One of the lessons I’ve learned since I began studying several years ago with spiritual teachers, healers and intuitives is this:

To take what I need and like, and to discard everything else

(I am referring to spiritual teachings and other peoples’ opinions and guidance that comes in readings.)

Four years ago in a reading I got from an angel intuitive I used to work with in London, she said to me, Spirit says you’re taking on too many ideas that don’t resonate with you. You’re eating up whole ideas without spitting something out.

Some of us were taught growing up by our parents:

“If you are going to live under this roof, you have to agree with me.”

This dysfunctional dynamic may continue for us in the area of learning and teaching. We may feel that it is not polite to disagree with a spiritual teacher, plus we are afraid of offending or being ‘difficult’. But in practice it is extremely rare to truly resonate with everything that comes out of a teacher’s mouth.

Accepting whole ideas without doing your own sifting, because you feel you have to (or because everyone else is) is bad for your personal power and solar plexus. It is also bad for your stomach/digestion area and it can manifest physically in indigestion, which comes from trying to ‘digest’ things that don’t suit you.  It is bad for your personal power because it means you are not consciously choosing what works for you, and then taking responsibility for those ideas or teachings.

If a spiritual teacher is offended or threatened by you not taking on board their ideas, teachings or methods, lock, stock and barrel, before you have tested them, then they have a fragile ego or insecurity issues.

For some people this lesson may seem obvious and common sense. Because this is related to one of my life lessons (inner authority and personal power), I had to learn this several times over. I once had a teacher refuse to work with me and turn against me because I added something to and adapted the healing system she taught me. This is just one example.

When I learned this lesson, or at least became more aware of it, I decided to introduce a waiver that all clients sign before they work with me and it says the following:

I accept that, in undertaking a session of spiritual healing or an intuitive reading, I am responsible for the consequences. It is my responsibility to decide what is right for me and to take from them what is useful for my personal and spiritual development.

I believe that it makes you healthy and mature to be willing to question, experiment and ultimately reject ideas and teachings (or just one part of an idea or teaching), even if you esteem the teacher.

Feel free to spit it out.