How Can You Measure Your Progress in Psychic Development? – Try Intuitive Experiment #1!

Recently I’ve had the same question from three readers of this blog. They want to know how they can find out if their intuitive abilities are real.  They also want to know how they can measure their progress in their intuitive development. One of them wrote:

“What is the feedback loop for psychic development? A musican can practice and listen to her music to know she’s improving, a sports person can train and perform better, even a bodybuilder can see his muscle growth.  An intuitive can do visualization exercises but how are they to know they are actually improving – what’s their feedback loop?”

I can understand the need for this question.  After all, when you are gathering intuitive insights on your OWN path, it’s coming through the filter of your mind, so you can never really know if it’s your Higher self-speaking – or if you’re just talking to yourself and re-framing stuff you already know. Plus, I do know from personal experience that it’s easy to doubt your intuition. Probably the only reason why I have come to trust mine is because I get continual feedback from clients. And when you get specific information from deceased people that turns out to be true, that pushes you over the edge into trusting.

So, here are some ways to verify your intuitive insights:

  • Have a go at reading another person
  • Ask Spirit for signs
  • Keep an ongoing record/journal of all your psychic experiences and impressions. Then come back to it later on to verify it.

In this post, I am going to focus on the first suggestion. This is because I believe the best way to find out if your intuition is actually real is to read for someone else or read another person for character and then get it verified. This is why I dedicate an entire chapter of my Intuitive Awakening course to reading other people. I also decided to do an experiment here on my blog… Check out this guy:

For this experiment, have a ‘tune in’ to his picture and see what you pick up about his energy. Then post your impressions in the comments section below. And if you would like some instructions & tips on how to ‘tune in’ to a person and which questions to ask to get clearer insights, you might like to download the Intuitive Experiment worksheet below!


PS – If you do the experiment go into it with some playfulness! You have nothing to lose… 🙂 After all, one experiment is obviously not representative of what you are able to do. But it could teach you more about what your gifts are.

PPS – If you recognize the man in the photo (which you might), there is no point reading the person and please do NOT leave a comment saying who it is as that obviously ruins the exercise for people. Thanks.

See the Results of this Intuitive Experiment!

You can find out who this man was by reading this article: Results of Intuitive Experiment #1

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  1. Avatar

    This is an interesting experiment Anna!

    I have a bad feeling about this guy. Murder of some sort just screams out. Either he has committed murder or he was murdered.

    I think he’s been involved in some sort of art/writing/psychology in his career – and has not been involved with the sciences and maths. I think he may be involved with technology of some sort.

    I’m curious to see what he was really like.

  2. Avatar

    Great experiment! I’m seeing a difficult life because of circumstances that were not his fault. He may have resorted to crime to get by. I think he doesn’t trust other people because he had been treated badly on multiple occasions. And I see a violent death; a fight involving a big knife.

  3. Avatar

    My favourite exercise!:))

    I have some troubles clearing my mind right now (lots of things are going on in my life at the moment), but let’s try anyway:

    The first impression I got when I saw the photo were:
    “Mephistopheles” and some kind of a pyramid.

    His character: wary, bitter. I got some associations with snakes.
    He had a hard life, lots of enemies, he thought that nobody loved him, he tried to hide his emotions.
    He loved life but he felt like life didn’t love him back.

    His death wasn’t a good one. Possibly a suicide. I got an image of broken glass on wet asphalt.

  4. Avatar

    I find these exercise very exciting.
    Nevertheless, I think it would be easier with 1 or 2 other pictures of this man.
    Indeed, 1 picture could reflect the mood of one specific day.

  5. Avatar

    Hi Anna,

    I get that he was a sensitive and creative person, involved in some kind of art and creative expression, e.g. musician/ writer.
    He was introverted and highly sensible. He had troubles connecting to people and felt that no one understands him.
    He had very intense, inward emotional life, and suffered a lot during his life due to his emotional sensitivity.
    His life / death was tragic, he died young, possible after a long ilness, and possible he was alone.



  6. Avatar

    Ok here is what I think of the man
    1 The man is wise and calculative but unpredictable however he doesnt seem to use his intellect for a positive reason.
    he probably had a rough childhood or youth.
    the man could talk very sweet and convince people. He has charmed many and misused their trust and decieved them.
    he has an artistic side to him
    he was involved with some addictions/ vices or a psychological personality disorder…probably a womaniser?

    his death doesnt seem to bae a natural one…either he was hunted down or committed a suicide.

    it is hard for me to get into the meditative state with these kids bustling around me all the time but i hope I am not totally wrong witht he impression

  7. Avatar

    That picture makes him physically look quite deviant and Bram Stroker -like.

    However, I get different impressions: that he was quite timid and well mannered. He had a pure and melodious voice? People called him “Charles”? He’s 18 in the picture, and was struck from behind by something heavy and blunt, on his right side a little under the shoulder blade… but I don’t think that killed him, actually, I can’t get a sense of his death.

  8. Avatar

    The two impressions I got was some form of affiliation with crime, and also a musician. I see him playing the piano.

    I see him dying at an early age too, not living as an old man.


  9. Avatar

    What a cool idea! Love your site by the way!

    My very first instinct was that he was a hypnotist or something. I see him on a stage. Maybe it’s just because of the eyes… mesmerising. At first I wondered if that was an “evil” look on his face, but then decided he’s smart and has a wry sense of humour. He has a bit of a smirk there.

    Then when I meditated a bit on it I got a thought of an overbearing mother. I also saw red (blood, fire?). Lastly I got a picture of him in a barn, hauling on a rope to hang something from the rafters.

    Very random I know. I have been known to have a few clairvoyant flashes but most of the time I wonder if it’s just my imagination. LOL

  10. Avatar

    Wow, this is so neat. At the time I just thought that I was seeing random things as I wasn’t trying very hard.

    I just googled him and in a synopsis of La Casa de Bernada Alba, there was this sentence: “Adela tells her mother she will no longer follow her rules and declares that Pepe loves her and is in the barn waiting for her. Bernarda goes to the barn and fires her gun. Martirio makes Adela believe that Pepe was killed, but he was really just scared away. Adela hangs herself.”

    So it turns out that my vision of something being hung in a barn was right. I thought that was peculiar so must have meant something.

    I definitely need to practice my skills. But this makes me excited that I’m not just making things up. LOL

    Would love more of these! Thanks, Anna!

  11. Avatar

    I’m sorry if this is quite long and a bit late, I just read this post now! But this is the idea I got:

    I know who this person is, even though I’m reeeeeeeeally BAD at faces the first impression I had of him was, oh my that looks like XXX! But the more I looked at him the less he looked like what I remembered XXX to look like, but that’s just cuz I’m real bad at recognizing faces.

    Studying his face more intently, the impression I have of him as a character, are (I know practically nothing about this person and never was very interested in reading about him, so I had no idea at all of what kind of a person he was so I was actually quite surprised at the impressions I had of him, as I had never felt any interest or attraction towards him, I have no idea whether these impressions are right or not however, since I never read anything about him): a very very extremely sensitive person, too sensitive even perhaps for his own good, someone who maybe suffered because he was so sensitive, maybe he was teased as a child for this? Because he’s a man, if he had been a woman he probably wouldn’t have been so scorned for being so dreamy. A very dreamy person, artistic and creative, I get the impression that he is very creative but of the inventing things kind of creativity, not for example painting or something like that. He has a certain air of Chopin and also strikes me as being a poetic type, so maybe he was a musician like Chopin, or wrote poetry or made up stories? That’s the kind of creativity he strikes me as having.

    I also get the impression of someone who was very mistreated by life, who got a lot of rough treatment throughout his life, who was quite beaten up by his life. Who was perhaps unfairly treated during his lifetime?

    He also strikes me as being a fighter nonetheless, in spite of being so sensitive, almost as if he got mad and lashed back and started to defend himself. Like he felt the injustices perpetrated against him so keenly that in the end he reacted and fought back. Maybe someone who was at first a doormat type? But then he got smart and hardened himself and refused to let people kick him around anymore.

    I also get the impression that he was more an intellectual type, rather than some other type (like for example as oppposed to for example a manual labour type, or a technology type, or an entertainer or show-biz type, etc.).

    He gives very much the impression of a person who was doomed to die young and tragically, and that his death would contribute to his fame. (I know how he died, but asides from that, it’s also the impression I got of him.)

  12. Anna

    Yang – you were spot on with most of what you wrote, bar one thing

    Margie – Almost everything you wrote was spot on too.

    Sups – artistic side to him was correct. Not sure about the personality disorder. He did experience a lot of mental suffering and some mental illness though. And yes he was hunted down at the end of his life.

    Alex –Maybe you were picking up on the crime that he was victim of? I am not sure about the trust thing – it’s possible. And yes you are right about his death – it was a violent one.

    Greg – When you have a photo, you can definitely use it to tune into how the person felt at the time of the photo, but you want to get beyond that and use it as a portal to the person’s soul and life, which is possible, but you do need to ask different questions.

    L – Hmm, it’s possible he was struck before he was shot. Some historians say he was shot a few times. I get that he was timid and well mannered in his youth, although I haven’t read it anywhere.

    Paul – yes, correct he was a musician too and died prematurely. The crime was perpetrated against him – maybe that’s what you picked up on.

    Fellforit – Stage yes – he was a playwright. He’s definitely smart. Blood and fire – yes (see article). Overbearing mother – not sure. An overbearing mother was the theme of his famous play La Casa de Bernarda Alba.

  13. Anna

    Fellforit – Well done 🙂 I read the play a few times at school and university so your image of someone hanging in a barn did sound sort of familiar although I didn’t know where from, as horrid as that sounds.

  14. Avatar

    I’m just reading this article, and won’t look at the previous responses from others. Just posting here my first impressions, which came to me VERY quickly. He’s very intelligent, but not good with people. Doesn’t really like people, in fact. And REALLY doesn’t like women. He’s not of good character, very sneaky, and probably had a secret life that no one knew about. I suspect there may have been even a criminal aspect to it, or something quite bizarre. I believe he had an extremely distant or absent father, a very strict, unreasonable mother, who probably had a form of personality disorder or mental illness. Displays of emotion were stifled. I see him in settings where he might have been doing experiments of some kind. I sense that his death was violent, likely a suicide.

  15. Avatar

    Just read the biographical info of the man in the photo. I think my reading was fairly good, considering the fact that I just happened upon this site today, and have never tried doing a reading of anyone before. Love this site!

  16. Avatar

    well i’ve never tried anything like this before… and i’m pretty sure i don’t make any sense? Dx…

    I was really scared by this photo. I kept getting a dark feeling. Like death and murder. But weirdly enough i also got the number 5? when i looked at the picture i felt like there was another person with a badness about them. But that person was important to him.

    He feels like a twisted person. When i look at him one way he’s smiling like a true gentlemen. But on a second look he becomes a smirking figure, with a hidden agenda?

    i think that’s all i can say cause i got a bit too scared to look at the picture. ><;; yeah… i dunno if anything is right…

  17. Avatar

    I focused on his eyes for several minutes. My impression is that he was charming, a smooth talker. But Underneath there was something else that made me feel uncomfortable. Not someone I would want to talk to for very long or be left alone with.
    As I was staring at his eyes the picture seemed to flicker? or another picture of him flashed to the side very quickly. I couldn’t see any other details or if the other image was different in anyway. It was to fast but it was unsettling to me.

  18. Avatar

    A gay person, maybe just happy but a player perhaps an artist or something creative. Joyful, full of life and ready to move forward in life. Energetic, easy going kind of person. Nice smile seems real not forced. A new father or a newlywed. He just looks ready to take on anything that comes his way. He could be a photographer or graphic artist maybe architect. I feel I am thinking too much to many distractions that is all I get for now.

  19. Avatar

    Ah okay this one was a really old one; I got part of it correct. I guess that is something.

  20. Avatar

    I think this man is slick, I don;t know why but I don’t really like him, he look like criminal or maybe had criminal thought in his mind. very uncomfortable to see his picture.

  21. Avatar

    OH WOW! I got a shiver and a sick feeling to my stomach when I first saw him. I feel he was in the era of the 30s and was a gangster in a mob of some kind. He was a man of no empathy and died by being shot. He killed people and didnt care.

  22. Avatar

    Piano sticks out in my mind…and maybe he was killed..?

  23. Avatar

    shifty, self confident and arrogant in this photo, but underneath very sad. Holds back his emotions – in the photo like hes holding back a laugh.

    I find describing someone hard – the words dont come easily but I got: shop owner, farmer, money lender. Maybe its his father and family history?

    emotional life – hard. suppressed – maybe even homosexually suppressed

    personal life – had money, but struggled for respect from father

    lost his wife

    suppressed gay?

    Vignettes had:
    -barristers office, someone bent over working, white wig
    -In the coach house, carridge on suppports because of broken wheel

    the word orange (I think that one was joke by my guide!)

  24. Avatar

    Violence surrounds him. He likes to play with women. I mean toy with their emotions. He made my heart race! Death was definitely something “major” in his life. Why do I get the name Jeffry Dahmer? It’s not him but he is connected in some way to him. That is all I could bear!

  25. Avatar

    The experiment. I get the feeling that he was sort of stubborn. He may seem shady or bold but is quite soft and I guess, depressed on the inside? Perhaps he didn’t quite get along with his father. I get the feeling he had some sort of lover of some sort… In my mind it feels like I know a lot more (more details about his life, etc.), but it’s hard to put it all into words.

  26. Avatar

    Thought I would leave a comment for all the experiments so I have come back to the first one. I just wrote down words as they would come to me so I will share in order that they came.
    -deep sadness
    -dark tormented soul
    -involved in a gang war type of thing
    Im new to this and used breathing to clear my mind, then let the quick impressions come.

  27. Avatar

    Hi there,

    I just did this experiment without meditation, just to try the first impression or feeling, before reading the comments of course, and what I felt instanly was fear, I din´t want to look at the picture that long, but I also felt the musician side. I imagined a tall individual musician, and a very negative feeling.

  28. Avatar

    I immediately got (specifically from staring at the shape of his forehead) that this guy was immensely and overwhelmingly creative. I felt/saw (can’t remember which!) him on stage, and briefly wondered if that was me making things up because the photo looks very jazz-era-ish. I discounted that he was famous for being a jazz musician, but that stages and theaters had an important part in his life. I got that he was mostly alone when he died (?), save for one person he thought he loved/trusted (unverifiable). I also felt that he was persecuted for being who he was deep down, but that this was controversial. I didn’t get anything about blood or murder.

  29. Avatar

    scary eyes
    was killed at a young age
    many partners
    (looks like can be a serial something)
    feelings hurt easy, when hurt, he lashes out, rage
    organized, almost like ocd
    caring, took care of the partners he was with at the time, his friends, i dont see any family, almost shunned? but there is maybe a mother figure
    likes to show a good time, spending of money
    alcoholic/ drugs

  30. Avatar

    My inpatients gets the better of me. I cannot wait to see if my initial impressions are close because I worry I will go off on a tangent and ‘make up’ a fairy tale. I didn’t meditate as I should have done…
    I felt very very uneasy when I saw him at first. Words such as stage performer or something to do with the stage. He likes working with people. He had a very stressed unsettled life as a child. He was lonely and perhaps moved a lot. He was bullied badly as a child. He died a very lonely, miserable death.
    After stopping this experiment I had to read how to let the feelings I had taken on board go because the uneasiness and sorrow lingered with me.

  31. Avatar

    I get that he was some sort of aristocrat ,his family had money.i feel like maybe he had a thing for servants.i feel like he’s got some dark kids,his mother was very hard on him.he has some kind of disease (syphallis) died of a gun shot wound in the back.shamed his family name.

  32. Avatar

    What type of person is he? What is his character like?
    Shy. Reserved. Sensitive. Nerdy. Anti-social; possibly Asperger or SPD/spectrum . Very intelligent; Math/Science/Astrology, possibly an inventor and definitely a discoverer!

    Do you like him? Why/why not?
    Yes. Unfortunately, he is misunderstood by most people and not appreciated for his gifts. I like that he dances to the beat of his own drum and that he is a bit of a misfit, like me 😉 He could teach me a lot!

    What do you think his emotional life was like?
    Highly sensitive, therefore, also highly emotional. Likely, an empath before we knew what that meant. It’s probably why he was a loner; it was totally a choice.

    What do you think his life was like?
    Fascinating, interesting, different. Some struggles through childhood but finding his own place in adulthood, not needing to “fit in” but quite enjoying his own company, none-the-less.

    What kind of things happened to him?
    He was surely singled out in school. Probably home-schooled a good part of his education. I’m unsure if he married or had children but if so, I don’t think he was very close to them; spending long hours or weekends at work.

    What was his death like?
    Untimely, even for his times 🙁 I believe there is suspicion today about how/why but not when it happened. It was ruled as ‘medical’, maybe heart attack but it’s my feeling, it was a homicide.

  33. Avatar

    I could barely look at him. Devious, cruel, evil feelings cane pouring out. He was a tortured soul for some reason…which made him spiral deeper into bad ways


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