Intuitive Experiment #14: Try Reading This Man’s Aura


In this experiment, I invite you to have a go at reading the man in the photo below, using your intuitive skills!

 The purpose of this exercise is for you to find out more about how you might be wired to ‘pick up on’ other peoples’ energy and how you can do it more consciously in the future.

Here’s our experiment subject for this one:

If this is your first time doing one of my experiments, why not go ahead and download the worksheet below (- it’ll make the exercise much easier, as it is full of tips and pointers on how to approach this…) 


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  1. Avatar

    Family man, professor, lives in the East Coast. Writer

    Here are some other questions to ask yourself upon tuning in:

    1. Do you trust him? Yes, I trust him. He has wise, soulful eyes that show a lot of compassion.

    2. Does he remind you of anyone you know or anyone you’ve met in the past? – if so, which characteristics do the two people share? He reminds me of professors I’ve had in the past. In fact, I think he is a professor or a counselor. He seems like he has a lot of emotional depth and is very intelligent. I believe his character is a bit reserved, but that he has a witty sense of humor and is a warm/caring soul.

  2. Avatar

    Age about 50
    Life has been fairly good to him; Not too much physical stress
    Passionate, creative, his own person
    Probably soulful, maybe a musician or writer
    Happy and inherently good inside

    (There is something too nice about him, so it is either the above or he’s a sociopath)

  3. Avatar

    I believe he is a explorer. Yes, I trust him. He is knowledgeable of nature.

  4. Avatar

    I have met this man before. An Englishman, actor

  5. Avatar

    I get that he may be a writer and skies maybe as a hobby or vice-versa I feel he is 52 53 years old and has traveled vastly I think his name is Steve or Stephen, because of the traveling I am not sure where home is.

  6. Avatar

    This man reminds me of one of the three musketeers. He seems like he will confuse you when you try to find out if he is trustworthy-not that he necessarily isn’t, but he tries to keep you guessing. His inner-circle of associates is small and tight. HE doesn’t trust others as readily as he would have you trust him. He is however loyal to his cause and stands behind his conviction-right or wrong. That’s because his convictions are right or wrong depending on how the lens is focused. He may actually be a photographer, or director. I feel that he does have something to do with art as it relates to cinema, maybe even the stage. He definitely enjoys the guessing game. He likes for the audience to be in suspense right up until the end.

  7. Avatar

    Fantastic post!

    This is what I get:

    He is sincere, successful, a loving father and husband. Soul level 3 or older. Feel like he is a mature soul. A respected individual with a huge heart.

    1. Do you trust him?

    Yes I do, I feel that he is an honest person with a very kind heart.

    2. Does he remind you of anyone you know or anyone you’ve met in the past? – if so, which characteristics do the two people share?

    No one from this lifetime but I do feel a spiritual connection with him, maybe from a soul group that is close to mine.

  8. Avatar

    Single-minded; driven. Stubborn, a pioneer of some sort?

    Essentially trustworthy. Kindness towards children, maybe he has children.

    Has a revolutionary attitude/spirit. I feel he’s an inventor (perhaps has new ways of thinking)

    Some particular sadness in his past. I feel he lost a brother to lukaemia?

  9. Avatar

    Artist – very thoughtful, kind but has seen hurt in his life, cautious but caring, very intelligent, compassionate, discerning of other people’s character

    1. Do you trust him? Yes, I’d trust him

    2. Does he remind you of anyone you know or anyone you’ve met in the past? No not really …

  10. Avatar

    Gentle man- photographer or journalist- someone who’s work is viewed by the public but his life is more private. Hes a hard working, honest man. He’s a husband and a father- daughters. He’s had many obstacles in life he’s had to overcome and is better for it. People respect him.

  11. Avatar

    Hi Ana, Walter blessings from Uruguay …
    Actor, writer, degree of aggressiveness in his eyes. Hidden things.
    Achieve success in life. Die young.

  12. Avatar

    Nature man – explorer or animal conservation. Kind but wily eyes, compassionate and intelligent. Cares deeply about saving species. Antarctica or Himalayas.

  13. Avatar

    first impression artist, second musician, third yogi instructor. Grounded, soulful.

  14. Avatar

    – Bill or Will. Not necessarily a name. Could be associated with billing or teach/have a need for willpower.

    – Strong taste of onion at the back of my throat, behind Adam’s apple

    – codes

    – motor

    – cycle (not sure that the motor & cycle go together. Feels like codes and motor may be related. Cycle may be a bicycle.

    – lost someone (recently?) or carries something on him that belongs to someone he lost.

    – snakes. Snakeskin wallet or time of transformation or rattle/music

  15. Avatar

    Funny, intense and perhaps a little stressed. There is a lot of stress in his face actually.

    I am not picking up on his career, family or other personal life really. Also I don’t get a strong trust vibe, or a distrusting one either. My gut tells me he is tricky, a chameleon, a role player maybe.

    Physically, his mouth reminds me of someone famous I can’t place.

  16. Avatar

    My first impression of him was a sensation of being pushed away. Like, there’s a bit of a wall up yet he’s a good guy for the most part. You could trust him if he let people get close enough to trust him. He seems like a bit of a cowboy but I was thinking he was a tv actor too. He kind of reminds me a bit of Jeff Bridges except there isn’t a lot of humor in him or at least that’s not the roles he plays. I picked up on music too. And something to do with govt, like maybe he’s an activist or he’s served in some sort of office. Maybe law enforcementor perhaps he plays these kind of roles as an actor?

    Not a long term commitment kind of guy. Recent divorce perhaps? There’s a kid or two. That’s all I’m getting.

  17. Avatar

    This is a man with a kind nature. In his heart is the spirit of rebellion on some productive level. Perhaps he may do or behave in a way that brings about a bit of controversy but is yet respected. There is a creative intelligence here. It is used in his work. His intentions are for the good but he may be somewhat misunderstood. He has a family, meaning wife and offspring, more than one child. His looks, maybe the hair, remind me of an actor but I am not sure who. I don’t feel though that he himself is an actor.
    Do I trust him? Yes, but he has sneaky eyes that that are at once alluring and disarming.

  18. Avatar

    I immediately liked him. Kind, friendly, possibly wise. I did feel that he is in many ways quite conventional, somebody who goes with the mainstream rather than strikes out on his own. I didn’t feel that he was a particularly strong or forceful character.

    Although good looking enough to be an actor/musician/performer, I actually got scientist, or interest in science. I also got that he went skiing. I thought he had some connection to Germany/Austria/Switzerland.

  19. Avatar

    One other thing, I felt that there was sadness, perhaps even helplessness, in his eyes.

  20. Avatar

    qualities: intense thinker, very logical, passionate about his work, a professional, self assured, science-environment, very involved in the science community, engineering, overseeing wind turbines, or tall towers- looking skyward. He’s very convincing, and grounded.

    Do I trust him: my impression is that I’d be very interested to hear what he has to say. He has a very different ideas and a unique perspective. I am curious about what might come out of his mouth.

  21. Anna

    Well done everyone, can’t wait to reveal who this is!

  22. Avatar

    I feel like he is a writer or poet, possibly a reader/healer. I feel like he’s a fire sign yet in touch with his feminine side. He seems like a loving fun adventurous man. Shy enjoys coffee, and reading books. One of his spirit animals is a deer he’s in tune with nature. I feel as if I can trust him and I feel that he has lived on earth before he’s an older soul

  23. Avatar

    I get that he is well-liked, artistic, and I also get Wizard or Master of something. He is manipulative but it could be part of his art. The eyes are off in some way. Like he can see more than most.

  24. Avatar

    These are the impressions I get with this gentleman:

    – a writer.
    – likes music and art.
    – his eyes physically remind me of people with German heritage.
    – I believe he is either South African or strongly associated with this country.
    – if I were to pick a tarot card to represent this person I would associate him with the King of Swords. He is intellectual, educated, discerning, shrewd, dislikes emotional type interactions, likes dealing with facts and is able to emotionally distant himself from people/situations and see the truth of a matter.
    – something to do with humanitarian issues.
    – educated and someone who is always on the go.
    – not picking up much about family life. I see him as someone who values their freedom, his partner would need to be understanding of this.
    – I do see a son around him, and other children (maybe 2-3 in total). He has a modern approach to parenting.

  25. Avatar

    Stuck in the past. False front. Cautious. Private. Denim jeans and boots.

  26. Avatar

    I wanted to add that I think his line of work has something to do with humanitarian type issues through writing or publicly exposing injustices (I.e – journalism or via making documentaries). He seeks to educate the public by exposing the truth in these matters.

  27. Avatar

    I trust him feel he is an artist of some type he is a loner see him outside a lot but does not like crowds of people. he is honest but seems to be guarded he does not trust easily. Eyes are bright he has a good soul but I feel he is closed book until you earn his trust.This is the first time I have ever done anything like this so I feel really odd I do feel hurt here not sure why.

  28. Avatar

    He is a free spirit. Kind of a loner. Quiet but sincere. Moves around a lot. Yes, I trust him. I think he has a motorcycle . Strong but silent type.

  29. Avatar

    Hi Anna,

    I’m going to give it a go.

    The first thing that comes through is the character “Puss in Boots”.

    His features give off the cheekiness and fun of the character of Puss in Boots and also of a someone dressed from Robin Hood day. One that is full of adventure, of fun and daring.

    I look into his eyes and I see someone that is firm but has that gentleness about him one that is caring, kind and trustworthy.

    I can see a woman and another lady that is very headstrong.
    I see strong and loving arms like some sort of father figure.

    Hope I’m as close to what you have.

    Take care

  30. Avatar

    Get bad vibes

  31. Avatar

    I was getting the name Tom! I would trust him! Age 35-40
    I’m getting England!
    Water could have lived near water
    I am also getting a racing boat
    Something about about a car accident?
    And that he had 3 children?
    Some type of actor or on TV?

  32. Avatar

    I feel like he is kind. I sense a huge connection to water–a sailor? Could there also be a prison or a prison sentence related to him in some way?

  33. Avatar

    For some reason, he seems to attract people to him. He is handsome and charismatic, but something tells me not to trust him. He may be artistic and I feel he may be a musician of a new-age kind of jazz. He may have had 3 wives and is presently with #3 and has one child to her.

    This one is very weird to me.

  34. Avatar

    First thing that came to me was inventor of something. Wise one realm, something to do with Sweden/Switzerland or a Scandinavian country. Feel he is a good man and the word ‘ice’ came to me and the 80s.

  35. Avatar

    I don’t trust the man in the picture. I feel as if he is trying to show one face while keeping his true self hidden. And his true self is not one that I would like to know. I feel as if he is an entertainer or has been in the news a lot (FYI, I do not watch the news). When I first seen his picture my stomach fell and I felt woozy, never a good sign for me. This man is not a person who I want to meet.

  36. Avatar

    An actor, celebrity figure, outgoing, open personality, trustworthy, passionate, expressive, loving, giving
    Successful career, married and divorced, has children, struggle in personal love relationships, well known figure, very wealthy

  37. Avatar

    I don’t trust him. I feel he’s good at manipulation. Artistic, highly sexual.

  38. Avatar

    I sense he is artistic, left brained. Maybe a painter or actor. Definitely in the arts.
    He experienced a profound loss and although he smiles and attracts people, he has a wall up that shields his sensitive core. He seems to be passionate and people like him a great deal, but he keeps his true self safe behind a false front. He is trustworthy and decent, he just protects this inner hurt he carries.
    I sense he’s not American…maybe Australian, or English…definitely an accent.
    I sense that his soul is old and knowledgeable about its purpose on this plane, but I get the impression he’s not particularly fond of the lessons he’s had to experience–more like he accepts it as part of this incarnation.

  39. Avatar

    I felt science and facts that seemed incongruent with his sensitive looking face. Did seem under pressure or a deep thinker. Trust is not a feeling I am getting – he seems independent and not one to be concerned with what people think of him.

  40. Avatar

    I do trust this man, he appears calm and relaxed. His spirit is loving, like a teacher or clergyman.

  41. Avatar

    He should not be wholly trusted, has a yellow aura, he is in theater, may not trust others, may be married and do have children, say things you want to hear. He has a nice personality

  42. Avatar

    I feel that he is an artist.. Maybe a painter.. That is the only strong impression that I got. Plus an intense energy as a focused on his photo.

  43. Avatar

    I sense an artist of some sort. He seems to be a lover of animals and nature. Kind and misunderstood heart. I would not trust him, there is something twisted about him that is of a darker nature but kept in secret.

  44. Avatar

    He’s trustworthy, adventurous, (I’m picking up world travel and a brief flash of sky diving), he seems kind and caring, possibly does philanthropic or charity work.

  45. Avatar

    This person seems to be someone who is accunstomed to be in front of the public, he might be a sportsman or a presentator. He can be kind and loving and know exactly what he wants. He has a lot of ambition and of powerful energy to achieve his goals.
    He seems to be preoccupied by some problem.
    It is possible to trust him depending on the situation.
    He has a very strong determination and can be cold sometimes.

  46. Avatar

    Wow, he looks & feels so familiar….he is very charming & chrasmatic, He is one of those people who can get anyone to do anything for him, he makes you feel like you are the centre of the world…..
    He is a writer or musician, bit of a hippy, is he Sweedish or Austrian? I feel like he has spent his life travelling & has never really settled down & been a grown up.
    I think there is a bit of an ego there too, he can be a little cunning & deceptive.

  47. Avatar

    Seems to have a lot of confused thoughts, seems confused and unfocused.

    Afraid and worried about something also fidgety seems tired

    Looking strong and confident on the surface

    May not trust people easily. Rather cautious

  48. Avatar

    He appears a kind and genuine person and definitely someone I could trust. He is confidant, but doesn’t like to be the center of attention. I think he is in some kind of creative career and is very comfortable with who he is and doesn’t need or seek the approval of others. I think he enjoys helping others, not for the thanks, but for how he feels when he helps others. I see him in a happy marriage with children. Although to others he may seem an extrovert, I think he is an introvert.

  49. Avatar

    Film maker possibly from New Zealand. He is a hard worker and passionate about his job. He is also a family man with kids and makes effect to be with them. He has an adventurous personality and is free spirited. Feel a connection to the 70s and think the photo was taken while working in the 2000s. I sense a bit of anger but not sure why..

  50. Avatar

    What a peculiar mix of images I’m getting when I look at this man! One side of him is the nice side but the other side is dark. I think he keeps the dark aspect quite well hidden.
    He is a businessman with a lot of talent for making money. For some reason I see skateboards!
    He has certain things that he would rather people didn’t find out about but I’m hesitating about putting them on here in case someone actually knows him.
    I also see a court case.
    The nice side of this man sees him giving to charity and helping young people in some way.

  51. Avatar

    intense, not entirely fulfilled or happy but holds back feelings. Reveals a hidden sadness. Fairly well off but money has not brought him happiness. Trustworthy, kind.

  52. Avatar

    Sensitive, creative, a little reclusive, soft spoken, maybe a musician or writer, or designer?
    Intelligent, engaging when you get to know him, deep thinking.
    Can’t get partner or children.
    I would trust him, mainly because of sensing a fellow sensitive.
    European? Scandinavian?

  53. Avatar

    I feel he is very influential and has a lot of sway with people around him. He is calm on the outside but can at times be calculating and controlling. He goes for what he wants at all costs and is very driven.I keep getting the word director but not sure if that is his profession. There is two sides to him. One that not many people see. Get the feeling of more than one wife so has had issues with relationships, feels “messy”
    Feels like he has a lot of compassion and over concern for others – involved with underprivelaged groups?
    There is a sense of detachment with him and feels like a lot of heartache in his younger years. feels a lot of people just dont “get” him.

  54. Avatar

    Good man. Probably an artist, singer, or writer.

    I can him trust in the sense that it is not able to do anyone harm. He is wise and likes to dive in a lot of subjects, but is not prejudiced. He is sensitive and a bit intuitive. He uses that to look for answers about why things happen in particular ways. He might even write his songs about that, that’s how he expresses is feelings.
    He doesn’t judge a book by his cover.
    However he is not your confidant. Not exactly willing want to share everything you feel and think with the world. There is a deeper layer that he doesn’t want the world to see..
    Actually I feel like is trying to read me, his eyes and forehead, is like there is something buzzing him that he doesn’t know what it is. He is trying to see beyond to figure it out without asking, but he can’t get there.

    He had his share of traveling when is young. Now is probably settled in a house either in the country or in calm city, with is family. Seems like he Is a father, I would say young two girls.

  55. Avatar

    I saw vast mountain ranges, snow capped, and felt a terrible sadness about a young boy, eight years old-ish, either this person when he was young or his son. This man overcomes situations and I guess is a climber or adventurer. He is kind and has overcome great sorrow.

  56. Avatar

    I feel he’s an artist or involved with the arts or maybe teaching in some way , hes untrustworthy and a manipulator, he particularly works on women and then convinces them that if they’re uncomfortable with the situation that it’s actually their shortcoming or insecurities, he is charismatic and most people fall under his spell however he has quite a dark side that he keeps well hidden until the game is up and then he shows his true colours , he leaves others to pick up the bill and walks away from debts he may have scammed people in a big way maybe quite vulnerable people ,

  57. Avatar

    Musician, traveler, been on the road for a long time. New Zealander.
    Something about this tight face muscles. Smooth face.
    A name Bob Harvey came to mind.
    I like him.

  58. Avatar

    My first conscious thought about him is that he’s a trustworthy but complicated man. He is caring. He wants to impart his knowledge to help others. He has a sense of humor and likes to laugh. He has far-reaching eyes that can “see” goodness in a person. He enjoys music and he is a creative type of person.

  59. Avatar

    The first thing that came to mind was, a paint artist or college professor. He’s a laid back relaxed kind of guy & well liked.

  60. Avatar

    He seems to be a bit of a loner probably likes to work by himself. Likes to works with his hands
    He drinks and likes the ladies and ladies like him
    Possibly a middle child
    Had a strong father figure growing up and much of what he learned is with him to adulthood
    I see him bring truth worthy but because people automatically trust him he has to wrestle with not taking advantage
    Likes to laugh
    Has a good heart but can be dark if need be
    I see a temper
    I see a yellowish aura

  61. Avatar

    Seafarer, as in small boat / yacht. Loner.

    Also, travel writer.

    Reminds me a bit of Richard Branson.

  62. Avatar

    This man feels things intensely and deeply. Once he gets an idea about something, he can not let go, until he has gotten some sort of resolution. This man has had an experience in his past, which greatly shook his own foundations. He had kind eyes. He wants the best for everyone. He wishes there was more understanding and acceptance in the world about him. “We’re wasting too much time!” is what he seems to be saying.
    I would trust this man. He has a rare noble spirit.
    He is innovative. A true pioneer.

  63. Avatar

    Something to do with music. He’s not crazy but often does things or makes decisions that seem kooky or out of the mainstream which causes other people to wonder. He’s just following his creative intuition. Strong defender of family and/or people and causes that he loves.

  64. Avatar

    Artistic, maybe a writer, witty in a playful way, somewhat passive and seemingly withdrawn but very passionate, empathetic, an “old soul”, has a small family

  65. Avatar

    i think he has had abit of worrying life .i would not trust him he has got abit of money he is around about 59is

  66. Avatar

    I feel this man is very passionate about his loved ones and interests. He is trustworthy, but may take a while to trust others. I feel this man is self- sufficient and has made his own living in life and a good one! He is thoughtful, kind, but can stand his ground when his limits are pushed. He knows what he wants and likes. He has worked hard to accomplish all he desires.
    I feel he appreciates the out doors, wild life, forests, does he ski? I also get Canada.
    He is happy in his own company.
    I feel he may also appreciate or play the piano, I feel a lot of natural materials with this man, he uses his hands to craft objects. Could be something like carpentry, picture frames?

  67. Avatar

    He seems very familiar…I feel like I have seen him in some kind of period film or TV series…he definitely has an artistic air about him. I feel strongly that I could trust him, but I feel something behind his eyes, like he really sizes people up before deciding if he can trust them or not.
    I feel compassion and much light in his eyes, and I feel that he has a passion for certain causes and a rare and visionary view of the world and of the future.
    He reminds me a little of Sir Richard Branson…not just the hair and facial hair, but something in the energy I feel from his picture. Entrepreneurial? Experimental? Environmental?
    I liked him instantly…he feels like someone I would respect a lot for his insights and ideas.
    He may get offside with some people though…more conservative people who are very set in their life views.

  68. Avatar

    Kind, discerning, but not loved by all. Quick thinker, not emotionally driven. Hard past life. A doer/action-based person. Not long-winded; to the point, but not curt. By no means a perfectionist (how do you get things done that way? is his rule of thumb), thus completes what he sets out to get done. Trust with doing, but not with emotions (not sure if this is coming from my male stigma). Unapologetic for who he is, dislikes disclaimers and won’t preface comments with “I think/feel/believe” or “in my opinion”. Earth energy–yellow aura. Works with people in a money/number/engineering/structure sort of way but not in investments…data and statistics perhaps—psychology or research or some ilk in which the need for math/stats & people collide. Becomes frustrated at idleness, when people give too much pause, and tends to lead without barking orders. Is not one to overpraise.

  69. Avatar

    Writer, activist, trustworthy, leader, lover of nature, ahead of his time

  70. Avatar

    I get that he has an expansive view on the world that is inherently good (philanthropist came to mind) but he’s a little shifty as well. He’ll do what it takes to get what he needs.

  71. Avatar

    I find this man quite hard to read but this is what I got.
    The first thing I got was a castle and a sword….but I felt like he was some kind of explorer, fairly helpful to people especially the homeless. Got a name John. On the flip side of the coin I got him beating someone.

  72. Avatar

    The letter H…alive, married, no kids, writer, lover of the outdoors, early 40s…foreigner, meaning not from the usa…I see water, sea life, cliff. .

  73. Avatar

    I think he is creative, artistic, flirt \ romantic, happy kind of guy.

  74. Avatar

    he seems to be a pleasant humorous and yet serious person. probably he’s an actor where ocean is concerned.

  75. Avatar

    Clear blue eyes, he is kind, warm & intuitive. Wise man.Nordic or German. I
    know him from my past.He was fighting for a worthy cause.I trust him.
    He is also a writer.

  76. Avatar

    He is tough and is keeping himself together (intensity behind it), does his best to do what’s right, charming and funny, smart and wise. Friendly, stern but not aggressive… he is very trustworthy but has something to hide.
    I imagined him on a beach by the ocean, having a boat with wife and kids. Also, he works at a hospital, great at healing, is attentive and father like. Does he like the sun? Sunbathing?

  77. Avatar

    I had a very sudden reaction to his photo… like “Bam”

    Artistic, writer, play write, maybe even acting. Acting hit me first.

    Very intelligent, soft spoken, free spirit.

    I hear an accent.

  78. Avatar

    I feel like he has something to do with music? Like a producer or song writer? Something creative… I see children, childrens charities specifically.

  79. Avatar

    adventurer, entrepreneur, a bit shady, not that ethical, money motivated, scheming, lived in a tropical/jungle area

  80. Avatar

    My immediate impression is that this man is in the arts; a musician, a poet, a painter, something in “the arts”. I sense immense kindness and I feel like I want to trust him but that I would probably hold something back; feels like selfishness on his part ? My feeling steers towards education, a scholarly bent… perhaps science as well as the arts? A bit of a renaissance man…but with that comes a high sense of his own importance?

  81. Avatar

    At first, I thought this is a really nice guy, and I still think so. But I feel like he was hurt deeply and this might have propelled him to do something uncharacteristic. He is determined about the things he loves and about the things he believes in. He certainly has a lot of passion.

  82. Avatar

    He is a very creative man, someone in the artistic field. Very wealthy married to a beautiful woman with two young children. This man loves the ocean and lives possibly on the beach. His eyes show that he is visual, and creating something in his mind.

  83. Avatar

    I get a strong sense of sly evil. Has the ability to hid it well. Manipulate with charm.

  84. Avatar

    I don’t like his vibs. He is fake and sneaky. It feels like he is hidding kids or wants to. He plays 2 roles..the socially friendly and the privately evil. He has many issues.

  85. Avatar

    I feel that he is a very kind man. Something to do with the arts, music or writing. I also feel a connection to a music instrument. Maybe a violin.

  86. Avatar

    The first thing I got was the sense of him having a daughter, like a single dad no mom in the picture. Then I got a sense of him being in the arts he reminds me of an actor, not sure which. I feel like he is not an open book, and he keeps a large part of hinself hidden from people. I get the sense of writing a book about himself, or part of his story. I get a past of darkness, I feel like he had it rough as a child, but he overcame. I get the sense of travel with him as well. I fee he’s been all over. This one was a bit harder for me to read, as far as trusting, I think I would trust him while in his presence, but I would not leave my children with him, not sure why though. OK that’s all for me, thank you for the fun experiment.


  87. Avatar

    My first impression was that I liked him. I am thinking European like German or Swiss. I felt like he may have suffered as a child, and as an adult does not have many people in his life. Although he has a kind energy, he tends to push people away and worries a lot. Musician popped up- wind instrument. I think he’s still alive. I tried to feel for his immediate family (i.e. spouse, kids) but didn’t get anything. Why is he newsworthy? Maybe due to an accomplishment, but I got nothing in terms of scandal. Perhaps charity work.

  88. Avatar

    After reading the intuitive problem description, the word actor was had as an immediate response. Continued reflection garnered actor – director, involvement
    with the production of documentary films, perhaps raising money to support the production of same.

    He seems a compassionate, concerned, caring individual of some respectable measure of determination and devotion to his work. He may be guarded, even slightly defensive regarding criticism of his work or activities. An affable individual with a keen wit and a unique sense of humor. Yes, trustworthy!

  89. Avatar

    – he’s an artist (either creates music or paints)
    – Sweden pops into my mind (maybe he’s of Swedish origin?)
    – he has quick temper
    – he can’t settle down with one woman
    – money is somehow involved

  90. Avatar

    Immediate impression was activist. Nordic. Very motivated person/high energy. Possibly fanatical about whatever he’s into. Likes sailing? Furniture, food and guns and maybe somehow these 3 relate to each other in some way-whether each is symbolic of something maybe?

  91. Avatar

    – I feel him to be very persuasive. Intimidating.
    – Wouldn’t trust him.
    – Ambitious,strong knows what he wants from life.
    But has yet to find it. To feel complete.
    – Not getting a feeling of knowing him in the past. But feel possibly in the future in a weird way.I cannot explain.
    – He would be a person to be an aquaintance, but you would have to know him well. Until he could let you into his heart.

  92. Avatar

    Very dynamic person, I pick up that he is psychic

  93. Avatar

    This man appears to be a gentle soul who has been “rough and tumbled” with lots of pain and grief throughout his life but the compassionate side of his Self has not allowed him to get all too down about life – I also feel he’s coached/inspired others to do the same.

    Also I feel that he is somehow connected to the music realm, whether he was once interested in it and did/could not pursue it or has recently rejoined it and is also teaching it to others.

    I do definitely get the Nature vibe from this gent and also have a feeling that he has a great love and interest in animals and wildlife as well.

  94. Avatar

    – A visionary, has ideas, fosters innovation
    – Green aura, generous with his love
    – Something related to entertainment or Hollywood
    – Shares some characteristics with Jim Henson or Steve Jobs
    – Concern or interest in the environment/nature.
    – Wife and one daughter perhaps. A person named Lisa in his life.

  95. Avatar

    Never done anything like this before, but we will have a go. Made a point not to read anyone else’s untill after I’ve posted this lol!

    Warm friendly soothing man. Really calming maybe a counsellor or a therapist. But also has a spark about him and maybe a dry sense of humor. You wouldn’t want to get on his bad side as he os very passionate. A caring person who cares or teaches as a job. Yes I do trust him.

  96. Avatar

    Writing. I would trust him. Deep thinker. Emotionally charged (passionate) Creative, also business orientated. Large family.
    Deep blue aura.

  97. Avatar

    I didn’t feel that I trust him or have known him before.I feel he is in his fifties and a muscian.

  98. Avatar

    Introvert. Very open-minded. Innovate. Intuitive.
    Artistic. ecclectic. Respectful of others. Yes, I trust!

  99. Avatar

    Just a quick glance, right when i saw the picture the word garden was spoken to me, i will go into further details when i got more time.

  100. Avatar

    I pick up strongly that he is a philanthropist, and possibly a writer and/or poet. He might be a musician, but if he is I feel it’s secondary.

  101. Avatar

    He is a bit of a nomad. Stays In one place for a few years then moves on. Only male child but has at least one sister. Maybe a school teacher but definitely plays the guitar. Maybe in a band that does pub gigs. Both parents and grandparents still alive. He visits when it suits him. Not wealthy but not wanting either. Does not own his own house. Has been married but since then dates for a while then moves on. Not always his choice to end the relationships. He is trustworthy mostly. He doesn’t steal and he is not a con artist but he may cheat on a woman if the situation arose. He has a couple of children of his own that he sees regularly but they do not live with him. He was doted on as a child by his sisters and mother.

  102. Avatar

    My feedback on the #14 intuitive experiment.

    I feel from this man a very strong will, determination, he keeps his life very private and chooses what he says. He loves children likes to be in their company and enjoys giving them his knowledge, teaching qualities.
    At a young age he knew what he wanted to become as an adult and what life to have.
    Very independent not strong attachment with his family. He admires human beeins and gets mesmirized he sees the glass half full.
    I feel some selfishness and his life needs to go the direction he chooses to and not his partner.
    He is a good talker inspires others and convinces others well.
    I feel a passionate person in what he does he believes it totally and has found a way to embellish.

    whatever job he has he is very methodic, everything is organised and well prepared in his head, things are organised in his mind in advance. Lot of preparation before work.
    I am getting the name Daniel related to him.
    Ideas thoughts are the base of his work.

    He can be many hours without a meal. Food is not taken as pleasure the purpose for him is nourrishment.

    His solitary moments hours are essential to him.

  103. Avatar

    Looks Swedish or Norwegian to me. He reminds me of a cartoon cat! But otherwise he strikes me as someone who has struggled to come to terms with something terrible that happened to him (physically?), or that he was involved in that resulted in death or injury to someone else. He seems like he has had to deal with that.

    It’s easy to guess some kind of ‘artist’ with hair like that (musician, writer, actor, etc.), so I want to rebel against that purely because it’s an easy clue! But then I start getting into headgames with myself and my intuition goes out the window. 😀

  104. Avatar

    Philanthropist. He’s passionate and driven. Shrewd and cunning as well. He could easily use his charisma and intelligence for selfish gain and may have done so, briefly, as a younger man. He is focused on what he considers just and kind causes. Very driven in everything he does. Can come off as intense, occasionally because of this which can be intimidating. Once people get past the eccentricity, his passion is infectious.

  105. Avatar

    I think he is an actor. Do i trust him? Yes but i don’t know why he gives me a sensation of doubt as if he is hiding something. I see 2 doughters and maybe a son( i’m not sure for this last one because he looks distant). I have an image of him smoking and driving drunk a White car. He changes his temper quickly.

  106. Avatar

    happy joyful person, music realtion

    i trust him,

    he is over-all a joyous person with
    passion for life,
    he is some how related to music, i see
    piano. he had a sad past, or it was
    though life where he grew up, he also
    likes books, but he also have a bad side.
    and may have anger issues

  107. Avatar

    He seems kind, a bit shy socially but bold in his work. He has confidence in his abilities in his work. Has a connection with nature, maybe animals, dogs. I think he has an artistic side, music.

    He has insecurities in relationship. He lost someone, maybe a brother in his teens.

    He is easy going most of the time, but can have a stubborn streak.

  108. Avatar

    When I look at his picture, his head turns away then turns back to me with a big wide smile with large teeth. He reminds me of Gary Oldman the actor. I don’t know why he just does, I think it’s his jawline and cheeks. At first I didn’t like him, but when I asked can I trust him, the answer was kind eyes. So I believe you could. I see him constantly brushing his hair back from his face using his left hand. I see him outside pointing to some area of land with a large industrial object or equipment. He works with the outdoors. I see him in jeans and work boots, he has a short slender build. He is concerned with the earth. I see him as a loner does not really likes to be around people but has to since he needs to work with them with his innovative work. I keep getting green energy or he is in land of green valleys and hills. I can’t seem to get any more details than that I hope I’m not way off in my impressions. Thank you for this wonderful exercise. Would like to practice more. Susan

  109. Avatar

    For the men in the picture.

    This is a men of good heart, a loving person he is very sweet and romantic. He like to be touch and hug.he is a happy person soft spoken well educated. He is very emotional and compassionate. He likes acting, maybe he is an actor. I have never seeing him before. He worries from everything. Yes, I would trust him.

  110. Avatar

    I don’t know anything about the person in picture, nor I have seen or heard about him before.

    He’s probably in his 50s. He has a gentle knowing smile that says he’s a very approachable person with gentle persona. His eyes speaks as if to show he possess varied knowledge from many experiences. He does show a hint of mischief but that’s probably because he’s not a very serious person, meaning, he is not lacking in showing joy and appreciation of happy things. I would think that this person is probably a doctor. To say if I trust this person on first sight, well, perhaps a little. He does show confident smile but still, I would not fully trust him until I get to know the real him.

  111. Avatar

    Deep voice, thinks before he talks. Knows more than one language. I think he sings very well, and is outdoors a lot. He has felt a lot of wind. When he sits he clasps his hands together and leans his elbows on his knees. He could be Norwegian or south afrivpcan. Trustworthy and conscientious .

  112. Avatar

    Im getting two different vibes from him. At first it was getting a icky, evil, vibe from him. It was just too much energy coming from him. His look is very passionate amdpiercing. I also dont trust him at all because he seems very sneeky amd fake. Am i the only one who left feeling very icky inside after reading his aura as if he did something terrible?

  113. Avatar

    I feel he is very creative, loves spending time in nature, especially mountains (I feel fresh, crisp air). I see him with a camera, so photographer? Looks like he is traveling a lot, so I can not pick up were he lives. I see two women, one tall blond and one darker, short. X wife and wife? 2 girls, a boy too but not sure the boy is his.

    If he promise something, it might take some time before he gets back to you, so therefor there might be some issues. He is passionate and very present in what he is doing at the moment, so he forgets the rest of the world.

  114. Avatar

    Charming guy, not sure I would trust him. Creative, a visionary, strong willed but very considerate and also romantic. Open minded but solitary personality. possibly a vegetarian.
    A musician composing, playing the guitar but also the piano . Many radical ups and downs in his life. He led a kind of nomadic life, stayed close to nature.

  115. Avatar

    • Intense.
    • Loves music; might even create it.
    • A connection to North America.
    • I’m getting a lot of conflicting information on whether he is single or in a serious relationship, so I’m guessing it’s a situation with some complications.
    • Reads long books.
    • Relatively well-off.
    • Dog person.

  116. Avatar

    yes, i trust him. He exudes trustworthiness.

    He resembles Jesus with his long hair and those wise pair of eyes. he’s got loveable lips, too.-good kisser. His facial profile gives me a feeling of ease and comfort though I can sense that he is carrying a heavy load. is he he yogi? or a life coach?

  117. Avatar

    Descriptors: creative, magical, inventor, eclectic, sweet, kind. Married with at least 1 child. Came from nothing. Influenced by father.

  118. Avatar

    First reaction was series of “B” words: blue, bobby, brown, and bicycle. (Later I also saw a motorbike.) Second I saw him standing in front of a crowd or audience on a stage or platform, with a lectern and microphone. Which led me to think he was a lecturer, leader, director, performer, or speaker.

    Initially I felt warmth, friendliness and cheekiness, but there was a strong feeling of being ‘sucked into’ him. Very charming, charismatic, and persuasive. He is confident, but also cunning, shifty, and sly like a fox. His stare eventually became uncomfortable, as if he knew too much or could see through me. He felt covered and layered, as if there is more to him than we can see. A weird mix of cheerful and ungrateful. My imagination said he was a cult leader!

    Besides fox, other animals I associated with him were griffin, beast, ox, snake, and lion (especially with that hair!) Maybe he liked attention!

    There was water around him, even a waterfall, or fountain, something spilling over or invading/filling a space. Blue!

    I saw a guitar. And he reminded me of Kevin Bloody Wilson, an Australian singer/comedian known for his uncouth and crude songs. Maybe this guy is a bit ‘out there’, bohemian, or controversial some how. Or something with Australia.

    White was strong. Maybe white clothes, white coat, or white shirt with jeans and boots, James Dean, rebel style. I got an image of him with very sweaty hair. I imagined him exercising in white karate suit!! Then I got Steven Segale! OMG!

    There was feminine energy. Lots of females around him, maybe female admirers/lovers, no wife, one daughter.

    Random impressions of painter or painting, Breaker Morant (war), Frankstown Murders and guns, and capturing photography.

    Think I covered ALL the bases! Thanks for reading this far! Fingers Crossed! 🙂

  119. Avatar

    Adding to my earlier post, but reluctant to write it before…… Adolf Hitler came up! I originally ignored this insight because: a) I saw a pic of Hitler on Facebook about one hour before trying this experiment, so I thought this impression was only a recent memory still floating in my mind ; b) I didn’t want to offend the man in the picture by drawing comparisons to Hitler since he may still be alive; and lastly c) there were no mass murderer vibes!
    Anna, my mind has a life of its own!!!!

  120. Avatar


  121. Anna

    Hi Mon,

    Actually you’re right on…the name of this writer’s book in Norwegian is Min Kamp (deliberately echoing Hitler’s work ‘Mein Kampf’) – another reason why this book caused controversy when published!

  122. Avatar

    Professional man, biker. I trust him. He doesn’t look like he believes someone but is smiling anyway.


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