By Vanessa Kunderman of Rogue Wood

Crystals don’t have to be reserved for your spiritual practice. They can integrate into your daily life to round out a lifestyle that feels more self-aware and energetically supported. Bringing a little magic and self-awareness into your everyday life can become habit that you relish in when you work with crystal energy.

I’m often asked what we’re supposed to do with crystals; I’ll never forget an instagram story I watched where Jen Gotch, owner of, a stationary lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, popped a crystal in her mouth and mock chewed it – exclaiming, “That’s what we’re supposed to do, right?”

Even though it was a little silly, it was totally true about the general consensus around crystals; what the heck do we do with them?

Below are my three favourite and super easy ways to use crystals day-to-day, without the mega rituals or sometimes intimidating culture around them.

Keep a crystal in your pocket – or bra!

As you start to collect crystals, a great way to work with them is to choose one crystal to work with per day. Crystals have perfect energetic structures, meaning they aren’t impressionable like our energy. Human beings have energy centres that are influenced by the other energy around them – like places, people, or things. That’s why we feel things when we walk into rooms, or how we pick up on the energy of our best friend when she’s having a down day.

Crystal energy structures are not impressionable, but they can impress upon us! A really great way to use crystals in your daily life is to choose one crystal to keep on you so it can impress on you all day. You can build it right into your routine – like after brushing your teeth! If you have a big presentation at work, choosing a communication stone to support you is a great idea. If you need protection because you’re going to a funeral or place with heavy energy, you can keep a black protection stone on you. This habit helps you hone in on how you’re feeling within, and what you may need to feel more centred and supported. Working with crystals this way is a great way to dial up your self-awareness and create a richer, healthier daily life.

Tuck a crystal in your pocket or bra for the day, so its energy can help fill up or replenish the life area you feel you need more support.

Set them out in your home

Since crystals impress upon other energy, they can alter the energy of a space as well. Have you ever walked into a building or a room and got a strange feeling from it? Maybe goosebumps climbed up your arms, or the hair on your neck stood up and you felt uncomfortable. Crystals can help neutralize the energy in a space, while pushing a healthier and more positive energy to replace what was out of whack. Since each crystal has different energetic properties, getting real with how you want your space to feel is the first step in choosing what crystal to place in your home, and then seeking out a crystal that can fulfill the energy you wish to attract.

Setting out a piece of amethyst in the centre of your home – like the living or family room – will help calm and ease all inhabitants who enter that space in the room. Amethyst is protective, soothing, and restorative, and it bodes well in high-traffic locations in the home, especially if there has been a lot of stress within its walls.

Rose quartz is a potent love stone – for self-love and romantic love, and it works wonders in the bedroom. Set it upon yours and your partner’s night table to promote healthy, happy loving energy in the bedroom and between both partners. If you’re looking for love, placing RQ on your night table can help recalibrate your energy to emit an openness and “ready to receive” energy to promote love with a new partner!

And if you’ve ever felt energetically affected by the buzzing energy of your computer or television, tuck a piece of sodalite near the electronic to help neutralize the electromagnetic field (EMF) that specific technology is emitting.

Place a crystal in your home and give it a “job”. Have the crystal visible and set out to do something specific, like quell stress in the family, promote love in the bedroom or absorb harsh EMFs.

Put them in your bath

A crystal’s energetic matrix can transfer to liquid, that’s why you may hear about people DIYing elixirs and beauty mists for a whole new level of feel-good energy!

Dropping a stone or two into the tub is a great way to have the stone’s properties transfer to your entire bathwater, engulfing your physical body in restorative energy, or the characteristics of your stone of choice. This is a great ritual to get into to help your body and spirit recalibrate with the four primary stages in the moon cycle: New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon.

But before you toss your whole crystal collection in the tub, it’s important to be safe. Not all crystals are safe for water; some are water soluble and their Mohs hardness scale makes them too soft and brittle. Stones like Halite, Tourmaline and Selenite will actually dissolve in water!

And since stones, crystals and minerals are a blend of chemical elements, it’s important to know that stones also have potentially toxic minerals like copper or aluminum in their makeup. So before you dunk a stone in your tub, just ensure the stone is safe to use in water. The Quartz Family is typically safe to use in the tub, and polished/tumbled stones are always a wiser and safer choice to work with in water. My crystal of choice in the tub is always Clear Quartz since it’s the Master Healer and safe to use in water.

Crystals are great amulets to keep us accountable in our spiritual practice, and using them in the bath on the moon cycle is a great way to easily integrate them into your life, while making time and space to reconnect to your spirit.

Are you a crystal collector? What’s your favourite ways to use crystals in your daily life? Let us know in the comments below.


Vanessa Kunderman is a mysticism writer, published author and college instructor from the Canadian Prairies. She has worked with some of the most influential wellness experts on the internet, and aims to reconnect the modern mystical women through astrology, lunar insight and crystal healing. She is a cancer survivor, crystal reader, and owner of online wellness resource, Rogue Wood. You can find her at and @roguewoodsupply on Instagram.