Years ago, before I trained as a professional intuitive, I did my first Spirit Guide reading – it was for my employer at the time. He gave me a list of questions and I went home, lay down on the sofa, and did my best to channel.

I had some difficulties, but was able to pick up some information for him. However, when I presented it to him, I had one niggle that would not leave me alone:

How Could I Be Certain I Was Really Channeling His Spirit Guides?

The reality was, I didn’t know.

I knew just enough to do a semi-passable reading, but to be honest back then I wouldn’t have known a Spirit Guide from any other being. And that bothered me.

I had read about the negative beings that one could channel accidentally and I definitely did not want to channel those! And so I decided to get some training in this area so that I would not be giving misinformation to any future clients (or to myself). In this email, I am going to tell you about what I learned in my training.

The most important thing to know is this:

There is one type of being that we do want to avoid when we’re channelling – it is the earthbound spirit.

Earthbound Spirits

These are the mental and emotional bodies of deceased people who have not fully crossed over after death.  (I also sometimes refer to them as ghosts.)

The common feature all earthbound spirits have is that they do not want to cross over to the other side for some reason and because of this they resonate with negative energies such as ‘stuckness’, fear and pain. Sometimes they won’t cross over because they fear God’s judgement. Other times they may have some unfinished business which is preventing them from fully moving on.

Bear in mind that earthbound spirits are not inherently negative – they’re just like you and me, except they’re dead, scared and stuck. And if you channel them, they can lead us down the wrong paths. It’s the equivalent of asking advice from a really troubled, frightened and stuck person. The advice you get is going to come from that place, and can perpetuate any fear or stuckness you may be feeling in your own life.

By contrast, the spiritual guidance you get from a Spirit Guide will come from a higher perspective – the equivalent of an eagle sitting on a mountaintop, looking down at the ‘valley’ of your life below – they see the bigger picture and because of this can give you guidance that is empowering, accurate and helpful.

Climber on the summit of a peak enjoying the grand view

Do you know how to tell the difference between a Spirit Guide and an earthbound spirit?

All intuitives, whether they channel for themselves or for others, need to know this. And that is why I teach this in both my Intuitive Awakening Course and my Akashic Record Reading Program.

Namely, my students learn how to clear earthbound spirits from their aura and personal space, so that they won’t accidentally channel them.

And on top of that, I also teach you how to PERMANENTLY avoid this type of being in the future, so that this is never a concern for you again.

Empaths and Earthbound Spirits

For those of you who are empaths, this is even more important, because earthbound spirits are very drawn to empaths.

Here’s why: many intuitive, empathic and sensitive people have open auras. This allows empaths to merge with other peoples’ energy fields – their energetic openness allows them to leave their own body and do this.

Unfortunately this energetic openness also causes empaths to unconsciously explore other peoples’ energy fields and habitually bring back earthbound spirits with them when they return to their own energy field, without even knowing this has occurred.

So if you are an empath who is studying intuitive development, I recommend that you get some training in the area of recognizing and releasing earthbound spirits, so that you are ONLY channelling the beings who have helpful information for you!

Are You Looking for Further Instruction & Guidance?

You can choose from my Intuitive Awakening Course which is great for the beginner intuitive. I also have some professional-level courses available: The Akashic Record Program and The Intuitive Reading Program. Along with the Chakra Meditation Kit!