This is to announce that until 31st December, my Akashic Record Reading Program will be available to buy for $499. (Normally the program costs $1099.)

Please note that this discounted version of the program is a no-mentoring version.

The ‘no mentoring’ version of this course includes the following:

  • A 209 page PDF course book
  • A PDF workbook
  • 9 hours of mp3 audio lectures
  • Access to the online ‘members’ area, including the forums, where you can look at several years’ worth of questions posted by hundreds of previous students, along with Anna’s answers

What this version does not include:

It does not include the opportunity to be certified, nor does it include the final mentoring session with Anna (this is the session students have at the end of the program to get their certification) or the healing session with Debra Reeves. Basically there is no access to a mentor during your studies.

However, it includes all the resources you need to learn to do Akashic Record Readings by the end of the course, as the instructions given in the materials are very comprehensive.

This no-mentoring version has never been offered before. It will only be available until the end of the year, and won’t be making an appearance again any time soon.

Who this course is suited to:

I have had students in the past who want to learn how to do an Akashic Record Reading, but who have no interest in becoming certified, and who do not require support along the way.

This version of the program is aimed at those types of people — independent learners who just want the information, and who are happy to take the time to look at the extra information given in the course forums, wherever necessary. Hundreds of students have taken this program since 2011 and you can be sure that someone has had the same question as you at some point, and asked it in the course forum.

Go here to sign up for this offer. 


What are the main differences between the $499 no mentoring version of this course and the $1099 mentoring version?

The $1099 version enables you to be certified to deliver Akashic Record Readings, and you can be added to the practitioner directory. The $499 version does not enable you to be certified. The $1099 version includes a healing session with Debra Reeves, for the $499 version we’ll send you some instructions for you to do the same healing on yourself. The $499 version gives you read-only access to the course forums to view previous students’ questions, but does not allow you to post. The $1099 allows you to post in the course forums.

What if I change my mind later on and wish to be certified – is it possible to upgrade to the full mentoring included version of the program?

Yes, if you change your mind and wish to be certified at a later date, it is also possible to upgrade to the mentoring included version of the course later on.

Can I sign up for this offer some time after 31st December?

No, sorry. This offer ends at 5pm EST on 31st December.

Will you be offering this again?

Not in the near future.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

And you can sign up for this program here.

Happy Christmas & I wish all readers a wonderful 2020!