Yes, as long as certain conditions are present. And to be honest, as with anything financial, I’m not sure how much the Law of Attraction comes into this. It’s more about good planning and taking actions that are aligned with your intentions.

If you want to set financial intentions more effectively, I have a simple little process to give you.  You can use this process to set your monthly money intentions and call on Spirit to help you reach your target.  For this, you will need some level of intuition.  So if you’re working on your intuitive development, this is a good process to use to develop your intuition as well.

I have to say, this process works really well for self-employed people because they have more control over their time and the amount that they can earn.  So, if you’re intuitive AND self-employed, I think you’ll find it useful.

Me and My Money Intentions

Before I give you this process, I want to tell you a bit about what I learned when I tried manifesting money a few years ago. When I first saw the film the Secret a few years ago, I heard one of the teachers in that film talk about manifesting money and cheques coming to them in the mail.  I thought this seemed like a pretty unlikely thing to happen to me, but I tried it anyway.  I willed money to come to me in general. I told the Universe I wanted to earn £2,000 per month. I didn’t get any cheques in the mail and my income didn’t go up (of course it didn’t – when did wishing for cash to rain from the sky ever work?!).

There were two reasons for this:

Firstly, I was not a vibrational match for earning £2,000 per month.  That means that I had not yet developed the resources in myself – motivation or personal qualities – of someone who could earn that amount of money. I had no passive income streams, no sense of purpose and I had no idea how I would earn more money. I was also very worried about my financial situation as I was living beyond my means and so my general sense of panic relating to money didn’t help either.

Secondly, I was not taking any strategic action – that is, actions designed to increase my income.  At that time, I had a job and I was earning about 1000 euros per month. So I just passively willed more money to come to me and hoped it would.

So, even though I said to myself ‘I’m going to earn £2,000 this month’, I didn’t achieve my goal because I hadn’t laid the foundations for achieving it and I had no method for getting there.

These days, most months I do remember to set an intention of how much money I want to earn in my business and most months I do reach my goal.

The reason for this is that I don’t just set an intention and hope for money to arrive in the mail.  There is more to my process than that, now.

So, here is the process for setting a money intention:

Step one:

Ask yourself, what do you want to earn next month? Find a dollar figure (or a figure in whatever currency you’re working in).  Then ask yourself, ‘am I very far from being a vibrational match for earning this figure?’ Go within and consult with your gut.

You are aiming for a figure that you’re nearly a vibrational match for – say, 75% or 60% a match for.  You don’t want a figure that you’re already earning and 100% a vibrational match for.  You don’t want something that feels completely out of your league either. You want something that’s still a challenge though.

If you’re nearly a vibrational match you might feel excited but it’ll feel within your financial frame of reference; within your ‘league’ right now. It may feel uncomfortable to a degree but not completely uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you’re totally not a vibrational match, you may feel totally uncomfortable and as if it’s just not within your financial frame of reference to earn that figure you chose.  You can’t imagine earning it and you probably wouldn’t know what to do with it if you did earn it.

(By the way, if you have a pendulum, you can dowse on how aligned you are (in a percentage) with earning your chosen amount in the next month.)

If you can see that the amount you chose is TOTALLY outside of your financial frame of reference (i.e. too high) then try again with another figure that’s lower than the one you chose before. So if your ideal amount to earn was $5,000 per month, try $3,500/month the second time – go through the same process and ask yourself the same questions.

Step two:

Ask yourself (or your Higher self):

  • What do I need to do to become a vibrational match for earning this figure?
  • Do I need to make any changes?
  • Are there any changes in attitude that I need to make?
  • What holds me back?

See if any situations, thoughts or information pops into your mind. Sometimes the answer comes pretty quickly – or you at least get a clue or a sense of what the changes are you need to make.  You could use automatic writing to get your answers if you prefer that method. Just put some time aside and ask Spirit for guidance. You may be surprised at what pops into your mind from nowhere.

Depending on the figure you chose, the things that come to mind might be pretty big changes, like work part-time and start your business.  Or they could be smaller changes.  Ask for guidance about strategic actions you can take to earn that amount and opportunities to become a better vibrational match for the amount you chose. If I had done this three years ago, I might have noticed that my tendency to panic in an irrational way about money wasn’t helping. I might also have noticed that I had no budget and was not tracking what I was spending or earning. I would also have noticed that I hated my job and needed to shift to something different.

If you don’t get any information at all on this, just release your intention to earn your desired amount and ask your Higher self to show you what you need to do (during the course of this month) to become a vibrational match for earning the amount you chose. This will probably turn out to be a journey, depending on how big your goal is (no quick fixes here). You may induce some shifts in attitude or life path if you put out this intention.

If you want to set financial intentions and have them come true, you need to TAKE ACTION. If you can’t bring yourself to take action, you either need to reconsider the course of action or if you’re convinced the course of action is a good one, you need to heal what is stopping you.

So, you can see how this process is more thorough and effective than just taking an arbitrary dollar figure you might or might not be a match for earning and hoping that figure will come to you passively. This is a process that takes into account the fact that we need to take actions for our dreams to come true and also, we need to grow into a person who can have or do what we want. It also takes into account the fact that we don’t have all the answers straight away – sometimes we just need to put out the intention, have faith and then wait for guidance that can take us there over the course of a month or longer.

Try this process and tell me in the comments whether you got any next steps or guidance.  Or leave a comment if you have any questions.