Intuitive Experiment #33 – Flex Your Intuitive Muscles!

In this post I am bringing back something I haven’t done for a while – an Intuitive Experiment.

This is where I post a photo of someone (or 2 people) who have been in the public eye at some point, and ask budding psychic developers to have a go at ‘reading’ the person/people, to see what they can glean about them.

This is not a psychic guessing game to find out who someone was. Rather, it is a chance for you to hone your abilities and gifts by ‘tuning in’ to somebody’s energy via a photograph and seeing what comes to you.

What you pick up will depend on your clair gifts. If you’re claircognizant, you may know about the person’s character traits and what kind of person he/she was. If you’re clairvoyant, you may see symbols or visions which were relevant to the person’s life. If you’re clairsentient, you may pick up a ‘feeling’ or a sense for the overall direction or theme of the person’s life. Clairaudients might hear a word or phrase which is relevant to the person/people in question.

Essentially, this exercise is designed to teach you more about your gifts and how they might work by giving you a chance to use them. So if you’re interested in psychic development, I encourage you to give it a go. 

Here are the people we’re ‘reading’ for this experiment:

And here are the instructions for reading them:

  • Look at the picture above
  • Relax your mind with some deep breathing or meditation
  • Ask Sprit to reveal something that was meaningful about the person’s life. (Start with one person and then move on to the other. If you like, you could also tune into them both together, but read them individually first.)
  • If you receive information that you don’t understand, ask for clarification! Sometimes the intuitive info you receive will be like a trail of breadcrumbs. You get one piece of info, then you ask for clarification and it leads you to the next thing, until eventually you have a picture that makes more sense. 

Here are some pictures of the two people separately, in case these are helpful:


Please post your insights as a comment below, or if you are shy, you can email us with your impressions. 

And if you recognise these two ladies, please do not spoil it for us all by posting their identity. This exercise is for people who don’t recognise them and want to have a go at reading someone they do not know. 

And if you want something more detailed by way of instructions for tuning into these people, download the worksheet below!


& Find Out the Identity of the Women in the Photo:

Results of Intuitive Experiment #33

& If You’d Like More Experiments…

…Go here.

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  1. Avatar

    They look like siblings, the one on the left looks disheveled, seems insecure. I imagine there May have been some abuse and trauma on her end. The one on the right is beaming with more pride maybe she is successful? They look like they live on a farm

  2. Avatar

    At 1st I thought of Amelia Earhart and flying.
    After looking at each picture more closely I’m feeling warm, kind vibes. Wonder if they were Jewish or helped Jewish people during the Halocaust in Europe. Just a feeling.

  3. Avatar

    I feel the two are sisters. The taller one cares for her sister because she has some developmental problems. This was during the depression and maybe they lived on a farm? I also feel maybe the taller one was a doctor or some sort of therapist and she wanted to help people like her sister. The shorter one could have some violent tendencies and maybe harmed her mother or both parents. Also this was maybe in Sweden or Holland or Switzerland. Did someone get hit by a car? I feel the taller one was hit and flew in the air on a country road. Her sister was distraught.

  4. Avatar

    I feel that the lady on the left is being hurt / abused… the lady on the right is covering it up

  5. Avatar

    I’m seeing two sisters the one on the left, first name starts with an E, possibly Ellie was slow in nature. A genetic defect of some sort, delayed in learning and also the word polio comes up! The sister on the right was her caretaker and the caretaker of many children, possibly orphaned. I feel this is a picture from the late thirties early forties and cotton picking played a role. The sister on the right, maybe the first name starting with a G, worked very hard to protect all of the children… she’s cutting wood from a wood pile, carrying buckets of water from the creek etc… Quite the protector! I hear ABUSED, ABUSED, ABUSED!!

  6. Avatar

    These women are very close, I feel. The one on the right is protective and the one on the left is very secure in the company of the other. They may have had someone close or related in a very public situation but the two (sisters?) are okay with that and are confident in their own situations – especially with each other. A very loving connection.

  7. Avatar

    From the photo they look like sisters. which the taller one watched over the other. They seem like athletes or women who worked and accomplished something others had not yet. They were best friends. Died from old age the older one-taller one while the shorter person on the left had more of a unique life. Born in the early 1900s around in Germany. Before WW2.

  8. Avatar

    My tarot cards seem to suggest that these women were involved with children and women’s rights, either abortion or something like that. One of them had a disasterous relationship that resulted in either an unwanted or difficult pregnancy. They fought against the establishment and perhaps started a difficult movement They were highly moral individuals who stood for truth.

  9. Avatar

    Their names seem like they would be something like Anna and Emma. I heard Sara in my mind but im not the best with names.

  10. Avatar

    I got the name “Emily,” followed by sisters, WWII, Jewish, and Nazis. Maybe they are sisters who helped Jewish people escape from Nazis? I tried to get more info, but now it feels like I’m just guessing. The first things just popped into my mind.

  11. Avatar

    I feel these are sisters of a friendly nature, both good women who accomplished something significant and at some point received some kind of recognition or an award for whatever they did.

    As far as what they did, I’m unsure, but I keep feeling like it has something to do with Nazi, Germany. I don’t feel like they were personally in a prison camp, but rather helped others in them, or to avoid the Nazis somehow.

    I also feel like they had an inventive idea that helped people.

  12. Avatar

    I feel they are mother and daughter. Father is absent or dead. This a photo of celebration – the two have managed to overcome difficulties and survive since his death. The girl on left is either graduating, getting ready to act in play, or least likely – marry. The mother has sewed something she is either wearing or displaying. I think they are standing in the family garden, most likely vegetables, but the older loves flowers. I don’t think they’re poor, they managed to keep the life they after the family support system died, although on a much reduced scale. What I initially saw as separation between the two became pride. Somehow I see poetry or prose in their family history.

  13. Avatar

    The one on the left has a little brother or another small boy, she runs, chasing him around outside, playing. His name is Jeremy or Jerry? Much younger. She is very smart at maths, her intelligence is often misunderstood or not seen. Favorite color: purple. 🙂
    The woman on the right is a fighter. Very much internal anger, she wants to scream but instead fights for justice. Her anger sometimes softens into weeping. Also got corn bread, honey, and milk!

  14. Avatar

    This is a type of religious order or nursing care facility. This home is funded from

    donations from the wealthy. The staff cares for themselves…grow food, mend their

    uniforms, cook and do crafts. The taller female is caring for the woman she is

    caressing due to the slight retardation of the shorter woman. Incest or inter-familial

    relations has occurred resulting in emotional and physical retardation of shorter

    woman. There is deep snow in the winter at this location…..perhaps in a valley or

    foothills or base of a mountainous region. I hear the word…”SUMMIT”.

  15. Avatar

    I feel they are related…probably sisters. One on right has emotional trauma or is slow mentally maybe. I feel they are famous for aviation or some type of travel

  16. Avatar

    Daughter on the left, mother on the right. German?

    Daughter has some sort of disability and there’s music involved somehow, maybe the one on the right cultivated her to be a performer of some sort. She loved to be in the spotlight.

    The mom on the right gave up a lot of her life to protect her daughter.

    She was married but she feels single in this picture. Works with laundry or some other kind of hard labor like farming.

    They absolutely love each other and they have gone through some dark times together. Life was not easy but there was a lot of love.

  17. Avatar

    Sisters or sister-like relationship

    Woman on left:
    Kindness, giving to others
    Hard sciences

    Woman on right:
    Beheaded, death
    Opera singer

  18. Avatar

    When I first looked at the picture, I heard the name June. The girls appear to be sisters with the older one on the right having to do the caregiving for most of their lives. I’m feeling Germany perhaps right before the Nazis completely took over. I also sensed red and I’m not sure if that was the color or nursing or an aid group like the Red Cross.

  19. Avatar

    They are related. The taller one is protective of the shorter one. They confide in each other. After this picture was taken there was sadness in their lives. They lost something or someone.

  20. Avatar

    I feel like the lady on the left is humorous, but the lady on the right is funny as well but has to take care of the lady on the left. They could be sisters but im feeling like they were cousins or friends.

  21. Avatar

    The only thing came to mind that the lady on the left, had something to do with gold? Lol not sure and the other lady made food,. Like services of some kind

  22. Avatar

    I scrolled past all of the above comments in order to be clear about commenting on what I read from the pictures. I had a strong feeling that these two ladies are German sisters from world war two era, perhaps one of them is Anne Frank. I feel that there was some suffering that they overcame.

  23. Avatar

    Sisters, twins, from the northern states of US. Somewhat well to do educated family. A teacher comes to mind.

  24. Avatar

    I believe the two women are either siblings or daughter/mother. The woman on the right has a strong mother/maternal energy. I fell that the woman on the right is either the older sister or mother to the woman on the left. The woman on the left appears to give off an uncertain/shy energy. The woman on the right appears to be very confident. I’m getting a school teacher vibe from this photo.

  25. Avatar

    I think sisters or friends, milk maids a farm. A competition of sorts or some sort of award, achieveneny. Both look proud the one on the right is protective, she has that nature for all she holds near, determined head strong yet gentle and kind. The woman on the left is older in years than her mind is. Possibly skitsophtenic as three an uncertain look to her personality, perhaps multiple bit she can become unstable. Very timid likes recognition likes to feel proud

  26. Avatar

    The first picture is a girl of Jewish Heritage, she is very intelligent and is wise beyond her years. She is very quite but open amongst close friends and family.
    The second girl is best friends with the 1st. She is the livelier of the two and is a bit of a prankster. She is more in the moment, she doesn’t worry about the future or the past. Her life is not easy but she tries not to think about it.

  27. Avatar

    I feel these two are sisters and something negative surrounds both of them. The shorter lady died, unnatural. Perhaps by the hands of her sister? As I’m typing my fingers typed “shot” three times. The letter “G” keeps popping up in my head. It has to do with the taller girl. But I’m not getting clarity on that.

  28. Avatar

    Hello all I’m really new to this and a little nervous about posting.
    The first thing was classical music, I heard a beautiful female opera singers voice, I feel like both women were very intelligent. I believe they are sisters, who traveled to take care of others, perhaps nursing in a war, as I got a sense of violence and fear. I feel like someone else should be in the photo with them another sister or their mother, I want to say a missing piece of the jigsaw.

  29. Avatar

    They are sisters. They make sacrifices by caring for others. They may work in the healthcare profession possible at war time.

  30. Avatar

    I hear the name Franny or Francesca. And Emily/Emilia/Amelia. Musician? Cellist or married to a composer or one in the family (a brother). They feel like sisters and the one on the left seems to have a delay, but that might just be seen in the picture/assumed from appearance. They are going through hard times (war time Poland? Russia?) and it feels like they are going to be separated soon. Maybe royalty or Aristocrats that have fallen on hard times. An ominous feeling like one is going to die soon.

  31. Avatar

    The woman on the left is shy, but comical; a prankster. She is the younger of the two and relies on the other, but doesn’t like to admit it.

    The woman on the right is older. She sings and is a baker. She has been expected to tend to others, but is somewhat resentful, although never shows it.

  32. Avatar

    I feel they are mother and daughter. They have got into a criminal issue because of some kind of physical or mental abuse, but otherwise they were good citizens. The name Jane comes to my mind looking at the picture of both of them together but cannot say which one of them goes by that name.

  33. Avatar

    I had words and a year surface in my mind. They were, in order-green, love, fields,1971, freedom, worship and march.

  34. Avatar

    The woman on the right: I feel like her aura is green. Or perhaps it was green at the time the photo was taken. I heard “clothes –” as in “clothes pin”.
    The woman on the left: I didn’t get a sense for her at all. I did wonder if she is a man. I might have heard the word “vacuum”.

  35. Avatar

    I feel like these two are very close. Not related though. Maybe lovers. The one on the left is very masculine and might even be a male.

  36. Avatar

    I’m picking up that they are sisters or had a sibling style relationship. The sister on the right is musical and she cares for the sister on the left who may have been institutionalised.

    As for names I’m sensing an E name that may also be like Leanne?

    I feel like they are involved in WW2 but perhaps they are nurses?

  37. Avatar

    I feel they have both suffered substantial trauma or grief.

    They look like sisters, the one on the left more vulnerable, the one on the right protective, she’s showing a brave face, but hurts just as badly.

  38. Avatar

    The person on the left (not sure if assigned female at birth) is disabled in some way. They need care and support. However, the person on the right has a streak of cruelty and the person on the left fears them. They may have been involved in something sinister together or been subject to abuse from others as part of a larger group. They are not at peace in the spirit world.

  39. Avatar

    I feel both of them are nurses. Serving people in a camp. Maybe Germany. They feel like empaths.

  40. Avatar

    I see hope and love
    i feel they are very strong women.
    Leaders. women who fight for rights.

  41. Avatar

    I feel as though they are sisters. I sensed adventure and I get the impression that they might be actresses.

  42. Avatar

    The shorter one on the left: developmental issues; mischievous in a childish and kind manner, but which gets on one’s nerves when constant; has a closer connection to the taller one than vice versa (rather based on dependency than love). The taller one on the right: strong sense of responsibility; acts protective yet aloof towards the shorter one. Neither one has been abused. They seem reasonably content and confident.

  43. Avatar

    Their mouths are so similar they are either sisters or mother:daughter. What I heard was the one on the left is an artist and the one on the right is a naturalist—possibly a medical herbalist who treated people during a hellish time. The other “healed” through her art.

  44. Avatar

    Thank you for bringing this back! I got…involved with medicine or a nurses (then “Red Cross” came in), but then also got “pilot”. I sensed woman on left died first, got the names Mary and Virginia. Also had a pain in my right foot during reading, but don’t know if that was related. Europe/England. Overall, sensed that these women were involved in something bigger than themselves. Service oriented.

  45. Avatar

    I feel they are sisters. I keep hearing the words botched surgery. I hear abortion.

  46. Avatar

    I felt that they were sisters, a very loving energy toward each other. Farmers but I also got the sense that they lived near the ocean (I sensed play and a beach ball). The shorter one had a funnier free spirited energy but also there was a wall from abuse that I sensed. The one on the right had a more nurturing, nursing energy. She was in charge. I felt like they created something together that helped the community and were good with children.

  47. Avatar

    The girls seem like close friends that live or are associated with Europe. They performed or were involved in some type of activity together. The activity would be an event or one with lots of people, either attending, involved or affected by it.

  48. Avatar

    2 sisters, the taller is the younger one. Time period = mid-to late 1930’s. Holland or Germany. Unusual religious sect. The one on the left is introverted. The one on the right is much more outgoing. Her happy smile seems genuine. The smile for the one on the left seems forced.

  49. Avatar

    They could be relatives to Anna Sayce? Just saying. I made other comments above about the two in the photo. The person on the left looks like they are holding papers from school or something. They look like a year apart 16 17 years old.

  50. Avatar

    I feel both might be sisters. The elder one might be on right side. Might be parents dead and elder sister taking care of younger ones, educating her. The elder one may also be working in medical. They both might be lured by a person who has eye upon them and perhaps more on younger girl. And also some people who are near to them might be relatives may be planning to destroy their image in society by making them lose all their hard earned money and they like younger girl than older, so might be elder sister getting more attached to younger. And both of them might be struggling hard to protect themselves from those people and from society.

  51. Avatar

    They were smiling in the photo but I feel that they are not happy. They were just pretending to be happy. I also feel emptiness and deep sadness when I first saw the photo.

  52. Avatar

    Might be both sisters who love each other. Trying to protect each other from a person luring and planning to snatch away their hard earned money, elder being working in a farm house and also as a medico educating younger sister.Their death might have occurred due to severe famine.

  53. Avatar

    They are sisters or friends. The woman on the left is mentally a little slower. She is sweet and needs a helping hand. The woman on the right is kind but I think she is bossy, in charge and maybe had to be devious to get what she needs for her or both of them. I feel that she was kind but manipulative and maybe had to sleep with men to get what she needed to survive.

  54. Avatar

    I’m new to this and have little confidence in my interpretation. I glanced through previous impressions and many of you felt similarly. At first glance, sisters seemed obvious but I don’t think that’s it. I felt Best friend or lesbian relationship. Mining town, western US. I felt they were the first in something. Train robbery, money, loss something along those lines. I can’t wait to read their story in a few days!

  55. Avatar

    The first thing that came to me was the name “Mary”. I feel that they are sisters and that the act of writing was important to them in some way. I saw a big dog and believe they loved animals and farming. I also saw that the one on the left experienced some sort of abuse or extreme sadness in her life, the one on the right did too but she was more resilient…

  56. Avatar


    Eastern Europe

    Late 1930’s to mid 1940’s

    They were instrumental in the organization of aid, comfort, and assistance for others
    under extremely desperate circumstances.

    The younger sibling did not survive the experience.

    The elder sibling became a minor civic leader and continued with teaching after their trial of desperation came to an end.

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