I get a lot of questions from my Intuitive Awakening students which relate to interpreting clairvoyant images.

Clairvoyance is when you receive intuitive information visually.  It can be in your mind’s eye (the ‘movie screen’ in your mind that you see when you close your eyes) or it can be with your bare eyes.

A clairvoyant image could be a metaphor or scene that you see playing out, a symbol of some sort or colours and shapes.

The Problem with Clairvoyance

Obviously clairvoyance can’t be used on its own.  It needs to be used with clairaudience (where you hear a message), clairsentience (where you feel something) or claircognizance (where you get a spontaneous ‘download’ of information or ‘just know’ something.)

Ideally, when you see an image clairvoyantly, it is accompanied by a message through one of the other clairs. Usually you will hear/feel/know something that tells you what the image means.

If you received a clairvoyant image but it wasn’t accompanied by an interpretation, there are two possible reasons why:

1. It doesn’t mean anything that’s relevant to your life

2. You need to do a bit of searching

In my experience as an intuitive and a teacher of psychic development, the most common scenario is the first one.

But Why Do We See Things if They Mean Nothing for Us?

Bear in mind that sometimes when you see images clairvoyantly, it may not mean anything for you, it may simply mean that your third eye chakra is very active or overactive.  Perhaps you have done some work on opening up your clairvoyance or you have worked on seeing auras.  When you do work like this, it opens up your third eye and you might start seeing things move in the corner of your eye.  Sometimes people start seeing colours, around people or just in front of them.  This is a by-product of working on your clairvoyance – it gets switched on.  But not everything you see is meaningful.

Just like your dreams – not all of those are meaningful either.

When It Does Mean Something

If you feel that the image you saw is meaningful, but you’ve still no idea what it means, try the following exercise:

1. Say out loud: ‘my Higher self’

2. Take four deep, long breaths

3. Using your inner voice (the voice inside your mind), ask what the image meant

4. If nothing comes to you straight away, meditate for one minute, keeping the question in mind

Information can come as a feeling, a spontaneous ‘download’ of information into your mind, a word that comes into your head or a string of words spoken.

If you still get nothing, leave the question with your Higher self for a while and trust that if there is some information you’re meant to have, it’ll come to you in some other way.

If we spend too much time obsessing over meaning, it can keep us stuck.  Not everything in dreams has a meaning and not everything in life has a meaning!

If you still don’t know what your clairvoyant image means upon meditating on it, you could consult a dream dictionary for clues regarding the symbolism.  In my opinion, this is less meaningful, since everyone has their own inner symbolism.  For example, if you look at the two images below, you will have an internal response to them that is uniquely yours, depending on your background, culture, values, belief system, personal likes and dislikes and past experiences.

For example, the cross may be a symbol of redemption. It may be a much loved symbol for you if you are a Christian. But if you have had bad experiences with religion, it may be a negative symbol that has nothing to do with redemption.

If you are a cat lover or if you have a black cat, you may have a positive response to the picture of the cat above. If you are superstitious, you may not.

There is no universal symbolism for the whole of humanity – your clairvoyant images have to be interpreted using your own inner symbolism that has been created through your own experiences in your life.