So you are beginning to work on awakening your psychic abilities.  And you’re making progress.  Perhaps you are feeling your chakras opening and tingling, maybe you are seeing things in the corner of your eye moving and having clairaudient experiences.

It’s all quite exciting.

Except it’s happening all the time and it’s overwhelming.

What can you do to shut it down?

If you are feeling you need to tone down your psychic awareness, it’s because you’ve got too much energy running through your third eye and crown chakra. (Check out this article if you’re not too familiar with the chakra system.)

This is because you have opened your third eye and maybe it hasn’t been open for a long time. So it’s running amok a little bit.  Here’s what to do in that situation:

1. Get a clear process for shutting down your energy field – and use it

If you want to be able to turn your psychic abilities off at will, you need a clear process for turning them off (AND for turning them on.)

When I tune into people’s spirit guides/energy body, I open up my chakras, and raise my vibration in order to connect.  I have a process for doing it (which I teach in my Intuitive Awakening course) and I have a process that I do afterwards to close my chakras and come back into my body.  If I don’t do that process, I wouldn’t be closing down my psychic awareness.

My process consists of:

  • Thanking my client’s guides and my guides for being present
  • Closing my chakras – all you need to do for this is visualize your chakras closing in your mind’s eye, one by one.
  • See my energy coming out of the ethers and coming back into my body.
  • Cut all psychic ties with the client and separating my aura from the client’s aura
  • Declare to myself that the reading is over and my psychic senses are now shut down.  I am not wearing my psychic hat.

I really have to mean the last step.  I say that because sometimes I don’t want to close down. Let’s face it – being connected to your guides and receiving information can feel pretty cool.  And you can go around on that psychic high for days feeling connected and hooked in.  That’s not normal, real life though.  So that’s why I say you have to mean the last step. You really have to want to disconnect from your psychic awareness and shut it down for this to work.

If you have an opening up process, you know you can connect again when you want to, so don’t be afraid to close it down.

And remember that your energy is entirely within your control. You control it through your intentions – conscious and subconscious. Turning off psychic abilities after a while becomes like flicking a switch, through intention.

2. Get out of your head and out of your third eye

Secondly, for all the time and attention you’re spending on your psychic and spiritual development, make sure you spend just as much time and attention on your physical human life, for balance.

Your third eye can’t stay open permanently if you are putting your attention elsewhere, on more human, mundane matters.  Your energy can’t be all in your third eye and in your head if it’s focused and distributed elsewhere – like in your lower chakras.

Here are some small ways to stimulate the lower chakras:

  • Pay attention to the details of your physical life – if your home is full of clutter or dirty, do some organizing and cleaning.  That stimulates your root chakra.
  • Pay attention to your finances.  Pay your bills and check your bank balance.  Make a budget if you need to.  Don’t let the details of your human life escape you even if they seem really boring.
  • Do some exercise – even if it’s just a walk.
  • Get a Massage.

3. Get out of your head (as a way of life)

Being in balance with your psychic abilities is a way of life.  It’s not about a quick fix to ground you here and there.  If you are someone who is consistently engaging with the psychic and spiritual realms, you must be as dedicated to your physical life too – and pay it just as much attention, if not more.

I know this because I spend a few hours a day in the psychic realm and I know what it is like to be on a high from that.  But that high doesn’t last.  And life will bring you back down to Earth from it (with a nasty bump) if you don’t counterbalance psychic work with being human and in your body.

Being human involves spending time on your human relationships and getting back into the real world afterwards.  That is, unless you want to live as a renunciate or a monk.

I’m pretty sure I did that last time I was here so that life holds no appeal for me. 🙂

If all else fails, if you have lots of energy running through your third eye and you feel like can’t switch it off, take a bath with a cup of sea salt or Epsom salts in it.  That is a good temporary fix to settle your energy.