Intuitive Experiment #28 – What Do You Pick Up About This Woman?

Welcome to Intuitive Experiment #28! An Intuitive Experiment is an exercise where I ask readers to ‘tune in’ to a person in a photograph to see what they can deduce (using their intuitive abilities) about that person.

Please visit this page for more on why and how we do these experiments.

Here is the lady we’re reading for this one:

Intuitive Experiment 28

Intuitive Experiment 28.2

Below you’ll find a downloadable worksheet which advises beginners on how to approach these experiments: 


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  1. Avatar

    Ok I got a lot of crazy things. I wasn’t all the way in alpha state but here goes….
    1.) I saw/heard a bird. It could have also been an old ladies shrill. It sounded like a very high pitched noise something that birds make
    2.) I saw her on a wooden platform and ppl were jeering at her and she was looking around frantically not sure what to do or where to go. Her hair was messy
    3.) I at one point also saw a rush of blood like in the movie the shining. With this I saw a knife
    4.) I got the impression that she was deranged and may have possibly murdered someone maybe her husband. I’m assuming w a knife maybe.
    5.) I also got that she was a mad scientist. But not scientist in a stem field more of like a researcher in the social work/social studies type fields
    6.) I got the feeling she had mental issues like she may have gone crazy. When I imagined her and I taking a walk I didn’t necessarily talk to her but she was picking up things off the ground and eating them and looking around frantically.

    All this could be way off but that’s the point of this exercise right?!

  2. Avatar

    That’s amazing what I read from Shondra after my impressions as I had some similar intuitions.
    My first random words/pictures were green apples or green fields.
    I felt she was quite intelligent & more in the Scientific field or possibly Medical than Literature.
    I think she may have had 3 children, possibly lost one?
    I wasn’t sure if this lead her to study in Sciences or if she was responsible somehow.
    You ask if I trust her & in the 1st older picture I felt I did but the earlier one spooked me, so was unsure. There does feel like some sort of scientific or humanitarian energy to her, a pioneering spirit, a toughness & intelligence.

  3. Avatar

    I feel badly for not trusting her but I don’t. I think she was/is a very cunning person and her job involved animals. I haven’t participated in an exercise like this for a long while so it’ll be interesting to hear the results.

  4. Avatar

    I sense someone who is shy, almost surprised at her ‘fame’. She is certainly talented, and possibly psychic. She seems quiet and kind, and determined.

  5. Avatar

    I got the impression she was once a sweet girl. Raised as one of many children? One of 4 or 5.
    She studied hard. Something went sour with career..
    Greed through seduction and some sort of plotting or betrayal of her husband maybe? .
    Some pride of her innocent appearance… felt she hid behind mask of raising 3 kids or so ..
    People regretted trusting her.

    She was on a most gentle path but greed or jealousy got the best of her..
    So hard to wait for the results now lol…

  6. Avatar

    She was a nurse
    Felt anxious almost frightened
    I see a large building surrounded by lush grass and gardens … a hospital for long term patients
    Very social
    Violent struggle on the 3rd floor

  7. Avatar

    There is no shyness, look to the penetration of gaze in first photo – the white around her right eye, she witnessed harsh conditions. The slightly high forehead displays a mark of intelligence, deep set eyes for which the smile does not reach, very analytical, deep thinker – secrets or secret disturbing thoughts. Trace the thin lines of her lips to see a selfish woman who can be very hard & cruel. The smile is forced as shown through the tightness of mouth, taut face, head. The first photo is disturbed & I feel murder & death. A prison term served, the first photo I just keep getting a sense of madness & cruelty, it was born out of the work she had to perform. The second photo is years later, now ‘educated’, medicated & leading a different life – yet still the cold, calculating – ‘removed’ woman we see. The first photo is the closest thing we get to who she really is. The hidden ears that say she does not seek to listen, there is a shadow of worry in the second photo of which the first photo intends no thought, care, concern of what was to be ahead. I can’t get a feeling of a soul. I can only get – removed, look & clinical.

  8. Avatar

    I get the feeling of medical field, perhaps PHD in a controversial field, the study of something that was not readily accepted in her time. She was some sort of a pioneer and then gained respect for her advances in her field. Self confidence shown in second pic with some “girliness” in the first.

  9. Avatar

    I got this:
    – Teacher
    – Deceiving (a good soul, but chose to be deceiving)
    – 3 children
    – Drunken husband
    – Dorothy, Alice, Amelia
    – Blonde too (I got this before seeing the second picture because I worked on the photo you sent by email)


  10. Avatar

    Hi Anna
    I think that although she was at one time a kind and caring person something happened which changed her. She did something to either her own children (or other children) which resulted in her being locked away. She might have been Teacher or Care Assistant. I don’t think that she intentionally meant to do what she did but it resulted in her being locked away in a mental institution for the rest of her days!

  11. Avatar

    She is the type of person who put on a smile for others but holds alot of sadness or unworthiness. She never found the right guy, does not have any children. Her job involves community work or charity/social work. Very hard worker. Shes tough. Has siblings who she feels could be seen as more successful than her. Large social network. These were my first impressions.???

  12. Avatar

    She is playful and clever. You can trust her about 70 percent of the time. She is heartful but also has very strong ego energy that can get out of control in a second. She can be impulsive. She has a mean streak that she almost can’t help, but she can also be very soft and kind. Overall, she is competitive with other women and this trait kicks in when she feels threatened. She avoids men in general as if they are just a second thought. Her focus and concentration is on women in the aspects of her life that are the most important to her. She wants them to do well but at the same time not better than she does.

    She had an accident when she was a young adult on a horse. She jumped a white short wooden fence. The horse tripped and broke the fence and they both fell to the ground. It wasn’t a horrible accident and she wasn’t permanently injured but it made an impression on her.

  13. Avatar

    First impressions without looking at the picture: I was very nervous like I was scared of this person

    Got the name Beth, or Elizabeth

    After looking at the picture:
    Sense she has a mental disorder, possibly bipolar, identity issues, multi-personality. Cunning and deceiving. Sense of vengefulness. Her face changes a lot

    Piercing energy, like piercing my heart chakra

    The word killer showed up serveral times

    Strong male energy

    Feel that she had a great loss in her life and possibly abused or teased in childhood

    I see an image of a Small family, small house, kid running around in grass, seems like 50s/ 60s era.

    I hear an accent, possibly Russian

    I get a sense of imprisonment or jail

    I get that she may like to write or poet. However, I also get factory worker, maybe bakery

    End of life at peace, got a calm at peace feeling

    Saw pills for cause of death

  14. Avatar

    I did it a little in a rush, but the very first thing I’ve immediately noticed was “cheeky” (I’m bad with words) and the rest: energetic, “foxy”, smart, leader, “naughty”, humorous, inspirational, good, light-worker (well, something like that), social worker, altruistic.

    Then it came: German, politics, (although second picture was very “American” feeling).

    Dates 1926 (9 and 6), Dec 14. Then I saw an old photo of a puffy dress and a blond girl was wearing in in a photo – maybe I just created that…)

    Then I felt (my) chest and feet and outside. As if she GAVE a lot to others, like crowds.

    Then I see blue butterflies, very cheerful and happy feel.

    Names Scarlett/Elizabeth (s, c and other “cheerful sounds”). Focused on happiness. Like music teacher or opera singer. I feel chest, throat, heart a lot. Like she “loves and speaks = gives, expresses”.

    Extrovert. A little masculine/tomboy. Loves science. Unmarried or married for a few years, maybe a year or two. 1 baby, but not seeing him older than 1 or 2. This lady lived maybe until 50-55.

    She’s a people’s person. Will put others first. Disciplined, like a spy (secret agent), well rounded, brave, reliable. Gets along with anyone, but doesn’t like the 1 to 1 friendships? That sort of open person.

    OK, that was a fast “first impression”, maybe all wrong. Thanks for the experiment!

  15. Avatar

    I have tried these exercises before but never posted because I have not been confident in what I saw. I am still not confident but I am taking the bold step to post so here goes:

    I heard the name Rachel and Germany. I also felt a musical connection but not that she created music but it was close to her.
    I see her being a pioneer in engineering or science where she succeeded in a man’s world.
    She is tough and challenged people. As other’s have said, I felt some wickedness as if the work she did wasn’t for a greater good.

  16. Avatar

    I trust her. I think she’s strong and modest. Kind. Maybe she has a strong will to express herself but not by talking. Maybe writing, politics or science. Kind of masculine.

  17. Avatar

    In the second photo I was reminded of the Patty Duke movie as Helen Keller… the eyes. Distant, not “seeing”, not there, smiling but at what if she can’t “see”?
    However, in the top photo her eyes seem to be direct and focused.

  18. Avatar

    I am picking up some creepy images around her in the first photo. Although she appears to be pleasant enough, I would not trust her. Her smile seems more natural in the younger photo. In the later one it feels forced.

  19. Avatar

    Makes me think of the late Kathleen Ferrier (English contralto). Shared characteristic: modesty, artistry. Very keen sense of humor, loved to laugh.

    She could be depended on. Very gentle character, sensitive. Amiable, likable, introverted, rather shy and modest. Liked being with people.

    Middle to upper class. As a child she was cherished and protected. As an adult she had to learn to fend for herself. She managed some of the time and struggled some of the time.

    She was a thinker: think first, act later.

    Field of expertise: arts and communication
    Someone in her family was well known (father, husband?)

  20. Avatar

    I like her. I thought she was a highly intelligent woman, something to do with chemistry. I thought she furthered scientific knowledge very much and published books, papers and treatises. Or something to do with dispensing in a pharmacy connected to a hospital. I also got that there may be some Greek heritage.

  21. Avatar

    The first pic I def get the impression of messy hair. Something made her hair fall out of place…very strong impression. Also, there’s a coldness to her. She seems to be repressing something negative…anger, mental illness, something. I also get the feeling she’s hiding sexuality issues…either trans or gay. I feel like her repression of her sexuality is making her angry, but she repressed that as well.
    The second pic I sense she is much happier. Her issues seem to be under control, and she seems to be more comfortable in her sexuality. I sense she’s more open about her sexuality/gender and is perhaps in a relationship that’s bringing her happiness.
    The two pics give me very contrasting vibes. She seems very repressed and unhappy, and in the next one, she seems truly at peace after a long, difficult journey.

  22. Avatar

    The 1st word I heard was “mother” but it felt broken/painful. I picked up such sadness in her 1st photo.
    I felt my heart tightening, almost panicking.
    I feel that other people judged and mistrusted her “masculine qualities” like she had to fight for the way she felt she needed/ wanted to live her life, for entire life.
    I get impressions of both physical strength and mental fortitude.
    Perhaps she was a runner? As to her youthful athleticism, I feel that she was told to deny this part of herself as it was considered “un-lady like”.
    I feel she fought her whole life to be accepted and was an activist of some sort (feminist?).

  23. Avatar

    A Writer ? Academician
    Russian or Eastern origin.
    Highly Intellectual deep and soulful / disconnection with family or homeland some kind of links to travel – Peru ? Far East India ?

  24. Avatar

    I felt anxiety deep in my core.
    I got that she was of the helping professions – nurse, teacher
    I saw kind eyes, but I noticed that others saw deceit. I did not sense this.

  25. Avatar

    OK, so I did this not really in the zone, but here is what came to me:
    1. Jewish – this was an initial sense that came to me, but not sure if it is connected to her.
    2. mistress/headmistress – the words came to me
    3. England/English countryside
    4. Dates of life/birth – 1835-1845 not sure if these are the dates she was born or alive but i asked for her time period
    5. The names Margaret/Abigail
    6. Flowers horticulture – I saw a field with wild flowers
    7. Penmanship – the idea of doing calligraphy or nice calligraphy
    8. War – help during a war/nurse involved somehow
    9. 2 girls (possibly hers), the name Beatrix
    10. Emmigrant/Ellis Island – the idea of moving elsewhere, the images of a boat crossing an ocean at the turn of the century
    11. I asked for cause of death and I got a disease, but no real feel of a disease; the idea of tuberculosis came to me; something contagious
    12. Sense of her – I got joyful/baker/open heart/good

  26. Avatar

    Experiment #28. MY impressions: Born 1884. Died 1964 of kidney issue (kidney failure?). Foreign first name (I get, ‘no English word for it’). She is from Europe. Famous and respected by her fans. TV personality, performer…….

  27. Avatar

    I feel that she is very intelligent and well liked. I had a sense of cold temperature when I first saw her. And I feel like she was the first to do something. Like the first woman to swim the English Channel Or lead a crew cross Antarctica. Or Iceland’s first female president.

  28. Avatar

    Is her name Mary-Anne? Surname, Baker? Is she related to you Anna? I feel like she was a nurse. Her early family life wasn’t her ideal and I think that made her determined to improve her own once she had her own family. I feel like she was happier in her later years due to the joy her family brought her. Children are: first born, girl (name beginning with S). Second, boy and third, girl.
    I think she was born in July. I think she’s a “no nonsense” woman, kind but assertive.
    Thanks for the experiment x

  29. Avatar

    I feel she was a farmers daughter, the family struggled when she was young… her mother passed away at a young age and she was left to help raise her siblings with her father… she was a hard worker… strived for success … never took short cuts and did what she had to, to survive… I sense the word Law/Legal around her not sure why … I get the feeling she never married …. I’m getting the name Margaret or Maggie…

  30. Avatar

    I got impressions of motherly love, something to do with 3 children, baking (with a rolling pin). In terms of qualities, a lot of love, strong, determination and grit. But there is a dark side to her in terms of ruthlessness to achieve what she wants. Overall had a mostly positive vibration. Also saw a countryside house. These were my first impressions.

  31. Avatar

    In the first pic she looks soft and gentle and a bit shy but looks can be deceptive. Her eyes look tired. My immediate feeling is that I’m in the presence of greatness. I get a connection with sport and running in particular. This lady likes to keep fit. I’m not sure why she wants to keep so fit but it is important to her. She’s highly intelligent and you wouldn’t dare to try and double cross her. She would find you out before you even started and you wouldn’t get the better of her. Don’t mess with her. She knows what she wants to achieve and by golly is she an achiever. I would trust her with my life. She has a sparkly sense of humour and a lot of daredevil in her. She won’t let you down. I got the words ‘dare you’ as if she’s she’s saying, ‘Go on I dare you to,’ and the names Mary and Anne.

  32. Avatar

    I feel like south Africa is where she works, and can see animals wildlife around her. I feel like she works in protecting wildlife, especially lions. I feel like she set up a wildlife centre to protect the animals and decitated her life to this work. The name Mirriam and Lilly comes to me.

  33. Avatar

    All I could get was that she seemed to be really good with children. Motherly energy, school teacher type.

  34. Avatar

    My first time to comment. The very first impression I got from the first photo was I think I trust her, but immediately I felt a deceptive personality. That she could easily deceive people as appearing nice, but she has hidden secrets.
    The more I looked I always caught the deceiving eyes
    Next in words I got: School, college
    Something really troubled her
    Not married (?)
    Then I pictured children all around her and working with children.
    Words: fox fur
    green eyes
    clay, art supplies
    Next very strongly I got water, rushing water, lots of water

  35. Avatar

    I felt she is/ was a trustworthy person.
    Medical field, nursing sister or psych nurse
    Prehaps professional,doctor or surgeon? teacher?
    Confused actress?

  36. Avatar

    Ok here goes: I got the feeling she might be of easten European origin, possibly Polish? But could have moved to the west later on. To me she looks very trustworthy, sensitive, yet also strong and analytical. Something about poetry seemed to come up. Maybe something scientific as well. Invention?

  37. Avatar

    first women to do something.. working with all men or all boys. military? she feels strong to me..

  38. Avatar

    I got kind, mother, space/science, and sydney

  39. Avatar

    I immediately got the name Donna and she, for some reason, reminds of Gwyneth Paltrow. As someone else mentioned, I thought Polish but that could be because border lines change during war. Perhaps war is significant, does she have something to do with WWII? Or nursing? Either she was sick or nursed sick people. Not quite right. Also getting plague or lab. Someone dressed in medical whites.

  40. Avatar

    Gentle, compassionate, healer, genuine, brave.

    To friends she is welcoming and a good listener.
    To strangers she is considerate, polite, charming.
    To people who mistreat her she is resistant and a little rebellious. She might be rude if pushed too far.
    To people who she considers enemies … She considers them weak or flawed, not enemies. She always hopes that things might change for the better if they understood.

    Her childhood was peaceful. Family life was loving and supportive. She lost a mother-figure at an early age. Siblings 1.

    Married, but divorced or ended early.

    Her dreams were to help others who are sick/wounded or oppressed. She wanted to inspire others.

    Flashes of: flight, travel, working amid crowds of people, nursing, service during war, Feminist, Ambassador

    Later on in life she spoke up for a cause.

  41. Avatar

    These are the words that came to mind:
    children, fairies, Black rights, fighting for rights, I don’t trust her

  42. Avatar

    First attempt! Here it goes!

    Trustworthy, kind hearted, independent, creative, inventive, hardworking, attempting something new or something that was considered a “male” role, separation and loss of love, unexpected death, military death, France, and something with preparing for a big event. Jane. Elizabeth popped into my mind at one point.

  43. Avatar

    When she was younger she was a bit reckless. She was bold and didn’t hold with what society told her she could and couldn’t be. She knew things and wanted to boast about them. I see a wide open sky and space with stars twinkling. She chose a male-dominated field at the time. She worked with a lot of men. Marrried one of them, had two children but kept her work her first priority. She matured a lot and learned so much in life! A secret, a discovery revealed. Helping to modernize the research field. She kept a garden. Liked to work in it to uncluttered her mind. Always thinking.

  44. Avatar

    I did not do this in the zone but trusted my feelings and ideas coming through so here we go ^^

    I have a very bad feeling about this woman on the first picture and a very good one on the second picture.
    I can hardly look at the first one without having anxiety rush up. It’s because of her eyes and her mischievous smile. She has the look of the devil in disguise : machiavelic plan slightly hidden behind a smile. Of course this could be just a playful, mischievous expression, but I feel like she secretly wants to kill me, it is making me really uncomfortable and I have to stop myself from scrolling down^^. From the first picture, I’d say she could be a serial killer or something (too strong, maybe just a regular killer^^). I have the impression that she’s living in a creepy big old house, like almost a castel, but where a lot of games and manipulation and domination (big authority ?) happened.
    From the second picture, I feel like she’s so nice and warm and loving and that she was the wife of a prince, like a britain’s prince. A Kennedy ? I feel like she’s a spouse of an official politician or royal member. She’s obviously older so maybe she had something quite bad happen when she was a young woman, housemaid or something, and then she evolved and became wholehearted when she grew old. I think she was a renown member of a political family and had 2 children.

    She seems to be 2 opposite persons from one pic to another.

    Can’t wait to see the results, this feels so contradictory! Lol

  45. Avatar

    -She began a normal life with family and community. She is sensitive, compassionate,
    strong, and intelligent.

    -Her situation changed dramatically due to civil unrest, persecution, and war. Very traumatizing, and many personal losses.

    -She survived the experience, and became an educator, writer, and community leader.
    Active also in her legal and political systems.

    -She did have a family of her own and remained in her native country.

    -A survivor!

  46. Avatar

    Loved this exercise Anna! I questioned myself a lot throughout – definitely need to work on that! Here’s what I sensed..

    Name: Sarah or Elizabeth
    Location: Russia
    Characteristics: Stubborn, tell it like it is, sarcastic sense of humour, hard worker, intelligent, gentle once you get past the masculine shell
    Family life: Brought up in a financially average family but didn’t seem to ‘fit in’. She has a stubborn personality and will let you know when she’s unhappy with something – sort of ‘nice as pie’ but could turn fairly quickly. This was due to being in a household that was very masculine in energy. She had innovative ideas but they never seemed to be noticed. She worked really hard but her brothers seemed to have the limelight. ‘They were the important ones’
    Twenties: I get images of trains, a bustling train station, lots of brown baggage. She traveled but later on in life, not so much earlier because of her marriage. Similar to her upbringing, she was in the relationship for ‘status’ instead of love, she just couldn’t seem to ‘fit in’ – a misfit. Needless to say, the marriage was not a loving one. She did have kids though – 2 boys and a girl.
    I can sense pain in her eyes. A deep sadness to ‘make it work’, she really did try but being ‘female’ wasn’t easy. She put on a brave face but there’s a lot of resentment in her eyes. It’s like saying, ‘I’ll smile on the outside but that’s not how I truly feel’.
    Interests: The piano, expressing herself through music. Also enjoyed listening to music.
    Career: I see the medical field, like a midwife. Good at what she did but struggled to be heard among the masculine side of things.
    Passing: Cancer. Infection that went septic.

  47. Avatar

    I sensed that she was a good mother.

  48. Avatar

    1st impressions = sweet, friendly, nurse or doctor, with a piercing gaze, and eyes ‘like’ the ocean.

    Pic 1: seems slightly crazy, brilliance on the edge of insanity, with a ‘butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth’ expression. Feels really old here, even though it’s obviously a younger woman in the pic. Keep getting 1800’s but then timeline doesn’t fit with next pic. Maybe historian or archaeologist? An old soul?

    Pic 2: seems more settled, older, wiser and happier, maybe 1960’s or 1970’s. Very grubby face – did she like gardening, pottery, or digging in soil? Was her reputation sullied? Feels masculine.

    “M” names (Mavis, Mary, Maria, Milly, Molly, Moo). Sarah, (Just) Anne, Amelia. Nancy. Braxton. 3-syllable name. Double “LL” name.

    Has either childlike innocence or is surrounded by lots of children – not necessarily her own.

    Sense of wholesomeness, Girl-Guide goodness, but tinged with naughtiness, mischievousness, and maybe neuroses. Could be mentally unstable, very emotional, or have multiple personalities. Two photos seem like different people, so something occurred that changed her dramatically. Her mind is segmented. But she also seems too perfect. Magical even. Ethereal. Very conflicting energies – something not quite right. Not quite evil, but she makes me switch, from feeling comfortable and homey to anxious and distrusting of her. Thin lips indicate possible nasty streak.

    Reminds me of “Swiss Family Robinson” (alone, shipwrecked and ‘lost’ adventurers), “The Sound of Music” (musical, singing, alpine, nanny, children), Anne Frank (WWII, trapped, writer), and French film “Amelie” (lonely, slightly nutty, young woman who helps others). Did her mum die when she was young? Was she only child? Unmarried?

    Rather Bohemian or Tomboyish, no real grooming or hairstyle. Frugal, bit like a nun. Slightly asexual. Bit of an ‘alley cat’ (no real home or many homes, wanderer, fighter when required, flighty, scatty, skittish, fends for herself, bit sneaky, independent, avoids intimate relationships, loner, vagabond)

    Likes or writes poetry. Activist of sorts. Vulnerable but also con artist. Some association with royalty or wealth, and parties or celebrations. 3 of something!

    Birds (canary) and caged birds. Wagon.

    Heard “Hello Baby” (?midwife), and “Horses for Courses” – maybe had specific or peculiar skill set or hobby. Masterful (expert in her field, famous for her skills). Heard “Empirical (not Unbearable) Lightness of Being” (Scientist, Existentialist, or Philosopher).

    French, Austrian, Swiss, German or Czech. Somewhere alpine. Or New Jersey??

    Horrible death.

  49. Avatar

    This is the first one that I am contributing on. Here is my initial “read” on her:

    1. I feel extreme sadness, I literally wanted to cry
    2. I don’t feel that she is to be trusted completely
    3. She shows me deceit
    4. Seductive
    5. Psychology is flashed at me
    6. Mental issues?
    7. Anger/Hostility
    8. Murder or violent death?

  50. Avatar

    Kind, ambitious, shy, trustworthy, Driven,
    Helps people
    Science- Medical
    Athlete- Swimming

  51. Avatar

    I’m feeling she is French or Dutch , something to do with writing, maybe the resistance or underground during ww2 , maybe a nurse or hospital setting , I’m seeing buildings like in Amsterdam with canals and bicycles also a swan and worked countryside and fields , I think she is loyal to her own circle , she is hiding something that has serious consequences

  52. Avatar

    I feel like she is a scientist of some sort, specifically an astronaut. She seems very independent, like she does not like to be told what to do. She’s a quirky sense of humor and personality that is probably misunderstood by a lot of people. She also has a dark side, as we all do, but I’m not sure if it’s anything deeper than normal – could be. I think she is somewhat rebellious and will do her own thing without caring what anyone else thinks and that probably scares people sometimes.

  53. Avatar

    My first impression was that she’s a humble person, but there’s something else about her when you look into her eyes in the 1st photo and I don’t see it in the 2nd photo. Her name is Helen. She doesnt have children, well at least I didn’t sense any but she loves animals. I think shes a nice person, she has just witnessed a lot of bad and maybe she documented that somewhere. She’s a nurse, or has nursed people. I think her family may have been researchers, doctors or missionaries and worked abroad, somewhere in the wild, a jungle or in a village among a tribe in Africa, or India, but I’m sensing a jungle.

  54. Avatar

    My first impression was darkness and light. I felt that she had somewhat of a troubled past. I feel like she trusted someone and they betrayed her in a big way. Something bad/negative happened with her that was very out of character for her. So much that others didn’t believe it when they heard about it.

  55. Avatar

    I dont think you can trust her. Possibly a prison inmate.

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