Intuitive Experiment #25: What Do You Pick up About This Woman?

It’s time for another Intuitive Experiment! This experiment enables you to test out your intuitive skills and gain some practice in reading other people.

What do you pick up from this woman?


If you’re not sure how to ‘tune in’ to her, why not download the worksheet below – it includes all kinds of tips and insights into how to read people.


Take a Look at the Results of this Intuitive Experiment!

Results of Intuitive Experiment #25

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  1. Avatar

    So I would like to start off saying that I have participated in the other psychic experiments and I found out that I receive information ahead of time even before the relevant person or event has arrived. For instance I was reading the man who invented the internet, but I began receiving information about the lady who had syphilis, the man who had a stroke, and the murdering lover. All of this happened before i viewed the other pictures. I want to become more skilled at identifying relevance.

    For this particular individual, I tried visualizing myself interacting with her. I received information like Charlotte, Louise, Dartmouth, 23, 1 of 3, deceptive and insecure, nurse,

  2. Avatar

    I haven’t meditated with it because I am about to go to work but at 1st glance I think spy. Maybe she isn’t an actual spy but definitely shady. I’m very excited to see this here and curious of the results

  3. Avatar

    A person who was responsible for the care of many people. Kindness and care is what I’m picking up.

  4. Avatar

    I’m a bit out of practice so it’s hard to get a read on her.
    I feel drawn to her, and sense something fragile, and something ‘young’.
    My biggest impression is of her being small, tiny–and something much larger around her…something bad. I’d liken it to her being like Anne Frank…someone surrounded by ugliness and they were small and frightened.
    It’s hard to sense more about her personally because something surrounding her is so big and negative, it blocks me from getting a feel for her as an individual, if that makes sense?

  5. Avatar

    I think it’s the start of a new endeavour. She wants to try it on but it doesn’t feel natural for her. The clothing, accoutrements and situation aren’t comfortable and she would like to avoid it but she is feeling pressure from someone to do it. She is wanting to keep where she came from quiet….more to avoid the conversation, not because she’s embarrassed about it.
    The trust issues I’m getting are more about her not trusting people and situations in her life.

  6. Avatar

    I got Ireland, nurse, scrappy and emotional. At first I trusted her because she felt open and vulnerable but I felt she shut down and tried to detach from her feelings once she felt hurt, which made her unsafe to trust. I feel like she stood up to authority/institutions.

  7. Avatar

    -The name Erica
    -Married young
    -The number 16 is significant
    -Sneaky, secretive, dishonest, deceitful but did not believe she was harming others.
    -History of breaking up relationships/friendships and pitting people against one another, but felt justified in doing so.
    -Hungered for social status. Very charming but little substance.
    -History of abuse

  8. Avatar

    I haven’t read the other comments… Just going with my heart here. She reminds me of me! Weird. She is more body confident and better at posing for the camera but something about her in this picture really reminds me of myself in spirit. I can’t describe myself… I can’t describe her.

  9. Avatar

    Not from poverty. I got fashion maybe involved with costumes/hollywood. Businesswoman, powerful, driven and rich but not mean or overbearing. Married and lots of lovers. Didnt get any children. Ties to New York and maybe gangsters (one of the lovers?)

  10. Avatar

    I always start by just putting down the thoughts as they come – note I don’t read any other comments until I write down all my thoughts first.
    This is what I get – Sweet, medical, (scientist?) smart, enterprising, experiments on her? escape, confusion, panicky, anxious, scared , worried, fragmented family, evil mother (only child) she never married, nurse, Russian?, old soul. The names Margaret, Maggie, Marguerite and or Maryanne / Anne?
    Thank you for these experiments – I think they are very interesting.
    Terri K.L.

  11. Avatar

    Possibly a writer. Loves shadows. Doesn’t wander far from safety. Something about Ann. A certain elegance about her. She has a flair….I see a puff of smoke. Not married. Deep understanding of a specific discipline. Her right hand has a flaw. She is in the services industry.

  12. Avatar

    My reading stated that this woman was possibly your grandmother. At first I thought it was your mom, but I was told this picture
    was taken around 1959, 1960, and that she is appx. 30-35yrs old, married with two children, a boy and a girl. I can trust that she lives with good intentions,
    and is a stay at home mom. Another message stating that she is a seamstress.

  13. Avatar

    I think she is a student. Maybe one of the first women medical students.

  14. Avatar

    The first impression I got was that this woman is exciting. She’s a bit wild (if that’s the right word) and avant-garde. Creative and smart in a wily way. Trustworthy? Well I get yes and no for that, depending on who you are or what action is about to be undertaken. Sort of as if you trust her to fly you somewhere and then she does loop the loops which you didn’t bargain for. I’m getting smart again – razor sharp.

  15. Avatar

    I trust her. She might not be reliable in every situation, especially in romance or when she feels cornered, but she’s a good friend and cares about others.

    People tend to think of themselves as her friends and there are a few to whom she returns the connection.

    Part of the reason her relationships break down is because she’s always trying to mold herself to what people want from her. She wants to make them happy, and tends to adjust to people without thinking. But that can be lonely because others don’t always return the favor and she can’t always be what they need or want.

    When she eventually puts her foot down and stands up for her true feelings and beliefs, she seems like a completely different person because of it. Some feel betrayed when she moves on, because they mistake her intentions due to their own expectations.

    She writes. She loves dancing and sees herself as an artist. She has esoteric interests. When it comes to her strengths, she is intense and focused, but she is often playful, too.

    She’s a hands on sort, always having to try things herself even if she ends up jumping from interest to interest as a result, and wants to be independent and take care of herself.

    Looking at her makes me feel teary, and there’s a heavy knot beneath my breastbone. There’s grief, misunderstanding, or deep regret strongly connected to her.

    Fragments: 3 brothers, adoption, boarding school, stage, crash, ocean, trapped

  16. Avatar

    She has had a privileged life, I get the name Charlotte or Alice. I feel she is kind and is a nurse or training to be a nurse. I don’t think she is married or has children, but has had boyfriends, and she has something to do with trains but not sure what.

  17. Avatar

    My first impression of this woman is that she’s stern, and she probably is considered a criminal. I think her job is science/technology related. I also think that she might have remarried a lot of times, I think at least 2.

  18. Avatar

    The first thing that caught my eye is that she seems half and half in this world and another. One eye is partially covered by her hair, one arm is behind, one leg is forward. I sense she is a writer, and I wonder if she is like Sylvia Plath, in love with her art and life but troubled, very troubled, on another level.

  19. Avatar

    Ann Frank. Incongruent – dark/light, good/evil. Forced to do something she does not want to do. Dark stockings. Out of place. Other. Jewish culture.

  20. Avatar

    I have done horribly in the last two experiments, but I will keep on practising.
    I trust her
    Teacher or nurse
    Does not want her true character to be read
    She is giving and compassionate
    Wealthy family
    Tries to help people who are suffering

  21. Avatar

    I feel her personality is guarded. She is anxious, shy and serious. She is not flashy. Middle class. She is not pleased about having her photo taken. I feel the photo was taken around WW II and she lives in a European country and does not speak english.

  22. Avatar

    I decided to do another reading at the weekend when there was a bit of peace and calm. Other keywords came to mind. High achiever, research, pioneer. Her work helped a great many people is a recurring thought.

  23. Avatar

    The only images I’m seeing are a black thirties or forties type gangster car and the lady in a poverty type home setting , I get a feeling of insecurity , abuse , hustling ,prostitution, a strong feeling of substance abuse , I don’t see a man , also getting a funny feeling in my chest , if I’m correct this was one sad person , if I’m incorrect she has to have had a better live than I was feeling

  24. Avatar

    I’m feeling sadness and sorrow but also inner strength and resilience. She’s seen a lot.

  25. Avatar

    The only thing I noticed about her picture is that, I saw sadness on her and I think she hide something in that smile?..I’m not good in reading when it comes to their character..

  26. Avatar

    I feel that she is a very diplomatic and business like woman,not easily approachable. Looks reserved and selective in her approach with people. More like a overbearing and dominating lady who wants things to go only her way (her way or no way is her formula) she may have seduced a lot of men to get what she wanted.

  27. Avatar

    A scarred youth which jaded her. She was caught up in something and was propelled along on it and immersed in it. Forced to use her wits and intellect. Imprisonment, a feeling of being trapped. An illness or malady which sapped her strength at times. She persevered dispite adversity. I see a war around her, planes, another continent involved. Not comfortable within the city walls. A desire to escape in nature and connect with animals. Liked cats and gardens. Longed for solitude and security. She became stronger than she ever thought she could be. Names- Eileen and Mary. Connected to a man named John.

  28. Avatar

    I found it hard to read this lady. I think she is a nurse. She has a quiet determination to do something and she is involved with war victims and some kind of experiment.
    I would trust her.
    She has a very strong side to her personality and she is protective but she also has a very frail side. I think that if you opposed her she would quietly ignore you and carry on with whatever she was doing and there would be nothing you could do to stop her.
    Maybe she has an illness that she doesn’t want others to know about. I feel that she didn’t live long. She enjoyed music very much. The name Marie came to mind. I don’t know if that was her name or the name of someone she admired.

  29. Avatar

    The youthful, attractive, and elegant appearance of the individual depicted would suggest someone involved in the performing arts, modeling, or a similar pursuit. Appearances can be misleading. Beneath this glamorous and diminutive persona is a lady with the strength of a steel, a leader, possessed of a keen mind, and most importantly, a formidable moral compass. My hunch is her comfortable life was upset by history’s greatest conflict. She survived, and was active in the restoration of a new civil order, new social and cultural norms. She wrote, but her work was directed more toward advocacy than artistic output. Hers was not a long life, and not always happy, but her struggle and work helped many.


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