This article is the second in a series about the 4 Clairs – to view the previous article, please go here – 7 Signs You’re Clairvoyant.

Let’s get to the next gift we’re going to look at in this series – it is claircognizance.

Claircognizance means ‘clear-knowing’. It is one of the common ways in which our guides in Spirit, soul, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters & Archangels communicate with us and send us guidance!

Claircognizance is when Spirit sends you information that pops into your brain like a ‘divine download’ – this could come as an idea, an impression or a thought.

Claircognizance is my strongest gift— I use this gift to connect with my own sources of guidance and I have used it a lot in my readings.

How Claircognizant Are You?

Claircognizance is a gift that manifests in certain people more than others. Below I talk about 7 signs you’re likely to be claircognizant. See how many of the signs below you tick off, then check your results at the end of the article!

1. You are Very Analytical and Left-Brained

Perhaps you specialise (or have specialised) in the sciences or engineering. You look at new ideas with a skeptical and analytical mindset. You are probably highly educated and you were academically successful when you were at school. Maybe your Myers-Briggs type ends in -TJ.

Highly educated or academically successful people have developed the part of their mind that engages in critical thinking, and their intellect is a strong point for them. If this is the case for you, Spirit is likely to utilise this strength and send you guidance through your thinking mind.

2. You Are A Creative, ‘Ideas’ Person

Inventors, creators and innovators tends to be strongly claircognizant.

If this applies to you, you will often be getting ideas popping into your mind, and they come to you ‘out of the blue’. Maybe you get ideas which are solutions to problems you have. Maybe you get a lot of business ideas, if you are self-employed. If you are a writer or an artist, you have no shortage of ideas as to what you are going to create next.

This is a big one for me – Spirit is constantly giving me business and project ideas. As soon as I am done with one project, the idea for the next one shows up in my mind!

3. You’re Good at Sizing People Up

You’re known as a good judge of character – your first impressions and thoughts about people tend to be accurate. Perhaps you have had many instances in your past where you have picked up information about a new person straight away (for example, you got the distinct impression that a person wasn’t to be trusted.) But you put that impression to one side for the sake of being open-minded and giving that person a chance. Then you ended up kicking yourself when your initial impression turned out to be correct. Sound familiar? Then you may be claircognizant.

(Note: for this one to apply, you have received information about people through your thoughts and impressions – not through your gut feelings, which instead is clairsentience.)

4. You’ve Experienced Multiple Instances In the Past of Knowing What’s Going to Happen…

Perhaps someone has told you about a turn of events in their life, and you know exactly what is coming next.

Perhaps your friend tells you about a job she interviewed for, and you know that she is going to get it.

Or perhaps you just know that your sister’s new boyfriend is going to cheat on her.

Sometimes our knowledge of what is coming next is based on what a person has attracted to themselves in the past, or on what would be the most logical outcome in any given situation.

But if you have experienced multiple instances of knowing what is coming up next (and some of them were something unpredictable or surprising), then you can tick this one off as a sign of claircognizance.

5. You’re a Writer

Either you write as part of your profession, or you write everyday in a journal.

I have noticed that those who write frequently are more likely to be claircognizant.

I believe there is something about the thought processes or the neural pathways that are involved in the writing process, which also lend themselves to receiving information via claircognizance. I don’t know what they are – but experience reading for many people on their intuitive gifts has taught me this.

Writers are also more likely to use automatic writing as a way of connecting with Spirit, which utilises their claircognizance.

6. You’ve Had to Pretend…A Lot

You receive information about other peoples’ character. You know what is going to happen for other people on a regular basis. You have information popping into your brain about other peoples’ lives and situations.

In order not to come across as an insufferable know-it-all (and probably as a result of experiences you’ve had in the past), you tend to keep what you pick up to yourself and have perfected the art of looking surprised when what you knew would happen, eventually does come to pass.

7. You’re a Man

The majority of men I have read for, have had claircognizance as one of their primary or secondary gifts.

Women are sometimes claircognizant, too, but this gift comes up with more frequency for men than it does for women. I have pondered why this is and have concluded that men in our society are conditioned to connect less with their emotions or intuition and so they are probably both conditioned (and perhaps wired?) to receive guidance through their mind – their impressions, ideas and thoughts.

So if you’re male, you get half a point for this one!

Your Results

If you said yes to 4 or 5 or more of the above statements, you are most likely a natural claircognizant.

If you said yes to 3 of the above statements, you are probably someone has some claircognizance you could develop further.

If you said no to the majority of the statements above, you are probably not claircognizant and instead you should focus on developing the other clairs – clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience.

How many did you tick off? Please comment below!

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