Over the last 12 months, I’ve had plenty of questions about ghosts, poltergeists and general spooky stuff. Seeing as it is Halloween today, it seems like a good time to look at one of these spooky questions from the last year!


I’ve become aware of a presence of a spirit in my apartment. I have started to channel it through automatic writing and dowsing with a necklace. Do you have any tips that can help me to communicate with this spirit?

— Nathaniel

My Thoughts:

Nathaniel, my recommendation would be not to channel it.

There is a huge difference between a roaming spirit that is present in your apartment and the spirits you’re meant to communicate with – your Spirit Guides and your Higher self.

In my experience, it’s great to channel your Spirit Guides, but it’s not so good to communicate with random spirits who might be present in your apartment.

Here’s why:

The random spirit in your apartment is called an earthbound spirit. That is the technical name for it.  It’s also commonly called a ghost.

An earthbound spirit is a dead person who has not fully crossed over to the astral realm and so a part of them (their emotional or mental body) is still on Earth.

These spirits often hang around hospitals, police stations, funeral parlours, cemeteries, bars, clubs, and hotels.

Why do some people not cross over after death? Well, there can be lots of reasons.  One of them is that the person might have been an addict when they were alive, and they are not willing to cross over into a place where there is no alcohol or whatever drug they were addicted to when they were alive.

Another reason might be that the person believed in hell when they were alive, and they’re afraid they’re going there.

The reasons are always negative ones, meaning that dead people who stick around here are generally fearful and/or stuck.

So if you communicate with the spirit in your apartment, you can be sure that you will not be getting good advice. It’s like going up to a drug addict who is high and asking them for life advice.  You might get some strange and not so coherent answers.

These spirits can also draw on your energy and attach to your aura. This is a little bit draining. But mostly they’re pesky because they give rubbish advice.

(You can find out more about earthbound spirits by reading this article.)

Just because a spirit is not in a body does not make it worth channelling!

This topic is quite timely really, because it has a lot to do with Halloween, which is today!

Halloween actually originated with the Ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Originally people lit fires and wore costumes in order to ward off roaming ghosts.

There was a reason why they did this:

They knew that we should not channel or have random dead people hanging around, unless they are our ancestors (who are different from lost spirits who are just roaming around.)

Anyone who does intuitive development needs to remember that earthbound spirits are to be avoided.

Instead, channel your Spirit Guides or your Higher self.

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are very different from random dead people.  Spirit Guides are the spirits who were assigned to you before you were even born, to give you advice and guidance throughout your earthly life.  These spirits do not draw on your energy at all.

If you’re interested in learning more about Spirit Guides, read this article: What Are Spirit Guides & How to Work With Them

Your Spirit Guides (unlike random dead people) know you inside out.  They know your soul’s path and lessons.  They are also high vibrational and can see your life from a high vantage point.

Deceased spirits are simply not very useful beings to have around. So save yourself the trouble of channelling this random spirit in your apartment, Nathaniel, and instead learn to communicate with your Spirit Guides or your Higher self.

In my Intuitive Awakening Course we learn how to channel your Spirit Guides and of course your own soul (also called your ‘Higher self’.) In my course, I also teach you how to avoid, and even clear the earthbound spirits who have no helpful guidance for you.