On Failure & Adversity

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On Failure & Adversity

Sometimes people ask in a reading, why did I fail in a certain area of my life or why did I make a bad decision?

The answer to that is often this:

What your human self regards as a failure, the soul self may see as a life lesson well learned.

This is one of the ways in which spiritual values are out of alignment with our western values:

Western society may tell you that in order to be an adequate human being, you have to be happy as much as possible and you have to be seen to “achieve” in all areas of life – spend your life with the loving partner in a perfect relationship, be at the healthy weight, or enjoy financial abundance.

But Spirit tells us that we aren’t here to be happy 100% of the time – we will inevitably experience pain in our lives, and our biggest moment of transcendence or soul level triumph will often come from our failures – the parts we feel most inadequate or pained about at the time.

I don’t believe we came here to be perfect or to have a perfect life. You came here to expand your soul – a messy, magnificent and sometimes painful process.



  1. Thank you Anna – a timely reminder! Andrew.

  2. Thank you so Much . I’m in the struggle right now and this helps a lot

  3. I have often said ………….. if you have to go through the ‘s..t’ you might as well learn something from it!!!!!

  4. Thank you! Rings true with me and a timely reminder.

  5. Thanks to all for your comments!

    Willemijn – I’m glad this resonated with you!

  6. 1. Many times pain and suffering brings clarity and focuses and reveals the truth
    2. Joy and happiness is seen through the clouds of suffering.
    3. Intensity of joy is experienced more after adversity and pain

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