When I was driving to a house sit last week, I found that my new GPS seemed to have a fault – it was switching itself off at key moments during my drive when I needed to choose a direction at an intersection or roundabout!

I didn’t know my way around the area I was in, and as I was heavily reliant on my GPS, it was all pretty stressful.

Once my GPS had switched itself off altogether (and my cellphone had run out of charge, too) my only option was to ask my guidance – which way do I go?

In the end, I managed to get to where I needed to be using my intuition.

This experience reminded me how much I rely on the GPS (as someone who drives a lot in unfamiliar areas) and not to mention, how heavily reliant I am on my intuition (which is essentially the soul’s GPS!)

Whenever I have to get from A to B in my life and reach an important goal, I ask for guidance to help me get there.

This guidance – the soul’s GPS – is available to us all, to help us to get to where we need to be.

And we are all born with the ‘software’ already installed in our GPS, along with a ‘destination’, which is essentially a loose roadmap of experiences, intentions, and lessons that our souls wish to have once we get here. (And this is something the soul puts in place before we even incarnate.)

And so we receive directions through this ‘GPS’:

You’re going the wrong way!

That road will take you the long way round, take this one instead. 

Keep going, you’re on the right track.

These directions come through our feelings, our thoughts, our visions, dreams, and even through song lyrics and the words other people say to us.

Co-creating with the Soul

But it’s not just about what your soul planned before you incarnated.

Once you’re here in this experience, YOU also get to decide what you want for your life, and set an intention around that, and if it fits in with your soul’s intentions for the areas you have decided to grow in, in this lifetime, you can make it happen.

This obviously has to be within reason. So, for example, if you want to be an NBA basketball player in this lifetime but you’re 5ft tall like me and not much of an athlete, that might not fit in with your soul’s plan (but reasonable desires and plans can often fit in with your soul’s intentions.)

So, this combination of your conscious will + your soul can be very powerful…

You, the human aspect, get to set your conscious intentions. And then your soul, being able to see more than you can, will direct you on how to get there through your intuition.

Do you have something you would like to create and manifest in your life?

Next I am going to share a little ritual I use to set my intentions and reach my goals. It is really simple and short, yet powerful:

1. Light a candle.

2. Take three slow, deep breaths.

3. Read the following aloud:

“My Higher Self, My Spirit Guides, my angels, and all the high-vibrational beings that surround me, I ask for your help in reaching the following goals, as long as these goals are in accordance with my highest path and purpose and in the highest good of all. 

(State your intentions here.)

Please give me intuitive guidance to help me to achieve them. Please impulse me so that I can recognize assistance and opportunities when they show up. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

A couple of months ago, I set an intention to buy my own home in New Zealand.

In response, my guides gave me a roadmap – a bunch of steps – to follow, to get me there. When I used the little ritual above, I also noticed a whole host of women’s faces, who I knew were my female ancestors, and I also knew they were supporting me in this step.

One of the ‘steps’ I was given to achieve my goal, was to do a past life regression session.

During the past life regression, I found that instead of going into a past life, I actually went into a lifetime that belonged to one of my ancestors, during a famine in Ireland. I was able to clear the influence of the stuck spirit of my ancestor who had died during this famine, and help her to go into the light. Her energy was with me, and it was a heavy, fearful and traumatised influence in the area of finances.

Be open to how your intentions will manifest

When asking for help in this way, we cannot be rigid – we need to be open to the strange and seemingly non-sensical impulses or guidance we may get. You may not understand now how the guidance you are getting will lead you to your goal – but you do not need to understand it yet. That is Spirit’s job.

Personally, I also do not assign concrete time frames to my intentions. I mostly prefer to leave things to Divine timing, to reduce stress and enable me to go with the flow.

Would you like to learn how to receive clear spiritual guidance to help you to reach your goals in life?

If you’re interested in learning how to better hear, feel, see and recognise the guidance that can help you get from A to B, you may be interested in my Intuitive Awakening Course, designed for beginner and intermediate psychic developers.

What goals and intentions are you going to set?