Intuitive Experiment #27 – What Do You Pick Up About This Man?

Hello everyone. It is time for another Intuitive Experiment. Please check out this post (which is the first experiment in the series) for more on what this experiment is and why I do them.

Here’s our subject:

Intuitive Experiment 27

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Who Was This Man?

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  1. Avatar

    Sinister, not trustworthy. Cool Exterior, troubled soul, Mob, Killer, Died young.
    He seems cold and distant…shows no emotion. His eyes are empty/dark.

  2. Avatar

    He is tightly wound, buttoned up, probably grew up in a controlling/religious environment. He is past military, possibly. He is a concise character, maybe an accountant or in finance. He is fastidious and exacting.

  3. Avatar

    Highly intelligent,cruel,is he a psychopath?

  4. Avatar

    Gangster. Educated (or cunning). Passionate – maybe a little twisted. Possibly involved in music somehow.

  5. Avatar

    This man seems studious and perhaps was a teacher or young professor. I sense a high degree of self confidence and extroversion, which may conflict with stereotypically introverted personality of a professor. He my be a bit narcissistic. I think this man misused his looks and charm against the people around him, particularly women, with whom he tried to exploit – a womanizer.

  6. Avatar

    My feelings were like what a lot of people have said. I get the words evil and sinister from him. He can be charismatic but he’s very emotionally detached, he doesn’t feel empathy. I definitely feel a military and medical vibe from him. Maybe was a doctor working for the Nazis performing experiments. Definitely military and definitely somehow linked to medical field. He’s very intelligent, and again, being in the field of medicine, is able to separate himself/his emotions from his work. I sense people being frightened of him. He holds himself above others because he feels superior intellectually. He’s overly confident. Definitely gives me chills reading him.

  7. Avatar

    He is a possible criminal or some sort but a dedicated family man.

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    I see an educated man.Possible teacher. Literally and funny. Possibly developed drinking problem later inlife

  10. Avatar

    He was just an ordinary man and went to church. He liked to cook. He worked something like reporter/writer/photography. He had two hunt dogs. His mother died when he was young.

  11. Avatar

    I get that he’s regimented and full of rage and the he takes out his rage on children. I also get that he takes medication for a mental illness and that he was abused by his father as a child.

  12. Avatar

    Born outside U.S but had work ties to Government. Scientist of computers- inteligent soul. Has trust issues due to abandonment of a parent at early age. Overall a very big heart for humanity. Gay man. Had two personalities maybe gemini sign. Died early 40s. (images of a computer, rainbow and apple come to mind.)

  13. Avatar

    Gentle, hard worker, but i sense a quiet personality but also an untrustworthy person.

  14. Avatar

    I get almost a real-life Norman Bates vibe from this guy. I think he murdered women and used his intelligence to get them to drop their defenses. I pick up a mamas boy vibe and like he hung around colleges or found college age female victims. He has a confidence imbalance. He’s quite full of himself and insecure at the same time. Very closed off emotionally.

  15. Avatar

    This man is very cool and calculated. Very mysterious and dark. I feel he is affiliated with bad people. He is very manipulative.

  16. Avatar

    He is very intelligent, kind, a bit intense and is direct in his speaking.

  17. Avatar

    I see this man as being ex-military, I don’t see any evil in him, only a quiet sadness. He is intelligent, perhaps newly married, I seem to think he may have had some PTSD issues.

  18. Avatar

    I get convict and plane pilot (?).

  19. Avatar

    He has leadership abilities, but he misuses them. Is very determined, but has a cruel streak. He is unhappy and deep down longs for love and acceptance, but probably rejects any he receives as he mistrusts friendship. Ruthless but also very creative, and has a spark of genius in him. He can be very charming.

  20. Avatar

    his eyes look creepy, sly, cunning;
    but i also get writer and scholar

  21. Avatar

    Bette: I get that he has a heavy neanderthal type of a brow, his feminine side shows through the look in his eyes as he is vastly aware of how the opposite sex perceives him and uses it to his advantage whether good or bad is in the slight smirk on his mouth . He is well aware of the power he holds in the way he dresses and how he presents himself. He is self assured and has the look of one who thinks he is above most of humanity. He enjoys the effect he has on women in general. Possibly he was closer to his Mother than was comfortable for him and feels he must act superior when in the presence of females. He has a sadistic as well as a masochistic sense of being. He feels that he has to punish who ever gets too close to him. And he is leaning toward Gay and laughing at the world around him.

  22. Avatar

    Psychological issues, issues with women. Revenge against innocent people for wrongs doesn’t mean to him. To the community, trustworthy and sincere from outward appearances.

  23. Avatar

    I feel he was a fighter pilot during a war.

  24. Avatar

    Married, 2 kids, some type of career in sales, kept secrets, unsatisfied in his life. Not necessarily evil and corrupt but not completely trustworthy either. Narcissistic tendencies; it’s all about him

  25. Avatar

    Arrogant, has to have things his way, always right. Not trustworthy.

  26. Avatar

    The first thing that came to mind is intelligence and science. Idk why. He executes the aura of intelligence, I think he is the…idk, the boss type? Like the one who offers you a tight smile, and gives you the aura of professionalism and intelligence. But another word that came to mind is Shrewd. He reminds me of a character in a game, his name is Jumin Han. If it’s wrong, i’m sorry to the person. XD

  27. Avatar

    This man is meticulous, self-centered, successful and intelligent. May come from a military background. He is most likely a bachelor. Finds it difficult to get close to people on a personal level.

  28. Avatar

    He seems to do some kind of research. Author or writer maybe scientific research.

  29. Avatar

    Alas, I enjoy these intuitive exercises, but I cannot participate in this session as I am aware of the individual’s identity and biography!

  30. Avatar

    This man is trustworthy to those he cares deeply about. With them he is generous and supportive. He is socially adept with impeccable manners though a private person. He was known for speaking or lecturing around physics-based topics. A deep thinker and he was attractive to others. He wrote something of note and could be single minded in his research or work causing the perception of being somewhat distracted.

  31. Avatar

    Gangster 1920’s …Murderer

  32. Avatar

    There is a pretense of sorts going on. Trying to be trustworthy.

  33. Avatar

    I believe that this person was a soldier in WW II. He was German .

  34. Avatar

    I got a lot of similar feelings that others did. I see a military man, maybe a fighter pilot. I also feel he had a very domineering mother. I see him as being gay and having to hide it. In his eyes I see a deep sadness and possibly mental illness later on in life. I’m not sure if he ended up in jail, but I feel he died young.

  35. Avatar

    My first impression was German or Greek ancestry medical, military,
    Professional but overconfident as to his abilities.

  36. Avatar

    Automobile, auto accident or significant event in car. Disturbed genius. Has innovative ideas but can be Violent. Cruelly treated by father or someone in childhood.
    Good with his hands. Distorts the truth. I am attracted to the light within him and scared at same time.

  37. Avatar

    I believe he was a member of the British Military.

  38. Avatar

    This is interesting. My husband never does these experiments but he glanced over to the photo and picked up something about this man that immediately led me to find out who he was.

  39. Avatar

    My initial thought I had when I looked at his picture was he is an insurance salesman but this didn’t feel right. So, I started asking myself questions about him. I determined he was from a small town. He was short, thick and mechanical. I got him working on projects with his hands but kept getting pictures of him in a military uniform surrounded by a bunch of guy friends. I asked what he died of and I felt like it was something to do with lungs. I think he was a smoker but not sure if related to death. I got that I trusted him. He was quiet. When I looked at him I thought Italian but heard English. My mind kept seeing him in the military – sometimes in uniform – sometimes not with sleeves rolled up diving onto a project like a plane’s motor or something – or aerospace. WW 2. I got that he got a military award but lived a quiet life afterwards.

  40. Avatar

    I sense this man was well respected and admired by people and gained a high status through his work, his name was well known on the scene? Very intelligent, quick witted man but this led on to a darker side of his character in which he could control people by his intellect way of speaking and was very manipulative. Was he a banker? But a dodgy, cunning one? Not to be trusted, done favours for criminals at a cost?

  41. Avatar

    He’s very inteligent, calm, not trust worthy, listens very attentively, high risk taker like race driver, millitary pilot, biker, etc.

  42. Avatar

    My first reaction was that he was a man of two halves. He could appear/ be friendly, sunny, normal. This is where the danger lies. Something there wildly unpleasant. It’s the set of the mouth juxtapose with the eyes which look quite loveless. Something violent. All nicely presented and wrapped up in jolly tweeds and ‘normal’ checks. I’m sorry if you were a sunny caring commited teacher!

  43. Avatar

    I immediately got “cars”…

  44. Avatar

    Kind, but a bit stoic because of life circumstances. I would say he was reasonably trustworthy. He reminds me a bit of one of my paternal great grandfathers, whom I didn’t ever meet because he died before I was born. My great grandfather could seem severe, but by all the accounts I’ve heard of him he was a very honorable and good-hearted man. He had been a Lieutenant in the Czar’s army. He and his brothers escaped from Russia by jumping onto a boat as shots were being fired at them. I don’t sense that the fellow in the picture had an adventure such as that, but he had some hard times in his life. He came to the point where he had to suppress his emotions to keep going, and this is why he comes off as a bit stern.

  45. Avatar

    This is nothing psychic: I’m sure I recognise his image. I’ll just say he was a genius; sort of a hero; and there was tragedy.

  46. Avatar

    I got the name Michael and John, I feel like this man was very passionate and full of energy and very social. I can see him with a paper so mabye was a writer feel like he was part of a movement of some kind. A leader for sure. Feel like he never married and died young. Also feel like he was honoured with a medal, can see a pin being given to him.

  47. Avatar


  48. Avatar

    He is inquisitive and interested in people. Loves to work with his hands, outdoors. Devoted to his home and family. Lives to old age.

  49. Avatar

    I feel like he is possibly a business man, previously in the Military. He looks quite strong and confident. I feel like family life for him was rather hard, he couldn’t cope well. He died fairly young for the time he lived in. I also feel like he was married more than once.

  50. Avatar

    I cannot comment as I believe I recognise him, and have checked against other photographs.

    As I have moderate Prosopagnosia (an inability to recognise faces affecting about 2% of people) I am somewhat amazed that, in this particular case, I was able to function better than some. It is usually the other way round!

    Of course I could be wrong…..

  51. Avatar

    Engineer, German, Hans, popular with the Ladies but doesn’t take advantage. Railways, Big Love, intelligent and being accused in the wrong or being punished for doing the right thing. Illness.

  52. Avatar

    An intelligent but strict person I guess. I stared about a minute and I’m not sure but I can see anger through his eyes. A mysterious one…and the more I stare to the picture the more I got confused…it looks like the picture is changing and he is now frowning?…hahaha..I guess I’m paranoid

  53. Avatar

    Machine guns
    Gangster/American Gangster
    Heavy handed/Lacks compassion
    Believe in punishment and intimidation
    Heavy smoker
    Short in stature
    Small dog
    Bank robber
    Never married
    Great Lakes
    Rough childhood/sad child/beaten/shy
    Newspaper headlines
    Short fuse/explosive

  54. Avatar

    He married young. He was a pilot in a war.

  55. Avatar

    Military? Secret Agent. Spy. Double-Life. Something is off that I can’t pin point. Something to do with his secret double life. Two sides flashing in my mind. No Children. Not Married.

  56. Avatar

    I feel he was separated from his mother at an early age. He had a survivor’s mentality.
    Intelligent, although quite narrow-minded , self- centered, strong-willed and convincing, he had lots of vitality and was enduring with real physical strength. Outdoor activities.
    Men, i.e. jesuits?/militaries taught him discipline and pride. He was a good soldier, following the rules.

  57. Avatar

    WW2 time, he’s with the nazi.
    I have’t read the other comments yet, to avoid influence.

  58. Avatar

    This man is caring down to earth,does not worry about anthing.I get the knowing he was a business man.He his 30 yrs old. HE DIED OF a heart attack.

  59. Avatar

    He is extroverted but actually shy… a creative, perhaps comedy? Writer? Maybe even a pro sportsman? I have the feeling he was a pioneer of something, the first to do something. He is excited but scared, modest and boasting all at the same time. He is on the verge of something. He is a little vain, but is warm-hearted so noone seems to mind and he attracts people with his personality, and he is very ‘cool’.

  60. Avatar

    Seeks attention & status. Lacks empathy. Feelings of superiority. Good street smarts. Relentless (”a terrier”). Charms to get his way. I also kept hearing a word “flip” or “flib”. Both words seem to have interesting meanings in an urban dictionary (FLIP = make profit, sell drugs, go insane, pimp out, give the finger to someone, sell someone out to the police in order to save oneself from criminal charges; FLIB = Fucking Late Irish Bastard. A male of Irish descent who is consistently late for work or pressing social engagements).

  61. Avatar

    American inventor. Curious nature. He is creative. Mechanical. Brother. Something about speech therapy and he is soft-spoken. There is a woman named Elsa in relation to him somehow.

  62. Avatar

    I think he has been in a military position. His family raised him with high expectations and gave him the belief that he could accomplish these goals. he has had major crisis to overcome but always had a strong belief he was ready for the tasks at hand. He can be trusted as long as you are not part of the problem he is battling.

  63. Avatar

    I think he is affluent, perhaps held a professional position of power; teacher? I think he could be charming, driven, but definitely not trustworthy. His public life was a stark contrast to his private life, which may have been quite sinister. He is devious, detached and conflicted. I sense sea travel or naval academy around him and death at a young age.

  64. Avatar

    I get animals such as gorillas and monkeys. Had a unique ability to communicate with animals. A sound business mind could create something out of nothing.

  65. Avatar

    I am new to this and tend to just hear names. I really enjoy practice pictures. This time I heard George.

  66. Avatar

    I hear hi my name is William…I see him dancing with a lady…I do not trust him…he tells me he was once alive too…

  67. Avatar

    He is a wanna be, pretends to be more than he is.

  68. Avatar

    I keep getting he had something to do with sports. I think he has something to do with school, teaching, inventing… has had to defend himself of something, possibly wrongly accused. Loyal, but some sort of secret or darkness.

  69. Avatar

    To me, he seems to be an educated man with a curious mind. Self confident, kind and somehow his eyes have a loving look.

  70. Avatar

    There is a sense of pride in his eyes, but i do sense a sinister nature behind his eyes as well. He feels unappreciative and smug, and i sense high authority. He is not very trust worthy but has a wealth of knowledge. The innocence in his eyes conceal his plans. He reminds me of someone I know, he is very sexually manipulative and pulls the same goo-goo expression. Perhaps this man is plotting a sexual attack.
    Something about this man is not trust-worthy.

  71. Avatar

    Generous, caring on the inside. He hides his true feeling with a stern and serious demeanor on the outside. He had a strong male authorities figure, a father maybe, that he struggled to impress. His father was rarely satisfied with him. He enlisted in the army as both an effort to prove himself and also as a means to escape the pressure from his father and life at home.

  72. Avatar

    Highly educated, very articulate, quirky sense of humor. No longer alive.

  73. Avatar

    Is he trust worthy? Yes he is. He seems like a man who lives by his word. He is a calm but serious individual. Reminds me of my grandfather almost. He is humorous in his own way. A man of much responsibility, possibly military. He is NOT a bad individual I tried to see if I picked up any bad vibes but I didn’t. It was contrary.

  74. Avatar

    pleasant & charming on the outside
    thoughtful yet sometimes reactive / explosive
    very articulate, educated, and well read
    close to his mom
    not married and no children
    dark energy surrounds him
    died prematurely
    I don’t trust him

  75. Avatar

    Looks like a gangster or a soldier. Looks very very familiar like he could of been famous but not in the best way famous. He looks evil like he was a robber or just a bad person. That was my first impression.

  76. Avatar

    well dressed .confident ..would be keeping his goals in mind ..ahead of his times
    looking into future .mature .would not accept nonsense ….would have a subtle humour ..definitely passionate about life and his work …..respected in society ..passion about his work is written on his face

  77. Avatar

    is he a bank robber?, something about him I don’t trust

  78. Avatar

    I believe he seems optimistic, hopeful, and driven to succeed. That being said, I don’t completely trust him. He has a secret. I think he was involved in a war of some kind. I think he takes his work very seriously, but also has a sense of humor, enjoyed music, and wrote something memorable. I think he lived to be very old, loved greatly , had children. I think his death had something to do with his heart.

  79. Avatar

    He seems confident but deep inside he is hurting. He had a deep wound. Perhaps neglected when he was a child. He was materialistic. In fact he had a job related to money, maybe he was working in a bank.
    I definitely wouldn’t trust him. He seems someone who says lies quite easy.

  80. Avatar

    You can trust him depending on your social and sex status. He is cocky/ arrogant. Maybe a professor of some kind. Was made fun of or gets very insecure about his ears. Sadness in his eyes- distant and all of with his emotions.
    There is something about his hair especially at the top but not sure what.
    Married the love of his life.

  81. Avatar

    I immediately had a bad feeling when I saw his photo. I felt like he lead a criminal life and didn’t live very long, possibly dying in his mid thirties. I think he is European or even an American born in Europe. He kind of has an all American fresh face look but is a bad person. He wanted to be a big shot but wasn’t smart or savvy enough for that.

  82. Avatar

    He has a secret he is hiding. I see Jekyl and Hyde. He has a soft side, but an unstable manner at times. He possibly is overcoming his lower nature. He puts in effort to be of service, and he holds himself with pride, but there is also something deeply disturbing. The first 2 second impression I had was that he was a psychopath as some other person commented. But when staring at his face for up to 2 to 3 minutes, there is a softer side that appears as well. so it’s actually very confusing! Great exercise!

  83. Avatar

    Does not give me a bad feeling at all. His line of work?…Something to do with dirt or rocks?

  84. Avatar

    As I just saw his pic I said military man, I try to do descriptive words right away. War, spy, Great Britain, English cottage, Italy. I think he was or felt he was misunderstood.

  85. Avatar

    I feel he is a charmer but a theif at heart… first thought was bank robber

  86. Avatar

    Heard an H name like Herman. Was shown a brown pewter cross with scroll work on it. Not a hanging one but one placed on top of a bible or person by a Chaplain. Service to his country. Faith and family very important. Close to his parents but anger towards a family matter, maybe about their passing. Gifted. Received an award. High honors. Confident in his ability to persuade others to his viewpoint.

  87. Avatar

    I get the colour yellow, and secondary colour red.
    at first i see something mysterious or troubled, but then once i look more, i feel a kind, compassionate and married man.
    2 children
    a great character when known, but can have shy traits.
    mechanical, and cars come up.
    also Irish music… dancing, harmonicas.
    funny personality, a virgo. and a history of medicine somewhere.
    boxing, a sport, trusting and the number or age 33 comes up

  88. Avatar

    His name begins with a B or possibly a Br. He is trusted and compassionate. Friends would say he had a dark and mischevious side as well.

  89. Avatar

    not trust worthy, malicious, very intelligent. can be kind and understanding if he wants.but very first intuition : not a good feeling at all!

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