I recently had a mentoring session with an Akashic Record Reading Program student, let’s call her “Charlie”, who has a long history of dreaming about what is coming up for people in her life and friends of friends, and even complete strangers. But what she dreams is mostly negative — upcoming natural disasters, illnesses and deaths, and unfortunately it always comes to pass.

During our mentoring session, she asked me: “What am I meant to do with this information? And why do I get such negative information when often I can’t use it to help others, either because I don’t know them yet or there’s nothing that can be done about the situation in advance?”

Here’s my take on that question:

Through working with thousands of highly sensitive and intuitive people over the last decade, I have learned that we are all intuitive in different ways, and some of us naturally have ‘specialties’.

For example, some intuitives have a tendency to pick up on others’ past lives. Some naturally sense other peoples’ problems and challenges in life. Some intuitives see the future, some pick up on auras, others pick up on the presence of deceased loved ones, etc, etc.

If you imagine all of us as being like little intuitive radios, some are just set at the right frequency to pick up on something in particular, others are set at an entirely different frequency to pick up on something else.

A handful of people I’ve worked with are tuned into the ‘death and doom channel’, meaning that they have a tendency to pick up on negative future events. This is a tricky channel to be attuned to, because you’ll get the most unpleasant info and then you might torture yourself over whether you’re correct and if so…

…what are you supposed to do with it?

I believe that each case may be different. In some cases, perhaps you can prevent something bad happening because of what you pick up. In this guest article posted on my blog a while back, intuitive Debra Reeves writes about how she was able to prevent a friend of hers getting hurt in a traffic accident in India because of a premonition she had, which told her not to allow her friend to get on a bus she was about to board.

But equally, I’ve heard of a few cases where students and clients have received negative premonitions that eventually come to pass, and there was nothing that could have been done to alter the outcome ahead of time.

So what I suggest, if you usually pick up on this sort of negative information, is that you put the onus back on Spirit. Tell Spirit that if you’re given future information that you’re meant to DO something with (i.e. you are meant to warn someone) you want a big intuitive nudge that this is necessary, so that you don’t torture yourself about it. And if you don’t get an impulse to act and an opportunity to act, you’re not going to dwell on it.

I do not believe that Spirit gives us negative information about the future because we are expected singlehandedly to prevent natural disasters or deaths. The world is big. We can’t be responsible for all the bad things that are happening in the world even if we happen to be good at picking up on this kind of info. I don’t believe that is even the purpose of receiving this sort of information.

So, if you often have premonitions of a negative nature, hand them back to Spirit. Ask for guidance as to whether you are meant to do anything with the information. And then let it go if you don’t get any.

Has this ever happened to you? Please leave a comment if you have anything to add.

PS. This article is for those who have a track record of negative precognition. If you feel like something negative is going to happen to you or someone you know, or you’ve been dreaming of death lately, read the article ‘Premonitions of Death’, linked to below, because not all dreams or precognition about the future comes to pass… (in fact, I believe that a lot of our negative ‘premonitions’ are not true premonitions.)

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