I’ve been offering readings, and having readings as a client for over ten years now. Here are my 4 best tips for choosing a good intuitive or psychic to read for you…

1. Don’t use a telephone hotline psychic unless you’re OK with taking a risk

Although I personally know one trusted and reputable psychic who works on a psychic hotline, I also know that some less scrupulous phone lines employ virtually anyone. If you call one of these hotlines you could get lucky OR more likely, you’ll end up speaking to someone who has very basic intuition or worse still, a cold reader.

The safest bet is to find someone who works for themselves and who finds their own clients.

2. Get referrals from people you trust, and also trust your gut instinct

Recommendations from people you trust is a good sign that the psychic is the real deal. But above all you need to trust your own instincts and judgment.

I remember a reading I had done a while back with a guy who had been recommended by a friend whom I trusted. My friend thought this guy was a brilliant psychic. At one point, I booked a reading with him but on the morning of my appointment I did not want to go. I felt dread but I didn’t know why. I called my friend and told him I didn’t have a good feeling about it but he talked me into going, saying it was my ego’s resistance. When I arrived for my appointment at this man’s house, it was a really unpleasant experience.

I really couldn’t understand what my friend saw in this psychic. My feeling of dread and fear before the reading was trying to keep me away from that particular person and I should have heeded that.

So, listen to your feelings in the presence (or web-presence) of a psychic you plan to get a reading with. Do you feel comfortable and safe? It’s normal to feel a bit nervous before a reading, but you should not feel negative or fearful. If you do, stay away.

Your feelings or intuition might also alert you to a psychic who can help you. My clients often say to me that their intuition impulsed them to get a reading with me and they were glad they did. The same thing happens to me when I get my readings – I feel drawn to certain sites and not so much to others and I heed that to help me choose the right reader for me at that time.

3. Make sure the psychic can do what you want them to

Just because someone calls herself a psychic/intuitive doesn’t always mean that they can tell you your life purpose AND connect with your dead auntie AND predict your future.

Some psychics are competent in a few different areas and most good psychics will tell you upfront what their specialisms are. Some can connect with the dead, some are good at future predictions, some specialize in telling you about past lives, life purpose, relationships, etc. Some are good at all those things. So when you are choosing a psychic reader, if necessary, email the psychic and ask them outright – is X, Y, and Z something you could help me with?

For example, if someone books a reading with me and they just want me to make predictions about their future – for example ‘will I meet my soulmate?’ or ‘will I be rich before I’m 30?’, their Spirit Guides are more likely to tell me what the client needs to do to get there. The Spirit Guides I encounter tend to be more interested in the client exercising their free will and reminding the clients that the future is in their own hands.

One client may be delighted with that, but another client may just think “all I wanted was a prediction”.

I myself go to different psychics for different areas of my life (I don’t tend to read for myself especially when it’s an issue that’s right under my nose).

I am not personally offering readings at the moment, but when I was, the readings of mine that tended to be really successful were in the areas of life/soul purpose, making decisions, business and career. So, I used to structure my readings around all of that. I’m also good at seeing past lives and I get a lot of information about peoples’ issues and the negative mindsets/beliefs which hold people back.

On the other hand, I suck at finding lost objects – I can’t even find my own let alone anyone else’s. I would not call predictions one of my specialisms. I am also not a very skilled medium. From time to time I get deceased relatives coming through during a reading and I can get names and appearances, but I am not that skilled at interpreting their messages.

4. A high price does not always = quality

If you’re paying a lot of money, it should mean you’re getting a better, more accurate psychic, right?

Well, not necessarily. Most regular psychics (the ones who speak with your Spirit Guides) just pass on the messages you need to hear from your guides at that time. The messages don’t generally become better or more exciting if you pay more money.

I have paid between $10 and $400 for psychic readings and I have to say that the $400 reading wasn’t that much different from the $10 reading. Sometimes it can be that a cheap reading is very good.

A high price usually means that a psychic easily gets a long waiting list. So, in order to cope with demand, they put their prices up. Psychics can have a long waiting list for numerous reasons – they can be in high demand because they’re very good. They can also have a long waiting list because they’re great at marketing and publicizing their work. Or they have a referral source who sends them shedloads of clients.

A low price can also mean a psychic who’s a newbie to the profession. When I started I didn’t charge that much. Although I have got better over the years, I still got some great testimonials from clients I read for around that time, so clients seemed to be as happy with my work then as they are now.

So, a high price can mean a great psychic, but it doesn’t always. My advice is not to pay too much attention to price as an indicator of quality.

What have your experiences been with this?

& Please leave a comment if you have any other tips.

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