A few years ago I was doing a Spirit Guide reading for Darla, a previous client. For this type of reading, I offered information about her guides, such as their names and appearances.

In Darla’s reading I noticed another being standing apart from the Spirit Guide group, and who was obviously not a guide.

This spirit presented as a little boy. He seemed shy and told me his name was Michael.

Michael’s energy reminded me of a deceased spirit in that he seemed like he was human and was connected to Darla in some way.  The next thought that came into my mind was that this spirit was a baby who would be born to Darla later on. I let her know what I thought, but she was single at the time and she wasn’t planning to have children anytime in the near future.

A couple of years later Darla moved to Costa Rica to be with her new partner and became pregnant. At the first scan, they were told that the baby was a little boy. Her partner turned to her and said, “let’s call him Michael!” Darla had not told her partner about the reading.

Darla wrote to me to let me know, and it was very weird and cool to see an actual picture of this soul after only having seen him in spirit.

Another interesting story about having children and psychic predictions:

Several years ago I was on a plane from New Zealand to London and a lady got on during the stopover in LA. She and I had a long and interesting chat about our mutual interest in all things spiritual. She told me that when she was younger a psychic warned her not to have a child in this lifetime unless she was OK with the child being severely disabled. She went ahead and got pregnant, and gave birth to a severely disabled child whom she did not regret having.

Both of these stories would lead us to believe that it is possible for intuitives to predict in all cases whether you’ll have children.

But is that true?

In some cases, yes and in others, no.

We do make soul contracts with souls that we are going to bring into the world. Having children is a growth opportunity so the soul usually decides beforehand whether or not he or she will partake in that path of growth. So technically we could go into the Akashic Records of any person and ask if that person has a soul contract to have a child or children.

But will we get an answer?

The golden rule of spiritual information from your guides or Higher self is that you always receive information that is beneficial to you at the time. You won’t receive information that interferes with your free will or that ‘spoils’ your life lessons.

So some people may receive information about their future pertaining to parenting and children, but only those people whose free will won’t be interfered with, will receive such information.

For example, if you have a soul contract to bring a soul into the world and you are going to conceive by accident, it’s likely that knowing this fact, won’t interfere with your free will because it’s a done deal anyway.

If you are someone who is learning a life lesson of self-determination (i.e. you are learning about consciously choosing your own individual path through life) and as part of that, you will um and ah for years, not knowing whether it’s right for you to have a child or not, it is imperative that your free will is not interfered with, and therefore you won’t receive any information about your future in this area.

So if you get a reading and ask about your future, it is worth knowing that the future is very difficult to read, for the reasons above.

Another complication with predictions that I have noticed is the following:

Not all intuitives tune into the Akashic Records to obtain predictions. Some read your energy.

If you have an unpleasant time growing up and have negative associations with the concept of family and having children, you may be put off having children. If a psychic reads your energy she is likely to tell you that you probably won’t have children, based on how you feel now.

Then let’s say that life sends you a healing experience which teaches you that you would be a good parent and that family isn’t always a negative experience. Your energy changes and the prediction you receive changes too after that.

If you are struggling with the question “should I have kids?” I don’t recommend getting a prediction during a reading because your sources of guidance won’t tell you what to do. You will need to choose on your own. See a counsellor or therapist instead to explore the desires, fears, and needs which are governing your potential decisions and thoughts.

As for astrological predictions, if an astrologer tells you that there is not much action in the area of your chart around pro-creating, in my experience this does not necessarily mean you will have no kids. It could mean that you may not have major karma or significant lessons to resolve or learn through having children.

Have you had your future predicted in this area?

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