Intuitive Experiment #15: Can You Read This Woman?

In this experiment, you are invited to exercise your intuitive skills and read the person in the photo below.

Periodically I do an experiment on this blog, as it gives readers a chance to try their hand at ‘reading’ another person. Doing this offers more experienced intuitives some practice at honing their skills, and it also gives newer intuitives a chance to find out more about their gifts, and how they can be used!

Here’s the woman we’re going to read for this experiment: 


 (Note: if you recognize this person, please do not post her name. This exercise is for people who don’t know who she is.)


 And if you’re a first timer and have no idea how to approach this exercise, I recommend you download the worksheet below, to guide you: 

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  1. Avatar

    First thought: She is a rock-n-roller.
    I trust her, she keeps it real, she is direct, a little hard/frayed around the edges, but good people. Warm to those who know her. Likes a good laugh. Creative, artistic.

    ps: I live for these! so much fun 🙂

  2. Avatar

    She is definitely a creative; musician, writer, artist. She has had some difficult times in her life but has overcome… and is as strong as the wall behind her. She may not be thru it all yet….. but she is optimistic and a teacher. Her strength is that she makes people feel safe even though a little rough around the edges… She is single right now and possibly confined or has been confined in some way in her life.

  3. Avatar

    The initial feelings I got from this photo were the colour green. Very strongly in fact. I asked what this means and was given strong indications that it was to do with the earth – so could be that she is an advocate of saving the environment, or that she comes from somewhere that we associate with the colour green, like the emerald isle (Ireland). I couldn’t pick up on anything else.

  4. Avatar

    Looks smug, like she is hiding a fear , not truly sure of herself, puts on a front, Would not trust her off the bat. Seems like she could B gentle and wants 2 B gentle, Had a pressure in entire length of my collar bone and right below it. Did Not feel comforatble, felt anxious. She seems to have given up part of herself and maybe feels angry about it and not being there 4 herself.

    Wow my stomach is going haywire.

    Can not see auras.

    Thank U for this opportunity.

  5. Avatar

    There’s a sadness within her that she tries to cover up with a brash and/or sort of arrogant facade. I don’t feel like I’d trust her a whole lot. I think she’s hiding something. Deceptive. I feel like she could have quite a temper too.

  6. Avatar

    I would not trust her, she seems to be strong willed person, very opinionated, she is a mother, she has been betrayed, she has murdered many people. I see many problems in her life.

  7. Avatar

    So my initial reaction was, “She’s trouble…” but not necessarily in a bad way.

    I see her as someone who commands the stage…like a professional speaker. I see her signing books…like she’s an author.

    She strikes me as someone who is a very successful small business owner. She runs a tight team of people who work hard to keep up with her standards. She is a go-getter. She is a noble communicator. Sometimes she can come off a little abrupt but it’s because she is fast-paced and juggling a lot of balls in the air. You’ve got to be able to keep up with her. Once you do, you will earn her respect. But she isn’t impressed nor trusts easily.

    But even behind that tough exterior, she’s a softie inside. She’s intuitive. She is one-part tough and “tell it like it is” and one-part “sensitive” if she lets you get close and she shares her heart with you.

    She works hard. Most days it pays off and she enjoys the thrill of the chase (getting clients and building her audience). But some days she just wants a break. To enjoy the simple things in life…but she knows she’s not built that way. She’s destined for big work and she’s got big shoes to fill. So, her biggest struggle and focus will be all about staying centered and grounded when things are going well and when they are not.

    She doesn’t have a lot of close people in her life. But those who are able to be included in that small circle, she holds them very near and dear to her heart. She wants to know that all this work…all this success…all the trouble wasn’t done in vain.

    Her energy reminds me of someone I know who survived throat cancer. I thought it worthy to mention but I couldn’t tell for sure whether she herself did indeed suffer from cancer. I do see her overcoming pain/grief of some sort (it’s in her eyes); that I am sure of.

    She is often misunderstood, but those who are able to get close to her realize what a hoot she is. She’ll be loyal and dedicated to those who she trusts. But don’t get on her bad side. She’s not afraid to speak her mind.

    I don’t know why I’m compelled to say her name starts with a “J” but I won’t say here what I think it is…I’ll jot it down in my journal.

    Thanks for letting me play! That was fun!

  8. Avatar

    I did not see the other picture on my first response. Is this the same girl? Is it a different girl? Were we supposed to choose one of the girls? mmmmmmmm

  9. Avatar

    The smirk gave away a defiant attitude. Whether she’s down on her luck or caught red-handed about something perhaps determined and misunderstood. Frustrated about something. Journalist? Writer? She could benefit from loosening up to allow her angels to come thru.

  10. Avatar

    She feels quite direct and she may push many people’s buttons, though she does not mean to. She has a chip on her shoulder from childhood. There is a darness or sadness that feels dark around her. There is a bit of “she does not trust others”. She is clever, intelligent, well traveled sometimes condescending. Is she an entertainer? actress, singer? She uses humor to soften her sharp personality. She is often in a hurry and has anxiety or a nervousness of what do people think of me.

    Thanks Anna, these experiments are always so helpful and fun!

  11. Avatar

    I sense she is a good cook, perhaps a chef, artistic and can be very caring and sensitive to the people closest to her, a healer in some way. She looks as though she suffered in her childhood and may have been hurt in love, or through the loss of one of her own children. But she strikes me as resilient and her creativity and expressiveness attract others to her. If she didn’t find happiness in love she is apt to have it by mid-life.

  12. Avatar

    Well, going with my first impression, 3rd eye, I saw Real Estate. Either she’s a Realtor or just bought property. I also saw a white car and was told she has a dog. I see yellow around her which is a healing color. Perhaps has a few health issues or is getting over being sick.

  13. Avatar

    I do feel she is in her early 40s is intelligent person can be straightforwards direct approach from a Celtic background Scottish,English Cornwall,or Scandinavia,Dutch,height is about 5’6″-8″(imperial) weight 80-85kgs one of 2 professions to do with law or a businesswomen lives in a cooler region England,Holland,New Zealand was married once before not to sure about now has had two-three children a little smug at times she would be a reasonable negotiator enjoys life and enjoys her life now I would trust her in a true loving relationship and working towards goals but trust in her to be truthfully open no she does not tolerate fools to long and has a low tolerance to idiots.

  14. Avatar

    syraight away I felt she’s has a really good sence of humor. She loves socializing and I’m getting the feeling she smokes and drinks. Always surrounded by people and hardly ever is home. I’m seeing she’s artistic but not by music… More her hands… Like painting or pottery or fashion design… And I would trust her but she can be quite nasty if you upset her slightly. She’s single/ separated and she lives in a busy city or town where the houses are right next to eachother and her street is full of cars that she has trouble parking her car sometimes.

  15. Avatar

    I get a sense of smugness, like she could be condescending at times. Very sure of herself, almost as if daring others too contradict her.
    Almost hard as nails. Knows what she wants and demands that others are as efficient as she is.
    She could be emotional or have her moods but it’s mostly about HER. Her needs, her wants.

  16. Avatar

    Judging from the top picture first
    I feel that she has been a musician or singer. may be a writer,
    possibly an artist…but im leaning towards music more!
    I feel words and voice with her. mostly in the top picture she looks disturbed on the left side of her face! like bad things have been done to her and she is a bit jaded from it saddened and she either has done something bad to someone or other people from that experience in her past
    or she just does not treat people as good anymore. but she is not very happy any longer she might even be…
    (worse case scenario)evil!
    I don’t trust her.
    on the right side of her face though, she looks like she could have been happy and a pleasant person & had a lot of money at some point or maybe even now.
    She has a lot of artistic talents but mainly somethings went wrong in her life.

    The bottom picture when she was younger shows a much happier open free spirited person!
    I don’t see sadness and if there was something bad that was done to her or she experienced then it was from her younger years and she does not feel it now in this picture of her life. Or shes just sue pressing it really good!
    she is much more trusting in the bottom picture and definitely in the arts I feel music!

  17. Avatar

    Wow, I don’t feel confident with this one as she reminds me of a notorious American grunge singer (the photo where she is wearing the hat). My view is being coloured a bit as I keep referring to the American woman.

    Anyway, here goes….

    = British
    – Musical/theatrical
    – Autobiography/biography
    – She has a distinguishable, commanding, raspy, strong sounding voice.
    – She has a sorry tale to tell – almost a “let me tell you my story so you don’t make the same mistake as I did”.
    – Substance abuse – alcohol?
    – Chronic health issue.
    – Hardened by life experience, very bitter about being betrayed by a husband/lover.
    – Incredible resilience.
    – Self loathing, regret.
    – very guarded and suspicious of people when she meets them for the first time. Comes off as being very coarse and people are hesitant to approach her.

  18. Avatar

    Looking at her I see she is a strong independent woman.. She has lots of love and a strong heart for the ones she loves…
    She doesn’t take very well to stupidity or rudeness. … wonderful person.

  19. Avatar

    Mmmmm when I asked who she reminded me of Shirley Maclaine came to mind.
    The first photo gave me a negative impression and a thump to the chest but the 2nd photo I feel happier looking at. I feel she plays characters either as an actress or in her life. She can be tough if needed but her heart is good.

  20. Avatar

    She feels empty because she is surrounded by people who aren’t like her. She doesn’t feel heard. She has a simple name, Jane, or a daughter with that name. She feels like when she was lost a certain action she took is stuck with her forever. It has defined her. She’s still not sure why she feels like she done the right thing at the time, but feels bad about it now. She also has a son who’s father is emotionally not there for her. He and the son have a good understanding of one another. She feels completely isolated.

    I feel like what she done was an over-exaggeration to most people. But was completely understandable for the situation she was in. It was the only way she felt like she could express herself. I get the vibe it is some sort of poisoning.

  21. Avatar

    Strong willed, defiant of rules that don’t serve her
    Behind bars
    Has a son involved with her business
    Embezzlement – possibly of one of her clients

    If I’m wrong, this could be a good novel 🙂

  22. Avatar

    I see a real strength and defiance within her and the words activist and anarchist come to the fore. She’s a real fire cracker With an explosive personality. I would have difficulty trusting her but I think that has more to do with the enormity of many of the secrets she holds close to her chest. She trusts very few people enough to let them close to her and there is a deep sadness that goes with that. I would say this woman has struggled with depression and illness and has also struggled with addictive behavior such as drug and/or alcohol abuse. I would say she is very clever and quite street smart but is no stranger to being in trouble with the law because I keep seeing handcuffs. I believe this woman has children and I sense male energies around her so I would suggest she had at least one son but most likely two. I would say this woman has passed over and may in fact have taken herself over. This woman was controversial, perhaps loved and dispised in equal measure by people around her. I also see clover leaves around her so I believe she has a family connection to Ireland or may have been born or lived in Ireland. “It doesn’t matter you’ll never get it right anyway” Shes saying. *shrug* I don’t know if it’s relevant.

  23. Avatar

    My first impressions were England/somewhere in the UK; she looks harsh/rough around the edges. I’d be cautious to trust her immediately but feel once I got to know her I’d be able to trust her.

    The name Pamela comes to me. Two boys.

    Alcoholism/addiction/recovery – maybe she helps people with her own story?

    Also get creative/funny/free spirit but to hide something she’s ashamed of. Sadness.

    I’ve been averaging 3-4 accurate ‘things’ for every 10 or so that I write down on each of these exercises. Having never done anything like this before it’s exciting to see some of them are accurate! I really enjoy these and reading some of the other comments (on older experiments) I love seeing how my feelings match up with so many others – even if they’re not ‘proven’ in the answer, someone else felt the exact same thing, it’s very cool. Thanks for these!

  24. Avatar

    I wouldnt trust her completely… feels like she has lot of love and warmth..maybe she has a couple of her own kids..looks playful..intelligent..could be a writer…

  25. Avatar

    Cunning and scheming, yet kind. Sad childhood or some sort of deep sadness in her past that she’s still trying to overcome.

  26. Avatar

    I certainly do not trust her an she would trust nobody.
    I associate prison as well as poverty with this woman who feels so abandoned by everyone. She led an unsettled wandering life and was a bit of a chameleon, playing roles. Wonder if she was a groupie following some musician.
    She is a total rebel a tough fighter displaying strength in word and attitude. She would attack verbally and physically before reasoning, a violent person, very scared of displaying her weakness her hidden truths. A feeling of ineptness stemming from her childhood. She was mistreated in younger years and learnt to bury any feelings deep down inside.
    She is now very proud of what she did, she feels se has accomplished more than any MAN.
    An astute liar, she is really shrewd and double crossed many well-meaning people.

  27. Avatar

    • Fairly confident
    • Some sort of emotional protective shield/disconnection
    • Blogs
    • She is who she is and she knows it
    • Perceptive, but might play down what she picks up
    • Some sort of important relationship problem, though it might be over.
    • Yellow aura
    • Does what she says she’ll do

  28. Avatar

    manipulative out of necessity, past circumstances taught her this. father was distant and a drinker. she has known sorrow, poverty in her upbringing. a loss of a male in her circle/family, possibly murdered or suicide. she’s lonely. i think she has one sibling, a brother.
    a country girl growing up, possibly the UK.
    she writes, is creative. drinks a bit too much. mental illness.
    she has a dock in her past. I see her looking out onto a lake.
    she was close to her grandmother. kept doilies as a memory and handkerchiefs with initials.
    she likes travel and i see paris and the patisseries there. she may have tried cooking for awhile. she likes handwritten notes and kept them in a box. she likes perfumes but has some breathing issues. she rubs her left earlob when she is worried or tired.
    she has bouts of insomnia.
    her mother had gynecological issues, probably hysterectomy.
    the mother was musical.
    i feel like she had a child but someone else raised her.
    this was fun. 🙂

  29. Avatar

    She is who she is and has had a colorful life. She reminds me of Courtney Love in that aspect – drugs, don’t give a sh*t, did her own thing, creative, always in a midst of a reinvention, etc

  30. Avatar

    It was difficult to get anything at first but then I got the impression that she was singing. The music was loud and she was really shouting out the song very forcefully.
    A black aura appeared around her head and I got the feeling that this lady is not very well and is battling a disease.
    I could see nothing harmful about her but there’s perhaps a certain sadness. I think she gets a bit nostalgic sometimes and it makes her sad.

  31. Avatar

    from the first picture,i picked up reddish kind of aura around her.She seems like european lineage.
    She seems like moody personality, and relatively less talking personality.
    However with whatever she talk, she seems very articulative.
    She has gone through some real set backs in life and bounced back as a fighter. Yet a part of her remains deeply impacted by the pain, which she conceals quite well.She is cautions in choosing the people, she wants to trust. hence she is extremely cautions in extending herself too.

  32. Avatar

    The information I received from this image were: yellow, drugs, dead, daughter, D or G name.

  33. Avatar

    I was careful to try and avoid giving into facial expressions, etc because they are often social masks we wear. I felt strongly that she was a breast cancer survivor (that came out of nowhere!). I felt she was strong, a real fighter, but a caring person who is close to those she loves.

    I’m new, so it’s my best shot… 🙂

  34. Avatar

    the first thing that sprung to my mind was…
    shes a teacher or works in the police force
    i also felt she may have a disability of some sort (i don’t know why i thought this!)
    pic 1 is more true to her character and pic 2 doesn’t feel sincere to her character

    career woman rather than a home maker

  35. Avatar

    I feel that this woman has been a victim of a traumatic event, possibly the loss of a partner or a child, and still lives with the repercussions of this event in her daily life.

    She seems to be a woman deeply set into a routine and does little to stray from this routine. To many she could come across as boring or quiet. This may just be a coping mechanism for her trauma, as mentioned before.

    She is self-sufficient and driven in terms of her goals and career and possible may have cut the ties with human reactions and live alone or with an animal companion.

  36. Avatar

    I keep picking up green for her aura, with little flecks of blue and purple. she’s a writer of some sort.

  37. Avatar

    – is in a band, probably the singer
    – has two children
    – is from England
    – has written a book
    – has had a hard life (drinking, drugs) but has since cleaned up her act
    – is not married at the moment

  38. Avatar

    She may be a musician, she has partied hard in her life. Possibly overcome addiction to drugs. A lot of heartbreak….men, family, friends. Despite the obstacles, she has been able to be creative, had many positive experiences, and traveled the globe.

  39. Avatar

    This woman is a working professional in the fields of
    finance or banking. She could also be a writer.
    Based on the color of her clothes, grey and tan.
    Her material needs are met; she leads a secure life
    in this regard, but from her photo, she has a tired
    worn-out energy. Jaded. A bit cynical. Skeptical.
    Based on her body language, she seems to be
    saying, “So, you think you have all the answers?
    Tell me something I haven’t heard before!”
    As I was gazing at her photo, I could ‘see’ her
    turning around and flashing a big smile with
    a deep laugh.
    She is wondering if there is more to life.
    In the second photo, same woman I presume,
    she has made changes in her life.. with the red hair!
    Red is the color of movement and action. The straw hat is a bit whimsical, open, embraces change.
    The color green exemplifies that and growth too.
    The first photo, the woman is “closed off”, but here in the second photo, she is open, giving and ready for whatever life gives her. Either way, I would trust her.

  40. Avatar

    First impressions from first photo post:
    Cold, ruthless, untrustworthy, arrogant … but also a sadness. Second photo showed a sadness and fragility and uncertainty.

  41. Avatar

    ….creative in her younger years…something about Education comes to mind…darker personality in her later years…the older picture made my heart race if I looked at it too long…..the letter P

  42. Avatar

    My first impression was that this person is from the UK. She is hiding something, she has a secret, maybe a past history of drugs or alcohol abuse. She is an artist of some sort, I think music. Either a singer or musician. She is trying to block me, doesn’t want to be read. She is superficial, puts on a good face but much turmoil underneath. She places a high value on her abilities but has low self esteem for herself. I feel emotional pain, she is hurting but puts on a good front and parties, either to kill the pain or keep people at a distance. I don’t trust her because she doesn’t trust herself.

  43. Avatar

    Hi everyone.

    My first impression was of ‘schmarmy’ smugness, a cocky, know-it-all that made me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. I would not trust her and I struggled to look deeply into her eyes. The head tilt was unnerving for me, and I thought “why can’t she look straight at me?” She replied with “Stuff you!” She is closed off. Hard. Distant. Prickly.

    Swinging came to mind.

    Birds were a big theme. Not sure why. Ostrich (or Osterreich? as in Austrian?) Owl. And the novel “to kill a mockingbird” and film “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest”.

    First photo she reminded of the character “Bea” in the Australian TV show “Prisoner” where Bea was a hard nosed, tough, top-dog, no-nonsense inmate incarcerated for murdering her husband and his lover. Was this woman bad in some way? Done something wrong? or a murderer? or prisoner some how? Confined.

    Second photo reminded me of Lucille Ball in “I Love Lucy”. Maybe woman was comedian or actress. Woman seems crazy but talented in some way, mildly neurotic even. Drunk and silly!

    The hat reminded me of Saturn’s rings!! Then later the word ubiquitous! (And yes I had to look up the meaning of ubiquitous which means omnipresent, worldwide, global, pervasive etc.) Was she well known? Did she think the world revolved around her? Running rings around something or someone? Or just cold and distant and lifeless?

    Woman’s back was prominent. Did she have a monkey on her back? Chip on her shoulder? Likely to stab you in the back?? Watch your back? Also her left earlobe.

    Woman’s neck and throat also prominent. Like a lump or blockage? Could she not speak up? Singer? Writer? Hang herself?

    B word – baseball, basketball, or boobie! Maybe Lucille Ball! Bea! Other names: Lorraine, Max or Maxwell, Sarah, Harris, Jason, Sally. (gosh so many!)

    I got green too, but that was colour of her shirt. But I also saw trees in a forest???

    She seemed to be asking “why?” And those pursed lips! Not friendly at all! No joy there. What was she hiding? or not telling?

    There was also the face of a monster behind her, over her left shoulder……….

  44. Avatar

    Apologies for my long essay above…..

  45. Avatar

    I earlier thought she was from England, but now I am getting Italy. She has a kind heart but only trusts a few close people. Very anti-authority, and was abused as a child. Again with a sex trade such as brothel. Her son was a part of her downfall. She embezelled money from a job (not a client) and has a Robinhood sort of spirit.

  46. Avatar

    I felt she has a warm giving heart. Lots of friends, very
    sociable. I feel she traveled for work, like a reporter,like
    documenteries. She travels along w/ a crew. I feel she writes and may be a producer or director. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s related to you, as she looks like you. That’s all I got 🙂 Namaste

  47. Avatar

    As I examined her initial photo, the thoughts regarding her work or personal endeavors suggested that of an advocate, use of the law, the pursuit or campaign on behalf of a cause. I thought her appearance and disposition were somewhat contradictory. While she can summon the strength and persona of a Roman gladiator in pursuit of or defense of her cause(s), she also possesses the sweetness and tenderness of a lamb.

    She is a leader, and worthy of attention and trust. Her life has not always been pleasant or comfortable, but it is the passion for her work that sustains her existence. A recent achievement or victory regarding her work was noteworthy.

  48. Anna

    I am enjoying reading these comments…some of you have done really well!

    I will reveal who it is on Friday NZ time.

  49. Avatar

    Fina, decorator, art, creativity …
    Death of son. Suffers and does not show it.
    Great intuition.

  50. Avatar

    My first thought was she’s quirky, fun. Definitely has to be an artist of some sort. She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to go after it and get it. Talkative, loud. Speaks her mind for sure. Lots of energy, maybe high strung.

  51. Avatar

    First thought I had when I saw the first photo was green and gold. She has big strong energy. I think she may be kind of loud and her voice is a little rough, she’s sort of funny (clever) but also can be kind of harsh or rude in the manner of speaking her mind honestly. May have something unusual about her speech like a slight lisp or impediment. Very understanding and tolerant. I’m curious how this goes, first time I’ve tried.

  52. Avatar

    Also got single mother and living in the UK.

  53. Avatar

    She has a stubborn streak. is she lying? Feels like she lives in her own fantasy world and doesnt always gel with other people.
    She can be warm but there is always an edge to her. Feel like you never quite know where you are with her,… She has either had deep loss as a child or loss issues with a child around her. There is definately a “child” issue somewhere.
    Written her memoirs or sold her story. Feel that she has been submitted to lots of questions but no one really knows if she is telling the truth or not.

  54. Avatar

    I’m picking up on a lot of sadness and pain. I feel like she may have struggled with addiction. She also seems fun-loving and free-spirited on the surface, loves to party. I also get a sense of instability – that she spent much of her life kind of drifting through. On the positive side, I think she is creative, quirky and interesting.

  55. Avatar

    And also very funny and witty!

  56. Avatar

    I feel she is a writer or an artist , something with her hands anyway, she is quite insecure and can be unsure of herself, she puts up a facade to cover her insecurity and possibly has a problem with alcohol or addiction ,I don’t think I would trust her as a friend as she could be unpredictable when under the influence ,she would have a sharp tongue when she loses control , however is quit successful

  57. Avatar

    I saw a very nice person, caring, she runs a home perfectly. I see children.
    I also see that she wants more, she feels her life is greater than that, so she studies psychic and intuition in there free time, hidden. I saw her reading a book inside a closet, hiding.

  58. Avatar

    *her free time.
    Mmm, maybe I have ties with somebody else. I see that woman younger than in the picture.

  59. Avatar

    cocky, judgmental. A bit brash. If she likes you, then loyal to you.

  60. Avatar

    I pick up erratic energy around her. Unbalanced-up and down-indecisive.
    I pick up something with her parents and childhood-somethings ‘off’. I also sense a passed male energy around her.
    At some time in her life she was ‘duped’ into believing something.

  61. Avatar

    activist of some kind. I don’t trust her. I feel she has done bad things in her life.

    2 children, a boy and a girl.

  62. Avatar

    Homeless at the age of 15… had a lot of trouble trusting people until 30’s…. Puts on a brave face but a lot of hurt still deep down… Would like to release it but doesn’t know how..


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The Intuitive Awakening Program

The Intuitive Awakening Program

‘Zero to intuitive’ in 13 weeks

In my most popular course, you’ll get a step-by-step comprehensive guide to awakening your intuitive abilities. It is complete with udio files, meditations, techniques and inside knowledge from a professional intuitive.

The Akashic Record Reading Program

The Akashic Record Reading Program


Learn how to access the Akashic Records to give professional, accurate, content-rich readings on soul purpose, past lives, life lessons, soul gifts and origins.




Read, heal, open, clear out and rebalance your chakra system. Fast–track your intuitive development using this do–it–yourself guided meditation.

The Intuitive Reading Program

The Intuitive Reading Program


Learn how to do the following readings for your client: Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel Profile Readings, Career Readings, Decision-Making Readings, Relationship Readings and General Intuitive Readings.




With this Amazon bestselling book, learn how to come back into balance with your gifts & thrive in a world that is not set up for empaths.




Learn about the most common negative energies which affect our spaces, how to diagnose and clear energetic issues in your home and how to protect your home from negative energies in the future.


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