Intuitive Experiment #18: What Do You Pick Up About This Man?

This month, we’re setting up another one of our intuitive experiments.

An intuitive experiment is an opportunity for intuitive developers to hone their skills by having a go at ‘reading’ a person using a photo.

Here is the person we’re going to try reading:


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  1. Avatar

    Ok, please understand this is MY impression
    And like a lot of things it may be WAYYYY wrong.

    !st impression;
    he seems like a nice person. Charming smile, kind eyes caring features, charismatic personality.

    I believe, whomever he was, he was Gemini, they have that naturally appealing and youthful appearance.

    Yeah, he has the powdered wig many in high office wore of the day, but he was MUCH older than first impression suggests, perhaps, 45 – 50 here.

    Studied impression;
    He was Ex military, most likely an officer, and saw the deaths, of MANY of the soldiers under his command. It’s possible he was maybe even a doctor. I believe he was religious, maybe Mormon. Not kind, or nice at all. Not overtly mean, but VERY intelligent, fact oriented, not people oriented at the time of this picture. People didn’t mean as much as 1st impression suggests, whether due to loss of those closest to him, or the fact of his high intelligence. I see he was an excellent speaker, and motivator, even a manipulator, to get what he wanted. I also see he was an artist of some type, whether writer, or musician, I can’t tell. I also believe, he suffered from migraines, and depression.

  2. Avatar

    Familiar face, warm, kind, intelligent and Italian…although first impression was kind, I also feel he’s not one to be crossed. Very handsome, I like him.

  3. Avatar

    when I first see this man I hear music. Then as I look I am hearing that he was in ill health often and I am seeing a wheelchair, and something of a brace of some kind on his leg, lower leg the left one. I am also seeing him writing, at first it appeared as a journal type book, but now as I look it is parchment of some sort. I am also hearing about “founding Fathers” I am hearing strongly the name Bach…Johann Sebastian….not sure if that is my logical mind there! I do hear the word “father” again and September.

  4. Avatar

    Comment: I am very happy for this newsletter , i know that by reading the rest of your post about me will give me breakthrough and turn around in this year .Thanks you a lot Anna you truly Destined .

  5. Avatar

    I saw a gentleness and femininity to start with. His mouth looks like it speaks with an accent- maybe Celtic. He looks like he may have been persecuted for his beliefs. On closer inspection a deep sadness. He may have been highly intuitive and intelligent himself. I kept seeing a stream- him walking by a stream. And some issues with sexuality.

  6. Avatar

    ….also quick mood change, excitability and feelings of isolation!

  7. Avatar

    He is very cold and angry. But very fond of a particular pet dog. He is prone o great tantrums of anger where he looses control of his emotions followed by times of great regret where he repents for actions that were out of his control.

  8. Avatar

    I sense kindness and yet there is sadness lurking under the surface. Very just in his dealings with people. I think he often let others dictate to him how to live because of his kindness.

  9. Avatar

    I feel he was someone who was a trustworthy person, a shy or introverted and kind person who had to ‘step into bigger shoes’ on the insistence of people? Possibly someone who had to take a stand for something. Someone who had to come out of his shell to serve a greater cause or purpose.

  10. Avatar

    I don’t trust him because he is quirky…he means well, but he is so quirky he gets into trouble because of it. Would I like to spend time with him? Absolutely because of the educational value, just don’t get too close. I pick up the arts, composer maybe, but I also pick up magistrate

  11. Avatar

    I think he’s gay and creative either artistically or musically. Forward thinking and optimistic. Visionary and considered ahead of his time. Connected with nature.

  12. Avatar

    He is kind hearted …in wise ways…quiet..artist….perhaps writer…witty…very very smart..

  13. Avatar

    My first impression was that he enjoys music. I don’t know if he played music, or composed or maybe just enjoyed listening to music but I’m sure there was a connection there.
    He looks like someone I know but I can’t quite put my finger on who it is.
    I also get an image of farming and being connected with the land. I can see a lot of labourers working in the fields and this man is overseeing them or observing them
    He does look a bit like William Wilberforce but maybe it’s just the style of dress.
    Could he also have a political interest? Something around the mouth reminds me of Thomas Jefferson although Jefferson’s hair was never that neat.
    This is a man who takes pride in what he does and takes great care of his appearance. I think he liked to go into high society whenever he could and I bet he wanted to play the field and sow his wild oats although he may have been prevented for religious reasons. It didn’t stop him wanting to go a bit wild though.

  14. Avatar

    First thing… sloane elder. Don’t know what that means. LOL.

    Then… feminine energy, something to do with books/words/libraries/law? Something to do with children – either a childlike personality or something else.

  15. Avatar

    A kind yet strong man. He was a philanthropist and, as a result, ended up being a poor man by the end of his days.

  16. Avatar

    I think he’s handsome for his time, and women were attracted to him. I get a sense that he had a strong magnetism about him and people were drawn to him.
    He has the aura of someone kind, loving, passionate. He has a youthful spirit and a drive to succeed. If he were alive in our time he would most likely be a lawyer, or entrepreneur. In his day, he was well-liked and successful.
    While I also get a sense of ‘art’ around him….somehow music or art or something similar, were a part of his life…I still get a stronger impression of money/power/elitist. I think he may have had involvement in the artistic field but his primary motivation was his passion for power,success and to be in the upper tier of society.

  17. Avatar

    Trustworthy I’m getting impressions of being educated and being surrounded by books. He’s a creative and passionate man.

  18. Avatar

    My impression is this gentleman, and he is a gentleman, is extremely intelligent and logical. He is a leader, likes being in charge. He seems optimistic and very kind. I
    would think he is a writer/philosopher/ and or statesman.

  19. Avatar

    I pick up that this person is European, possibly French. An author or someone who has written important documents in history. Calm eyes strike me as someone who was thoughtful and took the time to think through his thoughts before actin. I get a glow from the photo that speaks to creativity.

  20. Avatar

    I see a very smart, sensitive man. A composer, artist or scientist with some unusual views, left-wing/liberation politics. French, Italian? He reminds me of the feeling I got from Federico Garcia Lorca. But less tragic. He seems happy, generous, a bit wistful. Interested in Enlightenment and advancement of human beings. Shy, kind, perhaps a little reserved because he is so sensitive.

  21. Avatar

    I feel he was a sensitive man, caring and saw a large house on a property. The word philanthropist came to me, and a creative side, art or music. I feel he struggled with his sexuality. I saw farm animals but I’m not certain he was a farmer.

  22. Avatar

    To me, he appears to be a warm, caring person with a sense of humour; gentle-hearted and a sensitive soul (although he puts on a somewhat tougher exterior). I also feel that he’s very fair and just.

    I get the sense that he’s an administrator and teacher of some sort – perhaps overseeing a boys’ school (orphanage?) or an estate. I sense a connection to the land, that he lives in/prefers the country to the city. He may be landed gentry (i.e., a modest squire), but not a titled peer of the realm. I see a British/European terrain.

    I feel he’s extremely intelligent, can focus on a goal, thinks before acting and makes his actions count. He may be a philosopher. I sense he’s written essays or letters that have been published at some point. I also get the impression that he wants to help others uplift themselves, learn so they can better themselves and their lot in life (which was not in alignment with the thoughts of most people at the time.) He’s more of an observer than a “get in the middle of the work and work with everyone else as if we’re equals”. He perhaps experiments on his own.

    I sense that he experienced sorrow earlier in his life, but that he’s put that into perspective so he’s not drowning in it.

  23. Avatar

    Hi, this is my first time with this but I’d like to give it a try.
    First I felt he seems quite friendly, handsome but also felt that he has a controlling nature especially when it comes to women for some reason.
    I then saw him with a quill pen or maybe a paint brush. I had a picture of him writing at a desk in front of a warm fire and there is a dark coloured dog. I then saw him put on a funny shaped hat, can see a ship.
    I got the name James, also see a big golden frame but it’s blank.
    Love and light to you all x.

  24. Avatar

    smart, astute, sensitive and nurturing.

  25. Avatar

    a very popular man, I feel he’s surrounded by people. Perhaps a leader of some kind. A joyful disposition & very active. Possibly a writer? Works with children? And gay.

  26. Avatar

    I do not trust this man. He is definitely appealing, probably had the respect of his peers, someone that many people liked right away. But there is something sensual, sinister, and sadistic about him. Probably excellent company.

  27. Avatar

    I picked up he is gay (but maybe had a family of his own anyway). Also arts or maths. kindness

  28. Avatar

    Gentle and kind, something about his family ties. I would trust him, which is odd for me, but there is an innocence in his face that pushes me to trust. I will say that I think portraits are more an interpretation of the artists take on the person than the actual truth of the person. In general, I would not trust my intuition of a portrait.

  29. Avatar

    I have a feeling this man was involved with justice, perhaps relating to slavery. There is kindness and he may have been involved in righting wrongs, perhaps something to do with law. He owned property, maybe had a high position. And I am thinking “tea” as in a nice hot cup of tea, but maybe it relates to “T” as in initials. He travelled or was involved with several countries. Bookish, well educated, and something to do with plants or botany (maybe that’s the tea link from before)

  30. Avatar

    45 years old. I hear classical music when I see him. Artist, passionate and kinda crazy (bipolar?) He came from humble means, wasn’t born wealthy, he became wealthy.

  31. Avatar

    Happy was my first impression, which led to gay.
    Then I thought something ending in “tian” I got “S” so possibly Sebastian.

  32. Avatar

    What an enquisitive mind, caught somewhere between art & science…..a botanist perhaps. He has a dreamy look in his eyes but is firmly seated in reality. Challenged romantically, broken hearted and rejected early, settles down later……
    Anti-religion and a little anti the government of his time.

  33. Avatar

    This is my first ever so I might suck, anyway my impressions are:

    Into music
    I can trust
    Fell in love to a rich girl
    Lived in hiding
    Led a good simple life

  34. Avatar

    Trust? Yes. He is kind at heart, and compassionate in nature.

    He likes whoever is painting him, very fond of that person and trusts them.

    Atmosphere of his life – calling people together, inspirational, leadership, failure to accomplish his goals, tragedy, sacrifice

    Calling – self mastery, cultural bondage, historic changes

    connected to royalty?
    Educator and information broker

    hidden papers
    palm transaction notes kisses

    Loves – family, many friends,

  35. Avatar

    – homosexual
    – mother tongue is a Latin based language, probably French or Italian
    – writer/poet
    – artistic leanings
    – I draw a comparison to him and Arthur Rimbaud
    – kept himself under wraps (mysterious) which made him very alluring to others.

  36. Avatar

    To me….The man in the portrait looks like he has achieved something good.
    He looks like he wasn’t believed and overcame other people’s doubt by proving them wrong.
    He looks like he is proud that his wise ways are finally recognised. Triumphant and proud because he did achieve.
    He looks companionate, kind and understanding.
    How did I go?
    Nicole from Melbourne Australia 🙂

  37. Avatar

    Good natured and sociable. Courageous when afraid. Good judgment, sound mind, sound decisions. Takes action. Determined. Loyal & Honest. Does whatever it takes to set things right, or try to. Loves the dead as misguided brothers, or suffered many tragic losses in civilian life. Was against what people were doing, but not who they were as human beings. Deeply regrets actions that he would do again if the need was there again. Most likely military or militia, maybe underground. A loving and kind man who loves deeply and takes care of business when needed.

  38. Avatar

    I feel from portrait, this man may have 2 conflicting sides to his personality, he needs to show a kind empathy for his public life. yet personally there is some cruelty ? Hunting sports?

  39. Avatar

    He was a kind man and yes I trust him! Good sense of humer! An important man! I see a field with him on a horse pointing! An authority figure! 1875 ish!
    I can also see a photos and camera? Wife and 3 kids? Possibly 2 died? Died around 70’s? From natural causes? I’m getting the name George or John?

  40. Avatar

    I feel he is sensitive and caring. I also feel sadness. I feel he is deeply concerned about justice and the injustice in the world is what saddens him. I also am getting the word father. I am getting that he is american or british, possibly one of the “founding fathers” of america?

  41. Avatar

    My first reading from a photograph:

    Kind eyes, strong and influential. Soft mouth. Loving and many children. Lost and grieved his wife. Extremely intelligent. Part of a high class society or group. Died of heart attack was first impression and second thought was blood related associated with blood clot or bleeding. Again, loved his children was a strong thought.

  42. Avatar

    He looks like he had a professional job. His face appears to be kind but his eyes being so dark makes me question his intentions. He was probably in politics. Looking so conservative maybe Christian and humble.

  43. Avatar

    a genuine person, confident, with great communication skills and artistic qualities and … I feel a lot of sadness.
    Would love to know who he is – Thank you so much!
    Love and light

  44. Avatar

    My first impression of him is, I would trust him. I would expect him to be a gentleman. Although, the longer I gazed at the photo I found that I felt something very cold in him. There is a darkness deep in him that makes me shiver.

  45. Avatar

    As a physical empath, I pick up on the pains associated with the passing of people in old photos. In this one, I immediately got a terrible shooting pain in my nose, on the left side, running up to my head, followed by ear pain and pressure. I wonder if he passed from some sort of blow to the head or an aneurism. I also got, for me, the sensation that means accident, so there was some sort of accident involved in his death.

    As far as his character goes, I see kindness and warmth.

  46. Avatar

    An optimistic, intelligent, and supremely confident individual. Sensitive, strong, and insightful. An innovator, discoverer, possibly in the fledgling science of medicine of his day. One unafraid to entertain novel ideas.

  47. Avatar

    When I first looked at him I thought of George Washington, then I saw his feet, I saw how petite he was and his fancy buckle shoes. After I thought of Isaac Newton. I like his kind eyes. I felt his energy as being fluttery and hyper, I see ruffle shirts he likes to dress well. I trust him, I saw moon and stars, he is a thinker, he likes to write, he thinks outside of the box. Four leaf clover, Louis Pasteur. He is particular, had difficult time convincing a principal or discovery, passionate in his work. Artist, writer, from England, I see cobblestone, old buildings. Important to royalty.

  48. Anna

    Well done to everyone who has posted here! 🙂 I am enjoying reading all these comments.

  49. Avatar

    Very intelligent ,educated , I’m not seeing family or children but I am seeing compassion and possibly the welfare of other people , he’s been involved in something that has helped a lot of people, I’m also feeling poetry or writing but overall nice feelings surrounding him also parkland and greenery like forrests

  50. Avatar

    Do I trust him? Yes, I picked up he was a very kind man. He was someone important according to his attire. I got the impression of artist ( painter). Then the name John and Declaration of Independence popped into my mind. I assumed he had health issues once I started feeking pain on my left side.

  51. Avatar

    From his portrait…1700’s, kind gentle nature, French, philosopher, writer, musically inclined. He may have been upper class but did not to live that lifestyle…I see laborers i.e. barns, blacksmiths around him. He went against the grain of society as I feel he was spiritual and held true to his convictions. There is some sort of significance with children around him but I do not feel he was a ‘family man’.

  52. Avatar

    I feel like I could trust him in some aspects, but not all.
    I get the impression that he tries his best to do what’s right and be kind, but I also feel that behind the kindness, he’s tired, sad and vulnerable. I sense that he regrets something, but he occupies himself with something he’s fond of, art? A pet?
    He seems to exude great appeal, not really in appearance, but how withdrawn he can sometimes become may have intrigued people. This is only my interpretation, hopefully I’m as correct in this as I was in the previous tests,

  53. Avatar

    My first time just saying words that come into my head
    Initial (J-)
    Letter K
    Hiding a lot
    Waving hand
    Something to tell/say
    New age
    White house
    Writer /writing
    Sudden death
    Left something or someone important behind
    Importance of March month

  54. Avatar

    I feel that the time frame of the picture does not fit the person. It doesn’t feel right, either they were way ahead of their time or they should be more modern.

    I feel they have known deep loss, a brother and has had a health scare. Very intelligent and gifted person but not accepted by all.

    Do I trust the person… difficult question. I’m not sure, something makes me hesitate because there is more to their story. I am intrigued and look forward to finding out more.

  55. Avatar

    My first impression was very intelligent, a teacher & involved in music. I’m not sure if he was a teacher of music or it was just very much a part of his life. He was kind & humorous but could be short tempered & arrogant at times when others didn’t meet his high expectations. He was also prone to being melancholy but often covered it up with his quick wit. He had a high social standing & was often sought out by ladies but he hid his homosexual feelings. Overall a good person & yes I would trust him.

  56. Avatar

    he is marvelous. A playwrite. Kind. A little eccentric. Possibly issues with sexual identity or sexuality. Introverted, yet able to perform when needed. Issues with his mother. Don’t see him growing up with a close paternal figure. I see his residence as proximal to a large body of water. Only child….maybe a younger sister. Many female acquaintances. I hear the name James or similar around him. I don’t feel he lived to an old age. A little too much drinking at times. Possibly an unfortunate death at the hands of another due to a misunderstanding. Very ahead of his time. I really like this man, and feel that he was very bright, though not incredibly educated. I feel an insecurity hidden well, but overall a very good man.

  57. Avatar

    No…i dont trust that person…he was killing someone..he has a charm with which he works too well

  58. Avatar

    He seems like a kind person overall… But there’s something there… I don’t know who he is but I feel like I shouldn’t trust him. I just get a bad feeling and I don’t know why.

  59. Avatar

    Sadistic man who hides things related to their sexuality, family or illness. It is not what it seems. There is something in the dark.


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