Hi Anna,

What is the difference between the method of accessing the Akashic Records taught in your Akashic Record Reading Program and other methods of accessing the records?

The reason I ask is because I have trained in another method of accessing the Akashic Records called the ‘Pathway Prayer’ and basically what I got out of it was a guided visualisation to access the records so I could ask my questions (sort of like tuning into my Spirit Guides, except obviously I’m channelling information from a different place – the Akashic Records.)

Is this the same as what you teach in your Akashic Records course?

– Josie

Hi Josie,

To answer this question, I’m going to ask you to imagine the following:

Let’s say you’ve been handed the keys to a massive library and in that library, there is a book with your name on it. This book holds all sorts of information about you, your past, present and even future:

It can tell you where and when your soul was birthed, where you have been incarnating, who you’ve been in your past lives, what your soul is good at (and why), and what you are learning in this current incarnation. It holds the kind of information that you probably didn’t even know existed, because no-one had ever told you about it before.

This Is Your Soul Record

But to find this book, you have to use the etheric “library system” that is the Akashic Records, and locate your personal soul record. This etheric library is vast, and contains all the records belonging to every soul ever in existence.

  • So where do you start?
  • How do you find your records?
  • How do you find other peoples’?
  • What can you even find out?
  • What does the information mean, once you’ve accessed it?
  • How can you find what is most relevant to you and your life right now?

Those are the issues people come across when they learn to read the Akashic Records. Many methods out there essentially give you the keys to this library and no user manual on what information might be in there, how to use it or why you might want it.

In that situation, it’s a bit like trying to be a medical intuitive when you have no knowledge of biology or the human body.

Your frame of reference for understanding the information you will get isn’t there yet.

On the other hand, I was really lucky to inherit a more practical way of reading the records…

When I learned to read the Akashic Records, I was given not just access to the records (via an attunement) but also the ‘user manual’ for actually interpreting the information, too, including:

• The 7 energy centres of training, one of which a client can have

• The 22 soul groups of origin, one of which every client will belong to

• The 74 life lessons that a soul can be exploring (usually there is one primary life lesson and several secondary)

• The 13 areas of study/service in which a soul can partake, in between lifetimes

• The periods in history most commonly found to have shaped a soul

• The 13 spiritual traditions which commonly play a part in a client’s past

• The 34 archetypes, which point to a soul’s purpose here in this lifetime

• The 13 intuitive and empath gifts that a person can have

And this is the method that I teach, too.

So this means that when you use this method, you already have a frame of reference for the information that wants to come through. You know what it is, what it means, and what is most relevant to your client or yourself.

It doesn’t take long to read the soul record and put together a content-rich, professional level reading that consistently wows clients with its accuracy – (this is some client feedback from Ruby Hernandez, a lovely client of our guest Akashic Record reader, Shelly)

Ruby HernandezThe Akashic Record Reading connected the dots to some of my quirks, which gave me a new understanding and new appreciation for who I am at a soul level, and what my mission is here on earth! I am so grateful for this confirmation and acknowledgment of things about myself that I’ve never understood, as well as affirmation of my gifts. I have clarity now. Thank you! ~ Ruby Hernandez, Therapist, Coach, Yogini www.LotusGlow.com

So Where Does This Frame of Reference Come From?

The comprehensive frame of reference that students are taught in my Akashic Record Reading Program was originally channelled by a metaphysician from Colorado and then added to by several prominent Akashic Record readers over the course of the last few decades, including Vanessa Rahlston, Susann Taylor Schier, Mamie Wheeler, and Andrea Hess.

I have further refined, and added to the information and believe that this application of the Akashic Records information is the clearest, most practical and down to earth you will find out there.

So Josie, it’s great that you can access the Akashic Records already, but you will most likely be missing out on a whole lot of information that you never knew existed.

My program would expand your knowledge of what you can ask about in the records, how you can ask the questions, and how to interpret the responses to put together something that your client will find relevant to her life.

You’ll be walked through how to put a reading together, from start to finish.

If you’d like to find out more about my Akashic Record Reading Program, click here.

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