Intuitive Experiment #20: Try Reading This Man’s Aura

Hi psychic developers,

Many of you have been asking me to run another of our popular Intuitive Experiments – this is an exercise where I put up a picture of a person (usually a not-so-well known figure from history) and ask my readers to tune into the person’s energy and try to get insights into who they were.

Here’s who we’re reading this time:

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  1. Avatar

    Yellow. A cool, minty clear yellow. Snide. Judgmental. Does not always say it, but thinks it. Has been hurt, and so is cautious.

  2. Avatar

    I don’t know that I’m even close, but I immediately thought of sciences or math. I looked again and thought possibly psychology. An analytical thinker, guarded and private, but with a kind heart. Not one to seek the lime-light. Possibly had to live in a way contrary to his desires.
    None of this is very specific, but I’m not psychic. -Just first impressions…

  3. Avatar

    Okay so I tried this out. I’m probably way off, as I got pretty conflicting images. First I got the words, jovial, good hearted, and teacher. I saw him bending over handing a little girl a balloon. Bank. I felt like I trusted him…but like he wanted me to trust him, he was putting up a front, and I shouldn’t trust him. Cigarettes. He loved children but didn’t have any of his own. I kept getting a T. Tennessee? I dunno, something with a T. Then a horrible image of a girl popped into my head, dark hair, crying out. I got super uneasy and stopped.

  4. Avatar

    I think I can trust him. He looks honest to me.
    He reminds me of Russian writer and Doctor Anton Chekhov.
    Assuming that he shall have very good observational skills, more sort of a listener and observer rather than talkative and outgoing kind if personality..
    He seems to be well educated and intelligent person : professor, doctor or writer ..or scientist maybe?))
    Also I think he is pretty much single/doesn’t have a family..
    He is passionate about his job..
    The eyes of a man with strong will power and he probably can be quite harsh/strict with others? And very disciplined, in the control of his life..

    Thank you!
    It’s fascinating to know how far or close I’m to the truth?))

  5. Avatar

    He feels like a soft hearted gentle man. Very loving and highly intelligent. Philosopher of sorts with a complex way of viewing the world. I get he is a widower that deeply loved his wife and 3 children.

  6. Avatar

    At first, I tried to see his aura. I sorta got it, but then it went away. Then I looked at the man and tried to get an impression of his character. I got sarcastic and kind at the same time. I felt I could trust him, but after looking at him a bit longer, I felt I should be careful with him, like he’s guarded or loyal to only specifically chosen people. I saw him playing cards like in a card game. Then I wondered if I was making up stories and decided to enter my comment. 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Russian, a doctor or scientist. A brilliant mind, analytical. Something to do with experiments. I don’t trust this person, he is cold, there is not a nice feeling associated with him.

  8. Avatar

    A fair but harsh person that tends to be over- analytical and too precise. I would trust him but I would not warm up to him . A person that keeps their distance emotionally, a kind but cold demeanour. Possibly an academic…

  9. Avatar

    I feel that he’s spent his life working towards something that he feels very passionate about…this something feels like it’s for the betterment of humanity, or at least he thinks it is. I feel like I can trust him professionally speaking, but as a woman, I don’t feel comfortable with him outside of a professional environment

  10. Avatar

    I thought straight away he was a psychologist. His eyes are looking beneath the surface- looking at the sometimes dark workings of the mind but with intelligence and empathy. He is very focussed and made good use of his introversion and self reflection. Perhaps he has recognised his own dark side to understand it in others. Just how I read his face.

  11. Avatar

    Comes from a poor background,is a medical pioneer / doctor
    Generous man with time and money, overseas connections .

  12. Avatar

    I see the color green around his mouth. His words heal. He has a partner. Also something to do with children.

  13. Avatar

    Wow look at that moustache!

    The photo sparkles like ‘up in lights’. Maybe famous? Performer?

    I get sharp stabbing pain in my upper back and chest, and forehead pain. Possibly indicates how he died or physical ailments. He steals my breath away. Also steals time??

    1st theme is duality, light ‘n’ dark, and black ‘n’ white. Could indicate 2-faced personality, or two lives (liar, trickster or thief?). Black ‘n’ white could be his attitude. I see an angel/devil on his shoulder. His conscience? Shadow behind him – a dark-side?

    I get the phrase “the have-some and the have-nots”.

    Character seems grey, closed off, secretive, intense, and serious, with not much joy. Intelligent. Slightly crazy, a raving lunatic, but not in disorganised manic way. Staunch and loyal, but also shifty and shady. Has backbone, but seems curly (What ever curly means???)

    Can’t decide Austrian (Australian), or German. Russian KGB? A spy? Then American, specifically Southern descent with slaves around him. Activist of some sort?

    Names: Rosco, Franco, Bossco, Albert, Alfred, Fred, Franz, Frank, Frankston, Freeza, Fritza, Fritz, Axon, Mason, Buckson, Buxon, Bluckson, Mary, and Henry. ‘F’ letter prominent.

    I hear him say, “What are you the master of Henry?”

    The word ‘rabid’ pops into my head, and I discover rabid means extreme fanatical support or belief of something. I don’t use this word!

    ‘Has a point’ and is Master of something. The Top of His Game. Writer, groundbreaker, or visionary? He sees clearly, even seeing things from two sides, or sees two sides of a situation (also links to my 2-faced/duality theme). He looks at me, first using one eye only, and then the other eye, like he’s analysing me.

    I get ‘rancid’, like the stench of something rotting or something offensive and nasty, maybe like him! Which also links to my 2nd theme: Death, by hands of a friend, accident, stabbing, freezing, beasts, ice-pick, or guns.

    Weirdly his nose twitches, literally moving on the photo!!!! Is he nosy, snobby, casting a spell? Or smelling something stinky???

    Speaker of some sort, but switches between being silent and being mouthy (mouthing off). I hear “Oh boy”, “Oh my Lord”, and “Seriously folks – unbelievable”, so maybe there is much exclamation!!!! I see spears shooting out of his mouth. Leading to my 3rd theme, where I see many sharp implements like arrows and spears, triangles, and angles surrounding his face.

    These angles and triangles also superimpose across his face, especially around his mouth. Triangular/heart-shaped face. I stare at his eyes, the shape of his ears, his protruding moustache, the shape of his big forehead and its widow’s peak, and his prominent white cheeks.

    By now I’m so frustrated with all my contradictions, so I Google ‘how to read a man by his moustache’, which leads me to checking out Chinese face reading charts.

    Sorry Anna ☹ I need to know ‘what is behind the moustache?’

  14. Avatar

    – also think he has seen something terrible- his eyes say he has seen gross inhumanity.

  15. Avatar

    Not sure on the name. Edward or Henry? An educated man in his profession. Skilled with his hands. Doctor or very skilled laborer, who is respected in his chosen field. 1st time doing this.

  16. Avatar

    He can be trusted. ..very intelligent and loving…has a deep understanding about life and has gone through a lot…

  17. Avatar

    Funny, doesn’t like to do what he’s told, he’s a drinker, a father, works but not too hard

    I get a heated feeling when I look at him. Not sure what that means.

  18. Avatar

    I sense that he is a logical, analytical man. He likes figuring out why things are what they are. He hypothesizes and comes up with innovative ideas, i.e. new ways of seeing things. I get a very strong sense that he worked in the sciences field, probably psychiatry. The impression he gives is that he’s very interested in the mind and how it works, and he worked tirelessly exploring the brain’s functioning.
    Despite his beard being neat, his moustache is disheveled, which leads me to believe that although he was confident in his research/analytical skills, he was at times rather soft spoken…more of a thinker not a speaker, and probably had difficulty articulating his theories, and instead preferred to write/publish them.
    I sense that he was confident in his intellectual abilities and the work he did but I also sense a vulnerability in him…perhaps his dislike for public speaking.
    I sense a neutral vibe from him in that he wasn’t overly joyful or outgoing, but he also wasn’t an unkind person. I sense he stayed rather away from emotion and relied on analysis and intellect.

  19. Avatar

    This is my very first time doing this so very interested to know if anything was correct or if Im just way off so here goes:

    Gentle spirit, good with numbers/money. Enjoyed the finer things in life, even if it was often beyond his means. Enjoyed women, liked to impress. I saw jigalo but dont feel he was to that extreme. Sense gambler or banker or jeweler. Salesman, good at it and took advantage of unsuspecting, less intelligent and/ or older people.

    I feel he grew up in a middle class home. His family did not struggle neither were they rich. It seems he always wanted to appear as if he had more, impressing people (especially women) with money. His real character was gentle and good intentions as well as being well groomed and handsome so he did not have to impress if he remained true to himself. Women liked him regardless. I feel he always struggled with this however. I feel he would often put himself in unscrupulous situations, taking advantage of others.

    Because of some things done while younger, karma played a part in his life ending tragically later on.

    I kind of sense some sort of perversion or obsession with female(s) as well. I don’t know if he acted on anything criminally or he did not get caught in his lifetime. I feel he was severely depressed later in life.

  20. Avatar

    I get introvert. Scientist. Socially awkward. Deep thinker. Dark secrets. I don’t particularly trust him — he is smart and always has his own agenda (although no one but him knows what it really is.) He is thinking 3 steps ahead of everyone else. He considers Human beings to be boring and predictable. .

    A bit scheming and sneaky..but not necessarily for personal material gain..its more about the pleasure he derives from manipulating people to do his will. I see a younger blonde woman, Nurses cap….or some sort of uniform — maybe a fellow Scientist, Doctor or Nurse…perhaps she is attending to him..perhaps he is interested in her romantically. HE is not who he seems to be. He needs total control over situations and people. His research is valuable. I get German. Russian. I feel a tight constriction in my chest and upper arms. He was not well liked, but he was well respected. He may have had some very unusual sexual interests….what might have been considered “perverted” at the time..but he hid it under total propriety and social standing. He acted as if he was a model citizen. Kept secrets. White handkerchief with spots of blood on it…blood growing larger.

    Now I am thinking I must be wrong! Lol…so will stop and wait for the results. xoxo Rebecca

  21. Avatar

    I also get Doctor. Children. His outside very different from his inside. But a complex man.

    I also see the Jungle and high fevers.

  22. Avatar

    There is a flatness to his eyes. A deadness..pain. He has seen humanity at its worst.

  23. Avatar

    One last thought came to me…sorry for the many posts.

    Need for organization and control just came to me — as did research, science and systems. I also feel that he was alone a lot. Considered a bit odd by others…but he THOUGHT he was the paradigm of a good, upstanding citizen..truthfully, people viewed him as eccentric. He thinks he is the smartest man in the room.

  24. Avatar

    I do it for fun and to see what I will get right, because I am fairly new a this. I have done the #1 and #2 of these experiments, and this is my third attempt, and this one is interesting since the results are not out yet. Thanks Anna for this opportunity to practice our intuitive skills. Here is what I get:

    Do I trust him? Neutral, but would not make friend with him, too much sadness and unresolved conflicts.

    Some rigidity in his personnality, I think he may fuss over details in subjects not in line with his passions.

    I feel sadness, need for control, intelligence. I feel regrets and disappointment . I also feel some contempt. But when he likes something, he can become very enthusiastic.

    He tries to hide what he feels and thinks. It is not easy to reach him and connect with him. He seems to carry a burden from his past.

    Despite his age, I feel somehow a part of him that is still like a little boy, immature, and that may show up in his relationships with women.

    Facts about his life : good at something which calls for precision and some artistic sense, but something done alone. Maybe a jeweler or watchmaker. I think he may enjoy solitude and large, open spaces. He comes from a family where you have to prove your worth, and he may feel he has succeeded in this. If this was possible during his lifetime, I am sure he would have enjoyed to fly in a small airplane, to contemplate the wide open spaces.

  25. Avatar

    Sorry, I meant ” He comes from a family where you have to prove your worth, and he may feel he has NOT succeeded in this”

  26. Avatar

    Cold & calculating, something to do with ships.

  27. Avatar

    he does look like an educated man, i thought of sigmen freud ?? also he looks like a harsh, but fair man, he looks familiar but only to the past by the clothes he wears,yet his eyes tell a different story, as i believe your eyes are truly the windpws to your soul,and i see sorrow whatever caused this pain has taken some of this man also,

  28. Avatar

    Smart, cold person. Don’t trust him. Science background…discovered something famous in science

  29. Avatar

    – Very capable, confident, and intelligent.
    – Determined in the pursuit of learning, knowledge.
    – Involved with a medical science, but more interested in research, perhaps with
    human psychology.
    – A polyglot.
    – From Eastern Europe or Russia.
    – Despite the stern appearance, he has a sensitive, empathic nature.
    – Not entirely happy in life, high expectations unrealized.

  30. Avatar

    The first thing that came into my mind were the words, ‘I’m sorry.’ I don’t know what this character is sorry about but he feels he could have done something better and maybe he could have prevented something.
    He’s rather short tempered and doesn’t like to give up much about himself but there is a strong connection with science and also a love of music.
    He’s such a multi-faceted person. He doesn’t see himself as kindly but he can be quite entertaining on the rare occasions when the mood takes him.
    He’s a hard worker. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and can’t stand stupidity.

  31. Avatar

    I think this man was involved with inventing or researching something in the scientific or medical field. I have an impression of someone quite reserved, shy with others, maybe avoided groups of people and not comfortable in socialising. I think he worked for the good of humanity as a whole but found it hard to connect with individuals. He was driven when it came to his life’s work.

  32. Avatar

    Hi Anna I trust this man. I think he’s called Alfred and maybe an American. Did he have anything to do with railways or engineering? I think he was admired maybe and had a head for business?

  33. Avatar

    First impression I got: He is a bipolar in nature, very temperamental, judgment al, sometimes critical of others. He is not trusting. He is of an aristocrats descent, so he tends feels he is better than others but he can be very kind. He is impulsive and bashful. I’m sensing he is very learned in the social science. A supposed good husband and father. Likes to be recognised for good deeds.

  34. Avatar

    Intuitively I see a man that can be trusted yet he finds it hard trusting others. He is very critical and judgemental. He is kind yet very vindictive. He gives a false impression to others as a husband and father. He is sometimes abusive, could be termed a wife beater. He is of an aristocrat descendant and tend to look down on others. He comes to me as a learned person and very good at his chosen career, possible in the field of social science. Overall he is a good person and tried very hard to overcome his inadequacies.

  35. Avatar

    Sciences, mathematician, electricity, waves.

  36. Avatar

    I get a sense of greed and deceit. I feel that he owns a bank or a business that involves loaning money. He had a hard life growing up and learned early that he had to use people to get ahead. He is a self-made man. He did not inherit anything. If he is married, it’s strictly for appearances. He doesn’t experience love in his life, but he doesn’t seem bothered by it for he has the personality traits of a sociopath, albeit a successful one. I’m sensing he may have lost his fortune later on in life.

  37. Avatar

    Looks like a kind man. Direct. Intelligent.can be sharp when he wants to. Some type of professor work, career or scientific. Meticulous.

  38. Avatar

    I feel very heavy in the chest, & then feel it in the upper back. He feels very calm. I feel a female watches over him that can be a bit annoying. He is very logical but he always follows his gut. He likes being with the guys. Intelligent, soft spoken, likes humor. I feel like he gets headaches. Happily married, children. Worries about work & children’s future.

  39. Avatar

    I read your comments and didn’t get scholars or education.
    He came across as a not someone easily read or forthcoming in.who he was.
    I kept getting fishing and a captains hat,on the high sea. Perhaps whaling.
    Also he was from a working class family,worked hard for what he wanted.
    I also got him,in front some drawings, with glasses on.

  40. Avatar

    Hi Anna and Readers. Please note: My comment above is very long because I tried reading this person over two separate sessions on consecutive days. My first attempt was frustrating because it was full of contradictions. The second attempt gave me essentially more of the same, but with a few additional clues, notably the twitching nose and analytical eyes. I had hoped the second session would provide less conflicting clues. Anna, was I remembering or intuiting in the second session?

  41. Avatar

    Tesla? My first impression was of a gifted genius who battled personal demons in this lifetime . . . possibly addictions (such as smoking) & he certainly dealt with money troubles of some kind. My feeling about a similar person is that he was an Edgar Cayce kind of guy, some difficulty mastering the abundance/prosperity aspect of spiritual power because he had a limited faith in the goodness of the universe.

  42. Avatar

    There is something around his ear, thru his jaw and around his mouth. I don’t know if this man wore a mask as a surgeon, but I also get something thru his finger tips, so maybe a pianist or a surgeon, creative right brained.

  43. Avatar

    Self made, analytical, gone through a difficult phase of his life to reach to this present position, may be a good listener, disciplined, love reasoning, do not take others for granted

  44. Avatar

    He reminds me of Alan Cumming, so it’s hard to not associate the two. He’s not looking directly into the lens, so either the photographer didn’t tell him where to look, or he’s a little lacking in self confidence. He has sweet eyes and a tiny smile under that moustache. He has a fresh haircut and is well-dressed. He’s not poor.

  45. Avatar

    Demanding, overbearing, critical, no-nonsense, intelligent.Duality. He perhaps is a Captain or someone who steers the ship- aka a leader that so many lives depend on him. Loves his wife and has several children. However, has a dark side/ a secret.-Homosexual-side. Do I trust him? Yes, but with Caution. He’s very private and only lets few people in. Those people get to see the soft side, albeit with dark humor. Something going on with the moustache. (maybe his lover is the barber?) The name John came up.

  46. Avatar

    My guesses are:

    I don’t trust him.
    He kills animals.
    Kind of a bad person I think.
    Somewhat a doctor, IDK.
    But very charming.

  47. Avatar

    My gueses are:

    I don’t trust him.
    He kills animals.
    Kind of a bad person I think.
    Somewhat a doctor, IDK.
    But very charming.

  48. Avatar

    I feel like he was a wealthy business man, in the science or medical fields. He’s a bit gruff.

    I feel like he taught people how to do something… Like perform surgery, or how to solve complex problems.

    I’m not getting much of a sense of whether he was a nice man to be around or not. I think he was a bit awkward around people. Maybe autistic in some way.

    I’m getting quite a block with him. Like he’s not an open book.

    I wonder if he did science experiments on people?

    That’s all I’m getting for now 🙂

  49. Avatar

    … To add to my previous comment, I’m thinking he did science experiments on humans for the Nazis

  50. Avatar

    Scientist. 1800s. European. I keep seeing yellow. He feels worn down, maybe no one would listen to his discoveries?

  51. Avatar

    I see a man of science, or who values science highly. I feel like he could have been a kind man but that this aspect was derailed earlier in life. He has seen some dark times, perhaps losing younger loved ones. His two eyes look very different, the right being rather morose and sad and almost unresponsive or avoidant and the left appearing kind at first glance but then almost sinister. He developed a very strong conviction that despite what others thought he was right. He made some mistakes that affected innocent people through his professional life.

  52. Avatar

    I’m getting maybe a physician of some kind. First I thought doctor but I sense surgeon. Perhaps working with children. I get a sense of trust with this man, a friendly disposition to make his patients more at ease. I’m also sensing he was a pioneer of a drug.

    He’s a family man, Jewish I think and I’m getting the letter F for his first name. Frank or Fritz, not sure it’s a bit of a grey area. He attends church or synagogue but not regularly, now and then to help keep his conscience clear.

  53. Avatar

    He’s an oil or steel magnate. He has a darkness around him that was repelled my soul instinctively. He has 3 boys…maybe a widower?

  54. Avatar

    How funny, I think he gets in trouble with woman………he just can’t stay away from the ladies….

  55. Avatar

    Feels like he was being watched
    The name Edgar
    The name Hoffman
    Political activist/revolution
    Powerful speaker
    Fought for the poor
    Cold climate
    Came from poor family
    The name John
    Likes alcohol
    Serious person
    Considers having fun as a waste of time

  56. Avatar

    I didn’t get any particular strong feelings or images , mostly I just received an image , 1930’s , a large period car , insulated from poverty but not necessarily wealthy , large country house of stone , park like grounds a lake a black dog , married, has several boys and one girl child, Dr or lecturer , writer , maybe theology or a mason and I was getting the image of America or Canada , I got no feelings of aggression or violence I did get strict ,serious but a mild manner,, I’m interested that I didn’t feel any strong images I wonder if some pictures just don’t jump an image at you in the way others do , maybe it’s the overall framing or setting of a pic that determines the animation you receive

  57. Avatar

    I got the name Edward and possibly Campbell? Also he had something to do with sound?

  58. Avatar

    I got a calm feeling. I feel that he was a doctor, maybe a scientist. I felt a pain in my chest….and then the feeling that he lost his wife. That it was a terrible loss and maybe he felt guilt in that he couldn’t save her. I felt children as well, maybe 2. And then I stopped because of the overwhelming pain in my chest. I have done several of these and never feel that I search deep enough.

  59. Avatar

    I feel he is genuine and industrious, maybe from humble beginnings, lots of people’s lives were affected by him in some way, initials D and P come to mind, quite an analytical thinker who had worries, I get the word ‘devoted’.

  60. Avatar

    I was not getting very much from this man. Usually I first get a sense of a feeling, but I think he is very reserved and holds back his true feelings. I then got “actor” but I don’t think it is his profession, more of his character. as in, he acts one way but is really feeling another.

  61. Anna Sayce

    Hi intuitive experimenters,

    I am enjoying reading all these responses!

    If this is your first time doing something like this, good on you!

    Results to come out soon… 🙂

  62. Avatar

    I see Robert De Niro’s father, whom I know nothing about. I don’t trust this man. His mustache hides a verbally aggressive mouth. I see domestic violence and fear. I see arrogance. I see someone who has been abused.

  63. Avatar

    The first word that popped into my mind was “magnate” & then “shipping magnate”. I believe he was generally kind & fair but could be tough & ruthless in business dealings. I think he was married & had 5-6 children. He is impeciably dressed & groomed yet his moustache was unkept. Perhaps impulsive & easily distracted. I would trust him but I wouldn’t want to make an enemy of him.

  64. Avatar

    Quiet, cynical, to himself. Possibility an artist or musician, with much knowledge of science. Thought of as strange to outsiders. Quite intelligent. He has a small circle of trusted friends who also trust him, but outsiders do not trust him. He has a keen eye for what is going on, things that most people would not notice.

  65. Avatar

    -Very coldhearted


    -Appreciates intelligence

    -Doesn’t have time for nonsense

    -Doesn’t laugh much, and when he does, it’s a small snicker through his nostrils…barely noticeable–just an acknowledgment of something clever

    -Sociopathic – sees others as a means to benefit himself

    – Reminds me of a scientist who did horrid experiments that ended up benefitting humanity in the long run; but would be too awful for anyone else.

    -I would not trust him.


    -deep down longs for a family

    -wishes he had the ability to get a wife… only because he needs to be cared for by a woman

    -likes kids

  66. Avatar

    I immediately got scientist. A doctor, and is revered for his work. He has done some unethical experiments, which is why he is not a person you should trust, although you want to. He is brilliant and outwardly kind, but has seen and done terrible things in the name of progress in his field.


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