Intuitive Experiment #11 – Try Reading This Man

 One of the best uses for your intuition is seeing past other peoples’ self-created images and seeing to the truth of who somebody is. In the world we live in, this is a priceless skill to have.

 This is why I am passionate about intuition and the experiments we do on here.

 What’s An Intuitive Experiment & Why Take Part?

 Our intuitive experiments give you the chance to test our your skills at reading other people! How it works is, I post a photo of a random public figure (either historical or still alive) and readers tune in and try to pick up facts about that person.

 Then several days later, I post a biography of the subject and we can all see how accurate we were, and hopefully learn something about how we read energy in the process!

 Here is the man chosen for this one:




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  1. Avatar

    The very first word I heard is he was a singer or related to music business… Than came to me is a writer… He got success a hard way. he was in media. and I can feel him having [ thanksgiving/Christmas] feast with his family. I feel him still alive… and he is a kind person towards less fortunate.

  2. Avatar

    Children’s book author. Deaf. Drinker. Married, no children. Lives in the country, maybe in England. Loves bird watching.

  3. Avatar

    I’m terrible at these but my hunch was that he’s a writer and Australian. I will be shocked if either of those are accurate 😉

  4. Avatar

    Hi Anna. I perceive a connection with music, maybe films. Happiness. Wise person in general. He has felt pain, but he has been able to cope.

  5. Avatar

    I see him as a family man, kind-hearted, although there’s something about him that seems a little off? Not in a particularly bad way, just the feeling that sometimes he can get a little arrogant/bad-tempered! Definitely wouldn’t mess with him. I think I would trust him. I see plane wings – part of the aviation indistry? Perhaps piloting or engineering? I get a very strong sense of ruthlessness from his eyes in the second picture – won’t let anything stand in his way. Can’t quite work out whether he is still alive – he’s either dead or has had a very narrow escape at some point (severe illness, accident, etc)

    Thanks Anna, makes my day when I see there’s a new experiment! 🙂

  6. Avatar

    This is a first for me.
    All I keep getting is he’s not trust worthy.

  7. Avatar

    Nasty. Really evil. This is odd because usually I’m good with these, but this reading is quite different to what other people have said so far. But I get really bad vibes off him. The younger photo reminds me of a picture I’ve seen of a serial killer, so maybe that’s why, though I don’t know if it’s the same person.
    I just get sociopathic nastiness. He might smile to your face when he agrees with you, but inside his head, he’s plotting his own things.

  8. Avatar

    Actavist. And I saw talk show host like radio host. Extremists. newpaper. Very passionate about his fight. Strong willed his intention is good but he comes off strong.

  9. Avatar

    I feel like a musician, writer or scientist. Scientific was my first intuition. Man achieved the public recognition somehow, with an orderly life and two marriages and many relationships. If you did not die, but I see great tragedies in his life. Thank you

  10. Avatar

    I get the first impression that he is one who stands against injustice and cares for the less fortunate. He was happy but at some point in his life he lost someone very close to his heart.

  11. Avatar

    He makes his living or his purpose is communicating in some way. He could be a reporter, writer, international informant also comes to mind. He could be jewish, and yes with a large family.

  12. Avatar

    This is a man who wanted people to like him yet
    he had a very selfish reason for all his efforts.
    I see him as a founder of a movement or company that involved the participation
    and cooperation of many people. the sad part is thst only he benefited from all the activity. this is a very selfish man who abandoned his ideals to make money off the very people who believed in him.

    I see a tremendous juxtaposition in his circumstances as he ended up
    quite wealthy but to no avail ; as this is a man who sold out his ideals
    for the common market.

  13. Avatar

    He looks like a kind but guarded and shy individual. I would say he has a persona recognized by people who know of him as intelligent and self assured, but deep down carries some insecurities which stem from childhood. I also got that he is a writer and began with small bits if published work and writes scripts for media or tv now…

  14. Avatar

    At first glance i had music or art industry, then after really looking i felt engineer /architect surrounds him some way. Foreign country European, can be kind but has dark past that appears in the eyes and the lack of trueness in his smile. it’s hard for me to sort out all the pictures that pop in my head. hopefully one day i’ll figure it out.

  15. Avatar

    I believe this man is trustworthy. He is a very good communicator. Once his decision has been made it will not be changed. There is a core of iron will behind his eyes that will not be defied. He clears his throat quite often. A family man who cherishes his children. Boats? Yachts? The sea is important to him.

  16. Avatar

    This man is a humanitarian possibly from south or Central America. I see a fruit being opened, maybe a mango and a jungle and sunlight. He’s a happy person with a scientific mind. A lab coat, studying animals or the environment. He’s married to a woman who reminds me of Aubrey Hepburn… Lol that’s what I got. Also, I would trust him. He reminds me of a family doctor friend. I feel that he’s still alive…?

  17. Avatar

    My impression is that he’s an ambitious man who has a rather strong sense of himself (perhaps to the point of being overblown) and his capabilities. He enjoys attention. He can be kind and simultaneously has a short temper…an angry streak there.

  18. Avatar

    I get the feeling that this is someone who was kind and trusting during his childhood and who was betrayed. I feel like this is someone who has become a type of terrorist but is acting for “the good of all”, at least he feels that way. A “good” person at the start that maybe has turned to “bad” means to fulfill his sense of justice.

  19. Avatar

    This is my first attempt at this. I sense that this man is very gentle and kind. A loving husband and father.

  20. Avatar

    A kind-hearted man. Helps others-used his voice for that. Lawyer, Attorney? someone able to make a change with his speech/voice. I saw a crystal mass with a hidden hazy item inside-he experienced some very deep emotional pain-someone close to him died-held that deep within & never wanted to speak of it. Italian-lives in the country. Loves good food from the earth.Very sexual but not in a bad way.Very grounded-which helps him to get sh*t done, focused,determined. Others might mistake that for arrogance.

    Thanks, Anna. I can’t wait to find out the answer. ~Ina~

  21. Avatar

    First impression was that he was a musician; and then writer came to me. I got the impression that he is of Israeli or Middle Eastern descent, ex-Pat, living in a different country than where he was born or grew up, maybe wrote about some war experience. Very soulful man. Has seen or experienced a lot in his life.

  22. Avatar

    i am having a very intense feeling that he is a writer, and have some connection with media. he have high self confident but not arrogant. he is kind hearted and loving.

  23. Avatar

    Kind, intelligent person. Musician or Educator. plays violin?

  24. Avatar

    I feel as if he’s French or Greek, part of a very wealthy family. I see water around him, perhaps lives on an island. He invented something, he’s very bright. He smokes cigars and lives on the edge.

  25. Avatar

    I see a high level of intelligence in this man and feel a much strength of character. I sense a deep devotion and loyalty to “family” which is not probably as strong with immediate family who might actually feel a distance, but to whatever association or cause he is so strongly attached. In his youth, he is much more open and trusting. Something happened in the 5 to 10 years following the earlier photo that gave him a guardedness in his middle age. Hard/firm and driven, but devoted and loyal, with a soft spot for something …….. some group of people. Handicapped, underprivileged? He has worked hard to be who he is.

  26. Avatar

    Entertainer, writer, warm person, children, lives in London.

  27. Avatar

    Show business, entertainer, salesman–an occupation with a verbal pitch, or performance element. “35 years” (I feel like that’s not related to age, per say–some length of time that’s significant). A great sorrow surrounding a daughter or niece, a younger, female energy in his life. I’m also getting “fall from grace”. Possibly a prison term or some sort of “time out” between the two photographs. 3 wives. While his energy has greatly shifted and altered between the two photographs, he is not changed enough in the second that I would trust him. He feels sorrow, not remorse.

  28. Avatar

    He seems Hispanic, perhaps from a country in South America or possibly Spain. He seems friendly, trustworthy, and I feel a strong throat chakra associated with him, so it seems he may be a communicator in a public way. This communicator vibe seems to have education and activism, political associations. Perhaps he has had a role in counteracting a dictatorship and he may have been able to do this via moviemaking or other mass communications in the region he is from. His older photo seems to show there’s been pain & sacrifice related to this, but he’s the wiser for it. Also seems he’s been married more than once.

  29. Avatar

    He looks like a very helpful person…kind eyes, relaxed facial features, is of Polish descent. For some reason, I really like him. He may have been in the scientific field-maybe a doctor? I think he may have had a breakthrough that helped a lot of people.

  30. Avatar

    First thing that popped into my head was “author” and then music. I believe he was very spiritual and a perfectionist. There’s an edge to him, can snap at people. Finicky. 2 kids.

  31. Avatar

    I don’t know why, but I feel he is a Healer of sorts. Well trusted, respected.. held in high esteem.

  32. Avatar

    MUSICIAN was my first impression.
    Reminds me of my father very PASSIONATE
    And intensely focused about his work.
    Secondary impression was scientific studies,
    university, research, a thinker
    Strangely when
    I asked would I trust him?
    I got a definite No.
    Something to do with womanising.

  33. Avatar

    First impression when looking at the picture on the left; old soul, wise one, kind, gentle. When looking on the picture on the left, I see some sadness, loss of a loved one.

  34. Avatar

    Looking at the picture on the left; old soul, wise one, kind. Looking at the pictur on the right; sadness, loss of a loved one, became more introverted, journaling.

  35. Avatar

    I see an artist.. Italian.. Possible one or two children.. Successful but issues at home she to his mischievous.

  36. Avatar

    This man is ambitious, inquisitive, intellectual, well educated, well traveled, worldly, good communicator.
    Professions; interviewer, Journalist, writer, teacher of his trade, expert in media, environmental issues, political views, worldly events, current and past news events all are part of this persons life path.
    He is compassionate, detailed, astute, intuitive,perceptive.
    He has a open mind to how the world works.
    He married later in life, had no children. He worked very hard to reach his goals and life achievements.
    He is a self made man that earned every title in life…Kim Kraut

  37. Avatar

    I feel he is a writer, he has experienced a lot of sadness but he has great courage a great soul. He is passionate and has great energy. I felt he had not always been able to express through his voice what he sometimes wanted to express. There is something about him i can’t quite fathom, i would want to know more about him before I would trust him totally.

  38. Avatar

    got a sense of music about him as well and for some reason guns or army link about him…maybe he was affected by a war happening around him.

  39. Avatar

    The first work I get for him is Tenacious, he is charismatic & charming but surrounded by turmoil, perhaps it is just his rather manic manner, he is highly intelligent & quite the salesman. Was he involved in politics or law? Did he get himself into a bit of trouble with misappropriation of funds? Did his high IQ make him believe himself untouchable?

  40. Avatar

    Here’s what I got. He’s a writer, a journalist and novelist. He’s intellectual and kind hearted and comic books are important to him.

  41. Avatar

    I see a man who has seen hard times and persevered. He wants to present as friendly though he fears many at first. Trust is difficult to win from him. He’s a leader of sorts, maybe just in his own family (which is quite large) or perhaps in a community. He holds kindness in his heart and wishes to demonstrate it more often, though many of his tasks will not permit this.

    He is very intelligent but attempts to hide this too for his advantage of those he does not trust. When he trusts, it is complete. With those who break his trust, they are cast off.

    He is devoted and persistent. He is studious.

  42. Avatar

    When I first tapped into this, I was instantly hit with an overwhelming urge to cry. Something horrible happened to this man at some point and he has never emotionally released it or healed. I feel like he is still alive currently.
    As far as who he is, I think he had something to do with televisions or computers, technology like that and maybe broadcasting. Have a feeling of distancing himself from others, even his own family maybe.

  43. Avatar

    The first thing to come to mind was that this man could be stubborn. He may be involved in some sort of change/rights movement – the word law came to mind and freedom fighter but I seem to be doubting this. Smart man, dramatic man, takes himself very seriously. Appears quite amenable and friendly, but has a temper and an ego which has increased over the years, maybe along with his wealth. Strangely enough, I saw him in whites like a painter wears when he comes to paint your house!

  44. Avatar

    The first flash that came through was ‘musical’. But music in collaboration with someone, not alone.

    Also creative – probably writing. Holds strong opinions, but does not ram them down people’s throats.

  45. Avatar

    he is a highly intelligent man, logical thinker, hard man, embittered or disillusioned. there is an illness, cancer I think.

  46. Avatar

    Hi ya 🙂

    OK i get… an S.. sergie? something with an S. Father. Won an award or awards? I feel that he is some sort of genius in whatever he does in life and that’s why he won awards. Very kind hearted. Peaceful is the word I hear.
    I don’t think he won the Nobel peace prize, but that’s how it came to me. He is that smart at whatever he does.
    I also feel a blue aura around his head.
    This one was hard for me. Well they all are, but this one was more difficult today. Thanks! These are fun!

  47. Avatar

    I’m getting a scientist. Russia. Married 2 sons. Faced a lot of tragedy in his life, but coped. Kind man. Jailed for a brief time.

  48. Avatar

    Hi Anna, he’s a journalist, possibly on TV. He is very kindhearted and has a family and a dog; and is of Scandanavian descent.

  49. Avatar

    He seems to be trustworthy, friendly. I pick up on author/ director. I think he has suffered great loss at some point, but that also may have to do with the inspiring/ healing qualities I picked up on. I also get that he is still alive, or died very peacefully.

  50. Avatar

    Hi! This is my first time but I shall try to give it a lucky guess. He looks like a man who knows more than he says (his older picture). Idealist in his youth, an active member in a political party or association or something similar. Enthusiastic and passionate with ideas but cautious at the same time. As growing older wisdom came to mild all the above. Probably a writer and a university professor ( i saw him writing on a black board). Life has wiped out the spontaneous smile off his face and made him even more cautious but also wisdom came along. I heard the name of Jonas (haven’t a clue if it is his name).
    Thanks Anna for these helpful experiments and advice.

  51. Avatar

    The name Joe. Possible drinking problem. Cares very strongly for his family. In the first picture he has a friendly face in the second it is hard and like he’s had many unwelcoming experiences.

  52. Avatar

    My first impression of this man is incredible creativity–a storyteller. At first I wasn’t sure if it was with words or music or video but I think that it could be a combination of all of them. He has a huge heart but doesn’t always use his logic in affairs of the heart because it feels like he has been married more than once and has fathered children–five maybe?–with 2-3 different women. He is a good father though maybe not a practical one. He was lucky to be in the right place at the right time as far as his career but also worked many hours to be in his position, all of his long hours by choice instead of necessity which made it hard for those he was in a relationship to fully understand. He is going to need some looking after soon (if not already) and the relationship with him and his children is going to change.

  53. Avatar

    I get very different feelings looking at the 2 pictures. In the first youner one, I feel like he is intellegent, fun loving, and someone I might want to know. But in the older picture, I somehow don’t really trust him anymore and he seems more serious and maybe a little closed off and perhaps even dangerous.

  54. Avatar

    Right off the bat I got that he is in radio…maybe an announcer. Very jolly and laughs a lot. He does have a hidden dark side….maybe abuse his popularity in the way of inappropriate relationships.

  55. Avatar

    I like him. Humanitarian of some type. Writer, journalist, activist. I believe he is still alive, married with child. I think he is passionate, determined, and well traveled. Fluent in another language.

  56. Avatar

    Im Clair audience with clairvoyant hmmm I get the impression hes a very easygoing fun person who is into music perhaps a violinist or a conductor. The other feeling I get is maybe hes a professor of something maybe music or physics. He seems well accomplished in his deeds of achievement. A person of knowledge.

  57. Avatar

    What i can see and feel is that this man too muchs gladness on the first pictures, but the next pictures tells me that this man had a hard time right now but he is not a loser he fight against all that not put him in the right state. I feel he has a lot experience in this life that makes him so strong but i feel he still fighting some battle’s.

  58. Avatar

    I see a certain amount of popularity, some kind of entertainment, speaker or media, I see him with a microphone. I feel kindness throughout his life and life was easier for him in his younger years. I see a wife and a couple of children but he didn’t have them for long.

  59. Avatar

    He looks like a business/ politician- kind , learned the hard way about life and peoples morals. Stand his ground give all for his believes – and sacrificed a lot in life even family love and morals. Has a family three childen won’t take any thing for granted any more xxx let’s see how I did 😉

  60. Avatar

    I feel like he has a connection to the Mediterranean – Countries like Greece or Italy but also a strong connection to the sea – fishing, boating. I feel like he was raised in a hard working family and as such knows what hard labour is but I feel he may have turned away from this as I can see him speaking/teaching large groups of people. I’m not sure in what respect though. I initially thought teacher/lecturer of big groups of people such as in a university but then I got the word activist come through but also I get the word literature. I feel he that he is still alive and I get that he has children and grandchildren and is very much the family patriarch. I keep seeing him sitting at the head of a long table surrounded by family and food. It feels like he is watching and very much present but still in all the activity. I feel like his wife may have passed. In his past I feel like he has secrets and I get a bit of a sense that he may have had affairs with both men and women. I find myself trusting him and I wonder if he has a charming effect over people. I feel like he may have done or seen something terrible at one point in his life, as there is a hardness in his eyes. I feel this event was pivotal and changed his life completely. Perhaps woke him up and set up back on the right path. I wonder if it is something war related, and the word activist comes up again.

  61. Avatar

    First time trying this… scientist, Jewish, was married but she died, very intelligent, aloof yet comfortable amongst friends, he did something wrong/illegal, used to be empathetic but has become cynical as he has aged.

  62. Avatar

    I feel that this man is an intellect. Perhaps he lectures or lectured at a University or college. I also feel that he possess a knowledge of law and may have a legal degree. There is a strong sense that he is involved in politics and though he may not have held an official office, he did or does have a great deal of influence over others who do.

  63. Avatar

    Soul was enthusiastic. Became tempered and realistic with time.
    Faces challenges quietly, but not all the time.

    Avoided spirituality. It’s contradictory as he was rather developed. A decent listener but makes up his mind quickly. Sometimes, too much. And, paid for this. Several times.

    Has a progressive mind, somewhat open. Stern, logical mind, though calculating. And, prefers to hide this. Has long memory. Later becomes somewhat cynical.

    Knows how to please. In public, doesn’t always say what he means. Driven. Deal-maker. Shares honest thoughts with very few. One lifelong friend. Didn’t’ say much to family.

    Listens mostly to his own advice. 2 siblings, males.

  64. Avatar

    I just found this site and tried the first one and was a bit shocked that I picked up nearly all the major themes on that one. Eager to go back and try others to see if it was a fluke so I’ll start here since this one does not have the answer posted yet.

    The impressions I get here are this guy is a scientist or doctor. Probably brilliant, but possibly involved in extreme or controversial experiments or discoveries. These have made him cranky or defensive in his later life regarding his work. A bit of a Jack Kevorkian type vibe. Someone who may be seen as a hero to some and villain to others.

  65. Avatar

    I get an impression of a hostage situation. Possibly a plane hijacking with many deaths. I feel that it was politically motivated. I also feel that he served a long jail sentence. Alcoholic?

  66. Avatar

    First impression right of the bat was some type of academia affiliation. Strong throat and sacral chakras (after being asked to look at chakras, never even CONSIDERED that! Thank you!). I feel like he’s grounded, logical, trustworthy.. I got a very strong professor or teaching vibe from him…leadership qualities…: he’s DEFINATELY has changed something… Scientist or along those lines, perhaps?
    Still decifering my own intuition!

    Can’t wait to see who this is :)))

  67. Avatar

    Active, enthusiastic and dynamic visionary, unconventional, defender of the weak, kept a young flexible mind as he got older.
    Out-of-the-box thinker, creative. A link with the 2nd World War ?

  68. Avatar

    This is my first go at this so I’ll try my best. He strikes me as a highly intelligent and highly educated person and he has a very strong personality and is very assertive. In the second picture where he looks much older it seems to me that he has helped a lot of people. On the negative side he seems to be a bit of a womanizer and slightly abusive. I don’t think I would trust him. He could be an artist or an author and a teacher in this field. I got the impression that he could also be a scientist. He comes from a country where there is a lot of water. He lives near the sea. His nationality could be Italian, Spanish or French. He strikes me as a very successful person.

  69. Avatar

    The very first thing that came to my mind was music. Then something pertaining to technology, maybe computer science. I felt some uneasiness and bad vibes, like he is some sort of sociopath, violent towards women. I do not trust him. I got a different feeling career wise from the second picture. Words like doctor and abortion came to mind.

    These are all first impressions since I have a hard time actually trying to concentrate and still need too learn how to focus energy and meditate and stuff.

  70. Avatar

    I feel he’s a journalist of some kind.. he’s traveled a lot and is knowing of many cultures.. he’s a kind man with a family (two or three kids maybe).. he later become responsible for a news agency? Dunno why I got the impression he got promoted..

  71. Avatar

    Hmmm I had a hard time with this one, I am leaning toward the more trustworthy, not sure I would leave my children with him, but feel he is not a bad person. He actually feels more neutral to me. So for him I get writer or poet, hardships in his life to overcome, I feel a war connection to him. I get ships,or boat of some sort and water. I get that this person has suppressed some part of himself, and I feel there is an anger about this for him. I get a sens of hiding behind a mask of some sort to be able to accomplish what he needed to do. I also get the sense of him helping people in some way, the word escape just came to me. I get a rope, or hanging with him, I don’t feel he died this way but that there is something that surrounds him somehow. I get books, or literary perhaps later on in life. I get travel with him, and that he has endured many struggles. I also get the term missionary.

    Interested to see who this is, thank you for a fun experiment.

  72. Avatar

    The first thing I heard was ‘music’ and felt he was in this industry.
    I felt him to be thoughtful and successful. Plentiful life.

    I saw him to married with 3 children.

  73. Avatar

    A personality on broadcasting. Radio/Theatre, etc
    I get a feeling of loss of strength, and lack of appetite
    Tarot card , 7 swords. Something happened but the situation is not clear on who did/said what to whom.

  74. Avatar

    I feel like he is a writer and a political activist or a writer for social justice causes/issues.

  75. Avatar

    First time I’ve ever done this.

    Instantly I felt ‘music’ come to my mind. I wrote the following words – music, orchestra, conductor maybe, dictator (then I crossed it out), peaceful, happy, purposeful, aware of self purpose in life. There’s something edging me towards some kind of government bond, he’s not a politician but perhaps he has influence on the people to swap a government, something like that? Influential and powerful but not in a demanding or confrontational way.

  76. Avatar

    Hi Anna, As soon as I looked at his picture the left side of my head started to hurt. Right around the temple area. May or may not be something. Can’t wait to see what’s revealed.

  77. Avatar

    He is an intellectual, either as an artist (painter, sculptor, writer, musician, etc.), policy maker. Extremely adept at making things happen, usually to his advantage, (but he has lost a few battles along the way). He is not unkind, but pragmatism rules his internal world.

  78. Avatar

    He seems kind and a little shy. Very intelligent. I have the feeling that he’s an artist of some kind, maybe a writer. Depth of soul. Innovation within his art. Lonely, even though he may be surrounded by loving people. He has a hidden darkness that has to do with self-doubt. Deep pain from troubled surroundings and loss.

  79. Avatar

    I felt writer, maybe a detective. In the public, news scene.

  80. Avatar

    Immediately, before doing any meditation (after just happening to see the face on facebook…) I thought of Spain, or some hispanic/latin background (including Brazil, or Cuba), and somebody who writes, someone who is an author. Someone with a creative mind, I think there’s fantasy imagined and expressed by him. I thought of some Jewish influence as well, either background in Judaism or writing about something involving Jews. I picked up that he may have had problems with excesses, like alcoholism, or with eating too much food, and that he had difficulty with moderation. I also picked up on political activity—he was politically involved in some way, as in writing about a political system, perhaps critiquing it, being aware and passionate about political events and topics. He kind of reminds me of Picasso… maybe that’s why everything beforehand sort of fits in with that; the idea that he’s an artist in some way. Also, I think his first name has a P in it, Pablo or Paulo, and an “A” somewhere in it too, like Arturo. Some connection to Cuba?

  81. Avatar

    I got producer, entertainment, maybe film or music. Definitely a creator. Not trustworthy. Smart, feels regret, a touch of sadness. Guarded.

  82. Avatar

    Music is first thing I receive. He writes music and believe he is Jewish. Would not leave children with this man. Don’t trust him. He was in jail at some point, he is alive. Don’t think he is married. I see him sitting in front of a piano. His father or father figure hurt him. I see him at a barber shop, maybe family owned. Thanks

  83. Avatar

    Country Music
    Children – not good?
    Record Producer
    Jail time
    Alabama & New York
    Something Legal
    Wife/women vague
    Withholding something, secretive
    Not who he appears to be

  84. Avatar

    For the second picture I perceived him more negatively– I got “voyeuristic’, a bit predatory or at least opportunistic. For the first picture I perceived “insecure.”

  85. Avatar

    When I first looked at him I got that he is a joyful person. He questions everything, possibly a journaist or reporter. I feel that he is Jewish and I hope that I’m not stereotyping. I felt he has a great sense of humor. He likes or has women that are older than he is. He is a short man and for some strange reason I seem to trust him.

  86. Avatar

    I first felt that he was joyful. I feel that he is always questioning maybe journalism or a reporter. I feel he is Jewish and has a great sense of humor. He either is married to or has had a woman in his life that is older than he is. He is a short man and for some unknown reason I do trust him.

  87. Avatar

    What comes to mind: Record company exec, producer, songwriter or — book author , children’s books? World traveler, foreign languages, Israel, Lithuania, Liberia, Lebanon? (Some “L” country). Human rights, father

  88. Avatar

    His challenge in life is to admit when he is wrong but he doesn’t—he believes he is always right and is arrogant or prideful about being smart as if he is a professor and what he teaches is written in stone. His purpose is to spark people into acting or getting motivated. He has political opinions but is not a politician—more of an activist. He believes what he says but he is extreme. He is a writer/speaker. His heart is a bit unbalanced and he feels empowered.

  89. Avatar

    I picked up the exact se as Lynne did.
    Zi also feel he is Greek or Lebanee

  90. Avatar

    This man started a business or enterprise off the backs of many people.
    He made certain promises which he knew he would not keep and he didn’t.
    He believes the ends justify the means.
    Many people suffered through his actions.
    I believe he got away with a grand theft of some sort.
    Though exiled from his peers he still maintains an elaborate life style
    which is what pleases him the most .
    This is not a man you want to ever cross.

  91. Avatar

    I feel like he is Australian and is a talented individual. Creative/artistic of some sort. At first I got an impression of painter or writer…possibly musician. I feel like he is famous for one thing, but is good at many things and has many hobbies, like cooking for example. Very smart. I feel like he may have been institutionalize for some time…jail/prison or perhaps some kind of persecution.

  92. Avatar

    He looks like a thinking man.

    He has strong opinions, yet tends to self restrain.

    He takes great pride in his possessions.

    His home is spotless.

    He is a perfectionist.

    He has encountered the law in his life.

    He values books, and is very thoughtful about decisions.

    He is comedic.

    He is intense, but forgiving.

  93. Avatar

    The first time I did one of these, I wasn’t so good.. but I’ll try again..

    University Professor.. and Activist.. like maybe a Protestor?

  94. Avatar

    He seems the art type. He eyes seem deep, I guess he has some scorpio energy. In the black and white photo he seems to have a calm, sleepy, happy kind of feel, the more recent photo has a looking deep into you feel, i think there was some happy in there, i’m not sure.

    I feel a little bit like the energy in both photos are very different, possibly opposites. Not so much good or bad, but different. He wears his heart on his sleeve a bit and has a big laugh. He appears innocent.

  95. Avatar

    He is a kind man who is gentle spirited. He was an actor and is now a philanthropist/author. His name is Brian or Douglas. He currently resides in a rural area. He has a dog he loves and a woman he misses.

  96. anna

    Hi Bunny – actually you could say he was an actor, if his persona was hammed up for the cameras on the Apprentice. Writing and philanthropy yes. Names no, Alan Michael Sugar. Don’t know about the dog.

  97. Avatar

    he is a man that is very contented with his lot in life and a writer

  98. Avatar

    My first impression was that he has been an activist, very concerned with humanity (hunger). He has been married and has three to four children with at least one son. He is from Eastern Europe and lived on a farm or agricultural operation. He’s very kind and caring and he struggled to get people to understand his viewpoint. I see him surrounded by books, either an author or teacher – not necessarily at a school, but trying to teach people about activism.

  99. Avatar

    Sad, a bit disillusioned with life, passionate about all he does … trustworthy, but shrewd. He’s a free thinker but firm in his beliefs. Has had his share of disappointments but is a success in his life

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