This is the fourth & final article in the 4-part series about space clearing!

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In the previous two articles, I went into all the different types of negative energy that are commonly found in our homes. In this final article, I am going to cover how we can diagnose & clear out all of the negative energies referred to in the previous articles. Here’s a reminder of what those energies were:

  • Earthbound spirits
  • Poltergeists
  • Negative thought forms
  • Emotional residues
  • Portalways
  • Unwanted influencing energies
  • Outdated land assignment
  • Residual hauntings
  • Lack of acknowledgment for indigenous land spirits

So now let’s look at the process for clearing a space:

#1: Do some research into what is affecting your space

Before you can clear any energetic issues that are present in your home, you need to be able to pinpoint what exactly is affecting your space. So first of all you need to do a reading on your space. Personally I like dowsing for this process — asking a simple yes/no question for the above issues will suffice. I.e. Does my home have earthbound spirits in it?

I also use a ‘negative energies’ chart to get more specific. I.e. if you have emotional residues in your space, what kind of emotions do they resonate with? I.e. anxiety or depression or anger (to give a few examples….)

#2: Bring in a Divine energy to help you clear the space

The second key to clearing a space is to enlist a Divine-level being, which is either an Archangel or an Ascended Master. 

Divine-level beings excel at moving energies and healing, both people and spaces. So, these are the beings you want to call on for space clearing. 

If you’re not sure which one to choose for this step, check out this list of Divine beings here. 

To call on a Divine being and ask them to help you, say their name out loud. I also do a bit of deep breathing as part of the process.

Important note for this step: do not enlist the help of your Spirit Guides or Guardian angels in clearing your space. Do not include them in your opening prayer or bring them in, in any way. They are not very good at clearing spaces and they cannot shift energy in the same way that Divine-level beings can. If you include any astral-level beings in this process you may end up feeling drained and the negative energy from your space may not be transmuted and properly cleared.

#3: Ask the Divine being to help you to resolve the energetic issues in your space

In my Energy Clearing for Spaces Course, I pass on prayers and ceremonies to address each of the negative energy issues I talked about in this series. However, there is no one prayer or ceremony that must be worded a certain way to work (what matters most is the intention.) If you are already confident in working with energy, you can also create your own. Here are some tips for clearing the energies I mention above:

Earthbound spirits & poltergeists: 

Clearing earthbound spirits and poltergeists is not difficult or scary — it is actually very simple. Here’s what to do: you need to address two beings as part of this – the Divine being (who will escort the lost spirit to the other side) and the deceased spirit(s). 

Ask the Divine being to heal any resistance these spirits have to crossing over to the other side. Tell the spirits they are dead and there is a better place for them to be. Tell them they are loved and forgiven for anything they feel they did wrong when they were alive. Repetition is important in that it has a hypnotic effect. If the spirit doesn’t cross over, keep repeating the same things until it has. Don’t kick these spirits out of your space or clear them with an energy of fear or banishment, even if you feel they are unfriendly or hostile. Gently coax them into the awareness that they are dead and that it’s safe to cross over. If you do it with love, and persist, it will work. Full instructions for helping earthbound spirits and getting them out of your space and over to the other side are included in my Energy Clearing for Spaces Course. 

Let’s have a look at some more tips for clearing various negative energies from spaces:

Portalways: find out how many you have and where they are located in your home. If you have one or more of these in your space, ask the Divine-level energy to permanently close the portalway and have it guarded by an angel in future so that it may never be re-opened.

Negative thought forms, emotional residues, and residual hauntings: ask for these to be removed and transmuted into positive energies (& see if you can ‘feel into’ the energies associated with them). Ask for love and healing to be sent to the soul who created them. 

Lack of acknowledgment for indigenous land spirits: welcome these spirits in, wherever they are present (note: if you live on land that traditionally has been owned by people of another culture, or even your own, it is likely you have indigenous land spirits that you can welcome into your space.) Ask them to protect your home, and bring in a symbol of their culture into your home, to honour them and their sense of belonging on the land. This will bring a more harmonious and protective energy into your home.

Unwanted influencing energies: ask for these to be removed from your home and your belongings, and the psychic link between your home and the source of the unwanted influencing energy to be broken. See if you can sense where this influencing energy might have come from and consider how you can reduce this influence in your life in future, if it is toxic (note: it often comes from overbearing people.)

Outdated land assignment: if you sense your place is built on a burial ground, sacred site or a battleground, ask for a Divine being to break this assignment and re-consecrate the site for use as a living space. 

For those who want a clear and structured system for (a) diagnosing issues (b) clearing spaces & (c) protecting them in future, you may be interested in my Energy Clearing for Spaces Course.

It offers:

★ Instructions for identifying which negative energies are affecting your space and finding out how the issues may be affecting you and your family

★ Prayers, ceremonies & rituals which are quick and effective for addressing any & all of the above-mentioned issues

★ A process for protecting your space to keep negative energies out — permanently. (No need to do the same space clearing every week or month!)

★ An FAQ for addressing any questions or issues you might run into as you go through the process

★ An amazing skill that you can use for properties, at a distance or when you’re in it. No need for any practical tools such as sage, ever again. All you need is your connection to the Divine and your voice.

Here are some reasons to do a space clearing…

★ You have moved into a new home but it doesn’t really feel like yours yet for whatever reason

★ There has been a break up or divorce or when a partner, spouse, roommate or someone with whom you co-habited has moved out

★ You have had a negative event happen recently or have experienced very strong, ongoing negative feelings or thoughts at home

★ There’s been an illness or a death in the home

★ You feel like you’re experiencing a new beginning in your life and want to bring new energies in

★ Someone has smoked cannabis, got high, or had an addiction to something in the space or building you live in

★ You’re trying to sell a property

★ You’ve had what you believe to be unexplained spiritual phenomena in the property

★ Someone has used a ouija board in the property

★ You’ve got a sensitive child who has nightmares/night terrors and is generally afraid of being in the space

★ You’re an empath, clairsentient, medium, healer or a sensitive who senses there is something icky in your space that you are being affected by. You want a more sophisticated method of addressing these negative energies and keeping them OUT.

Sign Up for the Energy Clearing for Spaces Course here.