Recently I received an email from a lady called Dottie.

I won’t copy and paste it here word for word, but here’s what it said more or less:

“You really should be ashamed of yourself for charging for your courses – I am so sick of people asking money for spiritual work.”

I get emails like this maybe once a month, and I wanted to write a rebuttal here, not for Dottie, and not for the average reasonable individual who does not expect others to work for free, but for any other intuitives, healers, and spiritual workers who are starting out and who are afraid to charge for their services. Perhaps because they’ve encountered people like Dottie and have been shamed for even considering charging for their work.

I’ve found this attitude can come most often from spiritualists, who have traditionally done readings as a hobby, and have requested a donation for their services.

Here’s why you should ignore attitudes like these…

Your time is precious and finite

This lifetime that we’ve come into this time around, with these talents, is finite. It won’t go on forever. And each day that passes we will never be able to get back.

And if you choose to dedicate your time to the service of others, then you deserve to be paid for it, because that is time you have spent – creating courses, mentoring students, amassing knowledge and experience, working with clients, or whatever it is – that you will never have back.

In addition, we (like everyone) have bills to pay and things we need or want to do, that cost money.

Therefore, like everyone else, we charge for our time – and it’s right that we do so.

In addition, the game has changed…

We are no longer spiritualists who give readings on evenings and weekends. With the advent of the internet, spiritual work is – more than ever – a viable full-time career. Intuitives these days are less likely to be earning a wage elsewhere, as was often the case in the past.

People who shame others for charging often do not work themselves, and they certainly do not work for free

When I’ve questioned people who have this attitude, around how they support themselves if they believe in working for free, the responses have been revealing. These people are usually not living off the proceeds of their own work:

“I live off my husband’s pension.”

“I live at home with my parents”

or some other variant of “I don’t work/ I don’t have to work.”

Now, there is nothing wrong with not working, if it’s something you can make work for you and the person who supports you.

But it is interesting that these emails often come from people who do not work.

I went through a phase of asking these people if they would be willing to come work for me for free, seeing as they believe in being able to profit from others’ skills without offering anything in return 😉 I never heard anything back (of course.)

And finally…

I mostly don’t enjoy working with people who ask for freebies

Even if I were wealthy, I would not suddenly stop charging and give away my work for free.

Here’s why:

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to give free readings and give away copies of my courses to people, and it has not, on the whole, been as rewarding as it is to work with my paying clients and students.

With the exception of a few people, a lot of the people who got my courses for free never got started. They didn’t have to invest anything, so it’s no biggie if the course never got read.

But I didn’t create courses just to get paid. I also created courses because I want to work with people and I want to make a difference. I want my work to be read.

And here’s the other thing I’ve noticed – people who receive free services will often find fault in what they have received. Incredibly, even if you have clearly poured a lot of time or effort into the free service, these people are more likely to complain and less likely to find the work beneficial.

I’ve had multiple rude and ungrateful emails back from those who have received a free reading or healing session. And this has not been a one off, but a pattern I have noticed (and that other intuitives I know have noticed, also.)

I don’t get that sort of response or energy coming at me from paying clients, so why does it frequently come from those who have received something for free?

That’s an interesting question.

I do know that an equal exchange of energy is healthy, in all relationships and if we start off with an unequal exchange, it is less likely to blossom into something lovely.

On the other hand, when I want to give to others, with no strings attached and less hassle, I prefer to give to charities instead.

So, to the budding intuitives, healers and other spiritual workers out there who may be reading this and feel insecure about charging:

The majority of people are reasonable, and decent. They will value your time and pay for your work, provided you charge a reasonable amount.

But the behaviour of the vocal minority, who demand freebies and shame you for charging for your work…

I’m going to call this behaviour out for what it is: abusive and unreasonable.

You will encounter it, but don’t ever let it hold you back.

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