Intuitive Readings with Lucia


The current turnaround time for an intuitive reading is seven weeks.

Lucia Roberts is our gifted resident intuitive reader on – selected and trained by Anna, she is now offering intuitive and Spirit Guide profile readings by email.

The Intuitive Reading

For this reading, Lucia uses her clairvoyance to read for you. This reading can be a wonderful way to receive inspiration, support, and empowerment from your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.  It is for anyone seeking positive, uplifting and potentially life changing guidance in their lives.

During the reading, Lucia will tune into your Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels and pass on the most important messages that are coming through to you at this time. The messages and guidance will always be relevant to your present life, with the purpose of helping you in the best way possible.

Life areas that can come up during an intuitive reading include: life purpose, career, education, lifestyle, relationships, past lives, soul contracts and your personal development on a soul level.

To make sure that you receive the most helpful and detailed guidance from the reading, you are encouraged to prepare specific questions, or to think about particular areas you would like to focus on in your life. So please feel free to ask any questions that are of importance to you.

Readings are $150 US and will be delivered in PDF format via email.

The length of the reading is typically 6-8 pages, depending on the messages received.

Please note – Lucia is not a medium and is not usually able to receive messages from loved ones that have crossed over. Due to ethical reasons, Lucia also does not answer questions about health/illness, or offer predictions about the future. If you need clarity and insight into a health issue, it is recommended that you contact a medical professional or a medical intuitive for advice.

Buy Now$150 (USD) – Intuitive Reading with Lucia

Upon purchase, you will be emailed a document which asks you to provide information needed for the reading (such as your name and a photo.) Once you have emailed this to us, Lucia will reply to let you know when your reading will be received.

Before I received a Clairvoyance by Lucia, I didn’t know very much about readings and felt slightly skeptical. But as soon as I started reading through the messages, I was actually blown away at how much sense they made and how in sync they were with my life at that time. I gained a huge amount of clarity around certain events in my life as a result of her guidance. I would highly recommend a clairvoyance reading by Lucia Roberts to anyone. She is truly gifted. – Josephine van Hauen

Lucia has a very compassionate way about her and was able to get to the heart of the matter in the reading very quickly. She is very kind, encouraging and supportive and she was able to clarify a number of issues from my past that was affecting my present life and show me a way forward, I really recommend her, the reading was a great help for me during a difficult time. – Heather Roche

About Lucia

From a very early age, I sensed that I was different from the rest of my family. I was able to see energy fields and auras around people and felt I had a close connection with Spirits and Angels, nature, animals and the magical dimensions. When I discovered that others didn’t seem to have quite the same experiences, I tried my best to suppress my abilities. I just wanted to be perceived as ‘normal’, more than anything and be like everybody else – and slowly my connection to the other world seemed to disappear.

Later on in my adult years, I began to meditate during a difficult time of my life, and out of the blue, my ability to see auras returned. Angels would come through to pass on messages and guidance for people I knew and let me know what they needed to do in order to heal. I also started to have flashbacks of past lives and was shown the meaning and the relation they had to my present life.

Soon after, I went for a psychic reading with a well-known Clairvoyant and she told me that my soul purpose was to use my empathy, compassion and intuitive gifts to help others in this world. At first I was quite freaked out but I decided to just embrace it, go with the flow and enjoy the passion that I had carried with me throughout my life for spirituality, psychology, healing and helping others, and it really opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Through studies and training with Anna Sayce, Doreen Virtue, Reiki Master Vivien Candlish, The School of Psychic Development, Brighton and many different workshops, I have developed my own spiritual nature, psychic and healing abilities. It has been an exciting and life altering journey – one that has brought me back in touch with my own authenticity and made me rediscover who I truly am as a person.

Today I see my sensitivity as a unique gift I can use in a constructive way, to help others with guidance and their self-development. I’m delighted to be working in conjunction with Anna and I look forward to assisting you in your journey of self-discovery.


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