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In this article, I’m going to talk about the gift of clairaudience.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear the voice of your Higher Self (your ‘inner voice’), or the voice of your Spirit Guides. Clairaudience usually manifests as a little voice inside of you that sounds like your own. Occasionally it may sound like somebody else’s voice in your head.

Clairaudience can come in the form of a one–word answer popping into your mind, or it can be an entire sentence. Clairaudience is great gift to have, as it allows you to channel sentences verbatim from your Spirit Guides or Higher Self.

Do You Have This Gift?

Below I have given 7 signs you’re clairaudient. Make a note of how many of them you agree with, then check your results at the end!

1. You have had the experience of hearing a voice or words, instructing you to follow a course of action, which ended up being beneficial to you

Plenty of my clairaudient students have told me stories about hearing guidance that saved their skin or benefited them in some way. A friend of mine recently told me about a story where he was hitch-hiking through New Zealand from one town to another with the aim of catching a ferry that evening.

He had been picked up earlier that day by a couple of French tourists, and was on schedule to get to the ferry he had booked. All of a sudden a voice instructed him to get out of the car, even though in doing so, he’d likely miss the ferry. So he asked the couple to pull over and he got out of the car. He waited by the side of the road for a while and a guy in a van came by and picked him up.

They got chatting and it turned out they lived in the same area in the same city and later became good friends.

However, he did miss the ferry and had to get another one the next day.

If you too have experienced a good outcome from following intuition which came from hearing a voice or words in your mind, you can tick this one off.

2. You have heard ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears intermittently in the past

Did you know that ringing or buzzing noises can be from Spirit – essentially saying “keep going!” – to confirm that you’re on the right track.

Other times, buzzing or ringing sounds might occur because you are opening up your clairaudience and the sounds are a side-effect of this process.

Please note that for this to apply, the sounds must be intermittent and they must not be bothersome. Spirit does not harass us!

3. You are gifted musically/music is a big part of your life

There is a strong connection between musicians/music lovers and clairaudience.

On the extreme end of the spectrum, you’ve got the composers and musicians who ‘hear’ a melody playing in their head (or dream of it) and end up creating it.

And then on the other end of the spectrum you have the people like me who go to bed with a problem and wake up in the morning with a song in playing in their head, that sums up or encapsulates the solution to the problem.

If you have musical ability or you love music, and you often have song lyrics come to you which are relevant to something you’re experiencing, this a sign you’re clairaudient.

4. You have heard earthbound spirit activity in your home

Earthbound spirits are the mental and emotional bodies of deceased people who have not fully crossed over after death.

They are commonly found in public places that have experienced a lot of sadness and pain, such as hospitals, funeral parlours and cemeteries.

They can also be found in our homes, and signs that you have picked up on the presence of an earthbound spirit through your clairaudience, include hearing footsteps, knocking, banging, talking or whispering, that has no earthly explanation.

5. You ‘overhear’ other peoples’ thoughts

Telepathy (the ability to pick up on thought energy) is sometimes experienced by clairaudient people, simply because clairaudience is an easy way to pick up on thought energy. In the presence of other people, perhaps you hear words that might have no relevance to your own life. Maybe you hear what your loved ones are thinking or ‘overhear’ thoughts from your pets.

6. You have a peaceful, wise and compassionate internal voice

When something is going wrong, you have an inner voice that instructs, soothes, gives perspective, and reminds you that you are freer and stronger than you think. If so, this is clairaudient input, possibly from a guide, your Higher self or a deceased loved one.

If what you hear is critical, judgmental or self-pitying, the source of this input could be a low-vibrational earthbound spirit or just your own mind ruminating. And if you hear input that is destructive/abusive AND uncontrolled, it is definitely not your clairaudience.

7. You used to talk to imaginary friends when you were a kid

We are all born with intuitive gifts, and as we get older and start our schooling, they usually begin to fade into the background. A sign that you were once clairaudient (and could be again) is that you remember talking to (and hearing from) imaginary friends when you were a child. These imaginary friends could have been companions from the other side, such as deceased loved ones or guides.

Your Results

If you have experienced 4 or 5 or more of the above signs, you are naturally clairaudient.

If you have experienced 3 of the above signs, it is likely that you are someone who has some degree of clairaudience that can be developed further.

How many of the above signs did you relate to? Please comment below!

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