The human personality is intimately linked with the soul and its past experiences and trainings.

After all, the soul is the part of us that survives over time, through many lifetimes, collecting along the way all the soul skills and learnings from lifetimes, relationships and events.

Let’s get technical and look at the ways in which the soul’s past affects your personality.

The Soul’s Origin

The soul group of origin means the soul’s very first place of incarnation, whether that is in this star system or another star system.

All places and star systems work with different energies and these influence the soul during its first incarnation. Some souls are native to Earth, meaning that their souls are imbued with the energies of this place. Other souls have their very first incarnation in a star system that is not this one, and the soul absorbs those energies instead. So the large variety of souls that are incarnated here all bring different energies and gifts.

Pretty much every personality trait under the sun that you can think of is reflected by the soul group of origin – serious, sweet, affectionate, organized, spiritual, entertaining, down-to-earth, technically minded, loyal, talkative, dynamic. These are some of the traits of some souls groups of origin that we know of.  We need all the soul groups here on earth, which is why it is very important to be who you are.

The Archangelic Realm of Training

Another large part of the soul’s purpose and identity is an aspect that we call the Archangelic realm of training.

There are seven principal archangelic realms in the universe and each soul trains in one. Each realm is presided over by an archangel and has very distinct energies. When the soul incarnates in the physical, he or she brings those energies of their chosen archangelic realm into this world. This governs the soul’s approach to life and the soul’s values.

Depending on the realm the soul has trained in, some souls are driven by the urge to create something beautiful, or bring more order into the world. Others are driven by the need to uncover and speak the truth. Others have a soul urge to pass on information and knowledge. These are just a few examples.

When you know the soul’s archangelic realm of training along with the soul group of origin, you have a really good idea of who the soul is, and what matters to that soul.

The Soul Trainings

Your personality is also governed by the trainings you have had between physical lifetimes.  In between lifetimes we undertake ‘careers’ which teach us skills and influence us in ways that manifest when we incarnate, including in our interests and values. For example, some souls have a particular interest or skill in energy healing, systems, ethics, counselling or exploration, because of the soul trainings they have undertaken in the past.

The Life Lessons

Every soul that incarnates has a primary life lesson that governs the learning experiences that soul goes through in life. Most life lessons take three or four lifetimes to learn.

Know someone with a very controlling personality? Such a person could be learning the art of surrender (or struggling to learn it.) A person who never does things by half could be learning about moderation.

The strengths and flaws in our personality are linked to what we have and haven’t learned and explored during the lifetime of the soul.

Know Thyself

I feel that it’s important to know what is essential and defining about you, and to be free to express that in your life. It’s also important to align your life with your true identity and your soul. This is what leads to fulfillment.

Here are my top two tips to do this. They both really sound simple and common sense but they’re much easier said than done…

1. Be around people who take you for who you are and accept you. Being with people who want or expect you to be something different is very bad for the spirit

2. Be guided by your interests and include activities you really enjoy in your life. Do things that excite your soul. If you feel most alive when travelling or creating art, for instance, make sure you make space for those activities in your life. I love gardening – it’s an activity that creates a real sense of wellbeing in my life. An enjoyment of gardening is a reflection of both my archangelic realm and my soul group of origin.

Want to go deeper?

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