Intuitive Experiment #30 – Test Your Intuitive Skills!

Are you ready to take a shot at reading a person from a photograph?

If you are working on developing your intuitive abilities right now, I encourage you to give it a try, because this is the kind of skill where practice really does make perfect. So the more you exercise your abilities, the more advanced they’re likely to get!

I will announce who the person is in one week, so you won’t have long to wait to see how well you did. And if you find there’s room for improvement, you can always have another go the next time around.

The best way to participate is to report your observations in the comments section below, but you’re also welcome to email them to me privately, or jot them down at home to compare against the results later on.

So now have a look at the photo below and see what you can pick up:

Intuitive Experiment #30

And if you want the protocol Anna uses to read a person using their photo, download the worksheet below! 


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  1. Avatar

    Have you revealed who this woman was yet? I’ve no idea when this article was written. I think a date would be useful. Cheers!

  2. Avatar

    Hi Coral,

    I’m Kacee, one of Anna’s assistants. This Intuitive Experiment was posted today, August 15th, 2017.

    Usually you can see what the date is on an article by seeing the date listed on the first comment posted. Since you were the first one to post on this article, you didn’t have the benefit of seeing the date yet.

    I hope this helps. Thanks!

  3. Avatar

    Defiant. Recalcitrant. I don’t see much ego… like she doesn’t care (or doesn’t care anymore) what people think about her. She knows who she is and is not.
    The first word I wrote down was ‘circus’… but a lot of times the first word that pops in my head is random.

    The next word was ‘children’… then I wrote, ‘Golden Compass vibe’ (in reference to the first in the His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman). The feeling I get is related to the plot element with the captured children whose daemons are severed. The horror of that really stuck with me when I read the book and it’s that -feeling- that came up here for me. There’s also a fantasy-Victorian/Dickensian/Byronian socio-political mover/shaker element in that story. IDK. I was also talking about that book even as recently as yesterday, so maybe it’s a distractor, but that’s what came up for me.

    Even though I’m getting those disturbing feelings/information wrt children, I feel like this woman was childless. Maybe it’s the aloofness that’s communicated via her tipped back head, but I just don’t feel like this woman spent her life raising kids. Maybe she had kids and lost them or maybe they were raised by a servant, or someone other than her.

    My first thought was that she was American, but when I considered that this looks like a Civil War era photo, I felt there was no connection between her and that war, so I’m wavering between British and Russian. There’s something niggling me about her maybe being part Native American? Maybe the black lace is translating in my mind as braids, or maybe just the era from when the photo was taken was a time when there were a lot of portraits of Native Americans. Maybe a distractor. Nevertheless, I do sense that she feels conflicted and/or misunderstood. I wrote: ‘inside at odds with outside’. Like maybe her outward appearance is at odds her inner world.

    Random leap: She reminds me of James Spader– the actor from Boston Legal, The Practice and The Secretary. I wondered what about her brought up James Spader for me and realized that he often plays someone who seems arrogant or aloof on the outside, but actually has a lot of compassion and complexity inside. He also plays characters who are whip-smart and morally just albeit off-beat.

    I wrote down ‘dress code’ … ‘moral code’. I also wrote down ‘green’.

    At first I thought she was an artist, but when my mind landed on ‘writer’ it seemed to ring truer. I had a flash of clarity around her writing for social change and being very influential in her time. I could not get clear about a particular social cause and I’m unclear if she wrote fiction or non fiction.

    In my mind’s eye in the flashes of clarity, I see a lot of warm, vibrant color– like patchwork of color. Wrt her death: I don’t think her death is a noteworthy part of her story– or at least I’m not getting any information about her death.

  4. Avatar

    Interesting in that I got something instantly with this woman. We’ll see what that means, I guess! She’s obviously from the Victorian age, and I got the immediate feeling she was some kind of minor royal or aristocrat. Possibly associated in some way with the aristocracy but maybe not in England. She didn’t die tragically. I feel like she married and had children and lived a relatively normal length life. There was tragedy in her life — like she lost children or something like that – which led her to do charity work in that area. A fire maybe or at sea? I think perhaps she started a charity of some kind, it may still be operating today. She was a basically good person and I feel like she may have married beneath her or married someone who wasn’t particularly nice. Perhaps a military man or militaristic. I think she was a complicated person and I get a Queen Victoria vibe a bit from her as far as she was the mother of children and she was special or unique in her place in life. Trailblazing in a way, but not like an explorer… more in how she lived and who she was. I do think she would have been an interesting person to know. I also felt like she didn’t care much for the trappings of upper class life, and cared more about what people were like inside and that people should be more equal… and not judged by their class or race, etc. Yes. Her children were super important to her and her causes were important to her.

  5. Avatar

    Cobra. This one word popped into my head. An exotic version of the Lenormand snake card meaning.

  6. Avatar

    Hello Anna,

    The very first thing that came to mind seeing the face of this lady, was that she has two sides to her.

    The name Queen Victory about 30 years old. Aristocrat, royal household,

    There is a sense of I don’t care attitude because of her role in her family or politically.

    Would I be her friend? I would say I would be very careful. She seems trapped because of who she is and seems to have little freedom because of her duties.

    I feel pity for her because she looks as if she had pain in her life and she is also lonely. I think she died of natural causes. I think she had children, lived a life of riches and maybe had some influences in the world of women and children, maybe orphanages.

  7. Avatar

    I think she was crazy and a killer, that murdered husband and children for money

  8. Avatar

    I think she is a homebody judging from how she’s awkward posing into that photo. But that awkwardness could be attributed to the generation where cameras were still scarce. I cannot feel a negative vibe from her. I think her as same as my mother, I can be close to but I might tiptoe around because she might judge in a motherly way because she looks like the type to be a person set in her ways

  9. Avatar

    The first thought I had is money. Her family, or her husband, has it. I thought of aristocrat or politics. She is feeling indifferent to me, not happy and puts on a show. It reflects in her demeanor to others. I am feeling that I would not enjoy being acquainted with her. Something says be careful.

  10. Avatar

    I got an impression of “playing a part”, but I can’t discern whether that indicates that she was a performer/actress (objectively playing a part) or if it’s more subjective, (i.e., she put forward a nicer face/behavior to her social equals and betters than she demonstrated towards those of lesser social standing or her servants (aka she doesn’t walk her talk).) I sense she’s privileged (socio-economically); monied; and has an inborn attitude of “I’m better than you.” I sense that she has some connection with children. I get a sense of detachment, a sense of “I don’t care”, as well. I also get a sense that she doesn’t care about consequences to her actions on others. She’s not someone I’d want to become friends with.

  11. Avatar

    I’m not very good at this, very hit and miss, but i love the opportunity to try. Thanks Anna 🙂 xx
    These are the words/visions/senses that came to mind…
    Well to do but humble
    Country – grew up in the country… brief times living in city but never stayed
    Free spirit – Spiritual. Which brought judgemnet as a child and adolecent. She never blocked it though. Was outspoken in adult life about realms.
    Did well to hide hurt/depression from the taunting.
    Children, but i dont feel the one i sensed are her own.
    Married. I saw an army uniform, so im thinking her husband wen to war and i feel he didnt return. WW?
    1940 comes to mind ( Born, died, married???)
    I get Anne. With the intial V, but then O’B so possibly maiden name and married names…
    I feel their as some sort of legacy or group she started or showed a lot of support to… Something about her beliefs/spirituality or children? Children keep popping up.
    “You won’t hurt me?” dont know what that is about, but i heard it at the end.

  12. Avatar

    First impressions were that she married into money and enjoyed the arts and spent much energy involved in some way. She was unique and charismatic around others. I feel she may have died from lung issues. Pulmonary embolism came to mind.

  13. Avatar

    I see some sadness on her eyes, some kind of depression. She loves flowers and enjoys being alone. She was rich and love nature.. she is married and have a peaceful life .. she is intelligent and very loving.

  14. Avatar

    I feel likes she is actress of some kind. Not feeling negetive.but something about her makes you take a look little Dipper she is lonely not proud but difficult life that she is hiding behind that expression on her face

  15. Avatar

    Random thoughts: whimsical, single, no children. Slight stroke at some point. She is friendly but doesn’t fit in. She’s playing a part to fit in. Considered eccentric, outside the norm, doesn’t fit in. She was surrounded by parties, wealth, liked to dance while staying elusive. Born into “society” often seen in polarities. Up one day. Down the next. She had something to do with animals. Almost feels dark. Not sure. Claire? She preferred to be solitary and learned to be in expected settings.

  16. Avatar

    Lady dancer, 1930s…..England. The letter B. She passed away, in her late 50s… accident.

  17. Avatar

    I feel she is from the 19th century embodying British Victorian traditions. She was surrounded by people all the time but she did not have deeper emotional connections or strong friendships. She was concerned about being fashionable. She is not spiritual but had close affinity with the church. I do not feel like having her as a friend. She could be a very judgmental person.

  18. Avatar

    The only thing I got was the name Sarah.

  19. Avatar

    I feel she was a Queen and resigned to the fact that her life is not her own when she is a free spirit who longs to be free. She has lost trust in people as she has been betrayed many times and is therefor filled with sadness.

  20. Avatar

    This woman lived during 1800’s, around 1860’s significant, especially 1863 and 1866. Possible connections with England, Ireland, France, and Switzerland. Reminds me of Queen Victoria with some royal or upper class connection, or she herself was a strong woman. But also Elizabeth/an aspect somehow, the name or era.

    Bugs flying around her head, so maybe something/one was bugging her, worrying her, or eating at her. Felt death around her. Victim of violence or something horrible. She was “on-the-nose”! Jack the Ripper came up. English. Prostitution maybe? Or just a focus on women or women getting attacked. She was weighed down – with something heavy like bricks, or suffering from life’s big problems. Saw black’n’white on her face, which is my symbol for appearing in newspapers.

    Got early impression of flower-girl at wedding! Something significant occurred in childhood or around marriage.

    She feels ostentatious, over-the-top, and extreme somehow, but also anxious, and unstable. Fake and ‘waxy’ too. (Featured in Madame Tussaud’s wax museum?) Famous. She’s rather quirky, Bohemian, and rebellious. Smug. BIG F-U expression!!!! Swears a lot. She was hard to control and difficult to manage. Was she a bit masculine? Lopsided or missing something. Actually she is more complicated than she first appears.

    She has a ring/circle around her, like a noose around her neck. Could’ve been on a ship looking out a porthole, or locked up, looking through keyhole. She got cornered or trapped somehow. Framed?

    Dog lover or owned dog/s, and some connection with horses and flowers. Not married at time of photo. She liked sewing and painting. Don’t think she worked, definitely not a menial job. Although bit of an artist! Interested in the arts, poetry, and literature. Her mouth literally smiled when I mentioned the arts and being an artist. Plus the Elizabethan era was well known for literature, theatre and the arts.

    Health issues with throat, chest, and lungs, Maybe tuberculosis or pneumonia.

    She was like the ‘frog in the saucepan of boiling water’ story – she got into trouble and found herself in hot water. Did she stay when she should have left? Or did she jump out (of the hot water)?

    Heard the word “Absinthe”. The Green Fairy! Alcoholism. Mental issues. I also see green skin, maybe means illness, vomiting, jealousy, envy, or anaemic. There are chemicals and acids around her. Poisoning. Something toxic or nasty.

    Heard “ferry or fairy”. Saw a Ferris Wheel and fair-ground. Saw a merry-go-round (child’s play, going round in circles, or stuck). Couldn’t see her with children but these clues associated with children keep reoccurring.

    Heard: “what can you see… where’s your hair”. I wondered about her hair and whether she wore a wig. Her flowery headpiece was also very prominent. Smart?

    Double “LL” name, Molly, Kelly, Sally. “M” name, Mary. “F” name, Francis, Fanny or Franny. “C” name, Candice. Mary Kelly? Definitely a victim.

    Looks reasonably well off because seems chubby wearing a large necklace, but she had very little style or class. A mishmash! She’s seems not quite right, like she’s forcing something and ‘dressing up’ to play a part.

  21. Avatar

    Hi, my first impression was an actress, America, name like Annie, not taken back by sombreness look, portraits those days people never smiled for the camera. Maybe quite famous….

  22. Avatar

    Actress. Dancer. Deceiving.

  23. Avatar

    I get the name Elizabeth. She was well to do, but through her inheritance. Family money. No children.. She has a I’m here, I feel like something happened, not good, bad events.

  24. Avatar

    I have chosen to write down all I have read from the picture to compare to the information you will be sharing in a week. I’m submitting this in hopes of receiving an email when you post all information about the woman in the photograph. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  25. Avatar

    I get a strong feeling of poetry , she isnt very appealing to me she seems shallow and bohemian , I sense wealth and I’m seeing a big house in a country type setting but wealthy like a Manor hose although she is supported by wealth and doesn’t do anything with it , selfish and ignorant of the plight of others , I’m feeling unpredictability and if I’m wrong then I think she’s probably the exact opposite of everything I’ve said and the jokes on me ,,strange person to me ,I am sure I could not have connnected with this woman

  26. Avatar

    How very strange after I posted I went through everyone else’s posts as I always do after I’ve posted so as not to be influenced ,anyway I couldn’t believe Mon had mentioned Absinthe ” the green fairy ” how strange I didn’t write in my post but I did see a fairy and got the image of a bottle of Absinthe and the fairy was on the label , don’t know why I didn’t write it down , I got poetry and bohemian straight after that

  27. Avatar

    She was easy to get along with, naturally upbeat, outgoing, great sense of humor, though sad at times, tended to be clingy sometimes. Her nature was to leave a lot of room for another person to be who they are. She loved company, was always around people

    She reminds me of Helena Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society.

    Swedish royalty comes to mind. Mother of many children, many of whom she survived.

    Name: Anna Sylvia something or other

    She died of old age around 1930.

  28. Avatar

    Hi Brett
    Happy to see we are both on the same wave length!
    Very cool 😎
    High five!!!
    😃 Mon

  29. Avatar

    Playing along just for fun here. I feel like she is mentally ill, like severely bi polar or paranoid schizophrenic? I feel like she tried to hide this without much success. I feel like she taught children an art form, such as singing, dancing, acting, etc. I feel like she had no children of her own. Was married to a mobster/criminal/abuser and took this job with children to escape. I also feel line she could possibly be a head mistress of a school? I think her mental instability caused her to commit suicide not too long after this photo was taken. I think anyone who knew her thought she was crazy. I feel sad for her.

  30. Avatar

    LP: 3 children, hard worker, god fearing.

    KP: No children, never married, worked theater/vaudeville or circus, outspoken, depression, no longer alive

  31. Avatar

    English speaking, she grew up in the US. Drama in her childhood. She was the only child in a ‘disrupted’ family, feels she was a ‘lone survivor’ in an affluent family. An elderly male was around in her childhood. But I wonder if someone made her understand the meaning of ‘NO’ because I get the feeling she was a spoilt child without limits, who grew up to became a superficial, fickle and arrogant woman.
    As an adult, she was surrounded by many ‘followers’, but experienced quite some misfortune, possibly mental illness (or was it her misconceptions?). Married, but did not share her life with her husband.
    Although I do not think she was a great artist (singer/dancer ?) – there is a connection with the scene/a theatre.
    I would not want her as a friend because of her egocentricity and inconsistency.
    Died unexpectedly, possibly from heart failure.

  32. Avatar

    Cheers Mon

  33. Avatar

    I think she has something to do with heights. Weather that be a circus performer high wire, or something to do with planes, or even architecture I’m not sure. But I have the feeling she is care-free, daring, and breaks boundaries (and rules)?
    She seems confident and has a reputation, and socialises – or is ‘out there’, almost like an artist.
    I think she is trusting to those who are in her fold, but doesn’t care for those who try to bring her down and doesn’t take much rubbish from anyone.

  34. Avatar

    Hi Anna
    Could you please answer my question:
    When I try reading the photos in these intuitive experiments, I always touch the photo, literally touching the screen with my fingertips. I tend to get lots of info doing it this way.
    Would touching the screen photo be considered a form of psychometry?

  35. Avatar

    Looks like she was a blunt outgoing person not afraid to say what is on her mind, but also struggled with depression. Someone I might actually be friends with. I want to say that Ann is her name or in her name somewhere, like Maryann or begins with A. I think the picture was in the early 1900’s not sure what country. Maybe didn’t have a lot of money. Related to music in some way, died from old age could be possible she is still alive. Maybe drug abuse in some form. When I first looked at the picture I thought of her being in a robbery. Or a teacher.

  36. Avatar

    My first impression was of Josephine Baker, I get the sense that this woman was a Burlesque Entertainer in the 1930’s and she knew & worked with Josephine Baker. She was an American, never married, no children. I get the letter “A” for her first name, Anna or Agatha. She was considered wealthy for the time period, 1930’s. She later bought and ran a Brothel with her dancing earnings. She was a shrewd business woman, ran the Brothel with an “Iron Fist”, under paid her Girls, was greedy. She had no female friends but plenty of male friends. I would not have been friends with her. She later died of “consumption” in her 40’s. She tended to drink heavily at times to numb the physical pain she felt and later became addicted to Morphine or Heroine, her death quite conceivably could have been by an accidental drug over-dose due to extreme pain. Possibly Uterine or ovarian cancer. She was left handed.

  37. Avatar

    I feel this lady’s name was Mary or Maude and live in the 1860-1880 era, I think she had one child, seems to have been well off and loved nature and the garden,she seems to have a don’t care attitude, which makes her hard to get to know, so I don’t think she had a lot of friends. I feel she was born in England.

  38. Avatar

    Very kind but something sad inside her.
    Is she maybe deaf?
    Charity, something about lots of children.
    I think I like her.
    She looks like she was very rich but I don’t think she was that wealthy.

  39. Anna Sayce

    Hi Mon,

    A little bit late, but in response to your question: yes, this would probably be considered psychometry, a form of clairsentience.


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