have ‘limiting beliefs’ or because my clients’ Higher selves and Spirit Guides like to make us feel bad. No-one can deny that an average lifetime for an average human being has ups and downs.

All of this is for a reason.

For your Higher self or spirit, the thing that usually matters most, is growth.

Some people intentionally choose nasty experiences that teach them something important for their expansion.  Sometimes those experiences can be super challenging.  I have heard from several sources (some out of body and some incarnated!!) that being incarnated on Earth is one of the greatest of spiritual challenges that we can undertake – a kind of spiritual Everest.

Because of this, at times, abundance, happiness and joy isn’t always going to flow RIGHT NOW.  In fact, according to my experiences reading for people, these things aren’t our divine right to have 24/7, 365 days of the year, as we are taught by some teachers in the self-help industry.

We may be longing for abundance while really we are getting a lesson for our highest good in the importance of becoming a more grounded or balanced person in various areas of life.  And things won’t flow until we become that person and learn that lesson. And then that expansion helps us to create more abundance (and other good things) later on.

I used to offer abundance readings for people to find out what their blocks were to creating more abundance in their life.  I loved doing that reading for people, it was always interesting.  However, I soon got the message that for some people, abundance was not flowing because they were in the middle of a learning experience where they had to do some things long-term over a period of years, in order for it to flow.

I stopped doing that reading in the end because the client was wanting abundance NOW and the universe wasn’t going to deliver it anytime soon because their Higher self wanted them to learn something (like courage or self-love) and wanted them to expand into something bigger and stronger.  It was not pleasant sometimes explaining that to people.

And it was a bit disillusioning for people because we so often think that we have a right to all these great things at all times in our life, because other people do.

But not everyone is walking the same path.

And that is why self-help/Law of Attraction messages like:

All the money you want can be yours for the taking

You can create anything that you want

Your life is meant to be amazing RIGHT NOW

You can feel good all the time

Are true or not true, depending on who you are and what kind of period you’re going through in your life, and depending on whether that force we called fate/karma/your life plan is throwing a spanner in the works for you.

We all grow at different paces and we all choose different experiences, before we even get here.

Some of what the self-help industry advocates does not honour that, which is why it sometimes will not work for you.

To temper this, I want to say that:

On the other hand, knowing WHEN to use positive thinking and making things happen through the pure force of your will is a great thing.  It has its place of course.

What do you think about this? Leave me a comment if you have something to say in response.