Intuitive Experiment #21: Try Reading This Woman’s Aura

Would you like some practice at using your intuitive skills? Well, today you’re in luck because it is time for another of our famous Intuitive Experiments.

By ‘reading’ a person’s energy, blog readers get a chance to gain some confidence and find out more about how their intuition works.

Have a go at ‘tuning in’ to this woman:



And for those who need some help and instructions, I’ve created a worksheet for you:

See How You Did:

Results of Intuitive Experiment #21

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  1. Avatar

    I don’t trust this person. There is something about her that reminds me of the U.K. serial killer, Myra Hindley. She also has what I call ‘the wonky eye’, which I see in many politicians, although I don’t pick up that she was involved in politics.

    Something bad has happened during her life, and she was involved. I get the impression she could be vivacious, beguiling perhaps during her younger phase, but something changed. The last picture shows a woman who appears to be asking for forgiveness or understanding.

    It is interesting that we are shown photographs of her at three stages of her life: maiden, mother, crone.

  2. Avatar

    I will comment, though, I am not really gifted with psychic ability: 1st impression was something negative -Something very dark around her life. Her pictures also confuse me. Her youngest picture is so different from the middle one. Her middle picture almost looks like a different time frame. Something major happened between her youth and this time in her life. I think she was almost mad (insane) in her later years. Would I trust her? I don’t believe she trusts herself. I get the feeling she was used and innocent at one point. Something happened. That’s the best I can do. Sorry this is so general

  3. Avatar

    Well she looks like serial killer but the part I don’t like is that I have to wait so long to see you reveal who she is and last time I missed it of course and that’s no fun!

  4. Avatar

    I get a sense of someone who is sensitive and isnsecure, a little timid and shy. perhaps has a problem in regards to alcohol in her later years too, never got married or married a very dominant person.

  5. Avatar

    I feel this lady was vibrant and healthy, perhaps could be bossy and domineering, something to do with health and beauty. Outspoken regarding her views and enjoyed the limelight, lots of sexual partners? Links to some criminal activity. The name Rose,
    All very random, not getting anything clear.

  6. Avatar

    Hello, I get about this person:
    1) Very self-disciplined, like royal family or politicians.
    2) I got “politics”.
    3) This lady reminds me of Tony Blair’s wife for some reason.
    4) She feels like a v. Good woman whom I could trust.
    5) But I think it’s very important for her to sustain an image and say “right” things etc. So she must have not expressed her real self completely. Like she has two selves: private and public.
    6) Now suddenly it looks that she is not a camera shy (1st pic), because she faces the camera with eyes wide open and face front. I get from her “a passionate French actress” (very energetic sort of and with the cheaky attitude).
    7) I think she had big goals in life that were charitable/humanitarian.
    8) I get the image of posh grand gardens and old town with red brick buildings and cosy narrow streets and balconies, like some Paris maybe.
    9) I think her name is “soft” like some Anne or Elen.
    10) I think she was very intelligent as well, more left brain or was very well educated and did well in debates with men…I mean her eyes look very rich, not very carefree easy going type but intellectual.
    11) Now I get this that she quite liked being alone and in quiet. And she might have had some sory of nervous outbursts, like going crazy wgen someone annoys her.
    12) Kids. Either she thought a lot about her childhood or there were kids around or she worked for kids because I get park with swings and kids running around.
    13) But I get she was not married with kids.
    14) All her life she was strongly focused on some one goal and actively tried to achiebe it, like some very busy work, like she is a workaholic, inspired and energetic one.
    15) She was good with words and speech, it seems like was perfect in “speaking”.
    16) Neatly dressed/fashionable, gave importance to fashion.
    17) She did many international trips, travelling.
    18) She was in the public eye for a long time.
    19) She could have been from a high class family that had high class “priorities” (in a good way).
    20) I think this lady is still alive.
    21) Actually over everything I think she is a VERY good person, her intentions are clear and focused on good like charity or love or help…
    PS thank you for the blog!

  7. Avatar

    I feel I can trust her, she’s a good, caring person. I feel she’s been working hard to hide certain problems. I feel it’s been difficult for her, I feel struggle

  8. Avatar

    I felt like this woman didn’t have a happy life. She made wrong decisions with men and even woman. She was surrounded by wrong people. I saw “bad choices” and innocence lost. a hard life. Drinker. I felt she was outspoken and maybe a writer. I saw smoke around her like maybe she was a smoker or surrounded by smoke.
    I got the letter “P”
    I also wrote down driving. Not sure what that means though.
    I don’t trust her.

  9. Avatar

    I instantly had a bad feeling from this woman. Something tells me she was devious and dark. When she was younger she liked to play with the darkness but in her later years it consumed her. I felt she did something quite evil- if not murdered someone then something along those lines. I also felt she smoked cigarettes heavily and maybe drank.

  10. Avatar

    I feel as though this person struggled with a traumatic event that may have began as a child. I feel a deep sense of self medicating that she could not control leading into her older years, rough relationships with men, possibly even abuse. I feel as though she may have been a mother at some stage and could not cope due to mental illness. I feel she lived quite a lonely life with many emotional struggles.

  11. Avatar

    – British

    – From a privileged, stable, and supportive background. Intelligent, well educated,
    socially able.

    – Lost those close and dear to her in her formative years as a result of a sudden,
    catastrophic incident, possibly arising from military conflict or issues with

    – This sweeping tragedy upset her high strung temperament. She never fully
    recovered, and the loss was a source of sorry, despair, and depression throughout
    the balance of her life. Attempts to escape the pain, provided the impetus for
    her professional life and work.

    – Involved broadly in the arts, wrote, and taught. Her work gave her significant
    influence over public opinion. She had quite a publicity profile for a time.

    – Traveled extensively later in life, perhaps working as a commentator for a journal or
    magazine. Eventually found a partner, no children.

    – She becomes estranged later in life from her previous career activities. A more
    eccentric persona is cultivated at this time.

    A side note……this person seems more a challenge to read than in previous
    exercises. It’s as if she has posted a no trespassing around herself – curious.
    Perhaps this a measure of the crippling personal loss she experienced.

  12. Avatar

    I sense her being involved in a group or influenced by a group of people in some negative way. I see a very deep hurt in her facial expression and eyes. Part of her feels regret and another part of her is very secretive over hurt she has caused and hurt that has been done to her. Trajedy in her life hardened her and she shut down and may have become very cold hearted toward others. A lifetime of pain.
    Fond of dancing in her youth. Connected to something shocking

  13. Avatar

    Allll that from a picture of a crazy woman ???!!!?? Wow…..she must be just a Lil darling in her life then ….Nope .. she doesn’t convince me

  14. Avatar

    My impression was that the earlier picture is a young girl gull of life and hope , little mischievous and happy ,
    Second one , complete different look and impression . Tinge of sadness , a facade of trying to look happy . The realization that life is not what she thought it would be.
    Third , my impression is life has been hard , regret , seriousness , wiser and no sparkle left .
    I would trust her , think she would have an interesting story to tell.

  15. Avatar

    When she was young, I’m sensing she was pretty, empathic, sensitive yet assertive and a bit domineering of those around her. She had a temper or was moody, but not more than the average teenager.
    I can’t sense what happened to her between the two photos, all I know it was very negative and overwhelming to her. She became basically “crazy” although I think it would better be described as post-traumatic stress disorder.
    I feel as though she survived a great deal, and although attempts to present as “ok” on the outside, inside she is completely devastated…the child she was had been lost forever. There’s a great sadness about her because she’s aware of this profound loss but had been unable to reclaim her former self.
    I’m also feeling very dark energy around her, swirling about. I dont feel as though it’s manifesting from her, but is more or less surrounding her…like something has latched onto her energy field, or an energetic manifestation of all the negative things she’d been through. She seems as though she’s ready to come apart at the seams and is barely holding herself together, holding onto her sanity.
    I sense that the woman she ultimately became was far from who she started out as, and she was well aware of that and deeply troubled by it….yet unable to fix herself.
    I’m detecting that she was the victim of all the negativity and bad happenings in her life and around her…and that she just tried to survive it all, not cause it.
    I feel a deep sense of pity for her.

  16. Avatar

    Ouch….don’t like her, don’t trust, would not want to be near her…very cunning, manipulative.

  17. Avatar

    I asked myself about the woman in the picture but the only thing I can say I don’t know…my heart rate but then I don’t get the answer to my own question. Maybe I’m not good at reading someone’s aura. My head hurts…and maybe I’m not a gifted person like you guys.

  18. Avatar

    1. Do you trust her? No

    2. Does she remind you of anyone you know or anyone you’ve met in the past? – if so, which characteristics do the two people share? Evil nurse, stole babies or a movie star

    Photo one looks like she has been caught doing something evil. She is in shock and can’t believe what has happen to her.
    Photo two looks like she has something to hide. Sad eyes. Very strong woman.
    Photo three innocence shown, happier times and putting on a brave face.

  19. Avatar

    The first person I thought of was Myra Hindley, the serial killer. Looking at this woman’s face in the first two pictures I feel that she was a mean person. I wanted to know in what way she was mean but all I felt was that she caused a lot of upset. She was a controlling sort of character who set out to get what she wanted and did whatever she needed to do to get it. She didn’t trust people and I wouldn’t trust her.
    I get a connection with the army.
    I see a lot of men in her life, not necessarily lovers but people engaged in criminal activity.

  20. Avatar

    It seems to me she probably Middle Eastern or Southern Italian. The second photo suggest that she has been through the mill. The look in her eyes is sadness ,rehabs her husband has left her. Some sort of loss. Apart from that I have no idea.

  21. Avatar

    I did not do very well in the last experiment, but I will not give up trying.
    I sensed she was in the spotlight without really wanting to. She was faithful to her principles. Maybe something connected with an abortion, too. And I also sensed she was clairvoyant.
    I am looking forward to the answer!

  22. Avatar

    Here are my impressions. I don’t often read from photos so its up in the air as to accuracy.

    Determined. A little pushy. Has an irracible tone when angry. Romantic. A “wine-burgandy’ voice was an impression I recieved, which was my intreptation for the feeling of it’s sound. Aloof. Controlled (self)(too much). ‘Higher than thou’ attitude. ‘Lady’ airs. Moves methodically, fingers always placed precicely.

    Perhaps a dancer? Ballet? I repeatedly got alcholic. And mental illness.

    Also, I felt diconomy with trust. As if I couldn’t trust her at all on one level, but baseline in certain situations I could. Like there were extreme sides of her. Mostly I felt off put by my own distrust of her.

  23. Avatar

    I get the word searching as a young woman. Maybe trusted the wrong man. Or wrong person. I get bad decisions and evil. Maybe english, London? She was involved in something bad. I get regret in older years or maybe just a lost feeling. Maybe poisoning? I see blood. I feel she wanted people to trust her for devious reasons.

  24. Avatar

    I sense that she had a good life and was a happy woman up to middle age. I looks like she had a life in the show business, possible a writer, singer, actress?! Then something must have gone wrong: bad life choices, deception, heartbreak, or mental illness. I sense she is confused, could not believe what had happened to her.
    Looking at her eyes expression, she must have helped others but she ended up alone. Her smile is not very expressive in the early life pictures. It is a confused person, she does not want people to perceive her as weak.

  25. Avatar

    Looking at these photos upset me a lot. I felt overwhelmed and walked away and tried to clear the energy. I don’t know what I am seeing. The middle picture disturbs me the most. I find the middle picture really dark but I don’t know why. Nothing came to me but a cold feeling that made my head feel like it was expanding in a bad way- a bad kind of spaced out with something yucky in the middle.

  26. Avatar

    unsure, bewildered, doesn’t have a good sense of who she is. Actress? Not convinced she has followed the right path in life. Manipulated by somebody else she was close to? Tends to be quiet and shy, may have been pushed into the limelight rather than chosen it.

  27. Avatar

    I feel like something bad happened to her. I got color feelings of blue and green in the older pictures but in her younger pic she emanates yellow. Possibly divorce or heartbroken? Fun experiment!

  28. Avatar

    I thought she was involved with a murder. She likes to have a good time & party. She was boy crazy. She didn’t like her mother. She did have trouble speaking her mind. She looks like someone I would have hung around with at school, I almost feel like I’ve known her. She had problems but wouldn’t always talk about them.

  29. Avatar

    I see a young, beautiful woman open to all the wonderful things in life and something horrid happens to her. Whether she actively played a part in whatever horror she lived and witnessed or not, she is only a shell of a person in the later pictures..Fear, shock and lack of emotions….

  30. Avatar

    I get the feeling that this lady, in her essence is good, but something happened to her. I also think that if she did something bad, she found it justifiable to herself as a form of vengeance or something of the like. I feel something along the lines of her being abused, exploited by someone or addicted to something.

  31. Avatar

    Oh I almost forgot, she seems to either be an actor or have worked with actors.

  32. Avatar

    I get mental instability , maybe poisoned people , I’m feeling she harmed children , has murdered maybe , like schizophrenia , a very large house so maybe wealthy or a position of privilege , I don’t have a positive feeling on this read at all

  33. Avatar

    I needed to ad , when I first looked at the pics I felt I had to look away as I drew a breath and had a falling away sensation in my chest, thanks

  34. Avatar

    My first instinctive impression on the first picture looks of someone who has been abused physiologically, timid and fears something that hinders her daily. Second picture. Do not trust but can be cunning and manipulative with warmth and kindness to get what she wants. Third picture she looks free spirited and good karma. Unfortunately I am not able to see auras. I don’t think I have the ability. Your feedback please. Thank you so much

  35. Avatar

    Fear, trauma, depression, migraines, psychiatric issues, breakdown
    Piano, orchestra, on large stage feeling alone
    Opportunities were available in younger life, reality and struggles in the middle and some contentment in later life
    Beach, spending alone time on private beach
    She can’t understand why some people are cruel
    She tried to “hold it together” for a long time
    She is on a big stage and her name is up in lights, concert, a socialite
    Outgoing social persona did not match the reality of personal life

  36. Avatar

    The first photo she looks young and carefree, the second and third, she looks troubled, I feel she is quite evil and nasty, possibly involved in murder. I feel a man connected to her, now in spirit, he seemed to be bossy and abusive and made her do as he said through fear.

  37. Avatar

    First off, beautiful woman,appears somewhat sensuous,yet coy as well,timid,needy and seems to seek approval.
    Older photo, looks to hold a lot of emotional pain, more outspoken than when younger, cautious, guarded, lack of trust,yet trustworthy herself,perhaps too much so at times. Seems to be a very original,authentic person.
    I am probably way off on this, I had so many thoughts coming at once, that I just chose a part of them to put down.

  38. Avatar

    At first when i looked at her in her youth, she was happy at starting out her life, as time went on, she realized it wasn’t going as planned and there were hardships. The last photo of her much older tells me her fears came to pass and she is even more worried about what is to come

  39. Avatar

    Younger picture she appears to be happy and full of life but something happened by the middle aged picture. I feel she has lost someone close to her. Her eyes are so haunting possibly carrying a deep, dark secret. Judging by the last picture she comes across as aloof and no I would not trust her at least not after whatever happened to turn her life upside down.

  40. Avatar

    In her youth she had thought of being in the movies or a model. As a young woman she began to realize the limitations society put on her becasue of her gender. She wanted to have a voice, not just be a pretty face. She wanted to be seen AND heard. I feel like she was a pioneer for women in a field they had previously not been recognized in. I see her writing words first before saying them. Learning and books were important. Several husbands. First relationship was abusive. Raised children, I think 5, but its hard to determine because its not what she wants to talk about. Motherhood was just what was expected of her at the time. She was determined and driven. Whatever she did has been emulated and improved on since her time.

  41. Avatar

    I think she was a joyous and happy woman in her youth and had eyes full of dreams. However, her picture in her mid 30s or early 40s reflects a woman who is involved in something illegal or irreligious and knows every dark alley involved with the field. In her last days she seemed to have lost her mind but the dark shadows never left her. Rather, the dark shadows seem to have made her more dangerous.

  42. Avatar

    i see a light yellowish green aura around her . seems needy perhaps starving for love.might have been isolated , a boarding school. .english descendant ., might have been hurt , confused of what to expect . not happy .

  43. Anna

    Good on you everyone who has had a go at this experiment!! Some of you have some great intuitive hits here.

    Results to come out soon 🙂

  44. Avatar

    Odd I feel she’s come from great wealth but doesnt show it. Discordance.
    Heiress but distanced from it ? by choice.
    Someone who was controlled and made to live in a way that went against who she really was.
    Self-medicated with alcohol and drugs.
    Cold heart reflects back what she recieved.

  45. Avatar

    Like a lot of people have mentioned here, the first person she reminded me of was Myra Hindley.

    My impressions:
    -Remorseless of her actions
    -Someone to run away from! Now!
    -A criminal, terrible acts against other people (i.e. murder)
    -Bad vibes, nasty, manipulative person who always had ulterior motives for her own benefit.

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