I believe that healing (bringing ourselves back into alignment with love and joy) is a big part of some peoples’ soul purpose here. Some people don’t bother with healing until they’re presented with an ultimatum by their body.

Our bodies reflect our psyche. This is potentially a wonderful thing if you’re in great shape emotionally and spiritually, but on the other hand, if there is buried pain or discomfort inside you, it will at some point manifest into your physical reality. For more on the mind-body connection and illness, I recommend reading Louise Hay’s book ‘You can heal your life‘.

Here are some methods/online resources for self-healing which you can use by yourself:

1. Use EFT to tap on negative thoughts and emotions.

For information on this, visit www.emofree.com

EFT is an acupressure technique which clears the energy meridians of negative energy. I began using EFT last year to tap on strong emotions like anger and found it to be very effective. If you’re new to EFT, there are videos on there which show you how to tap your negative thoughts and emotions.

2. My absolute favourite resource for self-healing is the work of Byron Katie:

If you have not yet heard about Byron Katie, here’s a bit about her: Byron Katie spent ten years in a deep depression. She felt so unworthy that she slept on the floor even though she had a bed! For two years, she was unable to leave her bedroom because she was so depressed. One day, she came to the realization that when she believed her painful thoughts, she suffered and when she didn’t believe them, she didn’t suffer. Out of this, she developed a method of inquiry, to question her painful thoughts and end her suffering. She now dedicates her life to doing ‘the work’ as she calls it, with other people.

‘The work’ consists of four questions to ask yourself when faced with a thought that doesn’t feel good:

  1. Is it true?

  2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?

  3. How do you react when you believe that thought?

  4. Who would you be without the thought?

Why I love ‘The Work’:

1. Our overall state of happiness is often so dependent on what we think is true about ourselves and our lives. The work is a reminder that just because we think it, doesn’t make it true. The work has helped me to find peace when faced with thoughts like: ‘I should have more money’, ‘I should be working more’, ‘I should be X or Y or Z when I’m not!’. I used to live my life in a constant state of stress thinking things should be different. Through questioning my stressful thoughts, compared to before, I now spend vastly more time enjoying reality than I do fighting with it and thinking it should be otherwise.

2. The work also helps us to heal past events by putting a different perspective on them and showing you that ‘negative’ experiences are always blessings in disguise in that they have something to teach us or show us. I love the idea that as souls we always send ourselves the most loving experiences possible, even when they appear to be disastrous ones. Something in that strikes a chord of truth in me.

3. The work takes the focus off mindless activity and a state of doing and helps you to shift to a state of ‘being’, where you can be fully present and enjoy reality. I know that one of my natural tendencies is definitely to pursue things that I think will make me happy. In giving in to this tendency, I miss out on enjoying where I am now.

I think that to some degree or other, we all have a tendency to do that – we spend our lives going after something, whether it’s money, love, approval, success, essentially whatever we think will bring us happiness. We can’t find peace because we are attached to notions like ‘I should earn more money’, ‘my children should be more respectful’, ‘my wife should not have left me’. Instead of being at peace, we see a huge array of problems and are so intent on solving them that we forget that we’re not stopping to smell the roses and enjoy life.

The work is not just about healing, it’s also a tool for manifesting a future that you do want. If you can release your negative beliefs and stories about your present reality, that in turn frees up lots of energy to create more of what you do want in the future! All good in my book.

If you’re new to questioning your thoughts and it seems a bit overwhelming, that’s a normal reaction I think. The fact that we may want to question that bad stuff is bad is definitely a revolutionary idea. I remember reading Katie’s book ‘A Thousand Names for Joy‘ and thinking she was a bit of a nutcase. But I’ve returned to her books again and again because I am committed to squashing any negative thoughts and beliefs I have about reality and this method works so well for me.

3. Ask for the assistance of the angels to help you to release negative energies

I can think about a negative past event or situation and turn it over in my mind for weeks, but if I do the below exercise, it’s gone within five minutes.

So I personally use the following exercise to release anything in my past that creeps up on me and makes me feel sad/embarrassed/guilty/angry/fearful. I’m talking about the kind of memories which are so uncomfortable to think about, you stuff them into a corner of your brain. Did you know that repressing and burying memories or feelings actually uses up a lot of energy?

Things you can use this releasing exercise on:

  • Hurtful things said to you in the past
  • Things you have done/said in the past which you feel guilty about
  • To release strong anger, resentment or other negative feelings connected to past events
  • To let go of persistent negative memories which won’t leave you alone
  • To allow you to forgive somebody or to ask their forgiveness

Imagine a green light burning at your heart chakra. This represents your compassion for yourself. Call on Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael (Michael is the protector and Raphael the healer). (The angels come if you call them. But they respect your free will and will not come without your express invitation.)

Do a breathing exercise to quiet your thoughts and emotions and to raise your vibration. Inhale to the count of four, hold to the count of four and exhale to the count of eight, and repeat.

Set an intention for the releasing process. For example: ‘I intend to put X out of my mind’ or ‘I intend to release this emotion which is draining my energy’.

The releasing process is this:

 Say out loud (or in your mind):

The anger I feel towards X for breaking his promise to me (as an example), thank you for being here.

All the parts of me which are protecting this issue, return now to Source

All the negative effects of this issue, return now to Source, never to return again or to affect me in mind, body or spirit.

The anger I feel towards X for breaking his promise to me, return now to Source, I forgive you, Thank you.

(Visualize the angels taking your anger to the light of God to be transmuted to love energy)

If there are lots of different feelings and aspects to your situation, you may want to split them up and release them one by one.

I am only just comprehending how powerful asking the angels to remove negativity really is. Using a method very similar to this one, I have seen amazing results with clients and myself. You may see working with angels as wishful thinking. It is really not. Ask the angels from your heart to help you and they will work on your behalf.

4. Let go of the hurtful things you’ve heard from others

Another way to clear words or actions that have hurt you: My friend Anna Wolf (who is an angel intuitive and healer) recommends writing down any trauma/event or hurtful things that have been said onto a piece of paper and burning it. Another method to use is ripping up the paper into tiny pieces and putting it into a container filled with water. Then put the container in the freezer for three months.

And if you know of any other great self-healing methods, please let us know about them by leaving a comment below!