This is the third article in a series of posts about past lives. You can read the first article in the series here and the second here.

Have you ever had a connection with someone that aroused unexplained strong emotions in you – such as anger, fear, longing, shame or guilt? Or a relationship in which every emotion is amplified tenfold?

The Soul’s Unfinished Business

The type of emotion that relationships bring up is often indicative of what happened between us in the past:

  • A relationship with an undercurrent of unexplained anger in this lifetime could be indicative of someone whom you wronged/who wronged you in a previous life
  • Feeling guilty within a relationship can indicate a past experience where you were responsible for something bad that happened to another person
  • Feeling sadness or longing can indicate an unresolved past life separation or abandonment
  • Shame can have its origins in a perpetrator lifetime (when we have done something heinous to another person/group of people.)

Skeletons in the Closet

I used to have a recurring dream where I would discover human bones hidden in various places in my home, and realize in horror, that I was the one that had killed the person whose bones I kept finding. Later, I became aware of a past life memory in which I had drowned my new-born baby as a young woman in a Far-Eastern country and the shame I felt in the dream was the same ‘flavour’ of shame that I experienced in the bone finding dream.

The relationship I had in this lifetime with the person who was the drowned baby from that life has been filled with anger and guilt.

Unraveling Past Life Guilt

Another of my past lives that I came across during a regression involved being a woman in Norway during the Middle Ages. (I wrote about this lifetime in my previous article.)

In that life, I lived with my husband on the outskirts of a forest. We were poor but lived in a house owned by his parents.

One day, a powerful man came with some soldiers and said the land we were living on was owned by him, and that we would have to pay taxes to him. We had nothing of value that he wanted so he left empty handed.

He came back a couple of years later to request payment once again and this time we had a cherished baby boy. The powerful man took my baby away with him and although I searched for a long time, I had no way of knowing what happened to him or even where the man came from.

In this lifetime, when I met and became friends with the baby I had lost from that lifetime, I had an overwhelming sense of guilt, and a need to protect the person from misfortunes. That feeling didn’t lift until I did a past life regression to let go of my past life guilt and grief.

Note that our past life patterns will often go back even further than we think: I shared another lifetime with the baby that was taken from me in Norway, and that lifetime also involved me blaming myself for his misfortunes. In that life, my friend was my hot-headed, easy to provoke brother and I was continually provoking and teasing him throughout our childhood. Later, he became a soldier and was killed in a fight because of his passionate, easy to provoke nature. I blamed myself for having turned him into who he was.

Past life work is a beautiful way to take these connections right back to their source.

The benefits of exploring past life connections:

  • It validates and explains the way you feel about someone, even when how you feel seems to make no sense in the context of your relationship
  • It can help you to let go of relationships that have run their course
  • Clearing the patterns also means you won’t have to repeat the same relationships lifetime after lifetime in order to resolve them.

Now I want to hear from you – have you ever had a chance encounter which left you feeling like you’d met the other person before? Do you have unexplained dynamics or irrational feelings in your relationships that you haven’t been able to shift?