A Quick List of My Favourite Archangels

Archangel Michael – call on Archangel Michael for protection or for removing unwanted things or situations. Archangel Michael has a powerful, protective energy.

Archangel Raphael – call on Raphael for healing. A very soothing and loving energy.

Archangel Gabriel – the angel of writers and communication.

Archangel Uriel – great to call on for emotional healing.

This year I’ve been working with Anna Wolf of the London College of Angelic Studies. I first attended one of Anna’s angel workshops in January and I’ve been working with her on and off throughout the year.

Through Anna I’ve learned a lot about Angels – what they are, how they function and how we can best utilize their loving assistance and guidance. I’ve benefited greatly from the angelic presence in my life and I want to pass on what I’ve learned so that you too can raise your vibration with the help of the angels. I’ll also share some practical exercises you can use to call on your Angels.

Are You Calling on the Angels?

The Law of Attraction is becoming very mainstream, in spiritual circles. And people are beginning to open up to the idea of communicating with their guides and see the benefits of doing this. But not as many people bother calling on the angels. I had one client this week who calls on his guides but finds angels too ‘new-age’ for him. I can see why he thinks this. People who work with the angelic realm do tend to favour cutesy website designs which have hearts, flowers, doves and stuff on them and this cutesy vibe is a bit off-putting unless you like that kind of thing. However, if you think like my client, I challenge you to rethink your views about angels being too new-age or for sissies, because the angels are amazing, hardcore powerful beings. And…

Angels are Not New-Age!

It’s funny that my client thought that working with angels was too ‘new-age’, because angels are anything but ‘new-age’! If anything, they are ‘old-age’! They are featured in the Bible, in ancient/primitive literature and art of all kinds. They have been around, helping humanity, literally since time began.

But don’t think that because they’re featured in the Bible, they’re about religion. Angels assist all beings, without discrimination, whether you’re a Muslim, Jew, Christian or spiritual. They are outside of religion.

What Are Angels Exactly?

Angels are beings who are on a path of evolution that is entirely different from the human path of evolution. There are many different types of angel as there are types of human soul. Just to give you an idea of the variety – we all have guardian angels who protect us and guide us, Angels bring peace to sacred sites, there are angels of marriage who assist couples, there are Earth (elemental) angels who are involved in nature, there are angels of healing, there are also Angels incarnated among us.

Angels specialize in embodying energies like Love, Peace, compassion and healing. They then bring these special energies to those of us incarnated on Earth so that we may access them when our vibration is very low, in times of sorrow, grief and pain.

The Angels also help us to dispel more minor negativity in our mind and spirit. They heal us, they protect us, they eliminate our fears and give us guidance, (in much the same way as guides do.)

Is There Much of a Difference Between Guides and Angels?

Yes, there is.

Guides are on the same path of evolution as human souls – most of them have experienced an Earthly incarnation before. The guides are here to nudge us gently onto the paths that bring us the most learning and freedom. They are spiritual helpers. Andrea Hess, in her book ‘Unlock your Intuition’ likens spirit guides to the doting aunts and uncles who give you loving guidance. By contrast, Angels don’t just guide. Your guardian Angels (you often have two or three of these around you) fulfill many roles – they protect you, help to keep you safe, help you to heal and make you feel loved and cared for.

How Exactly Can Angels Help?

Angels can help you to:

Feel good, feel protected, feel loved, feel comforted, remember who you are, attract good-feeling life circumstances, bring joy to others, heal yourself, heal others, take the paths which align with your highest path and purpose, raise your vibration so that you can contribute more of your good energies to this funny old place which is Planet Earth. However, there is one condition to working with the angels:

They will only help you if you’re perfect and good, all the time.

Nah, I’m joking. The condition is that you must ask the Angels to come into your life and help you. You have to do this, just as you have to ask your guides to come into your life, because the Angels will not make themselves known and heard by you, until you request it. It’s the rule of free will.

And don’t just ask them to come into your life like a rote prayer. Put out the heart-felt intention to get to know your guardian angels; to feel the loving presence of the angels in your life. Understand what they can do for you and expect them to be there.

In 2006 I first read one of Doreen Virtue’s books about the Angelic Realm and in there she reminds the reader that Angels must be called on. So, I did this and was amazed at what happened. First of all, I met an angel in my dream spontaneously. I dreamed that I was waiting in line to buy a ticket at the local coach station. There was a woman right in front of me, with her back to me. In the dream, she turned around and looked me in the eye and said ‘you go in front of me’ and smiled. Looking into her eyes, it was clear that she was an Angel. A wave of emotion swept me and I felt very nurtured and loved. The eyes of the Angel were kind and gentle but also the kind of gaze that burns when you look at it. I woke up deeply moved from my dream and that feeling lasted for hours.

Shortly after that, I began to see angel lights around me and around others. Angel lights look like orbs of coloured lights. You often see them moving or in the corner of your eye. Some people believe that Angel lights are figments of our imagination. I don’t believe this because I never saw angel lights before in my life before I asked the angels to come into my life. I believe in Angels, as I believe in all manifestations of Spirit. At really low times in my life I’ve seen my bedroom full of sparkling, coloured lights, dancing around, after having called on the Archangels. At times like those I’ve cried in gratitude at the playfulness and love of the angels.

How Can I Work with My Guardian Angels Straight Away?

You don’t need to be psychic to do this (although psychic ability helps). Just call on your angels. Ask them to come into your life. Ask them to come into your dreams. Ask them to help you heal any resistance to manifesting your desires. Ask them to heal any issues from the past. Ask them to watch over your loved ones. Ask them to protect you. (Below I list some exercises to connect with your Angels.) Ask, ask, ask.

How Will I Know Angels Are Around Me?

If you’ve called on your Angels and you’re not seeing any signs of them, don’t get discouraged. They do often make themselves felt when you’re in a really low patch and need their comfort.
If you’re clairsentient, you’ll be naturally gifted in communicating with the Angelic realm because Angels communicate with us very much through our emotional body and clairsentients are usually very sensitive, emotionally. You know you’re in the presence of an Angel when a feeling of unearthly love sweeps you, or when you feel deeply cared for or moved for no reason. Angels feel warm, like a ray of light – You’ll never feel cold in the presence of an Angel.

Exercises to Connect With the Angels

This exercise allows you to enhance the lives of others by sending loving gifts to them. I love to send energetic gifts to others through the Angels. It requires your visual imagination: Close your eyes and imagine your guardian angel in front of you (you can imagine your angel however you like). Imagine a beautiful box in front of you and feel the love, gratitude, appreciation, strength, peace which you desire to pass on to your recipient. Place that energy into the box and tie it up with a beautiful bow. Give it to the angel with instructions to pass it on to your desired person. This is especially effective if you need to forgive someone or want someone to forgive you.

This may sound like a silly exercise, but it works. An older member of our family was nursing her sick daughter this year and throughout all those times I sent love and strength on a daily basis (or when I remembered). She felt it because she kept telling me that her spirits would lift for no reason and she would feel comforted and loved, in spite of what was happening. In the end, I told her what I was doing and she said she definitely felt the presence of the Angels around her at those times.

Meet Your Angels in a Dream

If you’ve never experienced the presence of an angel and don’t know what it feels like, ask the angels to come to you in a dream. If you’re feeling very discouraged or depressed, before you go to sleep, ask the Angels to heal and uplift you in the night. Again, I’ve had great results from doing this. I even dreamed of being in a place which looked like a hospital (but didn’t feel like one, thankfully), surrounded by angelic beings. After that dream, I woken up refreshed, renewed and feeling good, despite going to bed feeling depressed and downcast.

Give Your Cares to an Angel

If you’re in pain or grief and you need some serious healing, imagine putting all your cares in a big sack or bag and hand it to an Angel, then watch the Angel take your cares to the light of God, where the negativity is transmuted to love and returned to you in the same bag. Feel the love energy you get in return from the Angel.

‘White-Light’ Your Possessions and Ask for Angelic Protection

Call on Archangel Michael if you’re in fear and in need of some protection. When I’m on the London underground or walking in the street, I imagine a bubble of angelic protection around me. I also imagine Archangel Michael putting a white light around my handbag to protect it. You can also ask the Angels to protect your home when you’re gone by white-lighting it. If you’re worried about someone, rather than sending them the nasty dark stuff that is worry energy (which doesn’t help) call on that person’s guardian angel to protect them.