Intuitive Experiment #13 – What Do You Pick Up About This Woman?

In this blog post, I present our 13th Intuitive Experiment!

An Intuitive Experiment is where I post a photo of a relatively unknown person in the news, or from history, and ask readers to use their psychic skills to have a go at reading the person.

The aim of the experiment is for you to validate your psychic abilities (and also improve them – because when you have a go at an exercise like this, you can gain insight on how exactly you are picking up information, and also what your strongest intuitive gifts might be.)

Here is the woman I found for this experiment:




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  1. Avatar

    What came through to me…

    She was accused of some wrong doing.
    Something personal was revealed about her-was in the spotlight and under scrutiny. Perhaps related/involved children.
    I felt intense anxiousness..
    I also felt tragedy and sadness in her energy.


  2. Avatar

    I don’t trust her. She reminds me of a very narcissistic/psychotic woman I know who pretends to be this wonderful mother but is really an abusive and sick individual. She gives me very yucky vibes. She’s evil but she really thinks she’s superior to others. “Perfect” She think’s she’s perfect. She also thinks she’s “won” something. She believes she’s fooled everyone. “Got everyone fooled.” I think she’s hidden something. Perhaps she committed a crime that no one knows about… or no one knows the truth about. She has hidden secrets. She feels smug that she has everyone fooled. She believes she got away with something. It might be far in the past or it might be that she successfully buried something very deep — very hidden.

  3. Avatar

    First photo, do not like the feel. Resentful, put upon… accused of something but doesn’t feel like it’s that big of deal or that it’s her fault.
    Second photo, not as bad as the first one but sad, troubled, needs help but refuses to admit it.

  4. Avatar

    Ok this is interesting. The moment I see the first photo, my first impression was: “wow! What’s with this courtroom interrogation mode?” Seems like some things was done and she was being interrogated and she is like “oh no! Caught red-handed but I show no remorse.” 2nd photo to me is just how she portrayed herself in front of others. A motherly, caring, gentle character who people look up to.

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    I always seek for the best–is that like a default? So what I got was that this woman has high intelligence and she is a competent worker, but in her soul she is frustrated and unhappy. This has been a difficult life for her–she has had to navigate a lot of disappointment. Perhaps her greatest happiness has been good reviews on the job.

  7. Avatar

    I don t trust her. I think she has done something bad but don t feel actually guilty for that… worker or teacher….something with the children…

  8. Avatar

    What comes through is that she was involved in a court case regarding a child. That there is a veneer of how much she loved this child, yet did something that almost seems like Munchhausen syndrome. She has a sadness about her, yet a defiance too. She hides a lot of deep secrets and there is a feeling of “dread” that she will be found out.

    Her outer appearance doesn’t match the turmoil of emotions within. I don’t trust her, she’s hiding something. She got away with something.

  9. Avatar

    Here is what I wrote down while looking at her photo:
    -Professed Innocence
    -Hiding Something

  10. Avatar

    I get sadness. She’s experienced loss, I want to say a son. I feel like she’s married and a teacher. I just feel very sad looking at her

  11. Avatar

    So this all rushed at me, and I wrote it down without filtering it, and immediately noticed that my head began to ache, and then lots of tingles……

    deep sadness

    she is guarded and untrusting… this leads me to believe she has been traumatized and is a victim of something or someone.

    She is creative, and possibly left handed.

    I sensed she was not married and that she was ill or sick inside, probably with guilt.

  12. Avatar

    killed someone, more than one I do not know. This literally hit me over the head ‘Killer’.

    Mentally unstable (see above ha) and dodgy.

    Sneaky, anger issues. no friends or close ones, always moving about perhaps

    domestic abuse/violence (victim at one point but not prolonged maybe earlier in life) Very quick mood changes. She frightens me though. Wish i could get more i can;t 🙁

  13. Avatar

    Hello, I got a very bad feeling when I first saw this picture. This woman is very angry or in great emotional pain. Something very bad happened. Either she committed a very bad act or a very bad act was committed toward her. Is she a nurse? Did she kill someone?

  14. Avatar

    -Accused of doing something wrong
    -May be hiding something

  15. Avatar

    Here are my quick observations
    I do not trust her
    Hiding something
    Multiple Identities
    Distant family
    Transparent personality/what you see is what you get

  16. Avatar

    This woman has seen some stuff. There is a sense of fear or mistrust. She has escaped a situation that has taken a toll on her mentally and physically. Something keeps coming up however that this lady has a great sense of humor. She knows how to have a good time.
    In the 2nd picture there is much emotion. She is not as guarded as before as her appearance has softened however there is a vulnerability there. You can see the sadness or grief in her eyes, I get the sense that there was a loss, perhaps of relationship but it does seem like she has gone through quite a bit of healing and has gained some peace in her life because of it.
    I think that she grew up with very little means but always found a way to have fun. Currently she has a lot of support around her and a lot of special people in her life that keeps her going and she shares a lot of her gifts with others by just being who she is. She has a very loving demeanor and seems to be pursuing a more spiritual path or at least a path of self-discovery and reflection.

  17. Avatar

    Conservative, conventional personality. Unfulfilled hopes. Headteacher or head of union. Got into some kind of legal issues. Had children or connected to working with children.

  18. Avatar

    I get the sense that she cannot be trusted. She abused her position in some way and was involved in some type of scandal, and I also got the message that others got that she was involved with children in some way, perhaps as a teacher or in a school.

  19. Avatar

    I wrote it down as it came to me:

    Not to be trusted
    Guilty of crime – murder
    I see her with a pillow
    Believes her actions are right, merciful
    Child suffered
    Impatient, headstrong
    Own moral compass, above society’s

  20. Avatar

    She did something terribly wrong. Possible murder of her husband and thought she would get away with it. Looks like she was being questioned in a police station. Detached from her emotions and no remorse. Thought no one would suspect her. Tried to fool people with her motherly look. Cold and rationalized what she did.

  21. Avatar

    I wouldn’t trust this lady, I’m getting that she is a criminal in some way.. Possibly murderd her husband or partner, I feel that this lady is a back stabber and is out for herself and herself only! I feel she is a very dishonest and selfish person with no feelings of guilt..
    I also feel that she was a thief :-/
    Be interesting to look back on this to see if any of what I say is right, this is my second time at doing this 😀

    Thankyou for this opportunity Anna xx

  22. Avatar

    What came to me:

    she seems to be scared, always from the same source. she wants to protect herself from something. She wants to hide somewhere, doesn`t feel safe.
    She likes to think, and she can talk to people. Seems to be an intellectual person. Is more surrounded from men, than from women. she has strong principles, clear values, and doesn`t go off from the road she once decided to take. Within this principles she can be flexible, but not too much. She is not “breaking out” or doing something completely unexpected. You know where you stand with her.

  23. Avatar

    I feel she could be a whistleblower of some sort. Maybe the pharmaceutical industry, vaccines perhaps. She is very intelligent, maybe an academic or in research. She feels great sadness about things she has seen or been involved in. It has come at great personal and/or professional cost.

  24. Avatar

    This is what came to me:
    -unhappy with herself

    -negative energy especially in the first picture
    -has lost a lot in her life
    -loving in the sense that “I’m doing this for your own good”, she thought she was loving, but she isn’t actually
    -brave and strong
    -low self esteem
    -doesn’t trust easily
    -I feel like her 1 or 2 kids are dead, I feel like she is responsible
    -I do not trust her

  25. Avatar

    I don’t trust her. She is hiding/holding back an awful lot. She exudes both shame and fear. She has at some point been a victim of trauma or abuse. She does not like herself. There is a fair amount of male energy in her presence. Her “shadow self” is very strong. She is holding both anxiety and anger. She resonates a deep, underlying sadness.

  26. Avatar

    Somehow I feel like she’s a very distant person, she seems to see very far off, she does have quite a temper, although people may not be aware why because of how much she doesn’t show to people, however, there’s just something off about her, I guess. She feels very in between sometimes… Like how she feels or what she does, it feels like it’s between something. I don’t trust her. Mm might be a few classmates of mine who act nice to me but they may be kind of rude sometimes so yeah, it may be a bit like dual faced?

  27. Avatar

    I instantly got death associated with her.
    I feel she was the victim of abuse for some time and killed someone in self defence. I am also getting something to do with her children here. There is anxiety and a sense of being frightened about her.
    She seems guarded.
    I feel she was held responsible for the killing however did not do time for it.
    Much sadness in her life I feel.

  28. Avatar

    I wonder if she is lesbian and felt she had to hide her sexuality when she was younger and portray an image which was what society expected, then later in life she looks happier and more relaxed as if she has found herself at last?

  29. Avatar

    I felt immediately that she has been very traumatized, there was a very very upsetting episode in her life that is still with her.
    Perhaps someone close to her has died. Maybe tied in with children, or loss of children.
    She feels immensely guilty about something and she hasn’t forgiven herself for something also.
    She seems as if she is mentally away somewhere else much of the time, has,trouble being present.

  30. Avatar

    I feel as though this lady has issues with self confidence and is probably extremely shy. She has a good sense of humor but it is used to hide her insecurities. She is a person with a huge heart and is active in her community.

  31. Avatar

    She seems defensive, like she is trying to hide her feelings. Her shoulders are rigid, giving me the feeling that she doesn’t let down her guard very often. She is beautiful when she smiles, but guards that side of herself. She is easily distracted by thoughts.

  32. Avatar

    Here’s what came through:

    Some institution – hospital?

    She radiates a very strong, disturbed, uncomfortable energy. Cannot look at her for long, especially the first photo.

  33. Avatar

    gives me the willies! do not trust her. Has two different personalities. Feel like she may have killed her husband and children – possibly may have gotten away with it – deep anger issues along with underlying personality issues. Has no conscious

  34. Avatar

    Confusion and accusations…someone died

  35. Avatar

    Not trustworthy
    A mother or adoptive mother, not married or divorced.
    Is guarded
    Conventional, old school.
    Accent – maybe from UK or Ireland?
    Involved in a court room situation.
    Hard life & something happened between the 1st/2nd photo.
    Perhaps a nurse or aid in younger years.
    Involved in something political as well.
    She has a lot of worry or concern & doesn’t trust anyone.

  36. Avatar

    My first thought was news anchor. Maybe someone who worked close to someone who had access to a lot of information. She’s British. I feel that there’s a court case in her history. She’s a mother, content living in the country side.

  37. Avatar

    I got from the photo:

    -victim of abuse
    -suffers from depression, sadness, hopelessness
    -mother, possibly of two children who are probably grown
    -most likely divorced
    -maybe is a teacher or a nurse (some education or care field)
    -old-fashioned, doesn’t like change or excitement
    -wants to move forward and heal, but feels trapped in the past

  38. Avatar

    I felt darkness behind her eyes , angry, very bad person. no value in life. Life for her is all about her. careless negative just negative I don’t trust her

  39. Avatar

    She was mistreated by a male in childhood and has found it hard to tust. Her name starts with M. She is a gem inside. She works with you in some way, You have seen that inner person and she rewards you with loyalty and watching over some aspect of your affairs. Her facade is fearful and pushes away, but that is just the facade. She is loyal and will not lightly withdraw her trust when it is given.

  40. Avatar

    My Impressions:

    1. She is British (from England), or Irish …. somewhere “over the pond” (I’m in the USA lol)
    2. In the bottom pic, she just experienced a loss – either of a family member or close friend, she is trying to look
    or be ‘positive’ altho inside she is really hurting. She really didn’t want to be at the place she was at when picture
    was taken, she’s sort of ‘enduring’ it …. something about a man, possibly standing next to her (on her right) …
    also sensing something about a car (accident? maybe)….
    3. In top picture she feels very irked about something, not happy at all, feels that whatever she is being told, or has been told, has either been a lie or half-truths …. wants to get to the bottom of it …. partly (not all) to do with money/finances, she is trying not to show it for the camera, she didn’t want the picture taken actually …
    ….also – sensed a need to change where she lived fairly recently (within the last 6-12 months) – not all of her own choice…. was not exactly the most opportune time for her to have to make this particular change however she is slowly getting out from being under it all … she is trying to see the better times ahead of her….
    ….also – possible split with a close friend of family member (fairly recently) – disagreement/argument (divorce?) …

    …..other impressions were dissatisfaction with job – recent change in management or job position – possibly a change in location (having to be relocated) —

  41. Avatar

    I don’t get good vibes from her. I feel like she was really
    rigid and had to have things her way. I feel like she murdered her husband. Out of jealousy, and he was seeing another woman. I feel she was very unhappy person. And I feel a deep seated anger from her. Im getting a name Betty.
    But I may be thinking about another case. I just feel she tried to put on a “face” for people, her friends and family. But she was really not the nice, helpful person she pretended to be, and that she was always thinking about her next move. I feel she’s in prison.

  42. Avatar

    She is very business minded and good at what she does.
    She is very persistent in her work/business.
    She is good to have working on your side and not good to deal with when on the other side.
    I can’t say I trust her. Feel like I want to, but something saying No, you can’t. Even is you are on her side in her strong business dealings, it’s not personal with her she is strictly about the work. There’s something strong about a man but I’m new at this and can only say that. Have no idea why. Something strong about a male presence.

  43. Avatar

    oops – hit submit without checking the notify me of followup comments via email!
    Please notify! Thanks!!

  44. Avatar

    I feel she is not the same person on the inside as she
    portrays herself to others. I feel she’s manipulative.
    Deep seated anger. Nice on the outside…but angry and
    obsessive on the inside. She wants everything her way,
    I felt she murdered perhaps her husband, because he was
    cheating on her, and wanted a divorce ? She didn’t want
    anyone else to have him. I feel she was married for many
    yrs, had 3 children, 2 girls, and a boy. I feel she was
    a homemaker…and that was her identity to her. I feel
    he was successful and took care of the family, she was
    obsessed with the “perfect family” image to show others.
    I feel she is in prison to this day.

  45. Avatar

    Sorry, I posted another..i thought it didn’t go thru 🙂

  46. Avatar

    My scribblings for the photos is like this:
    First photo: dishonest, troubled past, guilty, worried, 50s?, mother of 2 or 3, trauma, illgotten gains, violence, Australia/New Zealand

    Second photo: married (into/for money), spite, abusive realtionship, hiding something, quiet or reserved, on the verge of big change.

    Wouldn’t trust her.
    Scribbled on the side of my page are the words KILL and MURDER, I thought they were vitally important, they stood out so I wrote them to the side.

  47. Avatar

    I immediately get a sense of not trusting this woman.

    As another person touched on, I feel she possibly had Narcissitic Personality Disorder. Her self loathing and inner sense of shame have led her to undertake what I would describe as underhand actions. Sadly, She actually believed she was justified in doing what she did. She thinks that if she believes her own lies, then others will too.

    She built a false public persona that she believed was ‘reputable’ however her selfish motivations were always apparent. To those who really knew her (family etc), it was like walking on eggshells. This ‘double personality’ is integral to what she is about and what she is known for. A very sad and fractured individual.

  48. Avatar

    I get a sense of her feeling she has been wronged. I feel she is disgusted with someone and cannot fathom what this person has done to her. I feel some guilt around her as well,I feel this person has a mean streak, and has a rather strong character. I don’t get much softness from her at all. I feel like behind closed doors she may soften a bit, and let her guard down some. But I get that she would not back down from confrontation, and would fight to the nitty gritty. The energy feels really aggressive to me. I get the sense of her being involved in business perhaps and executive or something similar, I get the sense of a son around her too. I feel this person is full force in one direction fighting for a cause important to her. I do get a mother vibe with her as well. Stick to her guns loyalty, if she thought it was right, but I get the feeling what is right and wrong may get blurred a bit for her sometimes.

    Ok that’s all I get I am going to sage the air here now, thanks for a fun experiment.

  49. Avatar

    The first thing that jumps out is ‘low self esteem’. She really struggles with being her. She carries a lot of self dislike, self rejection, self disdain. An epitomy of a victim mentality, so much so, that it has permeated her entire being-ness. As a reslut of this she is often feels angry and she blames the world around her for the way things are. I feel she has a family and kids, and the whole family are carrying this similar pattern.

  50. Avatar

    I feel she has passed away now.
    She was deeply afraid of something or someone, this fear lead her to make some very bad decisions.
    Did she work in the medical field?
    Did she suffer from mental illness?

  51. Avatar

    I feel she has something to do with sciences. I feel certain distrust or fear about her. I also pick up shame.

  52. Avatar

    I see a submissive teacher with a troubled marriage. At some stage between the two photos being taken he left in a messy way. He could have passed away, left or went to jail. this lady then shone to do the things that made her feel alive such as volunteering with unfortunate kids, find a perfect match for herself and live the life she always wanted.

  53. Avatar

    I believe she is a liar, would not trust her with my children. But think that she had a teaching job with kids, I think she hurt or did something to her husband. Maybe she took money from a school, or church. Very unhappy in her life, her mother was cruel to her. I think that a family member turned her in to police, and she was sent to jail. Bipolar at the very least.

  54. Avatar

    she is the head of a department; teacher, lawyer or a detective. she is discipline and a responsible woman. she indulge in fear and not sacrificial but classical.fear can make her not be confidential

  55. Avatar

    I feel like something happened to a child within her care. Her son?
    I’m not sure but I feel either he died or he caused problems… some issue.
    Her personality I feel was sprightly and youthful but maybe a bit untamed.
    There’s also something peaceful about her as if she very much felt that
    she understood life and her place in it.
    As I study her more “teacher” pops out at me. Taught little children?
    Also something political

  56. Avatar

    She looks like the average women of a 10 to 15 year old boy, and she just found out he did something wrong. She finds it hard to believe, and is wondering if she is part of the blame, like if only I did this or that. She seems un happy with her life in general, times are hard, maybe alone and trying to make it. She could also be a school teacher, with a bunch of kids, that just don’t behave, and she has just realized that she is loosing them. It’s sort of like hearing your little eight year old daughter swear for the first time, and you can’t believe it. Or she could be at her Doctors and he just told her she has 30 days to live, but don’t worry about the bill this time. She has that look on her face of a lot of mothers with teenage kids, with dismay, saying it’s just a phase they really aren’t doing drugs…

  57. Avatar

    Trust: She appears to be a liar. A politician who says one thing to get you on board and desert you.

    I heard myself shout Jesus. she appears to have a restless life or unstable life.

    I saw two men carrying a sack with the mouth tied like a mail bag.
    I felt a very strong ache on her forehead and some sort of sexuall issues that I cannot explain.

  58. Avatar

    a judge, or being judged
    feels wrongly accused
    something about children being harmed
    she is shy but strong-willed. easily hurt, reproachful. she doesn’t believe that people are good now – they let her down.
    she is creative, a mother.
    something about law and lawyers.
    she wants to fight but feels it’s uneven.
    I don’t know if I trust her. maybe the people in her life didn’t either.
    I felt a tingling in my scalp looking at her, and felt pain & tragedy.


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