Three years ago today I left my job teaching English in a language school in Northern Spain. At the risk of sounding like a drama queen, I’ll say I was dying inside at the job I was working in. I was exhausted, tired of the monotony and lonely, away from home. I remember it was winter time, and it snowed a lot, as I was in the mountains.

I had felt the pressure building inside of me over several months. I had always hated winter. And a little voice said ‘Leave. Start your own business.’ Every day it spoke to me and every day I ignored it because I had no business, no clients and no website. And I had no idea how to start one. Until one day, I finally cracked. And I couldn’t stay any longer. Even if I didn’t know how I was going to start afresh – I had no idea.

And I did something not so admirable, which was to leave my employer in the lurch with only a week’s notice to replace me, in a tiny mountain village. Sorry, boss! – I couldn’t stay a day longer.

And I left the tiny mountain village with about $300 to my name, no job and still no business. And no website (the website happened one month later and was called ‘Healing and Insight’ back then and a computer nerd friend had put it together for me in an afternoon.)

What was I thinking?!

I had backed myself into a corner (at least in my mind) and for the next couple of years or so I knew it – I made a lot of decisions out of panic, impulsiveness and financial scary-ness.  In love, life and in work, I have learned so much in three years.

And things worked out.  But it taught me to take things slooooowly and I gained a healthy respect both for employment and for self-employment.

For me, this website has been my lesson, become my independence, my passion, my challenge.

I wanted to say, if you are a regular reader, thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for supporting this site.  I look forward to the next three years!