Intuitive Experiment #17: What Do You Pick Up About This Woman?

Welcome to Intuitive Experiment #17!

The Intuitive Experiment is an exercise which enables you to practise using your intuitive abilities, by reading another person.

We’ve been doing experiments on this blog for the last few years now because we’ve found that it is a great way for new psychic developers to flex their intuitive muscles and gain some experience in reading people. And it’s also good for more experienced psychics to gain further confidence in their skills.

So, here’s who we’re going to be reading for this one: 

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  1. Avatar

    Name has a “V” – Violet? Vera?. Very smart, intense. Seen a lot of pain. Involved in a sensational public news item. Maybe a murder. Child murderess. Imprisoned 2 children. Link with royalty, aristocracy. Horses.

  2. Avatar

    I got the name ‘ Hannah’ while I was looking at this girl. I get the feeling she is English or European and born 1930’s. She seems as though she had to face some hurdles as a young girl. Something to do with her family, maybe a disability of some kind. She is strong & fiesty and seems to be destined towards helping others. Standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. I feel as though her life was not long. I don’t think she had children. She seems to be someone you could trust but very stubborn and set in her ways. She may have met someone she liked but I don’t think she found any life partners. mmm curious to see how much of this is right 🙂

  3. Avatar

    This is the first time it happens to me that I do not perceive anything, a sort of emptiness, but I do feel a weight on my back, as if I were carrying something that weighs me down (like a backpack). I will be eagerly waiting for the results!

  4. Avatar

    I sensed pain, evil, resentment, anger, coldness, suffocation, heavy on my chest as if someone is preventing me from breathing. Un-compassionate, deviant, intelligent, possibly psychotic, because of the restructure of the mind, so I perceive that there is something different in the way they think and behave… Like a confusion, the person being in conflict with themselves, Miriam or mary, marianne is what I also pickup. Young people, children, possibly abused or murdered or both, even tortured.

  5. Avatar

    She feels cold to me and like a sociopath or murderer ( or around them) also deep sadness and anger. An M ( miriam was in my head) female name surrounding her, maybe her own name. something about trains, a wheat silo, or some kind of field. fire, heat, burning. her father was lost to her. sister taken away. she never knew her mother. she felt a lost cause. she was scared of dogs.

  6. Avatar

    I picked up mental illness, problems with the law and in the public spotlight. I don’t want to say “dissociative identity disorder” since that’s actually a very rare diagnosis, but I feel like she’s betrayed people and perhaps painted herself as different people at times to accomplish her goals. Lots of mixed feelings.

  7. Avatar

    Confused. Anxious. Nervous. Lacks confidence. Uncertain

  8. Avatar

    The first sense I have is she comes from old money.
    She has seen things that have changed her, and caused her to deal with her own demons. She is strong, intelligent, well educated, feisty, rebellious.

    She lingers between black and white-dark and good. She struggles with issues that seem to have something to do with her position as in some type of family with money, power, a family that is well respected. She has seen death. She has been shocked, and suffers from PTSD. She is angry, and disillusioned possibly with her own country as in she does not agree with the times. She may belong to an activist group, or she has caused crimes to show her anger,

  9. Avatar

    My first impression was “Germany, Jewish”. I sensed she was a survivor and activist but she had a rough childhood and a blocked heart. Very intellectual and attempted to reach people that way. I could imagine many lovers but she married someone who she bonded with intellectually. Hard to love because of the walls around her heart. I can imagine two children whom she also treated intellectually. Very mental, this one. She had a male energy. Career oriented.

  10. Avatar

    I got a feeling of distrust, then general impressions of evil, murders and the word Gangster as part of a couple.

  11. Avatar

    The first thing I get is:
    She comes from wealth old money. She is intelligent and highly educated. She has seen death. She has been shocked and suffers from PTSD of some type. Her family is well respected. She is angry and deals with her own demons. She feels like she is between black and white in her feelings about her life. She can be quite intense, and wants to be heard! Her desire is to be rebellious. She feels quite justified in her anger. She feels that her family is not looking at the whole picture, but she sees what is coming down the road, maybe politically and she is angry about it. She may belong to a terrorist group.

  12. Avatar

    I felt a sense of loneliness like her loved ones were away a lot or perhaps taken from the earth too soon. I personally got a nervous feeling looking upon her photo but not sure why that was?

  13. Avatar

    Immediately i sense a duality about her. She seems withdrawn into herself and a world where no one can reach her, but her other personna is filled with a focused malevolence. She appears to have child like qualities when you look at her but her eyes are filled with rage. Its possible shes bi polar or multiple, but i sense she was under the influence of alcohol, sedatives or medications in the first pic, and wild in the second one.
    Im not sure if she committed a crime but i do sense extreme malevolence from her and that if she wasnt capable of carrying out the task, she would be eager to trick someone else into doing the dirty work.
    I dont trust her. Her aura is very dual…cunning yet child like…focused yet aimess.
    Overall, i get very negative vibes from her.

  14. Avatar

    When I first seen her I thought Royal family. Something to do with the war, she helped in some important way. She looks sad in her eyes

  15. Avatar

    I feel as though this is a young girl teenager who seems to have suffered something not sure it could be something as extreme as maybe the Holocaust or maybe something else Like a domestic violence type of situation in either case this young woman (young lady young girl) definitely made the headlines looks like maybe the 40s or the 50s ummm sad girl inner strength though….she’s a personality type that goes from one extreme to the other and whatever this person does it’s huge…she may have died young

  16. Avatar

    The first pic I feel sadness, loss of family love, maybe a dysfunctional family or abuse. She is denied the rights of other young girls . She has the look of being from a monetary family but this has not bought her happiness. The second pic I feel anger, sociopathic attitude, “I am old enough to speak and think for myself now”. She may have tendency to be unsure of her gender. She is a serious thinker, planner, maybe even in a sadistic manner. She did not grow up in a average, normal fashion. I feel Madeline or M something.

  17. Avatar

    I felt fear and anxiety looking at her photo. I feel that this person was abused as a child, had problems with her mom; had an elder sister. Probably she was sad and misunderstood woman. God, I feel so anxious! So nervous! I get really negative feelings. I don’t trust her. I think she’s a victim though, a victim that became as the sociopaths , lacking empaty and dissatisfied. Her name might be Karol or Clara, German nationality. I also think that sje died young (max 40) and didn’t have husband nor children. She may have lived during Hitler’s time and the world war two. I will definately cut my psychic ties now…thanks!

  18. Avatar

    She is in the public eye or famous. She had a mental illness. I see 2 of her.. the person she is in public and the one she is in private are very different. Hopeful/hopeless at the same time.
    She had been involved in some kind of trauma.

  19. Avatar

    She has mental illness or it is around her. Very stubborn, defiant – won’t look at the camera because she doesn’t want to. Died young.

  20. Avatar

    I feel vertigo, dizzy, sinking and sick when I look into her eyes. They remind me of a doll, dead inside. I hear the phrase: ” I don’t like mondays”. I don’t know exactly what that means. I sense she is dissociated,disconnected and removed from something she has done. I really feel like she may have committed more than one murder. She maybe infamous for her crimes.

  21. Avatar

    – Jewish
    – Wealthy family
    – Angry
    – Feels she has been victimised

  22. Avatar

    The first and only feeling I got when I looked at her was a lot of sadness around her…whether she was the course of it or connected to those she came in contact with through out her life.

  23. Avatar

    I feel there was an injustice to her family and this young lady took everything that happened to them very seriously. I get a sense of her father ‘losing everything’ or in some way treated badly and this somehow set a seed of there being terrible injustice in the world. She is strong, independent, single minded, fixated on her decision as an activist to do what she has to do and there is a clear distinction of ‘them and us’ mentality.
    I see her brought up before officials but she lies and denies she has done any wrong doing.

  24. Avatar

    Murderer was the very first thought. Her eyes are empty – like she has seen/done awful things. She’s disconnected – troubled. She also seems alone or perhaps feels like she doesn’t fit in.

  25. Avatar

    This woman seems as if she’s suffered a lot pain at the hands of someone and it’s left her embittered. I suspect her family have been killed and she has had to go it alone. She may even have been a refugee from the holocaust. At some point she has become very determined to get her own back and to fight for what she believes in. She has a steely determination. There is strong connection with war. I would trust her if she was on my side but I’d be very afraid if she wasn’t.

  26. Avatar

    I was only able to pick up that she experienced something traumatic in her life. I sensed that she was a good person at a point in her life but past experiences has left her blank and expressionless. Something has taken away her smile. When I look at her she just looks like a empty shell that went through life.

  27. Avatar

    I do not trust her. I feel like she is all about power and influence. I also feel as if she had something to do with the Jews during the holocaust. She will show one face but never her true face.

  28. Avatar

    First impression, Jewish or German maybe? Intelligent, but with mental disorder or issues. Faced hardship but strong willed. I think she killed her parents or other family members and died young.

  29. Avatar

    My first instinct was that there was a lack of goodness or compassion. I usually feel pain when viewing older photos of people or homes (associated with one’s passing), but this time I was just overcome with dizziness and extreme pressure. (I had pop my ears twice.) I am just learning my dictionary, but I wonder if there is a psychological disorder or brain injury that would cause the woman to behave in an inhumane manner.

  30. Avatar

    The first thing I picked up was fear and Germany. When I tried to get more info on her character I felt she is very intelligent, intense, serious, strong belief in her values. She tends to be quiet but is not shy or afraid to speak her mind, very bluntly. I feel she is someone who could be trusted because of her strong value system. She is not one to be deceitful, she says what she means and means what she says, and doesn’t understand why anyone would behave differently . When I tried to get more information on what she was afraid of, I started thinking maybe she was Jewish in Germany during the war and was in hiding. But, I think this could be more my thoughts about what my first intuitive hit could mean.

  31. Avatar

    She is very intelligent and mostly a solitary type. She has experienced deaths more than others her age. She is likely a poet and writer. Although she may often be depressed, she also has a kind and upbeat side, though not clinically manic. It’s likely she has experienced suicidal thoughts, maybe acted on them. Probably had a difficult relationship with at least one parent or step-parent. She may have lived on or near a large body of water. She does not care much about appearances or the material things of life. Ideas and ways of expressing herself are more important to her. She may even have a contempt for wealth. She may have an aptitude for the sciences, and possibly music. If she liked you, I expect she would be devoted and endearing.

  32. Avatar

    I get that she suffered, that she was very angry. I do not trust her, I think partly because her eyes are averted. I think she traveled, maybe something to do with flight. I think she has something to do with government or a ruling family. Has done something she greatly regretted later, conflicted.

  33. Avatar

    I feel anxious when I look at her. She has a fierce, feral, almost savageness about her. Bad childhood, secrets, anxiety. Can pretend for a time to be normal, but on the inside she is deranged. Detaches from life. I get the name “Hauptmann.” Seems to be suffering from mental illness. Gerta or Greta. Has quiet, reflective times too before the madness within swirls inside her.

  34. Avatar

    Bright, private, reserved, not trusting, secrets, strict upbringing, determined, hurt/damaged, alone, survivor, war, Europe, Jewish, avid reader, writer, academic, science or lit.

  35. Avatar

    Serious about something she works towards. She looks isolated in her thinking and may experience loneliness and depression. I would trust her because I’m not sure she is interested in exploiting other people. She is passionate and focused. There is a driving force behind her expressions as one of them is very contemplative and in the second picture she seems to be actively thinking and feeling about something specific. This woman could use some love and support but I’m not sure she knows how to accept it.

  36. Avatar

    She grew up lonely, possibly dealing with social issues, little depression. Very smart girl with a high IQ!! She took the lessons as a child and made a difference in the world. I get that she works with people possibly some type of social worker. She work she did made a hugh statement in the public eye.

  37. Avatar

    Relation to Ann Frank
    Murder, massacre, evil
    Overbearing man
    Saving people

  38. Avatar

    First of all I want to say these experiments are awesome and really help me practice!

    I sense a lot of suffering during her childhood that has mentally effected her later in life. I think she’s German or Russian..? Something big happened during her childhood that was out of her control and lasted a long time. I don’t think she lived past her 30s. I don’t think she trusted people and had to look out for herself and/or family to survive. Death other others was definitely involved. It was a tough time for her. Things got better by the second picture but it’s still there in the back of her mind like PSD or other mental illness.

  39. Avatar

    Pain accident rape murder normal life to royal then rape or some sort of violence… the name I called her was Vera.

  40. Avatar

    British. Keep a dark secret that was emotionally tearing her that caused her to act in a very stubborn manner. I sense tension in the throat area and I want to believe this is because of the pressure of keeping the secret. I saw an hourglass when I watch her face. The hourglass measures time and is a spiritual symbol for the length of our physical lives, which tell me that her dark demons ha caused her length of time to live was coming to an end.

  41. Avatar

    Her eyes tell a story to me a story of sadness , confusion and depression yet there is something inside me saying some sort of blankness in her eyes to the point where its almost eerie & untrusting . I also feel a lack of love from someone she deeply needed to be loved by !

  42. Avatar

    All I seem to focus on his her eyes and mouth. No smile. Then drawn back to her eyes. Very empty. Blank. Possibly mute?

  43. Avatar

    There’s something about her family. Everyone has something with family, but I feel like it’s more intense for her. That could either be something narrative or it could be something about her personality. I keep getting this feeling of injustice. I wouldn’t be surprised if she died young. Her childhood seems more important than adulthood. I feel like she alternates between being distant/dissociative and really intense. Something about her seems creepy, whether it’s her or what happened with her. I’m kind of mesmerized by her so I wonder if others got that as well.

  44. Avatar

    i do trust her ive felt shes had a tough life and the end of her life didnt end well

  45. Avatar

    I think it is a troubled girl, smart, but there is something about her, something dark and negative.. She’s probably not a trouble maker but for some reason she experiences something very negative… If I trust her? Probably yes..

  46. Avatar

    I feel she was abused as a child and was a smoker as an adult. Possibly doing drugs later on and dying rather young.

  47. Avatar

    I feel like she a fighter. She’s aggressive because she’s been suppressed. I feel like she was perhaps a protestor or whistle blower, and she stood up for something she believed in. I also feel like she has broken the law and was trialled for it. Maybe arson? I don’t feel she’s particularly friendly.

    That’s all I’m getting for now.


  48. Avatar

    Very dark and very disturbed it’s all in the eyes I saw a flash of scissors the song Lizzie Borden had an axe began to play in my head dark thoughts mentally disturbed she hears voices she’s a loner does not speak much keeps her thoughts to herself lives by a brook I do not trust her she reminds me of a gangster she had children possibly she was abused and she abused her children

  49. Avatar

    The girl seems lost in thought but would she trust me if she met me? The impression/feeling i get is no but may do once she knows you. Sadness, fear, mistrust of people. I feel that in later life she used her intellect to defend herself. there is an invisible wall around her.

  50. Avatar

    All I am getting as first impressions are mad-genius levels of artistic or musical talent, and mental illness. For a female, very masculine-looking.

  51. Avatar

    immediate feeling was sadness. Strong willed but someone else tampered this. (Parent)? (Teacher)
    Had a surgery that did not go well.
    Gold (as in nugget)
    Long dress
    Prefers pants

  52. Avatar

    I feel that if I were to meet that person, she would be frustrated, angry and impatient. Like there is something that I would not be able to understand about her, I also feel that she feels that people don’t understand her frustrations.

  53. Avatar

    I keep getting struggle, intensity, veracity….I just feel like this woman is one tough cookie. I’m not getting too much on a name, other than her name is a strong one as well. Maye the name itself means “strength”? Its very hard to articulate, but the overall feeling is almost too much and over powering…as if she herself is a very large personality or she has had to overcome huge hurdles… I just feel like this is a solid and tough woman in a very profound way.

  54. Avatar

    Disconnected on a lot of levels. Her situation and life is perceived as horrible. Maybe war. Fear based and does not trust. Does what she needs to survive.

  55. Avatar

    I feel she was a sociopath. Could not feel love, or empathy.
    I feel she came from money, and I think she killed for it
    and a thrill kill. Im getting England, and Russia roots or
    perhaps dual citizenship ? Incredible fantasy life, lied a lot.
    At that age her life was over, nothing would be the same.
    No amount of money could buy her happiness. Bad influence.

  56. Avatar

    I Immediately felt there was a Murder to do with her family! possibly a family memeber that has never been solved a very dark time for her

  57. Avatar

    Right off the bat she reminds me of Anne Franck, I get a ww2 vibe with the photo. I feel like she came from a family of stature and importance. I feel like later on in her life people knew who she was, I get also some public speaking, or being in the public eye. I feel like a struggle or fight over her or struggle over something to do with her or what she was about. I get a sort of loine vibe from her, she feels very serious, and stern, I am not sure generally she should be trusted, I feel there may be some strict loyalty somewhere, but I do feel people could trust her if they were of like mind. I feel she is rather closed off and cold, I also got some weatlh with her.

  58. Avatar

    Mentally unstable. She terrifies me so of course, I do not trust her. She is Highly intellectual, thinks very quickly- possibly a sociopath. She is surrounded by death, war, even money. There is a duality to her nature like she committed an atrocity but had horror inflicted upon her so wants to be understood… tho angry that she’s questioned.

  59. Avatar

    Has something to do with history she is either part of a Royal family or famous because of some period in time world war perhaps but I feel she has written a book yes I would trust her, she came from a family of 5-8 children she is either Jewish or Palestinian. She is about 14-17 years old at the time of the photo taken I feel she may have suffered a lot but I do feel she has made an imprint on the world in some way and she is very well known for who she I feel her name starts with an A that’s all I am getting.

  60. Avatar

    All i get is she seems very disconnected it seems all someone she loves has hurt her and she is almost numb from it

  61. Avatar

    letter A. I kept seeing a playground and swing set, but no details regarding it. Felt like a war era, Sadness, hardship. Curious to know her story! 🙂

  62. Avatar

    –Immediate impressions: timid, aloof, sad, withdrawn, pained, traumatized…
    –I sense horrible abuse/torture in her life. She either witnessed others being abused, tortured, or killed, or was a child victim (perhaps later victim-turned-perpetrator?).
    –I get images of concentration camps/ feelings of being trapped or held against one’s will.
    –She kept a journal or wrote poetry. Her writing conveys more depth than her spoken words ever could.
    –I also get impressions of animal rights. She may have been an activist, or was someone who mistreated animals.
    –I don’t know whether to trust her or not. There’s a part of me that does think she is trustworthy, but another part of me wants to run far away from her. She seems so guarded that I could be picking up on her reluctance to trust others, and therefore, interpret her as untrustworthy herself.

    I’m very interested to find out more!

  63. Avatar

    I bounce from Cuba to living in Ireland? Daughter to an important man or important family.. wealth. Every choice she has made is out of duty. Shes not her own person. She expresses her truth thru poetry art music.

  64. Avatar

    This girl’s face is interesting. Calm and quiet, and intense. Deep thinking. She is concerned in the second photo. Something bothers her in what she sees. Her lips are compressed and her eyes feel tight with emotion. She is holding back.

    She tends to see the darker side of things more clearly than most. It makes her more sensitive and depressive, but also kinder when she doesn’t feel trapped. She has a lot she wants to say and doesn’t feel understood at the point these photos were taken.

    She cares about her family, but also children and war. She wants to heal things, and shares baskets of fruit and bread. She touches hearts with words and changes opinions.

    More than anything she wants to make a difference. She learns to step out and be heard. She is seen as intense and overly active, but this is how she shows love.

    They want her to smile more and enjoy life. For her, that enjoyment doesn’t block out the things that matter to her.

    Death by firing squad? She is caught behind enemy lines? Spy? Loyal. Faithful. Strong willed.

  65. Avatar

    I got pain like she was abused,I feel like she don’t talk..shes sad.shes young.raised with males.

  66. Avatar

    Walter Julio Fernandez desde Uruguay

  67. Avatar

    I don’t trust her she is to disturbed mentally to be able to trust I feel she lost her parents at an early age , when I first studied her picture I was getting an overwhelming feeling of sadness and children , I felt really heavy in the chest ,I don’t know if she harmed children or her brothers and sisters were harmed ,there’s a strong presence of uniformed men maybe police ,I see her somewhere semi rural maybe France or Ireland

  68. Avatar

    I don’t trust her. She has a very negative personality, and seems dangerously emotional- like a terrorist. She blames others for her pain and has become self-righteous and justifies hurting others. She herself is in constant emotional turmoil, I feel. She reminds me of a cult follower. I feel like she is both a perpetrator of violence and a receiver of violence. I felt a pain in the pit of my stomach. She may have died through poisoning or physical injury there, and there is depression surrounding her death.

  69. Avatar

    Criminal? Kids playing in flowers/field. Laughter. Victim? Dead eyes. Newspaper- in an article? Unwanted attention- media attention? Something happened to her family- brothers and sisters. Liar? ‘what a tangle web we weave, when we try to decieve’. Out of her depth. Something very wrong.

  70. Avatar

    I immediately saw a swastika. I felt like she was an evil person. I felt like she perpetrated crimes against other women and children. She makes me very uneasy.

  71. Avatar

    I got sadness, but determination from the first picture. I got one word from the second, Harrowing.

  72. Avatar

    At first glance she seems hidden inside herself, as if she’s hiding a deep pain or struggle.
    She looks like she has experienced a traumatic experience that has weighed on her.
    After searching her for a deeper understanding, she becomes almost cynical.
    She may have a mental disorder.

  73. Avatar

    I got that she died in her 20s and had a quick but painfull death.

    I then stopped as it was a bit grim and i got scared lol :’)

  74. Avatar

    She does not want to be read. She is introverted and holds deep thoughts. She is serious minded & harbors a lot of pain. Something about her mother – the relationship was strained and her father and her seemed to understand each other but not be super close. She lived through much hardship and found comfort in a certain doll she’d play with as a girl. She did not open up easily to others and lived in her thoughts.


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