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This is a popular online learning hub for people interested in intuitive and spiritual development, and readers visit for the authentic, high quality articles that go out weekly/bi-monthly. These articles go out to tens of thousands of newsletter subscribers and social media followers.

I am now accepting guest articles – they can be submitted using the form at the bottom of this page. Before sending in your article, please read the submission guidelines below.

Submission Requirements

I only accept only those articles that I feel will be of most interest to my readership, and they tend to be the ones that are most compelling, helpful or just the most relevant to the topics we cover on this website.

Here are some guidelines to that end:

• Your article will need to cover a topic related to spirituality such as intuitive development, the Akashic Records, empathy, healing, past lives, life purpose, mediumship, animal communication, astrology or Tarot.

• Your article will need to be well-written and in language that is not too formal or academic.

• It will need to be non-generic. For example, if you can find 30 other articles online which say exactly the same thing as yours, it’s probably not a good fit for my site. Ideally you will share something from your own life in it, or put a new spin on an old topic. ‘How-to’ or practical articles are very popular, as are personal stories.

• Minimum 700 words

• Please provide a short bio and link to your site/offerings at the end (maximum of 3 links). Links are allowed in the body of the text, but they must not be promotional ones.

• The article (or any sections of it) must not be posted anywhere else on the internet – including your own website.

• Please submit documents in word format

• Please provide a headshot to go with your article

• Your article may be edited slightly or you may be asked to make changes to it before publication.

• If your article is not a good fit for my site, you will be notified.

Please note, I don’t currently accept articles about non-spiritual topics. I also do not currently accept any channeled posts

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