Clairvoyance means ‘clear-seeing’. It is one of the ways your Spirit Guides, Higher self, angels, ancestors and Divine team (i.e. Ascended Masters & Archangels) communicate with you and send you messages!

How Clairvoyant Are You?

Clairvoyance can manifest in lots of different ways. Below I talk about 7 common ones. See how many of the following 7 signs you tick off, then check the results at the end!

1. You sometimes see ‘angel lights’

Have you ever seen little flashes of white, pink, golden or blue light, but when you look directly at them, they disappear?

I call these ‘angel lights’ and for me, this is one of the key ways that Spirit communicates with me.

I sometimes see these lights around people (and I believe I am seeing the presence of spiritual activity around them i.e. their angels or guides).

I also see them when I am thinking of something or reading something, and am getting a little impulse or message about that.

For example, a couple of months back I received an email that a friend’s husband had passed away. I had read for this person in the past, thought of them often and so I felt spiritually ‘tuned in’ to their situation. As I was reading the email, I looked up and saw a flash of light on the wall above me. I hadn’t seen any angel lights for months prior, and I didn’t see any for a while afterwards either. In the days that followed, I became aware of the fact that this little flash of light was from the deceased, saying a quick hello and that he was OK.

So our deceased loved ones can communicate in this way and clairvoyant people or mediums may see these little lights when they think of their deceased loved ones or are communicating with someone else’s.

2. You sometimes see things moving in the corner of your eye

People who are clairvoyant not only ‘see’ visual manifestations of our spiritual helpers, such as Spirit Guides and angels, but they also sometimes see earthbound spirits.

Earthbound spirits are the mental or emotional bodies of deceased people, who have not crossed over fully for some reason – sometimes due to trauma, addiction or fear.)

These lost spirits roam around the earth plane and there are lots of them. They often find their way into houses and buildings, sometimes they become attached to places and other times they are just passing through.

You may be seeing earthbound spirit activity if in your home, you often see something moving in the corner of your eye, but when you look directly at it, the movements stops or there’s nothing there.

Most people never notice or pick up on the presence of these lost spirits, but sensitive people can and do – especially if they are a member of the Third Order (which I talk about towards the end of this article.)

3. You’re very good at visualising in your mind’s eye or you often have vivid daydreams

Have you ever done a guided visualisation or meditation, whether it is for relaxation, opening/clearing out your chakras or meeting your guides?

Some people are naturally very good at being able to close their eyes, and visualize things vividly in their ‘mind’s eye’ (which is like the movie screen behind their eyes.) Some of us get good at doing this with practice.

If you are someone who has no problems whatsoever visualising during a guided meditation or visualization, you could be naturally clairvoyant.

Similarly, if you are someone who daydreams a lot and it comes naturally to you, you may also have clairvoyant tendencies.

4. You have vivid nocturnal dreams which give you messages about your life, through what you are seeing in the dream

I used to know an interior designer who would dream of beautiful interiors in great detail. When she woke up, she would sketch what she saw in her dreams and would use what she saw, for herself and her clients. This is one way that we can receive messages through our clairvoyance.

We don’t have to receive or see something so complete or spectacular for it to count as clairvoyance, if you’re someone who has a lot of dream symbolism that you remember, and you’re often wondering (or you already know) what it means, you could also be clairvoyant.

The point here is that you’re not hearing something in your dream, or knowing it, you are seeing it.

5. You are gifted (or trained) in graphic design, fashion design, interior design, painting, illustrating or you have some other visually creative talent

I have noticed that people who can easily envision how they want something to look, or have been trained to do so, are more likely to be clairvoyant. This is because clairvoyant messages come through the same channel that you use to visualize and envision, and if the latter is something you are doing on a daily basis, that will help to hone your clairvoyance.

6. You ‘see’ random images pop into your mind’s eye when chatting to people

I am not much of a medium, but for some reason when I am with one of my friends, her deceased loved ones seem to come through a lot.

One day I kept seeing sweet wrappers and sweets in my mind’s eye when I was talking to her, and thought it was to do with her grandfather. She told me that her grandfather was someone who was always eating sweets and leaving a trail of sweet wrappers behind him.

If you’re seeing random images like this when talking to people, you could be getting messages from their deceased loved one, or in some cases, if you are close to the person, you could even be picking up on their thoughts telepathically.

7. You see auras or glowing lights around people

These are different from the ‘angel lights’ described above – instead these can often manifest as glowing, golden yellow colours that you see around people. These are especially easy to see when you are relaxed, the person that you’re looking at is sitting against a white background (e.g. a white wall) and you let your eyes go out of focus.

What you are seeing is the visual manifestation of an auric field around a person, which is composed of electro-magnetic energy and contains a lot of information about that person’s life.

Your Results

If you said yes to 5 or more of the above points, you are someone who is a natural clairvoyant.

If you said yes to 3 or more of the above points, you are probably someone who has some degree of clairvoyance that you can develop further.

If you said no to most of the above, your gifts are likely to lie elsewhere – you could instead be clairaudient, clairsentient or claircognizant.

How many did you tick off? Please leave a comment below!

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