In the summer of 2007, I was working in a language school in Northern Spain. I had graduated from university the year before and had fallen into the field of teaching because there was nothing else I really wanted to do. That summer, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to train as a professional intuitive. I was having many mystical experiences at the time and I wanted to help people to navigate the things that I felt really mattered in life, such as career, healing the past, and relationships.

My employer at the language school was an American who turned out to be very interested in all things spiritual and paranormal. When he questioned me as to what my plans were for the rest of the year, I told him that I was planning to eventually leave the field of teaching to set up my own website for giving readings and healing sessions. He told me he had always been fascinated with the idea of psychic readings. He also asked me to do a reading for him (he turned out to be my first ‘client’.) He obviously thought I was more skilled than I really was!

I found myself agreeing to do a reading for him. He gave me a list of questions and that evening, I went home and lay down on my sofa to ‘tune in’. I really had no idea what I was doing as I had never done a Spirit Guide reading for anyone before. I visualized meeting with his Spirit Guides, and received answers from them using my inner voice, with great difficulty. I wrote down the information I got for him and the next day I passed it on.

After that, he wanted to give me more questions to get answers to, but I was not confident enough to repeat the exercise. The main reason for my caution was that I didn’t know what I was doing.

I got in touch with a professional intuitive who would later become my teacher. She told me that having a reading is like having a haircut. Would you really want to go to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing?

So I heeded her advice and I got some training in a modality which taught me how to read the Akashic Records, and I loved it. I was able to tell clients about their soul’s past, soul gifts and past lives. But at the same time I was also frustrated because I wasn’t able to help people with questions on their career, relationships, and decisions. I felt like I wasn’t a “real” intuitive, instead I was an Akashic Record reader.

So I sought out training so that I would be able to help people with other areas of life, such as their relationships or careers or decisions. However, the way that other people were teaching how to do these readings didn’t resonate with me. Being very left brained, I didn’t just want to tune in using a catch-all technique to see what I could pick up, instead I wanted something very structured, that I knew would work every time and could be replicated for any life area or question.

Through experience I created some of my own protocols and processes for doing readings, and I collected bits and pieces from elsewhere. The thing I loved about my way of doing readings was that it worked every time. It was not hit and miss. It was structured and replicable.

People began to ask me how they can learn to do readings in the same way I was doing them. I have spent 2½ years creating a resource for people who ask this question, and it’s finally ready.

The Intuitive Reading Program

This is the course that I wished I had access to when I started out in 2007. It teaches you how to do Spirit Guide readings, career readings, relationship readings, decision readings and it even teaches you how to create your own practice in this field.

Click here to find out more about The Intuitive Reading Program.

Not done The Akashic Record Reading Program yet?

Click here to find out more about The Akashic Record Reading Program (which is a prerequisite to The Intuitive Reading Program).

The Akashic Record Reading Program lays the important ground work of teaching you how to do Akashic Record readings.

The Akashic Record Reading Program teaches you how to do a very specific kind of reading that allows you to access the deepest information about who a person is on the soul level. Learn to tell a person’s soul gifts, life lessons, soul background, past lives, and much more. Learn about the soul groups and soul trainings a person can have, and how these manifest in our lives. Clients love and value the information that is passed on to them and I would not do my readings without it. Plus it is the kind of reading you have on a ‘once in a lifetime’ basis.