I’ve had some great questions from graduates and students of my Akashic Record Reading Program and Intuitive Reading Program over the last few weeks about the business side of offering spiritual/intuitive services via the internet. I wanted to share some of my answers to their questions here, as I know I have self-employed practitioners among my readers who might also be interested in this info!

I’ve just trained as an Akashic Record reader/intuitive/healer. How do I create a full-time practice?

Here are my tips:

1. Build your practice based on your own soul gifts

This is important. Some people are all about healing, while others need to have a teaching element in their business to feel fulfilled. Get your Akashic Record read. If you have a lot of healing gifts, train in a healing modality and offer that too. If you’re a teacher/communicator, have a blog, write a book or hold workshops, in addition to offering readings or whatever it is you offer.

2. Market yourself 

You will need to do at least a few hours of marketing per week for the first 3 years, to build your practice. Add yourself to directories. Make connections with others who offer services which are a complement to what you do, and who will possibly send you clients. Build a website and work on building traffic to it. To do this, write free articles or create YouTube videos or podcasts. Don’t expect to have a thriving full-time practice unless you have done this, week in, week out for a few years at least. If you want to go full-time, you must also be an entrepreneur/business person.

I personally do not always enjoy the business side of things and many spiritual people feel the same but you have to get past it. My vocation has always been spirituality and teaching, not being a business person. Also, I don’t like promoting myself, and it’s in my nature to want to come in under the radar and avoid attracting attention. If I could tell 2006 Anna that she was going to have lots of people coming to her website every month I think she would have felt pretty scared and uncomfortable (2016 Anna knows that it is a privilege to work with a lot of people.) I’ve got past my aversion to all things business, and so can you.

3. Offer more than one type of service

Be of service to people in multiple ways. Ideally, you will not create a business based solely on one type of reading. To have a thriving business, you will ideally offer more than one type of reading (such as an Akashic Record reading AND an intuitive reading) and/or some kind of healing service, such as cord-cutting, Reiki, or past life regression. The more services you offer, the better. This is because when you have a customer who enjoys working with you, they will often want to try one of your other services too. If you practice some kind of healing modality and already have a client base, you have a headstart.

4. Get a mentor

If you want to get good results fast, educate yourself and work with someone who can show you how to create those results. Make sure you hire someone who has created their own thriving business and can give you the strategic steps to take to reach your goal. My mentor is Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-journey.com.

It is often slow to build a business. You need to be patient and committed. Marketing is like sowing seeds that aren’t going to grow for a few seasons yet.

Can you really make a living having your own intuitive business on the internet?

Yes, but it varies a great deal depending how much work you’re willing to put in and how much you apply yourself (see points above). Most intuitives make between $25,000 and $80,000 per year and it is definitely towards the lower end for new intuitives who are getting their business started. Remember that as a self-employed person, you also have overheads. You may need to pay for an accountant or accounting software, hosting, a domain name, website maintenance, office equipment, a shopping cart, PayPal fees, phone calls, etc.

If you want to make over six figures, you will also need to teach and ideally set up passive income sources, too.

What are the best and worst things about working as a professional intuitive?

The best thing is the lifestyle, flexibility and the location independence. I am currently in Northern Scotland but I am a sun seeking swallow and I plan on going to the southern hemisphere in the winter months. You can’t do that with a “normal” job!

It is also deeply rewarding. I love working with people. It is an honour and a privilege to be trusted to read for people and to work with them on their healing.

The worst thing about this field is that you can sometimes feel isolated, especially if you work from home and have no team members. You can also sometimes feel out of step with the rest of the world if you live in a very conservative place like the Bible Belt. You need to build a sense of community to counter that.

If you have any questions in this area, please feel free to leave me a comment!

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