Seeking a New Home for Lucy

In December/January I did a house sit in Cambridge, New Zealand that broke my heart a little bit.

I was looking after Lucy, a 14 year old cat. Unfortunately for the last 4 years she has been living the life of a stray cat – only coming into the home to feed occasionally.

This is because her home has 4 young children and a large, boisterous dog and Lucy is too scared of the dog and does not like the noise and bother with the kids.

The dog and children were away for the duration of the house sit, and I got to know Lucy and she spent most of her time napping next to me and smooching. She is such a lovely cat and it is a shame that she is very people-oriented and loves company, but spends all her time alone.

This is clearly not a good situation for an elderly, sensitive, attention-loving cat to be in, and the owner sees that, too. Lucy is so lovely and wish I could take her myself, but I am a full time house sitter and cannot give her a home. However, the owner has agreed to attempt to re-home her.

We are seeking a cat lover based in New Zealand (Lucy is too old to travel overseas) – preferably someone in the North Island. It would need to be a home with no dogs and no young children so that Lucy can get the peace and quiet she needs at her age.

Are you (or is someone you know) a cat lover in New Zealand?

Please do forward this post on to people you know in NZ because there may be someone who knows someone who can take this special girl and give her a proper home.

Some things to know about Lucy:

  • She is 14 years old so is obviously not going to be around for years to come. However, I have looked after several cats older than Lucy on my house sits so she could have a few years in her yet
  • The vet says she has a heart murmur which could cause problems for her later on or could just be a sign that she was stressed at the time of examination – we don’t know. Otherwise she is in good health
  • If you can give Lucy a home but you are worried about vet bills for an elderly cat or otherwise on a low income, we can talk about Lucy’s vet insurance getting paid by someone other than you, for the remainder of her life
  • Lucy is in Cambridge, NZ but I, or someone else, can transport her to you
  • Lucy is an affectionate cat and has a beautiful nature. Every morning when I got up she would greet me with a meow and wait for her breakfast. I couldn’t get her to sit on my lap but she curled up against me and kept giving me kisses. Like many Abyssinians, she gets quite vocal when she is hungry but she is not one of those cats that meows or whines all the time
  • Although she spent most of her time indoors with me, she has been an outdoors cat for a long time, so an apartment with no garden (for example) would not be suitable for her
  • Please email me at anna (at) anna if you are interested in finding out more about Lucy and I can put you in touch with her owners
  • Please forward this post on if you are overseas but know a cat lover in New Zealand.

Thank you!

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog front recently…

So I just wanted to give a few updates about what is new around here.

I have been busy working on my book which will be released this year. We’re also busy working on a move to a different newsletter platform so there have been no newsletters for a while as that has been happening. And I have a new business/operations manager who has come on board to help me with things behind the scenes of this website, and it is fabulous to have some support in that regard but a lot of work to get everything set up.

Cord Cutting Sessions Now Available

Over the last year or so, I’ve been training our resident intuitive Shelly, apprentice style, in a modality called Cord Cutting. I have been practising Cord Cutting in some form for about 10 years and it is one of my favourite healing methods. I am very pleased to announce that Shelly is now offering Cord Cutting sessions via this website. The introductory price is $50 less than what the ordinary price will be, so if you are interested to try this, it is not a bad time to get a session.