Hi Anna,

I have a question about ringing in my ears. I have experienced a high-pitched ringing on and off (sometimes for days on end) for many years now. Could this actually be a sign of clairaudience?


Hi Jessica,

This is a question my Intuitive Awakening students have often asked me in the past, and so it’s time I addressed this in an article.

When Is Ringing in the Ears Linked to Clairaudience?

Ringing in the ears can be a sign of clairaudience when it is something that occurs intermittently, and it doesn’t last long.

Sometimes it can happen as a way for Spirit to tell you that you’re on the right track in what you’re thinking or considering.

Other times, it can happen when you have been working on developing your intuitive gifts and your clairaudient channels of communication are opening. The ringing is essentially a sign that you are adapting to these channels being opened.


Ringing in the ears is often NOT about clairaudience.

When the ringing is a manifestation of your clairaudience, it won’t last long – Spirit isn’t going to bother you with an annoying ringing sound that lasts for days. That would be a form of spiritual harassment!

Instead, ringing in the ears that is ongoing is more likely to be tinnitus. Personally I have had ongoing ringing in my ears when I’ve been very stressed out (I have used the methods of Dr. John Sarno to get rid of it – and I wanted to mention this here in case anyone reading suffers from stress-related tinnitus.)

What About Tingling?

While I’m on the topic of physiological phenomena being (or not being) messages from Spirit, I also wanted to mention tingling.

Tingling can be a manifestation of clairsentience. Many of my clairsentient students experience tingles as an intuitive impulse – especially around the facial area. I wrote more about what this might mean here.

When Tingling Is Not Clairsentience

Again, I’ve had clients and students who are misinterpreting their tingling. This sensation should be intermittent – it should not bother you.

If it is something that is ongoing, it is not clairsentience. It can be caused by any number of things. For women in menopause/peri-menopause, facial tingling can occur when estrogen levels dip too low. Plus tingling can be a side effect of certain medicines and herbal remedies. (I’ve had tingling when I take a certain anti-histamine and I’ve also experienced it as a side effect of the herbal remedy St John’s Wort.)

So, apply common sense when interpreting your intuitive impulses and signals which come through your body. The general rule is: if it is constant or bothersome, it isn’t from Spirit.

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