Our souls incarnate here not only to enjoy this playground called Earth but also to grow and expand.

This growth can actually be measured through life lessons.

Life Lessons?

In the Akashic records, we can find out what a soul is choosing to learn and explore in this lifetime, in the form of life lessons.

We have one primary and several secondary life lessons and we choose these life lessons before we even incarnate. These life lessons constitute ‘themes’ or energetic qualities. We explore these themes by ‘attracting’ or unconsciously choosing the right experiences and relationships for the learning of those lessons.

It tends to take several lifetimes to explore one life lesson but the soul can speed up this process by choosing one or more challenging incarnations. (Are you one of those people who has faced significantly more challenges in life, compared to your peers? – It could be that your soul has chosen to accelerate your growth in this way.)

Common life lessons (at least among my clients) include:

  • self-worth
  • surrender
  • moderation
  • self-determination
  • trust

(To give just a few examples – there are actually 59 other life lessons that we know of.)

How this works…

So, if you have a life lesson of moderation, perhaps you grew up surrounded by behaviours which were characterised by excess, and in order to move forward in your life and reach your goals, you must unlearn these habits that you grew up with. Maybe you or someone close to you suffers from an addiction. Perhaps there is something about who you are on the soul level which predisposes you to avoid the middle path and take the more extreme paths.

I believe that we, as projections of the divine, are all on a path of becoming whole. We embody certain energies and lack others. By incarnating physically, we get to explore those qualities we lack and have experiences here which help us to incorporate those aspects more fully into ourselves.

To give another example of this, there is a soul group of origin which is here to speed up the earth’s evolution. They bring the energies of change and fast progress. They tend to be dynamic, quick thinking and often impatient. They tend to act first, and consider the consequences later. A soul belonging to this group may at some point decide that it’s time to learn about patience to reach a place of greater wholeness and balance.

So is it possible to consciously accelerate these lessons?

To take the example of the soul who is learning patience, by knowing her life lesson is patience and applying that quality to situations, the soul can learn the benefits of patience and have some positive learning experiences around that theme. Everything will probably go more smoothly for her when she does that.

However, this does not usually need to be consciously controlled or engineered. When people find out their primary life lesson for this lifetime in an Akashic Record reading, they are often amazed to see the ways that this theme is playing out in their life experiences and relationships. So, we tend to UNCONSCIOUSLY draw situations to us which allow us to learn our life lessons.

So in most cases, no effort is actually needed to learn life lessons – the soul takes care of it.

It can also be unhelpful at times to apply your life lesson indiscriminately to every situation you encounter, in the mistaken idea that this facilitates the soul’s growth. To take the example of patience, this quality may be needed in many situations, but there may be some in which it is time to stop being patient.

So, although it can often be helpful to know your life lesson and apply that energetic quality to various situations, this is not always going to result in ‘speeding up’ your soul’s learning – I have found that the soul tends to have its own timetable in that regard.

If you would like to find out about your life lessons, one of my former students, Shelly, offers Akashic Record readings which can give insight into this topic.

For those who want to be able to offer this kind of information to others, I can teach you to read the Akashic Records, which is a source of information about our life lessons, soul trainings and gifts, soul group and much more.