In recent weeks, I have had a reflexology session every Monday. Last week at the end of the session, the reflexologist held my feet and was quiet for a moment. (This happens at the end of every session.)

This time, as I lay there on the massage table while she did this, a very specific clairvoyant image came to me very suddenly and vividly. First of all I saw a protective ribbon-like spiral made of blue light being put around me, like a protective shell. Then I saw a couple of beings on either side of the massage table I was lying on. They didn’t just appear, instead they appeared to be in the dark at first and then a light shone on them and they were illuminated. Then they went dark again. (It reminded me of this music video in the effect I saw.)

I asked the reflexologist afterwards: “What do you do when you hold my feet at the end and we’re quiet for a moment? (I wondered if she was doing some Reiki on me as she is a Reiki practitioner as well.)

She said: I call on spirit beings and angels to protect you and me in the upcoming week.

I loved the effect where her calling on the angels illuminated them around me and allowed me to see them for a moment (we usually have a few guardian angels, most people have 2 or 3, and guardian angels have the job of protecting us from physical harm.)

This is what calling on your Angels and Guides will do for you. They are already there, but what happens by calling upon them is that they become more visible to your mind; they are illuminated for a moment.

You can call on your Angels and guides whenever you like. All you need to do is close your eyes, take a deep breath, say a prayer such as “I call on my guardian angels to protect me in the coming week.”  It’s very simple. They are already protecting you, but saying this prayer ‘pings’ their energy and brings them even closer to you for a moment.

Try it and see what you feel. Write a comment below if you wish about what you experience. Upon doing this exercise, you may feel an emotion sweep over you, or a bodily sensation or tingling. You may see something or hear something in your ear. You might feel nothing, but it doesn’t mean they are not around you.

If you would like to be able to tune into your spiritual team (guides, angels and Higher Self) for guidance, you may be interested in my Intuitive Awakening course – a 13 week course which takes you from having little or no obvious intuitive ability to conversing with your guides etc.