I know that sometimes people like to read a little bit about the person behind the website, and my ‘about’ page isn’t very long, so I have compiled a list of random facts about me…

1. I am a British citizen but I finally got my New Zealand residency last month. It took me a good few years to get. I love New Zealand’s friendly people, clean towns and countryside, and weather. I am not sure if I will always live here all year round, but I am glad to have residency anyway.

Here are some photos I took on a recent trip to Golden Bay, New Zealand:

20150816_152016 (2)




I also really love the fact that New Zealand is sparsely populated and the energy is clear. In Europe, the buildings and land are filled with old energies and it can sometimes weigh heavily on me when I’m there.

2. The central relationship in my life has always been with God/Spirit.

If I had been born in another era, I probably would have made a good nun. My family weren’t spiritual/religious but I attended church as a child and craved spiritual connection from an early age. I am no longer a Christian but I am drawn to the universal truths which underlie all sacred paths, and go through periods where I engage heavily with one master/teacher. I love Jesus and Mother Mary. Lately I have been working a lot with the Shakti Goddess Kali whose fierce energy I adore.

3. I’ve been self-employed since I set this website up in 2007.

Self-employment is often wonderful, and sometimes isolating, but it suits my freedom-loving nature to be a location-independent entrepreneur. I do have long-term plans to do more face-to-face sessions and also do some workshops, but I also have plans for more online courses, and that takes priority at the moment.

I love that I get to share my journey via this blog (and people actually read it!) and I adore working with clients.

4. I often get road rage as where I live in New Zealand has a lot of older people who are not confident drivers and drive too slowly – I try to keep my rage in its box so no-one gets rear ended.

5. My simplest pleasure in life is sitting down to watch a good TV show. I get quite excited when I find an old TV show that is really great and realise I still have several seasons left to devour. Some favourites include Nashville, Medium, New Girl, Friday Night Lights and Call the Midwife. At the moment I am enjoying Outlander and Poldark.

6. My favourite musicians are probably Beth Orton, Lorde, Nerina Pallot, Angus and Julia Stone and Kate Bush.

7. I am a nerd. I love to research topics on the internet that I’m interested in and like to know exactly how things work…my latest obsession is nutrition.

Unfortunately this nerdiness does not extend to computers and technology, but I wish it did, as it would be really helpful for maintaining this website.

8. I am quite houseproud. It depresses me when everything is a mess. For this reason amongst others it probably would never be a good idea for me to have kids.

9. I love islands. I’d like to visit: Iceland, Pitcairn Island, Chatham Islands, Isle of Skye and Malta.

10. I have always been opposed to eating meat for philosophical reasons. I spent years on vegetarian/vegan/raw diets in my 20s but I regret all the experimentation. I had bloodwork done earlier this year which showed various nutritional deficiencies associated with a lack of animal foods.

11. Weirdly, I developed an allergy to non-naturally occurring B vitamins (i.e. in supplement form) and ended up in the ER last year after taking one.

12. My cat Big Boy who died a year ago was the feline love of my life. In his honour, I now wear an engraved ring with four stones on it (one for each year we had together…well, sort of – we had 3.5 years together).

13. I love night driving, especially here in the south island of New Zealand where we have some lovely views and it is sparsely populated, so you don’t see many cars out at night. Spirit talks to me a lot when I’m driving at night.

14. I am very driven to be successful and to contribute to the world. Sometimes it stresses me out but it gives me a very strong sense of purpose.

15. I am very happy to be incarnated now, and to have been born in the 1980s – just in time for the internet.

16. My numerology life path is 5.

17. My past experiences have taught me that the more enlightened a person claims to be, the more dysfunctional that person usually turns out to be.

18. I love fashion and love to see a well-dressed person, but I am mostly too lazy to dress well, plus I loathe shopping.

19. My drink of choice is whiskey or a Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

20. I saw a therapist/coach for 5 years and found it extremely helpful for my personal and business growth.

21. I speak French & Spanish. I miss speaking foreign languages as it’s been several years since I lived in Europe. I often dream in foreign languages – it is usually intelligible but occasionally the words make no sense.

22. When I get stressed I have nightmares about my final exams at University 9 years ago. In the nightmares, I usually have to learn every word in the French or Spanish dictionary and I’ve only got a couple of months to do it.

23. I have always been interested in feminism and the history of women’s rights. I was reading feminist texts from around age 14. I wanted to study women’s studies but my mother wouldn’t let me. I am glad I studied languages as it is probably more practical.

24. I was diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder as a teenager (and then with a circadian rhythm disorder called DSPD.) I have daily light therapy most of the year.

25. I love reading (auto)biographies.

26. I have never voted (update: I finally got a chance to vote in the UK referendum on the EU.)