Recently I’ve had the same question from three readers of this blog. They want to know how they can find out if their intuitive abilities are real.  They also want to know how they can measure their progress in their intuitive development.

One of them wrote:

“What is the feedback loop for psychic development?

A musican can practice and listen to her music to know she’s improving, a sports person can train and perform better, even a bodybuilder can see his muscle growth.  An intuitive can do visualization exercises but how are they to know they are actually improving – what’s their feedback loop?”

I can understand the need for this question.  After all, when you are gathering intuitive insights on your OWN path, it’s coming through the filter of your mind, so you can never really know if it’s your Higher self-speaking – or if you’re just talking to yourself and re-framing stuff you already know.

Plus, I do know from personal experience that it’s easy to doubt your intuition. Probably the only reason why I have come to trust mine is because I get continual feedback from clients. And when you get specific information from deceased people that turns out to be true, that pushes you over the edge into trusting.

So, here are some ways to verify your intuitive insights:

  • Have a go at reading another person
  • Ask Spirit for signs
  • Keep an ongoing record/journal of all your psychic experiences and impressions. Then come back to it later on to verify it.

In this post, I am going to focus on the first suggestion. This is because I believe the best way to find out if your intuition is actually real is to read for someone else or read another person for character and then get it verified. This is why I dedicate an entire chapter of my Intuitive Awakening course to reading other people.

I also decided to do an experiment here on my blog…

Check out this guy:

For this experiment, have a ‘tune in’ to his picture and see what you pick up about his energy. Then post your impressions in the comments section below.

And if you would like some instructions & tips on how to ‘tune in’ to a person and which questions to ask to get clearer insights, you might like to download the Intuitive Experiment worksheet below!

Intuitive Experiment Worksheet

Download the Free Intuitive Experiment Worksheet…

…Packed with Instructions and Tips on Reading People’s Energy.

PS – If you do the experiment go into it with some playfulness! You have nothing to lose… 🙂 After all, one experiment is obviously not representative of what you are able to do. But it could teach you more about what your gifts are.

PPS – If you recognize the man in the photo (which you might), there is no point reading the person and please do NOT leave a comment saying who it is as that obviously ruins the exercise for people. Thanks.

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