This is a question people often ask about in cord cutting sessions. In the cord cutting session, we cut an energetic cord, in order to help you to feel lighter, clearer, happier and more empowered.

If you know nothing about cords, or cutting them in order to bring about healing, you might like to read this article: Cord Cutting as a Technique to Improve Relationships and Your Emotional Health.

In response to the question: ‘How many cords should I have cut?’

Some clients have one cord cut, others have a few, others have several or more cut.

It all depends on how much you personally get out of it. The people who get several cords cut feel a shift afterwards and get good results and so they want to keep on going..

I personally love this way of healing and have cut somewhere between 35 and 40 cords.

Here are times when you might want to consider having another cord cutting session:

  • When you have something you want to change or heal about your life

You can bring virtually any intention to a cord cutting session, including ‘I want to be more empowered’ or ‘I want to be more effective in life’ or ‘I want to have a better relationship with my father’ or whatever. It can be about your relationships, ability to earn money, self-expression, self-care, empowerment, etc. The intentions are usually in the realm of thought, feeling or behaviour.

Those clients who get several sessions of aura healing tend to be the ones who are very passionate about their personal development and trying to create change in their lives.

More reasons why people get a cord cutting session…

  • When memories and relationships from the past are bothering you

If you are haunted by memories which make you feel bad, regretful, sad etc., cutting the cords to the people involved can help to close the door on those past events.

I personally have received the most benefits from cutting cords to parents, siblings, a teacher from high school who bullied me for years when I was in her class, someone who physically attacked me, and a difficult former employer.

Think of the most troubled and difficult relationships you’ve had in your life – you can guarantee that you will have a cord to those people. I’m thinking of relationships where there might have been a lot of conflict, acrimony, or even bullying and manipulating.

  • When you are having relationship problems

People get a lot out of cutting the cord to their present partner or spouse.

If you have a difficult relationship with a parent or anyone else in your family, cord cutting can also help. It won’t affect or change the other person, but it can help to change how you feel when you interact with the person with whom you’re having difficulties.

One of my clients Mandeep gave me a testimonial because he has found his relationships with his family have become more harmonious following the work we did:

I’ve worked with Anna several times over the last few months, and it has been a real pleasure. She has always made me feel safe and at ease with her lack of judgement and understanding.

Through our cord cutting sessions she has successfully highlighted a number of patterns that were affecting my wellbeing and helped me to clear those from my daily life. Her insights were infinitely beyond guesswork as she was able to pinpoint exact details of events and thought patterns that existed in my relationships. Since my sessions, my relationships with my family are so much more improved and I feel much calmer around them. Although there are certain times where I may still get a reactionary feeling, it’s like I have a deep understanding that it’s just a pattern that’s running and I have a choice and control of how I react in a situation.

I feel that a lot has shifted for me and would recommend a cord cutting session to people looking to increase the emotional stability and foundation in a particular relationship.”

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